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Nearby Buddy Finder LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Grindr-Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex. ,Grindr Xtra ,DNR Social by Grindr), brings Grindr Xtra with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Grindr Xtra app has been update to version 1.8.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app to make new friends and find like minded dudes..
  • Awesome Social Networking Site..
  • Fantastic way to meet people close to where you live..
  • By far one of the best gay apps ever created..
  • Easy to use and simple way to meet new guys..
Overall Satisfactionclick me21
By far one of the best gay apps ever created.
The worst gay social app I've ever used.
It's really amazing this app thanks grindr love grindr.
Much better than the free version IMO.
Fun & Engagingclick me37
I like grindr it's a fun app.
But it's a fun app.
Grindr is awesome application.
I find it fun and entertaining.
Social Aspectsclick me45
Great way to meet new people in your area with out going to the bars.
But it is a great way to meet new friends.
By far one of the best gay apps ever created.
The worst gay social app I've ever used.
Definitely one of the best location based gay social apps available.
Reliabilityclick me19
Ads not Intrusiveclick me65
Keep the free app with the annoying ads.
Security & Privacyclick me17
Updates & Supportclick me10
They need a customer service phone line.
works perfectly - spring for the extra version - hours of entertainment.


Grindr Xtra is a simple, fast, fun, and free way to find and meet gay, bi and curious guys for dating, socializing, and friendship using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. As a GPS-based mobile app, Grindr Xtra uses your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
3G network or iPod touch and
iPadtablet made by Apple
Wi-FiWireless local area network
signal to identify your physical location so you can chat with the guys closest to you.


Grindr Xtra is the premium version of Grindr and includes the following extra features:

Grindr XtraGrindr Xtra
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1. Push Notifications
2. Swipe Through Profiles & Views
3. No Banner Ads
4. Load 100 More Guys
5. Quick Send Recent Photos
6. Save & Send Phrases in Chat
7. Switch Between Active Chats


The app is easy to use, anonymous and discreet. Simply download Grindr Xtra, launch the app, upload an optional photo, edit your profile details, browse photos of guys nearby and strike up a conversation by sending an instant message or text to like-minded men in your own community or wherever you plan on traveling next.
Grindr Xtra


With over 1.5 million members in 180 countries, Grindr Xtra offers not only the world’s largest all-male, location-based, mobile social network, but also user-friendly features and one of the quickest, most popular ways to view and instantly connect with cool, fun guys. Over 8,000 new men join the Grindr network daily.


Grindr Xtra only allows males 18 years or older. Photos depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited.


Downloading Grindr Xtra sets up a new account for you in the Grindr Network. If you have a Grindr profile at the time of your Grindr Xtra purchase, your favorites and blocks will automatically migrate from Grindr the first time you launch Grindr Xtra.


Note: Purchasing Grindr Xtra allows you one month of use. After 30 days you will be asked if you wish to continue using Grindr Xtra for the same cost as your previous download. Each subsequent month you will be given the option to renew your subscription. You will NOT be charged automatically.


The Grindr Xtra is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.8.4 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Grindr Xtra in Nearby Buddy Finder LLC`s Official Website :


