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 Sponsored links , the publisher behind many iOS app (Grocery iQ ,, brings Grocery iQ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Grocery iQ app has been update to version 2.6.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Grocery IQ is a great shopping list application..
  • Has an extensive database of actual brand-name products..
  • This is the best grocery list maker there is..
  • I love the sync function between my phone and iPad..
  • Does exactly what u need and makes grocery shopping so much easier..
Overall Satisfactionclick me61
this is definitely the absolute best grocery list app out.
Was the best grocery list app now the worst.
They need more stores and ways to save your shopping cards.
Please add more stores to link the loyaly cards.
Great system for our family and love the bar code scanning feature.
Love the scan feature and sorting the isles for your grocery store.
Was a great app til they deleted the scan feature.
Easy to customize and efficient to re -use every week.
Love it save items to my favorites you can email the grocery list.
I love being able to share my grocery list with the hubs.
The barcode scanner has to be one of my favorite updates.
Fun & Engagingclick me54
They need more stores and ways to save your shopping cards.
Suggestions:Add some more store savings cards to Coupons.
Please add more stores to link the loyaly cards.
My husband and I love this app and use it all the time.
I really like the app and use it all the time.
Usefulnessclick me45
This is one of my most useful apps on my phone.
Still one of my most useful apps.
or put everything into my phone's app by hand.
I absolutely LOVE this app and use it almost every day.
I really like this app and use it almost every day.
Family Friendlyclick me75
Excellent app with a great sharing feature the whole family uses.
Our family uses this app and finds it very useful.
This app makes keeping the family grocery list so convenient.
Definitely automated our family grocery shopping.
Ease of Useclick me37
Simple app that makes shopping list management easy.
Great simple app.
how to screw up a great simple app.
Less intuitive.
I highly recommend this as an elegantly designed simple grocery list app.
Quick and Simple Grocery App.
Reliabilityclick me39
Security & Privacyclick me73
Love that it syncs between multiple devices on the same account.
but my husband and I use the same account.
Updates & Supportclick me13
Really loved the old version.
I liked the old version better.
Exceptional customer service.


“Best in Class”: One of the five hottest
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
apps. — via USA Today, 3/31/10


Make grocery shopping simple and fast!


Grocery iQ includes all the features you’d expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application. Build new shopping lists quickly by simply scanning the barcode for any product or using the predictive search feature. Share your lists with others by using the new List Sharing feature. Never buy the wrong item again.

Grocery iQGrocery iQ
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Notable Features:
• A database of millions of items – Build grocery lists quickly
• Barcode scanning – Add items to lists by simply pointing your camera at any product barcode *NEW*
• List sharing – Grocery iQ enables you to automatically synchronize shared lists with other Grocery iQ users on their devices *NEW*
• Integrated Coupons – Find free coupons for items that you’re shopping for and print them or add them to your store loyalty card *NEW*
• Favorites list – Easily add frequently-purchased items to new lists
• Create lists for multiple stores –Assign items to a specific store for added organization and efficiency
• Product details – Add notes about package size, price, quantity and more
• Sort by aisle – Items are automatically categorized by grocery store aisle
• And much more!


Grocery iQ is the most feature-rich grocery shopping application available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Use Grocery iQ to pull together shopping lists and add items quickly and easily, whenever you like. Customize the arrangement of categories within your list so you can check off items in an orderly fashion as you navigate the store. Keep shared lists up to date with automatic List Sharing. List Sharing updates lists on all synchronized devices when items are added or checked off.
Grocery iQ


Start simplifying your grocery shopping today!


As with any application update, make sure to back up your device in iTunes before performing the update.


Let us know what you think of Grocery iQ by leaving a review! If you’ve left a review of a previous version, please update your review after trying version 2.0.


