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Rockstar Games , the publisher behind many iOS games (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ,Max Payne Mobile ,Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD ,Grand Theft Auto: iFruit ,Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ,Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual), brings Grand Theft Auto 3 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Grand Theft Auto 3 games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • controls are pretty smooth considering that this was a console game..
  • + awesome voice acting..
  • + updated graphics.
  • vice city was the first game to contain planes and motorcycles..
  • Amazing game -play in a tablet and worth every penny..

Overall Satisfactionc71
They added iPhone 5 support so now this game is great again.
Would be nice to have widescreen iphone 5 support as well.
Amazing game -play in a tablet and worth every penny.
It would be an amazing game if it would stop crashing.
Needs cheats and more cars and motorcycles and crash fix.
This is one of my favorite games for the iphone.
I spent money so I can not enjoy one of my favorite games.
Thank you Rockstar for the decades of incredible entertainment.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes sandbox style games.
& You Can't Drive W/out Crashing - I Wouldn't Recommend This Game.
Great job Rockstar on this awesome port for iOS.
The best IOS game out their right now.
Fun & Engagingc81
Love playing an awesome game on a awesome phone.
awesome game but keeps crashing on the chaperone mission please fix.
Swimming More cars More guns Knifes More damage on cars.
Needs cheats and more cars and motorcycles and crash fix.
This game is really fun and there is never anything going wrong here.
The game is really fun when it doesnt lag.
Super fun and exactly like console version.
Great job Rockstar on this awesome port for iOS.
And third make an update with better controls on missions.
also needs better controls.
it is fun and addicting like it was for the ps2.
have played countless hours and still am playing.
Don't you spend countless hours testing a game before releasing it.
So far everything runs smoothly and it's GTA III.
Everything runs stable on the iPad 2 for me.
Family Friendlyc73
Replay Valuec67
Except for one slight detail that takes away hours of entertainment.
and hours of entertainment can be obtained.
Social Aspectsc73
I think you should add multiplayer and online join players worlds.
Also add multiplayer.
Add multiplayer and this would be great.
Need to improve graphics an need to add online multiplayer abilities.
The only thing i would recommend is online multiplayer.
Production Valuesc73
The graphics look better than they were on the playstation 2.
Graphics look horrible on iPad 3.
Amazing Graphics that put me in mind of 10 years ago.
Especially with the police sirens and car sound effects.
sound effects are messed up and is generally f.
They can handle lighting effects.
Ease of Usec81
Controls are simple and intuitive with a well designed layout.
The controls are simple and feel really comfortable.
Too bad that im playing it on my 4th gen iPod touch.
Don't buy if you own 4th gen iPod touch.
It's needs fixed cause it goes black every time I play it.
I spent 4 99 on this game please make it better.
Game freezes when I start a mission after updating my ios.
There are plenty of bugs and glitches.
Loads rockstar logo then goes back to home screen please fix.
Updates & Supportc91
In the original ps2 version you loose everything.
I loved the ps2 version and this version as well.
The graphics almost seem similar to the Xbox version.
It's awesome almost like the Xbox version.
Can u make a new update where u can make the character crouch.

Absolutely mind blowing. found in 5 reviews
This game remind me of the good ol teenager times. found in 6 reviews
This is a great game and an excellent time killer. found in 9 reviews
It's a great port and it is only five bucks. found in 122 reviews
Thank you all at Rockstar for bringing this classic over to iOS. found in 10 reviews
The graphics look better than they were on the playstation 2. found in 43 reviews
A trip down memory lane playing this game again. found in 7 reviews
Perfect especially for the price. found in 4 reviews
Surprised that a game this large ported to iOS so well. found in 8 reviews
Smooth gameplay paired with improved graphics makes this a blast from the past. found in 10 reviews
The customizable controls really make this a great touch-screen experience. found in 7 reviews
it is an almost exact replica of the console versions. found in 15 reviews
It blew my mind all over again. found in 6 reviews
Except for one slight detail that takes away hours of entertainment. found in 6 reviews
and it was a REVOLUTIONARY Game of it times. found in 6 reviews
makes everything run smooth as butter. found in 6 reviews
Great job Rockstar on this awesome port for iOS. found in 59 reviews
Please make it optimized for iPhone please please please please please please. found in 32 reviews
Another problem is looking to the side while driving. found in 12 reviews
Every time I save the game or view the map it crashes. found in 60 reviews
Always crashes please fix won't let me play for even a minute. found in 21 reviews
This game needs motorcycles for crying our loud. found in 75 reviews
when you fail a mission or when you try to save. found in 33 reviews
The game keeps crashing during the level of picking up Luigi. found in 66 reviews
I can't beat the first mission without the game crashing. found in 184 reviews
It's just it's almost impossible to steer anything. found in 27 reviews
Needs better graphics and the map should be like china towns. found in 15 reviews
And yet it still crashes on iPad 1. found in 34 reviews
Fix crashes and controls and it's almost a five star app. found in 31 reviews
Please please fix the crashing problem on iPod 4. found in 26 reviews
please make an update that will fix this problem. found in 31 reviews
Great game except crashes every time I play it. found in 14 reviews
However can you guys please fix the game crash problem. found in 25 reviews
Crashes on Ipod Touch 4g with all multitask apps closed and restarted. found in 32 reviews
It crashes way too much and the graphics need to be bettter. found in 40 reviews
Any get out of safe house completely screwed
Please update for iPhone 5 and save games storage for iCloud. found in 146 reviews
Can't get through first mission without a crash. found in 184 reviews
App crashes on iPod 4th generation before the game even starts up. found in 361 reviews
Don't buy if you own 4th gen iPod touch. found in 202 reviews
I want my dollar back the game refuses to download. found in 68 reviews
Pleae fix. found in 59 reviews
Update it is very very slow on my iPod 4g. found in 201 reviews
It shows the Rockstar logo and then crashes and closes. found in 118 reviews
Crashes after opening on iPod touch 4g Please fix. found in 211 reviews
The game needs new cars that are suped up and stuff. found in 75 reviews
Until the game keeps crashing every 2 minutes please make update. found in 66 reviews
now the door is stuck and I can't save the game anymore. found in 60 reviews
used to play for HOURS before this problem started happening. found in 153 reviews
Would be nice to have widescreen iphone 5 support as well. found in 145 reviews
making it much more difficult to drive without crashing into everything. found in 114 reviews
If you have a iPod Touch 4 don't buy it. found in 85 reviews
Crashes on iPad mini after initial start up screen loads. found in 84 reviews
Loads rockstar logo then goes back to home screen please fix. found in 110 reviews
Crashes within two minutes on 32GB iPod Touch 4th Gen. found in 328 reviews

