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Nearby Buddy Finder LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Grindr Xtra ,Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. ,DNR Social by Grindr), brings Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. app has been update to version 1.8.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to meet sexy guys and get laid..
  • This app is fun and a great way to meet locals..
  • It's great eye candy and fun to use when traveling..
  • It's Like having hot men at your fingertips..
  • Great way to meet new people who live in the same area around you..
Overall Satisfactionclick me44
This is the best gay app put off many out there.
Unfortunately this is the most used gay app out there.
Thanks Grindr staff and users for your contributions.
DESPERATELY needs Push Notifaction.
It's way better than any other gay chat ap out there.
Grinder is fun and I can search for the love of my life.
Fun & Engagingclick me55
Great App to check guys out with your proximity.
It's great when you're bored an want someone to chat with.
Fun app for wasting time or meeting guys close to you.
This has provided tons of fun for my friends and I.
Tons of fun to be had for the weak of mind.
Its an awesome way to meet friends all around the world.
Grindr is Awesome.
Overall just another addictive app.
Usefulnessclick me71
This app is fun and useful to find guys around your area.
how fun and useful to see the faces.
Family Friendlyclick me41
Great way to meet sexy guys and get laid.
I have meant some sexy guys on Grindr.
Social Aspectsclick me57
Great way to meet new people who live in the same area around you.
This app doesn't even get me excited anymore to meet new people.
Easily the best gay social networking app for the iPhone.
Grindr is a sweat app to meet new people in your area.
Ease of Useclick me32
Simple app to help you find guys.
overall a very simple app.
Reliabilityclick me24
I just wish wouldn't take to much to reveiw the pictures.
Security & Privacyclick me10
Updates & Supportclick me12
however the customer service response time is very fast.
Batteryclick me50
It is a resource hog that really drains your battery.
and definitely drains your battery.
Just kills battery is all.
Kills battery for sure.
kills battery and freezes my iPhone.


Find gay, bi, or curious guys on your iPhone, iPod touch, or
iPadtablet made by Apple
with Grindr. Fast, fun, and free, it’s the place for gay, bi, or curious men to hang out with the same sex. Grindr is the largest all male location based network in the world. Over 900,000 men in 162 countries are part of the Grindr Network, with 3,000 new guys joining everyday.


Grindr is a convenient location-based app that works with your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
GPS or iPod touch and iPad
Wi-FiWireless local area network
to connect you to nearby men. It’s easy to use and completely discreet. You don’t need an account to use Grindr. Simply launch Grindr, upload an optional photo & profile details, and browse for men in your area who want to chat and meet.

Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex.Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex.
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Grindr is 100% free. There is no cost to text message guys in Grindr, and it’s a free download on iTunes.


Grindr allows males 18 years and older only. You should not post photos that show nudity or depict sex.
Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.8.4 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. in Nearby Buddy Finder LLC`s Official Website :