Grinder cuts the time waisted meeting men in a bar scene. found in 7 reviews
Easy way to meet hot sexy guys for various things. found in 7 reviews
I find it fun and entertaining. found in 6 reviews
A sweet way to meet locals and make new friends. found in 16 reviews
It's the best of the " gay gps " programs. found in 6 reviews
Great app what's not to Grind. found in 9 reviews
Nj crashes often - should have option to denote top bottom. found in 10 reviews
Even though several people complain the push notifications don't work. found in 39 reviews
Continues to crash even after the new updates. found in 48 reviews
Xtra version doesn't really offer much more than the free app. found in 14 reviews
Takes way too long to load and lots of lost messages. found in 145 reviews
Won't be renewing my subscription unless more is added to paid version. found in 69 reviews
But don't try to sync your profile with two devices. found in 33 reviews
Grindr needs to figure out how to block bots. found in 49 reviews
But push messages don't work pass the first day. found in 115 reviews
Well obviously push notifications are still having some issues. found in 445 reviews
Keeps deleting a harmless pic and my push notifications don't work. found in 46 reviews
pics don't get sent / received messages not coming thru til later. found in 9 reviews
Constantly having problems with being dropped and missing messages. found in 41 reviews
Grindr's been in its worst moments after iOS 5 update. found in 24 reviews
Too many frequent "upgrades" and server issues or temporary outages. found in 24 reviews
If that's asking to much for grindr users. found in 40 reviews
And wish you had customer service reps available when problems arise. found in 191 reviews
Freezes up and crashes way too much to be charging folks. found in 19 reviews
Has potential but keeps freezing or deletes messages. found in 13 reviews
Even paying for Grindr Xtra doesn't mean you can sync multiple devices. found in 116 reviews
Distance doesn't work Lost messages Truly terrible and not renewing. found in 145 reviews
Grindr extra has been freeZing up since last update. found in 172 reviews
messages don't send and connection issues continue. found in 115 reviews
At the end of this month I won't be renewing my subscription. found in 69 reviews
But don't waste your money for the xtra version. found in 64 reviews
I'm just going back to the free version when this subscription ends. found in 72 reviews
Not paying for xtra anymore it's NOT worth it. found in 81 reviews
often can't click on profile pictures when scrolling through members. found in 164 reviews
App Store update for Grindr Xtra expired my subscription. found in 518 reviews
Company / customer service does not acknowledge and return calls. found in 191 reviews
But the fact that it doesn't link to regular Grindr. found in 65 reviews
Tech support is unhelpful and takes forever to respond. found in 69 reviews
Other new features are improvements. found in 69 reviews
won't load more guys and updates haven't fixed any of these things. found in 123 reviews
If you sync from grindr to grindr Xtra they won't let you renew. found in 535 reviews
Also profile pics and other messages don't show up. found in 115 reviews
It's sad that I pay for Xtra and don't get anything "Xtra. found in 81 reviews
New messages are very delayed
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Spam I pay for a service and I get spam What is wrong with you guys You constantly have problems It is glitchy Having trouble loading more guys The panel doesnt display all of the people in you area Im fed up with your pathetic app Fix it or as a 5 year customer I am done with you    Get it Together
Its getting better                Making Progress
The absolute worst app of its genre When they finally get around to posting your profile picture and the multiple crashes from the bug infested programming Youre attacked by ad bits of all kinds They do nothing to structurally keep the device from creating more spam Its ultimately the poorest managed structure of its category Why pay to have its features unaccessible if the app is functional at all Just embarrassing    Adbot plagued and inefficient design
Crashes and freezes often and now tons more spam then when I first wasted 60 on a year subscription I now regret Waist of money They dont improve the app at all or remove spammers    Spam and bad app
Im delighted to add this excellent application with gorgeous features that makes the messages get more faster with my new friends Ill score with 5 stars for the excellent service I recommend this application to my gay male friends on Facebook Twitter Instagram and others added by my friends on their iPhones 6 IPad 2 Air etc                Grindr Xtra
This app promotes porn and catfish You get tired of reporting these profiles but theyre still there Grindr doesnt do anything to work this out and seems that theyre actually behind porn promotion and bots Catfish has proven to be dangerous yet fake profiles prevail in this app    Promotes porn and catfish
This app is INFESTED with SPAMMERS Actually I think its one spambot probably emanating from a boiler room in some eastern european country All the spam messages and I get tons every day start out about the same progress the same and end up asking for my phone number I can type back gibberish and the botresponses progress the same Ive blocked dozens dozens of these but I still get dozens more The hackers have figured out how to create profiles that say theyre win a few miles of you but its part of the scam The latest scam is that over half the pics youll see have this profile I like to do adults vids You are welcome to view my videos by requesting this url on the desktop comp no quotes Grindr X X X d o t com If you like u may message me and lmk what u think of itOr some variation of the above sheeeeshThis app is a toxic mess and should be removed from the App Store Hello Tim Cook I thought you were gayproud How about looking after your community    Spammers Paradise