The Grand Theft Auto 3 is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 462 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Grand Theft Auto 3 app version has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Grand Theft Auto 3 check developer Rockstar Games`s website :

Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began. Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, ...
Thank you brilliant app developers Now I can solicit prostitutes start gang wars aid corruption do some insane stunt jumps blow up heliCOPters go on flame throwing rampages meet the girl save the girl get the girl kill the girl steal a tank and go to war with the Feds punch homeless guys engage in multiple hit and runs and make up for it all by becoming a vigilante and cleaning the streets put out fires and get people where they need to go in a taxi all at the palm of my hand                 GTA3
Great                 Good
So much fun is the only game I play                 Amazing
Just needs two updates 1phones 2 Jobs              Its good
Needs improvement on the controls especially aiming but if the controls where better it would be 5 stars I dont see the point to rate this you guys are not going to read this but its still as good as it was in 2001           Meh
Please fix the bugs and I will rate this 5 stars and recommend this game to my friends     Bugs
Its a decent game and I love it Its a lot of memory but well made for an old game                 Its good
Pretty perfect pachydermic port                 GTA4Life
Well worth the for many hours of appropriately challenging gaming                 Good value
There is a huge laggggg pls Fix           Huge Lag
The game overall is a great way to spend my time It would be great if you add the ability to enter cheats Other than that its an awesome game                 Fixes
First gta I ever played the game is really good it hasnt given me any problems well worth the money                 Perfect
Get ready to stare at your phone a little longer                 GTA TBT
The app is as much fun as the console game                 Great
Gta iOS 3 is awesome But I wish rockstar games or rockstar north would ad the setting free aim                 I love it
Overall its pretty good When you get use to the controls its like playing the original ps2 game Just wish it had better control Like allowing me to turn the car just by tilting my phone left or right not just touch control              Pretty good just wish It had better controls
This game is really good the only thing I would want the developers to do is update the graphics                 Really Good
Great game not to hard to control still a classic                 Kdawg great game Classic
They should put cheats codes                 Is a 5 star but
I mean I only do free roam is that why           Good but super leggy
Gta III is one of the greatest app store games it is a must download                 One of the greatest App Store games
Play this 247 its so much fun and it definitely takes up time in class                 Flawless
You guys need add bigger mad and add a military base and deadly rewards plz but the game is fun but is getting boring after awhile and Better graphics plz                 New new stuff
Great game I just dont like the movement                 Great Game
First off For everyone complaining about their car turning turn off your accelerometer in the control menu I was having the same issue THIS GAME IS AWESOME Its crazy to me So many days I ditched school to play this game on ps2 at a friends house hahah brings back memories                 GTA3
First GTA game Ive ever played love it                 Great Game
This is cool                 I love this game
Amazing Just like it was on PS2 SO MANY MEMORIES                 So Many Memories
It is great I rekt scrubs every time I play I always noscope their faces XDD it is also very Danky                 Most MLG game ever
Love this ffffffuckin game                 I commin straight outta grove street
The most innovative outlandish brilliant video game Ive ever seen Grand Theft Auto III was and always will be a revolutionary game Starded playing GTA III at age 4 Im 18 now                 One Of The Most Influential And Successful Games Ever Made
No Cheats But This Game Is Still Hurry Up Put Grand Theft Auto V              No Cheats
Just like ps2                 Great game to add from ps2
1010 Controls slightly hold it back but the overall experience is still fantastic                 Awesome
I love this game and I love all the other gta games on iOS I highly recommend this game                 Dis game tho
Love it                 Gta 3
what very good                 what very good
Really smooth and easy to control for the most part Wish it was a bit easier to drive but its the full gta experience                 Great game
I like it It will just take some time to adjust to the controls                 Its fun
It runs awesome                 Great awesome game
Its a trip down memory lane and a updated version of the greatest game of all time                 Gta Classic
One of the greatest Grand Theft Auto games ever made Packed with missions and loaded with fun I like the fact that i can always play on the go especially when your on long drives I would definitely recommend as a must have game                 FIVE STAR GAME
Best game ever even though it is a little buggy it rocks                 Cool
GET ITT NOW DEFFENTLY WORTH IT                 Best game ever
Im a lover of gta and dont get me wrong I love the games But the graphics sucked and the stupid driving glitch made it impossible to drive straight I wouldnt waste 5 on this game     Sorry
The game runs smooth its good on a iPhone 6 plus I think u should add multiplayer                 Awesome
Just as good as the original and I love it                 Love it
This game is total legit Keeps freezing though                 Nice
Please make it so we can swim hold people at gunpoint and enter and rob stores              Gunpoint water and robbing
Can you make grande theft outo 5 free Please                 Ow some

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