The Grocery iQ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.6.4 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Grocery iQ check developer`s website :


This app makes keeping the family grocery list so convenient. found in 10 reviews
Great app use it every time I shop literally every time. found in 21 reviews
We can split up at the store and finish shopping quicker. found in 16 reviews
Thanks for bringing back some of the old features to the update. found in 32 reviews
Makes it much easier for a couple to share shopping responsibilities. found in 11 reviews
Life changing app for my wife and me - only one suggestion. found in 7 reviews
Perfect for couples or families on the go. found in 17 reviews
This is the best grocery list manager so far. found in 10 reviews
I love being able to share my grocery list with the hubs. found in 68 reviews
Updated review: have been using grocery IQ for over two years. found in 51 reviews
Also no stores in my area are available to directly download coupons. found in 51 reviews
It has features I like but I can't change items from one store to another. found in 265 reviews
Please restore the functionality to mange store aisles. found in 30 reviews
but so limited in stores/ loyalty cards that it is useless. found in 110 reviews
I could load coupons to my Kroger card. found in 30 reviews
First - it does not store Kroger Loyalty Card information. found in 65 reviews
This app is good but list sharing doesn't work well if at all. found in 6 reviews
please add more stores where we can put our bonus cards. found in 144 reviews
Great app but list sharing doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
Please provide a way to batch clear the history from your phone. found in 10 reviews
I'm disappointed that I can't modify aisle names by store anymore. found in 24 reviews
Needs better printer support. found in 6 reviews
Solid app that needs an update -
Will be looking for a new grocery app unless you get this fixed quick. found in 92 reviews
Please add more stores to the savings card feature. found in 162 reviews
There is no longer a plus sign on the Stores tab. found in 19 reviews
need more store cards added. found in 90 reviews
I can not delete items from list or delete a list. found in 29 reviews
Love the app but needs more stores with savings cards. found in 144 reviews
You really can't print coupons with out a. found in 165 reviews
Please add trader joes items and Kroger savings card. found in 10 reviews
Printing to a wifi hp printer is not a problem. found in 159 reviews
I updated my iPhone and had to re -install the app. found in 150 reviews
Can't figure out how to organize aisles for different stores. found in 176 reviews
it will not allow me to scan barcodes. found in 183 reviews
But totally useless as far as coupons and savings card. found in 155 reviews
But it hangs constantly even when adding items to favorites. found in 143 reviews
Back to paper lists until you get the store layout feature back. found in 161 reviews
making it impossible to move items from one list to another etc. found in 164 reviews
Please add more stores to link the loyaly cards. found in 144 reviews
I also HATE the sucktastic new add item field search field. found in 204 reviews
They put in a useless feature that finds local grocery stores. found in 163 reviews
I wish you would add more stores to the card saver. found in 162 reviews
it isn't possible to assign more than one store to a given item. found in 157 reviews
Please add East Coast store savings cards. found in 234 reviews
I do not need the ability to sync with other devices. found in 207 reviews
It can't print coupons even with HP wireless printer five feet away. found in 165 reviews
I wanted to print a coupon from my phone and the app said I had to use a PC I went to my PC and it wants to load software on it No thanks I dont need your junk    Dont use the coupons
No way to change settings Instructions in helpfaq section are incorrect No way to delete expired inappropriate coupons from lists Bar code reader doesnt work on iPhone       Great idea but flawed
Great grocery shopping app I use this app every week keeping track of items I need at the store and then checking them off as I shop Really need an Apple Watch companion app This would make this perfect since I would not need to pull out my phoneNo updates in a year Really Update with Apple Watch version then this app moves to a 5 star rating             Use Every Week
Ive been using this app for a long time and until recently I would have given it 5 stars Not anymore Now the app completely locks up whenever it tries to sync Its extremely annoying I have never used an app that locks up my iPhone like this one does       About hit my limit with startup freeze
Always have list with me IPad synced to IPhone love it Ive told all my friends about it                Best grocery list ever
Will you please fix this POS update you did I dont want to have to wait 5 minutes when I open the app for it to sync    Garbage after update
You have never responded to a single one of my reviews so I dont expect you to start now But since this miserable app has now decided to alphabetize the aisles in ALL my stores and will not recognize when I change them back to the order I need them to be in I am deleting this ridiculous app forever Congratulations You managed to turn what was once a very useful app into a garbage heap of bits and bytes Go pound sand    Deleting forever