We pay for Extra Well we get extras like Bots bots and more bots Then theres the Were having trouble loading more guys error No consistency with people in the grid Im married to a software developer I cant believe anyone would release this many bugs and not address it Have you moved your development and support team to a sweatshop in IndiaNow almost every guy nearby is pandering his Grindr video site Sheesh I dont know of ANY other social apps with this BULLSHTI wont be renewing my subscription    Why are we paying
As much money as the app has rolled in You would think they would put some steam behind stopping spammers Well they havent and I deleted the account Welcome to bot world time to get spammed to death    Crap crap crap
Constantly crashes Full of bugs The most unreliable app You buy the app then you have to pay to subscribeThe app sends message push notifications then the message does not show in the message thread The app continually locks upThe app just get stuck doing nothing    Crash
disgusting amounts of spam and the newest addition having to log into your iTunes account within the app every time you load it and when you do log in being charged Done Was bad before now its the biggest joke ever    spam hack
Not sure why they would have an app that costs 99 but then not even be allowed to use it unless you are subscribed by paying every month year or whatever Kind of misleading and I wish I wouldnt have bought it Where can I get a refund    Misleading
Going on a month where Im not receiving messages that people send nor are the messages Im sending being received I have opened 3 support tickets and not response Ive already paid for a full year so they have my money yet dont care about customer service The thing is the regular non paid Grindr works fine on my devices Ridiculous and frustrating    Xtra isnt workingNo Customer Service Response
The navigation is terrible and the customer support is nonexistent Been trying to get a response for an issue all day with nothing but an automated email reply    Cumbersome app lousy support
7182015They claim to have updated the bug that doesnt allow you to change you social media names Yea that never happened It hasnt allowed me to changed the name of my Twitter or save my IG name This app is garbage Just delete it and move on to the next best thing There is a reason why this is a 15 star app And dont believe that the paid app gets additional support Coming from a previous paid supporter it doesnt at all Same flaws with less features Wiped all favorites Blocked people always unblock randomly Crashes constantly Spams pop up ads Not just one when you start up but multiple pop up ads Not even sure how beneficial that is for the person paying for the marketing space when youre just another OK option in a sea of pop ups Grindr must be losing money to have started quadruple booking their pop up ads Major marketing fail on bother grindr and the companies who think this is effectiveConstant spam has started up again Blocking doesnt work Edit Everyone I block keeps unblocking on its own Whats the point of this account system if it cant keep people blockedThe app automatically takes me to the App Store to download a random app No Im not accidentally clicking an add or pop up Ive sat there not touching my phone and watched it do it numerous times And they are very selective of who can wear swim suits and underwear I their profiles Its a joke This app is done forThey keep doing bug fixes but dont be fooled Its just to wipe the 1 star ratings    Garbage
Spam Spam Spam 90 of screen is spam Location is messed up and wont correct itself Pics wont open Cant block without app crashing Thanks again for yet another worthless update    Poor Service Poor Quality
I just bought the grindr extra and was told that my subscription has expiredthen I can do nothing with the grindr extra even the free grindr can view profiles I would give zero star but at least 1 star to process    Crap
Frequent crashes chats dont send the Greens Dots that indicate online status are rarely if ever accurate The frequency of issues shows a lack of commitment to their product    Find a different APP dont waste your
If you charge for the app then a separate subscription before you can use the app not good    Run
I was great with Grindr and the quickness of the app until this new update Its ruining my view and I pay for an XTra account I feel like a total idiot for that now because nothing works without crashing constantly Its terrible Plus my pictures were recently used by someone less then 20 miles away who btw hit on my cousin and it took grindr 3 days to reply to my email and delete the profile Thats not how you run a business    SLOWCrash
Such a piece of crap All it does is crash and eat messages if I try to clear info the app wont reload and it forces me to delete the app and reinstall and lose all history    Why do we pay for this app
This app is a joke You loose your chat history constantly having to delete app and reinstall and nothing but spam on here    Dont do it
The only reason it has not been deleted yet is because Im still paying for it and I leave it here to remind me not to renew my subscription    Still more robots than actual people
I have to reboot my iPhone every time I want to refresh the list of guys Terrible app    Just doesnt work
How do I stop this app from automatically taking out of my account and be done    I want to cancel
224 is the WORST update Ive ever seen for the iOS Simply sending a message takes forever Is this whats so great about making it 64bit Do yourself a favor and dont buy Xtra until this gets fixed I thought new releases were supposed to be improvements    Ugh
Please Dont waste your money in this App Only care about your Picture    The Worst App
After giving the product a try for one year I can honestly say their software architecture is completely flawed As my current subscription winds down I finally had enough of the spam and did a test I removed all my personal information and placed a gray image as my picture I still got spamIf your that desperate to get laid try Scruff and others Their platforms are stable I dont know anyone who in their right mind would pay to be spammed    Yes Please Save Your Money