Super fun to meet people so close to you. found in 10 reviews
I've met some interesting people and made some really good friends. found in 37 reviews
I met my boyfriend on here and he is so amazing. found in 25 reviews
Is fun talking to people and met my bf on there. found in 22 reviews
Life changing and revolutionary. found in 8 reviews
This app is fun addicting time killer. found in 23 reviews
Great way to meet new friends and your neighbors too. found in 1488 reviews
Doesn't always " Load more guys " when I want it to. found in 203 reviews
The app really needs iPhone 5 screen support and more stability. found in 57 reviews
Right now I have 6 spam messages sitting on my page. found in 48 reviews
But updating a profile picture takes too long to review. found in 295 reviews
Lately keep freezing up deliver messages too late. found in 38 reviews
Grindr has been overtaken by fake profiles and amateur sex workers. found in 141 reviews
I think Grindr needs to add more profile options. found in 71 reviews
it takes too long to connect to serves and crashes to much. found in 74 reviews
yes grindr crashes more than I like. found in 15 reviews
Then I updated and couldn't send or receive messages anymore. found in 112 reviews
So many spam bots for such a long time. found in 89 reviews
Unhappy with messages not going through and continuous connection issues. found in 54 reviews
The app won't load profiles from time to time. found in 22 reviews
Many messages don't even go thru half the time. found in 139 reviews
Please fix your ridiculous and inconsistently-enforced photo policy. found in 11 reviews
Also needs update for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. found in 64 reviews
it should let you upload more than one picture. found in 189 reviews
takes forever to connect and over moderation make this app more annoying. found in 19 reviews
And also the profile pic approval is ridiculous. found in 320 reviews
Oh and push notifications would be greatly appreciated. found in 369 reviews
The photo approval process is inconsistent and ridiculously slow. found in 107 reviews
Then have the nerve to have advertisements for grindr xtra. found in 277 reviews
Keeps prompting me to App Store when I am typing. found in 154 reviews
You overcharge for grindr extra which doesn't work right. found in 127 reviews
Plus there is nothing worst than one pic product. found in 189 reviews
Always seems to be "having trouble load more guys " on start up. found in 203 reviews
You can't have more than one picture for the other to look at. found in 153 reviews
So many fake profiles and bots and spammers. found in 141 reviews
There is no customer service and grindr is now worthless. found in 118 reviews
I wish they would let you post more than one pic. found in 128 reviews
The latest issue is with getting profile pictures approved. found in 320 reviews
Messages don't send and favorites stars disappear. found in 139 reviews
This latest update doesn't let me change my profile picture. found in 295 reviews
No push notifications unless you get paid version. found in 369 reviews
I absolutely love this app even though there are a lot of horny men but I love this app lol I use it all the time just to talk to people                Love this app
Wont open wont work msg get lost deleted account tons of spam fake accounts way too may ads    AWFUL
They make you login with your email address so They can record it and see how your name to hundreds of spam email lists I am getting upwards of 50 spam emails a day after signing on stay away from this app also constantly redirected to the app store without hitting anything this is the most annoying thing ever    Spam emails
Theres more guys using this app at least in my area I guess because grindr was the original mobile gay app But Hornet Jackd and Scruff have more options ie more pics on a profile are more userfriendly and MUCH less likely to freeze or crash Somehow each update makes this app worse pics take forever to load the app freezes and crashes even more often and theres more spam than ever Lets agree to quit using this app and move to the others    Do these developers know how to code something that wont crash
After 3 years of use at 21 years of age Grindr suspended my account for being under 18 Not only do I find that extremely offensive but they demanded personal photos and information via email to reactivate my account After hesitantly supplying those photos they still wouldnt reenable my accountNice circus Grindr    Suspended for no reason
Out of all the chathookup apps this is the best Great interface great messaging options unfortunately there are some problems Sometimes the app wont load anyone but my own profile messages get lost between devices and you cant change the orientation of the screen So in all my favorite of m2m chat apps but could be way better Contacted support so I hope they either contact me back or simply fix these problems          Best around yet average
5 years later still fail miserably to function properly Constant connection issues security and spam issues Overzealous profile moderation out of line censoring Grindr made more efforts in securing erroneous Ad clicks than offering a better app experience for its user App constantly displays your location even if you disable in Privacy settings Should be removed from App Store    Greedr Privacy