Makes you manually create lists doesnt show sales and thinks its convenient to scan boxes to see if there are coupons while in the store Not convenient Uninstalling    Lame dont bother
We have used the app for 6 months now The aisles are wrong would be nice to adjust to the different grocery stores or if it is possible its not easy to figure out The biggest gripe though is only being able to hold 200 items We cook at home a lot with 3 children and we need more than 200 items on our list It drops items that we need when we go over our limit We dont purchase 200 items each week but over a month we do The app will drop those items you dont purchase every week Other than that its pretty good We all can add what we need for the week          Good app
I also have a problem with the app hanging up It takes a good minute before activating so I can enter anything Very Frustrating I note the last update to the app was Oct 2014 notwithstanding other similar complaints Im getting ready to find another app Alsowould be handy to use on Iwatch if updated for this          Hangs up when opening
Great app No problems with app Only wish you could have different printer options for coupons only can use HP now                Love it
Great app Easy to use and I havent had any troubles Now if you would only develop a pantry app to go with this I would be in heaven                Great
I have used this app for years and since about April it syncs when you open the app for about 10 seconds and you cant do anything until it finishes syncing Ten seconds may not seem long but if youre in a hurry and add something to your list it feels like forever Ive even looked at other apps and start over with lists aisles etc because this is annoying Last update was October 2014 Will there be any more support and updates for this app       Used to love this app please update it
Love that I dont have to worry about paper lists getting lost or forgetting them home when I arrive to the store My family knows to add an item to the Q when we need something and since Mom and Dad are synced the items wont be forgotten Love this app                So helpful
I used to love this app but no more The sync with the new iOS is no longer reliable Enter products on the PC and it syncs beautifully with my iOS 51 iPad but messes up with the same list on the iOS 81 iPhone Just got home from the store and found three items I forgot because they werent on the iPhone list Checked the iPad and there they were The store is 2 12 miles away but first I must go down an unmaintained dirt road and takes 15 minutes just to get to a paved road When I go shopping I need a list that is accurate Figure it out because until you do I am going back to paper and pencil       What have they done to ruin this app
Ive had this app for yrs Out of nowhere it freezes every time I open it Ive the current updateFRUSTRATED       Why freezing now
We loved this app Its very handy for my wife and I to keep a running list of things we need However its become unbearably slow at startup and sync Weve started exploring other options       Slow at startupsync
I used to love this app five stars Then it got deleted from my phone and since I downloaded it again I cant organize the aisles to match my store why not Looking for a new app any suggestions If this issue is fixed before I find one back to five stars And why is my local Vons no longer found when searching for stores          What happened to this app
The app is great If I could make one change it would be to have the availability to move the list For example Not all stores have canned goods after the bakery             One change
The app is user friendly but I wish it had more loyalty cards to sync with I am unable able to use the coupon feature since it does not list any store that I shop at Adding major grocers for the Pacific Northwest would be great          Loyalty Cards
The app hangs for 10 seconds on my 6 every time I open it Looking for something better    Very annoying
With this latest apple update each every time you open the app it sits there and buffers until it finally gets finished depending on the cellular signal andor wifi signal it could be 5 minutes or longer Something has to be done please help us fix this problem Its very frustrating to us dedicated users of this app Please help us PLEASE    Grocery IQ
Used to love this app on my iPhone 5 Used it for a few years and it was great Now everytime I launch the app it takes it up to 5 minutes before it is done phoning home or whatever its doing Once the app is running and is the current app if the phone happens to lock from a time out you will get to burn that same 5 minutes again when you unlock the phoneUnacceptable Let me know when you have corrected it    Used to work well Now not so much
App seemed great for awhile but lately my wife and I have found it hanging frozen and laggy when using Not sure what the programmers have done to it but were going to have to use another app if this doesnt improve soon       App started out fine but gets sluggish
I used this app and the couponscom app to print coupons from our Apple devices Since we replaced our HP printer with an EPSON I cant print from GroceryIQ Please add more compatible printers other than only HP Please and thank you    Add More Compatible Printers Please
Great app             Coupons
