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Ansette, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ternin ,Ternin: Deceptively simple, delightfully challenging puzzle game ,Grand Clock), brings Grand Clock with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Grand Clock app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • this will be pretty much a perfect grandfather clock..

Overall Satisfactionc63

Great GrandPa Clock. found in 2 reviews
they are very soothing sounds. found in 2 reviews
and this app will turn heads. found in 2 reviews
all sounds are recorded and mastered from real clocks. found in 1 reviews
com for usage tips. found in 1 reviews
both landscape and portrait display orientations are supported. found in 1 reviews
You can switch between those in the Settings app. found in 1 reviews
Michael's every fifteen minutes plus the gong on the hour. found in 1 reviews
great job to the developer. found in 1 reviews
and chimes which are realistic sounding. found in 3 reviews
5 for the sound quality. found in 1 reviews
I really enjoy the high -quality sounds of the chimes. found in 1 reviews
However it's a beautiful sounding clock. found in 2 reviews
Keep better track of your time on the Internet. found in 1 reviews
I prefer Numbers on the clock rather than the Roman Numerals. found in 3 reviews
notifications select grand clock and enable notifications. found in 1 reviews
I lose track of time easily. found in 1 reviews
A variety of clock face options would be great. found in 1 reviews
but Volume control does not work for background chime. found in 1 reviews
If Steve Jobs had designed clock chimes. found in 1 reviews
Needs some upgrades. found in 1 reviews
UPDATE 16 October human error at least in part. found in 1 reviews
I love this app with the exception that the volume needs a fix. found in 1 reviews
If the in app controls don't control it. found in 1 reviews
I still have no idea what the Westminster chimes sound like. found in 1 reviews
chimes don't work in the background. found in 1 reviews
spent too much time messing with it and finally deleted it. found in 1 reviews
Love this app but now something happened to the sound. found in 1 reviews
I just wanted to let you know. found in 1 reviews
so I cannot comment on the visual aspects of the clock. found in 1 reviews
The graphics are primitive and there are very few settings to adjust. found in 1 reviews
Problem updating. found in 1 reviews
except for the second hand clicking. found in 2 reviews
Also crashed on Ipad 2 and Touch 4g. found in 1 reviews
App crashes before chime can sound. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Grand Clock for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 37.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Grand Clock check developer Ansette, LLC`s website :

A comforting simulation of a classic mechanical grandfather clock. Tick-tock, gears and gongs are realistically reproduced and sound on the half hour. Pinch to zoom out to see the entire clock and pendulum swing. Sound ...
Excellent sounds I suspect they are using the actual sounds of a real clock because it would be very hard to simulate all the mechanical clicks and woodgroans a real clock makes and this app will turn heads You can have it in the background while in your pocket when the chimes go off I kid you not that happened while I was standing in line at my bank and everyone looked back at the banks old grandfather clock which had not worked in years Improvements there are a lot of real clocks that make different sounds Thats the joy of these huge beast no two are ever exactly alike Even if its an in app buy and I really dislike those but others might want a choice Also could we have better graphics The clock in the app looks like it was bought from Big Lots This app is way to good for that              Very good
Great Grandfather Clock Realistic Sounding Nice Clock Face              Grandfather Clock
Will not run unless phone always in wake mode and cant text the sounds Give my Money back     Horrible
Very unstable spent too much time messing with it and finally deleted it Am now looking for something that works        Good when it works but most of the time it does not
I love this app as it is very authentic It sounds just like the grandfather clock we have had for years I love the chimes on the quarter hours and the tones are definitely a head turner Great bargain for the price and I have gotten many comments on how it reminds people of a family clock The only reason I am rating it this low is because the inapp volume settings dont work Do you know how embarrassing it is to turn the volume switch all the way down only to have it turn itself back up My pastor didnt seem to appreciate it last Sunday when it kept going off after REPEATEDLY turning it down AND turning the chime switch to OFF If the in app controls dont control it why are they there What good are they I decided to look at the reviews and found this is obviously a problem others have had because you indicate that one needs to go to the device settings and change the volume there Well what good is that I dont want to turn downoff all my alerts just because you cant figure out how to control YOUR app At the very least it should be subject to the device volume control like all my other apps are When I turn down the device volume to silent they are silent too I REALLY like this app and dont want to delete it because of this but Im afraid I must As much as I liked hearing how much my church peers loved the sound they did find it very distracting that I cold not control the volume PLEASE fix this so we can control it completely in app without it turning itself back up and not through the device settings        Would be better if