The goto Atlanta gay connections app for drugs male prostitutes deadbeats Oh did I mention the fake profilesapp driven not just users unfortunately I required none of the above Take Uber to a bar where the guys are Hereits stoners meth heads looking to score junk or playing video games in their parents basement Go out Make some friends    The WastedLands
Paid for a pro account havent been able to access 910 times    Garbage
Look 099 for only 2 weeks or so Then you have to renew But they dont tell you that until you have 7 days until your subscription expires Almost every other profile is masked with a real persons picture but when you look at the about me section its an ad for porn from yours truly Grindr Dont buy this Delete    Waste
Ya uhh i deleted my grindr extra account before buying a subscription when i had a free trial will i get billed for a subscription I didnt fuckin buy    Help
Been way too long with too many bugs and weird UI Needs an update          Needs an update
And Grindr Extra SukS even more Poor quality app bots bots bots and more bots And their TOS policies re pix and verbiage is not equitably enforced Ur slacking Grindr I think they hired too many Tweekers to run their app    Grindr SUKS
Wrong direction developers Fail    Photo Under Review Watermark Forever
Stay away Too much crap for the price Zero stars from me    Spamspamspam
I downloaded grindr extra about two weeks ago and hadnt experienced any problems This past weekend however the app cant stay open for more than 6 seconds without crashing I wasnt able to use it the whole weekend I keep getting push notifications that guys are messaging me but I cant view them because the app just crashes when I try to view the messages I am SEVERELY disappointed in this app I wrote in a review to grindr asking them to fix if but they are only open MondayFriday so I guess Ill just have to wait to get any type of response back Horrible experience It really ruined my weekend of meeting up with some new people    Constant crashing
I upgraded to xtra so that I could have more that 100 guys to view and could get past their ridiculous blockfavorite limits Im not kidding I just blocked 20 bot profiles I stopped counting at 20 This app is horrible    Bots bots bots
LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERSYou guys say that you have fixed a lot of the issues Iwe the viewers are NOT seeing any changes at all Whats up with all the bots we pay for this app for a reason and for what only to get spammed with profiles over 1000 hell even 2000 miles away Every time I try to block people the app crashes If no one is monitoring this app then maybe you guys should hire more people to help out Or at least lower the prices for the Xtra We the people have spoken    To the makers of this app please LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS read and respond
Havent had this problem since recently but app has quit unexpectedly during a convention and Ive lost the personthis is completely annoying since Im paying for the app    Fix the bug
This app is worse than a plague Youd think the amount they make people pay would make for a smooth running experience mine was anything but Constant crashes trouble refreshing lost messages down for maintenance frequently and lets not forget the hundreds of times I either got a message from a robot or stumbled on an amateurs fake profile All in all I wish I could rate this zero but even thats a little too nice    Save yourselves
No one is gonna buy it    Did they just put a price
Still getting the drop down message failed purchase The subscription said it was renewed but the app still wont start up properly It still wants me to select a subscription when I already have one in place Fix this app Have reported this problem now for over 2 weeks    Still messed up
The number of people on this app have always been limited and as of lately been filled with an over abundant amount of spam users If you buy this app all you will be getting is spam with the designers doing nothing about it for the last two mouths Save your money on this one guys    Over priced app for nothing but spam
I pay for Xtra yet I cannot use some of the functions sending multiple pictures or blocking with out the system crashing Very bad lag time freezing crashing and a lot of spam bots Also many messages not being sent or received Less established apps seem to have better systems    Many problems
Annoying interface because it takes too many steps to perform basic tasks such as reading profile info This is a barebones app NO significant new features since the app came out six years ago None Ive tried just about every similar app and this is the only one I know of that only lets you upload a single picture Thats just nonsense Stability and spam issues are slightly improved from earlier versions but I still experience crashes about 1 out of 3 times I block a profile A newer problem for me is that the grid will almost always take forever to load or refresh even on a strong wifi connection    Still lacking
5 years later and still fail miserably to function properly Constant connection issues security and spam issues Very Overzealous profile moderation and out of line censoring Grindr made more efforts in securing erroneous Ad clicks than offering a better app experience for its user Very shallow narcissistic and greedy app developer Should be removed from App Store    GREEDR DO NOT BUY
gooooooood                Gay q8
I paid 99 for grindr xtra and it says I have 10 days left I want to cancel the auto renewal but it doesnt show up on my Apple ID nor on grindr app       Subscription
This is such a lazy app Theres always trouble loading more guys and when I block someone they show up on my feed again I blocked the same person twice and yet I still see them there There are so many bots on here its crazy Theres also a character limit on bios which I find boring Id rather use jackd even though I get less messages on there Not worth my money or my time    Jackd is better


Social Networking
Nearby Buddy Finder LLC
6.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.8.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Grindr Xtra 1.8.4 Mobile

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