It doesnt even open up after its downloaded    So far
Banned me for something I didnt do Dont waste your time witj this app    The WORST
The app crashes 4 out of 5 times I try to open it And 3 out of 4 guys on it are bots Its a total POS    Crashy Botland
It never used to be the best Just the only one Years later still a POS app They can advertise in all the bars and Pride events in the world If you have a crap product its crap No amount of advertising will change that What is the point of a social app if it wont send messages I hope the hackers that got dear Ashely target them next I have nothing to hide    Its the Walmart of gay social apps
I havent been able to load a single message or anything is this app in over a month Ive used data and all my wifi resources and wont work So I mean what is the point of this app if it cant be fixed at the IOS UPDATE    Wow
Theres so many fake profile bots and more ads than there ever had been The app has gone way downhill    Bots and Ads
Cant even open it anymore lost all my messages I suppose    Latest version crashes
This app never works If the app makers are trying to live off of making apps like this it must be a real struggle to survive Its been 5 years To get this app working is beyond the app creators possibility    WORST APP EVER
I liked it But then it started sending Me to the app store for no reason Its getting ridiculous          
Cant send a message because it keeps switching to the App Store Improvements are more frustrating and has made this app worthless    App Store keeps opening
it wont let me dowload the app i have an ipod with ios 6 and it wont let me download the app    Horrible
Do you have a marketing department I have never had a worst experience with an online provider For example as I try to write one text message Im redirected the Apple store three times When I try to contact you directly I get no response whatsoeverIm a small business owner and I am marketed by grindr on a regular basis Do you really think I would associate my company with a business with such incompetence that they only have completely negative ratings    Terrible
Purely crap of an app 1 App randomly takes you to the App Store out of the blue MULTIPLE times in one session 2 Half the profile and messages you receive are from spamrobots3 The developers have no concern or cares for its user base thus the deterioration of this app Once was great now its garbage And it gets worse with each update    A summary of what all the other reviews say
It works for me and its great for me just for the area I live in every guy who is not hetero and is 18 and up uses it                I love it
Too many robots got suspended for no apparent reason Complete waste of my time Need to have chat open to receive new messages otherwise you dont receive notification    Pathetic
Takes you to App Store every 5 seconds So many bot profiles Worthless Dont bother downloading    New update is awful
The app devs constantly put out updates but never actually improve the service connectivity issues server issues outages location issues message issues or anything for that matter And they never update the interface or add features And NO ONE is going to pay for a horrible app that constantly crashes in one way or another and certainly not going to pay for push notifications Its 2015 Catch up Battery consumption is awful too THE ADS OPEN ON THEIR OWN ITS HORRIBLE    HORRIBLE
Straight girl here Luv dis app Needed new shoping buddy and found one New gbf OMGGGGGGGG SO FUNNNNNN LUV APP Yes                Straight girl love
I got 14 messages from spambots in one day Customer support doesnt delete the profiles and doesnt appear to add any security to prevent it Use Scruff its way better    Spam heaven
Its Slow sticks and sometimes freezes You get kicked off pictures dont download and the App sometimes doesnt open Its a shame use to be the Best Gay App Their technology department needs to get their act together    The Worst of the Gay Apps
Not only is this app riddled with bugs that other reviewers have mentioned there seems to be no attempt at all to reign in all the spam bot profiles that take up your whole grid Its humorous youre expected to upgrade to a paid version    If you like horrible apps this one is for you
Based on most reviews you can tell this app has no quality control or respect for the users experience Waste of such potential Dont buy Xtra since its full of Spam    Mostly spam blank profiles
I dont understand why this app feels the need to redirect me to the App Store every 30 seconds Its quite ridic I just want someone to beat this kitty up    Why Just why tf
Needs a login and log out buttonNeeds to allow you the ability to hide your online status and hide your distance Get rid of spam and bots They are numerous       Bad app
Links to reset password dont work Takes weeks to get support Followed picture guidelines and still get suspended Just all around bad    No notification
This is the worst app It constantly crashes and you never get message alerts for it    Crashes and no message alerts
Warning beware Dont meet anyone on here they could be praying on you Someone I know met someone on here was put in the hospital we think he was ruffied    Warning beware
You expect people to pay 12 a month for an app like this Typically things are supposed to get better as years progress but its like you are completely missing what your audience wants Whats with the constant switch to the App Store    Horrid