9415 update to original review I have taken away all stars and will be looking for a replacement application I have a number of complaints They are1 app is not being maintained by developers 2 they are not responding to feedback 3 app load time incurs delays due to build up of history 4 history items must be deleted item by item 5 deletions from grocery list are loaded into history causing an artificial build up of history 6 deletion of history sends deleted items into a vicious cycle of putting them into original grocery categories and then deleting them there puts them right back into historyOriginal reviewSince updating to iOS82 when opening the app it freezes and takes a while to be able to change from Favorites to Lists or visa versa Very annoying    App with much potential
Two major improvements this app needs that would add muchneeded functionality for me 1 I want to be able to edit the grocery aisle list and add aisle numbers from my stores 2 I want to be able to view the coupons that I cut instead of having them emailed or having to print them They can be scanned from my phone Fix these two issues and the rating changes to five stars          Good but could be better
Ive used this app for years and it is my absolute go to grocery list I have left many lists in the car or at home so having this app saves me time and mental health So far every update has made it better Cant live without it                Great app
Have continuously tried to sync the info on the list with another family member but info for items not syncing would be a great app if it actually worked       Good idea but fails to sync
Cannot use anymore as grocery IQ crashes upon openingPrior reviewIts ok but there are many features that I dont use that can get in the way such as the incessant prompts of items that I dont buy The coupons are a complete waste for me I would like to be able to edit the category list and create new categories that I need Overall its useful but could be better    Crashes how do I get support
Love this app Meals saved from missing ingredientsRequest for background refreshsync instead of delayed opening to sync                Efficient life organizer
I have not found any instructions on how to use I need to be able to add stores that I go to I live in a rural area so do not go to drug stores to buy groceries    Stores
Ive been using this app for several months I really like it a lot It is even userfriendly for my husband I like that I can keep all of my entries in the app and not recreate them Some suggestionswould like ability to apply one product to several storesThe favorites list seems a little glitchy My whole list was wiped out somehow but some of the individual stars are still on the products I really like the barcode feature but it doesnt work universally Having sharing capability of the barcodes among the entire community using this app would build a fantastic library of products and make selections easier even though this app is mainly dedicated to grocery shopping there is great potential for generalized shopping I started adding all sorts of store lists including dept stores hardware sports etc maybe there can be a way to add a feature designating a list or an item to be a To Buy item or a Wish List item Would be very helpful for my shopping to tag an item for a personal wish list to keep or share or birthdayholiday idea gift list for others to keep or share I would LOVE the capability to better track my spending by having the ability to see how much I paid for certain items Something that keeps track of the item prices as I purchase I would like to make better decisions on whenwhat I need to purchase based on regular vs sale prices and my own spending needs Thanks for making an app that makes sense to me AND my husband so he will participate in our grocery purchase decisions             Great appsome suggestions
We create a new grocery list by adding items from our History But History will not allow any editing of items before adding to the new list Why Not Maybe instead of 2 of the items I want 3 or a different brand or flavor etc This requires creation of a completely new entry in the new list when it would be so easy to edit the History item before adding to the new list The the new item is added to History just clogging it with obsolete items                Great App but Suggestions
Heres the thing this app is very helpful but it could be SO MUCH BETTER Why not make it more tailored to the individual user I use mine for more than just grocery shopping I keep track of EVERYTHING on my list of things to purchase from ANYWHERE articles of clothing I need automotive supplies pieces of furniture I plan to purchase beauty products from specialty stores etc Its great that we can add generalized items the app cant find because about half the items I add to my lists arent grocery store items and Im glad I can add stores and name them what I want but I want to be able to do a few more things before I give this app the rating it could so easily deserve1 Add and edit aislesection names for each individual store list This way I can make the app apply to any type of store I want Pet store auto parts store etc and editable sections or aisles within that store2 Send my lists wirelessly directly to a printer I dont understand why this isnt an option yet3 Digital coupons I always need my coupons to at least be available to be scanned at checkout from my phone Its crazy that this isnt an option4 Edit the information on the items that are already automatically in the app example I dont want to add Kelloggs Special K Coffee House Vanilla Cappuccino Protein Breakfast Shake I want that specific shake yes but I want to be able to change its name to simply Special K protein shake and throw Van Capp in the description Otherwise Im looking at Kelloggs Special K Three times in my list because I want three different flavors Its irritatingOther than those items this app is great and I like it          Great but for a few needed updates