It is wonderful hearing the ticking the gongs and chimes which are realistic sounding I sometimes catch myself looking around if there is an actual grandfather clock close by but it is my iPhone or iPad I cant think of anything else in making it better Good job and kudos to the developer                 Great grandfather clock app
Absolutely loved it I lose track of time easily and the realistic tic tic and chimes helped a lot However since the upgrade to iOS 7 I have no sound effects Nada Zilch Nil So I had to go down to 3 stars Anyone else have that problem UPDATE 16 October Figured out the sound problems human error at least in part I do think it is sometimes confusing when the settings are correct for background ticking and chiming Mine never ticks in the background but it seems to always chime when I think it wont like during meetings or some such              What happened
Dont waste your money Nice clock No Sound     Grand clock app
Tick tock is great but cannot get the clock to chime           Chimes
This app is not working at all for me except for the second hand clicking I want to hear chimes every hour and it does not ring at all     Have not heard a chime
I got his grandfather clock program for the sounds and it does deliver high fidelity sound of a running grandfather clock The graphics render of the grandfather clock is a bit primitive and simplistic the options are few but the sounds are of excellent audio quality and timing is correct Four stars total 5 for the sound quality 3 for the cheapie render on the screen              Rudimentary graphics but excellent sound
Beautiful sounding app But there is just one problem When you have it set on Whittington chimes there is a slight problem when it strikes a quarter hour and three quarters hour it reverts to St Michaels chimes If you could fix that bug that would be well appreciated              Whittington chime bug
I Love Grandfather Clock And The Pendulum I like watching the clock and the swinging pendulum goes side to side in motion Maybe Grandfather Clock Wigit and display in lock screen on iPad I like hearing it tic toc                 Grand Clock Chiming Grandfather Clock
Love this app but now something happened to the sound I have deleted it and reinstalled it but the sound still is not working Please fix              Love it
This a great gran app it has a Westminster chime every 15 mins and also has a background chime also when your app is not running its alsome 5 stars for that                 Grand clock great app
Hi After a last update the app does not worked on my iPad with last ios update please fix this bug Regards Haleem     App problem
I am a voiceover user so I cannot comment on the visual aspects of the clock However some of us take our grandfather clocks very seriously and this by far has the finest chimes out there I want to give a detailed review both to help people and to explain that this is the only grandfather clock under active development at this time They say that the next update will include scheduling capabilities and this is one of the things it needs to make it a five star app I would also like to see a checkbox to enable or disable audio ducking It would be nice if they could fix the audio file so that it could continue to play between the Westminster chime and the hourly strike so that the sound is not interrupted The ticking seems to come and go However its a beautiful sounding clock All these are minor quibbles Once the ability to schedule when the chimes play by day of week and by hour is added this will be pretty much a perfect grandfather clock              On its way to being best in class
This app is amazing Youll love it It does everything it promises                 Best clock app ever
Works only if has full use of iPad full screen     Nearly useless
I would have given this app three stars maybe four but it gets only two The reason for the low rating is that the background chime is loud enough for use as the town clock Regardless of the level that you set in the app the chimes cannot be used throughout the day without disturbing others around you As the app stands now it is not useful for the intended purpose keeping track of the passage of time        No control over sound level
I wanted a clock to help me keep track of time and for that this works BUT it took several reboots before I could get it to stop ticking The volume doesnt respond to changes I still have no idea what the Westminster chimes sound like and the start and stop times have icons to adjust them but they will not change or even blink that they are receiving my touch Now its midnight and even though I finally set it to never chime it did It does sound just like the real thing but with those you have control I will be deleting this one the others dont seem to be very well rated either I think Ill get a watch This is the first and hopefully last negative review I will write        Sounds good but no control
Love the sound if this clock Wouldve gave it a 5 star if we were able to adjust the hours when the chime goes off and when it doesnt Please update              Great app
I was hoping it would play in the background as I use my phone The ticking shuts off when I leave the app even if the app runs in the background My Tesla app can run while I use my phone so I was hoping it would work in the same manner     Meh
I havent heard the gong or chimes go off yet One time I sat there and stared at it for the half hour sound and all it did was flash to the main screen and then even the ticking stopped Junk I want my 99 cents back     Only ticking
I really enjoy the highquality sounds of the chimes                 Best chiming clock out there
I do agree very nice app but Volume control does not work for background chime I have it set low but its still loud Woke me every 15 mins when I was sleeping because volume is loud Even slide volume control all the way to left and app moved control to middle when it was time for chime           Volume control does not work for background chime