I have been un able to read my messages update anything or contact someone in like 4 mouths now Im Offishly over grinder I hate it    grinder has not been working for 4 months now
Continual updates but nothing changes Tons of annoying ads no new features ever loaded with scammers and spammers Grindr doesnt care doesnt respond and please dont be scammed into paying for premium service Apple should ban this app    Garbage
App crashes since the last update Do you people read these reviews Get off your butts remove the bots and fix the app Worst app EVER    Does Grindr even care about all the problems
Worst app ever Get redirected to Apple Store without clicking on anything repeatedly I get messaged by a bot on average every ten minutes now in this app and worse the bots now have full profiles appear to be in the same city as me and have smarter conversations It has destroyed the usefulness of this app completely The developers are either the worst coders in the world or they knowingly allow these bots to spoof their gps to be a few miles or closer    Invasion of the Bots
Cant even load the guys without the App Store popping up No I dont want to go to the App Store for a game Ive never heard of and will never play Im here to chat with guys and hook up    Really
Fake profiles litter the landscape but they cant do anything about it Bots constantly try to get your phone numberDelete a bot conversation and close the app When you open it back up the bots profile reappears with all of its messages none of yours in the chat Huh I thought I deleted this UghThe green online light is visible for 10 minutes after inactivity on one screen for 15 minutes on anotherConstantly has trouble loading more guys Has trouble blocking and favoriting guys Profile screen totally worthlessId give it zero stars but thats not an option    A total joke of an app
Grindr constantly sends you to the App Store to plug other horrible child like apps that no one needs to deal with The guys that take it seriously will instantly ask for your nude photos Grindr is the reason why so many other gay guys have lowered their standards and therefore given the rest of our community a bad name Dont ever use this app it will never improve    Ruining our culture
I would guess the app owners also own a porn site as it is one particular porn site that is advertised by all of the fake profiles shown And if you want to block more than a small number of them you have to pay Grindr to subscribe to their paid version One big scam with an otherwise fair to good app    Just porn site spam
A terribly aggravating update even by grndrs low standards App freezes messages wont sent icon tap does nothing The only thing that works consistently are the pop up ads and random redirect to the App Store to download other sponsor apps How did this bug riddled release even make it past Apples App Store QA    Worst update yet
Not an exaggeration Id say 25 minimum are spam profiles advertising porn web sites I dont understand at all how they cant weed these spam profiles out Grindrs answer to my complaint was to report the individual spam profiles I literally have probably reported at least 100 It never ends These pop up daily Save your time and money and go elsewhere    Spam galore
This app is not the best but its ok and can use major improvements The ads are very annoying and it keeps opening the app store on iphone andor ipad This need to be fixed asap The app should not have a limit on how much guys to view andor block       Needs major improvements
You guys used to be the best Now I dont get notifications that I have messages unless I pay for Xtra when no other site does that This app has so many bots and spam its not even funny Id say at least 25 of the people I can see are not real people No other app has that problem Your app crashes all the time Your app also likes to force ads to pop up on my screen multiple times while Im on there As the leader in the gay app movement Id expect more from you Im very disappointed    Just not good anymore
App freezes and collapses all the time Grindr was good once upon a time As much as they try to improve it they keep disappointing its huge market They dont seem to be aware Scruff has taken them away    They keep trying and making it worse and worse
If you go on the app looking for friends you will find them If youre going on looking for a hook up theres that too The app has nothing to do with the quality of people on it so I dont blame grindr for the mass quantities of pervs and shallow personalities it doesnt bother me either however if anything I get a good laugh from time to time The only thing I do wish of the app is that it tells you if your messages are read with that function you can tell if you are wasting your time or being dicked around or anything Like any other social media with this attribute it would make for a greater experience             Serves its users purpose
Im disgusted with profiles of underaged boys not being deleted If Apple does not remove this app from the App Store I hope the FBI investigates them    Grindr doesnt seem to care


Social Networking
Nearby Buddy Finder LLC
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.8.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. 1.8.4 Mobile

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