My family has been long time users of Grocery IQ but are so disappointed that it has gone downhill so badly in recent months Like many other reviews have stated opening the app on the fly has become a bit of a chore As soon as you open the app it freezes for about 20 30 seconds I am assuming its syncing but if that is the case why are the devices that its supposedly syncing with always offI used to love Grocery IQ but I will be looking for a new shopping list at this point Such a shame       Very Disappointing
Whats up with the loyalty cards There are only 4 store card options to upload none of which Ive even heard of Meanwhile under stores it lists all the stores near me with no option to upload the loyalty cards Isnt there a way to put the loyalty card upload option with its specific store And make lists based on WHERE you want to go to use the coupons Ill go several different places to save money just difficult to keep track of which items to buy at each store Maybe you could update this app in a way to help those like me who need to keep organized lists for each store And to be able to access the loyalty card from within the list would be even better       Confused
Love the app because my husband and start on opposite sides of the grocery store and race to the middle using the same synced grocery list Takes guerrilla shopping to a whole new level Just wish the app included the Kroger shopping card             Teamwork But please add Kroger
Please turn of whatever it is that keeps me from doing anything until you have displayed the prices of the items already in my list Or give us a way to turn this off It is really annoying          Its ok for free
Come on people its a FREE app Ive been using this app for about a year now and I love it Its not perfect but honestly no one can create an app that pleases everyone Occasionally an item from my history will disappear but I just add it back No problem Bad reviews about this app are left by people who just like to complain and who you could never please in the first place Two thumbs up                Great App Haters get over it
Ive used the app for over a year and there is an annoying delay when I use the app now I suppose its because its trying to get all those coupons I never use          Annoying delay
This is the best ever I list everything I need and look at list every time I go to store                Grocery
I have items not saving in lists and it takes forever for the app to load Sharing doesnt always work either       Many issues
Updated 8242015 Ive become so frustrated with his app It takes forever to load when opening and doesnt always sync with my husbands iPhone Overall its a great app but the problems are becoming insurmountable and its been like this for months and updates havent improved it I love this app Ive recommended it to at least a dozen people Makes shopping more enjoyable because I know Im not forgetting anything And syncing between mine and my husbands phone is awesome We always have the most updated grocery list regardless of whos shopping Only complaints are its impossible to change the aisle name for a couple of items Its stuck with just one isle listed and no way to edit the list Also I can never get coupons to print to our printer          Highly recommended
It freezes and has a delay and when I click to add something it hangs and then blinks multiple times and the after it stops and you type in your item you have to go back that many timesget a paperless app to make a virtual list but have to have printer for coupons makes no sense          GLITCHEY coupons are worthless
As of 82515 the developer has not updated the app in almost a year Its not optimized for the iPhone 6 and often seems to be more geared to spamming you with couponscom instead of concentrating on its true functionalityThat being said Its probably the best of all of them but thats not saying much since they are all miserable to use I will continue to use this one in our family even though its so painfully out of date doesnt look good on my iPhone 6 and still spams you with couponscom ads However its time for my annual search to find someone who is more interested in a good grocery app    Lesser of all evils
So far this app is doing its job Love it             Mommy dear
I keep trying to add flowers to my list and the app add flowers brand tortillas When I open the item and delete everything past flowers it tells me sorry you already have that item added    Used to love it
I loved this when I first got it but now all it does is freeze on iPhone and iPad and you cant add items delete them or go to another store list Then when it finally works it opens up a bunch of times Ive noticed a few reviews also complained about the same issue so are thereany suggestions on how to fix this    Needs improvement


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.6.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Grocery iQ 2.6.4 Mobile

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