Clock does not function as described App crashes before chime can sound App stops ticking if you open another app or go to home screen It does not function while device is locked Bluetooth audio only works with this app at times The graphics are primitive and there are very few settings to adjust I regret purchasing this     A Very Poor App
This is by far the most realistic chiming app I have found My grandmother has many clocks in her home and I love the fact this app simulates many of them A job well done and appreciated                 Great app
but my night stand is landscape so its laying down Needs to support all orientations        Nice graphics and sound
If Steve Jobs had designed clock chimes this is the one he would have created Most authentic chimes Ive heard on any computer The app is light on options for which I rate it 3 stars but the chimes are 5 stars especially when played on external speakers Why pay 600 for a chiming clock that sounds worse and uses batteries or has to be wound constantly when 1 will get you an app like this           Authentic Chimes
I can spend literally hours on the Internet I get involved in surfing the web or an online game and before I know it two hours have gone by With this app youre reminded every 15 minute increment with the sound of the traditional grandfather clock chime amount of time that your                 Keep better track of your time on the Internet
Was excited about this app but it simply doesnt work with IOS7 There is no sound which really is the point Very disappointing     Does not work
Love it                 Grand clock
Just beautiful Rich full authentic sound Reminds me of my Grandmothers home Pleasant memories Thank you for a quality nostalgic app                 First Class
Best use of new tech bringing best of the mechanical age forward It is good to bring the memories with us                 Great GrandPa Clock
Clock sounds like a real one Settings are a bit inscrutable I switched the chime off by trying to turn it on           Works Well Settings Difficult
Nice grandfathers clock reminds of the old grandfathers clock I used to have awhile back so happy you guys updated it with the gong anWestminster chimes in background an other chimes I can buy love the app John                 Best grandfather clock in App Store
Not impressed with the app Nice sound though Limited functionality chimes dont work in the background yes the background chime is ON Every 15 selected Display not changeable as shown in the App Store           Good Sound Weak App
on an ipad air i get static every 20 seconds starting at the minute mark 20 40 60 seconds very distracting ive contacted the company           strange sounds
do not get this app its only good during the day until you go to sleep at night when the problem Kicks in is making it be quiet for the night I tried muting my eye device turning it down turning it off setting the chime to never and nothing worked it would still go off I could sleep but my Mom could not sleep so finally I remove the app     Dont get this app
I cant access the settings Voiceover just says the time           great applicationTithe
I love this app with the exception that the volume needs a fix I set it on low volume however it plays really loud Pls fix           Fix needed
This app used to stand apart from the others but now even after the fix to the fix for the crash it still crashes It does however now let you successfully buy the additional chimes but it will crash thereafter It seems to have a problem with remaining memory under 10 gigs It worked only on my Ipod Touch 5g with 21 gigs left my other 5g only has 8 gigs left and it kept crashing even after reboots Also crashed on Ipad 2 and Touch 4g All running iOS 711 except for 4g running 615 The Unity development platform appears to be itself a memory hog Please fix this as soon as possible     Was Great Now after update NG
I love the sound of the clock and the chimes My only complaint is that when the phone locks it is very quiet even if the volume is at the max Please fix this           Like it but want to love it
Why is this app saying this product is no longer available When theirs an UPDATE for it Trying 2 update but wont let me     Problem updating
This was a GREAT app until it STOPPED working after two days It now only strikes the hour three times no matter what time it is I deleted it rebooted my iPad reloaded it No joy It still doesnt work LOVED it initially now I HATE it Please fix it and then rerelease it Until then its OFF my iPad     Doesnt work
Could you please add a moo dial and a calendar option and add weights and a system where you actually need to wind the clock every 8 days You should have a feature to do this Overall good app                 Suggestion
Three stars because it does work but brought my battery down quick But I have an older 3GS and so maybe it can be blamed on old battery           Battery burner
As of today this is my absolute FAVORITE Westminster chiming app on the Store It sounds so real I almost forgot Id installed it in my iPad And with the 1 August update I can now have chimes play in the background thus replacing the PAID app Ive been using for Westminster chimes I cant even ask the other developer for my money back its not his fault you guys did it better So now I also have this on my phone too                 Awesome
It would of been nice to have better quality graphics The image is rudimentary The program can also be a battery drain as the screen image is required to hear the ticking very frustrating as i would of enjoyed the sound in my pocket going about my business           Needs more and less

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