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Arobas Music , brings Guitar Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Guitar Pro app has been update to version 1.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's user friendly and tabs are easy to import..
  • Great Teaching Tool..
  • is MASSIVELY less expensive than the desktop version..
  • This revolutionized how I learn songs on my drums..

Overall Satisfactionc50
Simply the best tablature program for iphones.
SOUND QUALITY Awesome sound quality.
Best purchase for guitar development.
Fun & Engagingc82
It's pretty awesome.
Awesome functionality.
This is so much fun to use and learn from.
Very nice app with helpful features.
Most helpful application.
Useful learning tool.
An essential tool for musicians.
Ease of Usec91
Very easy to upload from computer too.
Updates & Supportc60
Great mobile version.

This is so much fun to use and learn from. found in 1 reviews
This app is a great learning tool for many instruments. found in 2 reviews
It's great for whichever level of guitar player you are. found in 16 reviews
This app works amazingly well for recording song ideas. found in 1 reviews
Works great as a guitar pro tab reader. found in 2 reviews
What a GREAT practice tool. found in 3 reviews
As a beginning guitar student I find it very helpful. found in 2 reviews
This app may have some flaws and some things could be improved. found in 1 reviews
Great for beginners too. found in 1 reviews
Useful learning tool. found in 1 reviews
TabToolKit ++ for half the price. found in 1 reviews
An essential tool for musicians. found in 1 reviews
Super nice UI and very easy to navigate. found in 1 reviews
Great composition tool. found in 1 reviews
Gp6 is the industry standard and most advanced tab player. found in 1 reviews
Wish there was a way to export / print the tabs in PDF. found in 1 reviews
Very useful resource for practicing and/or learning new songs. found in 26 reviews
4 stars for having an iPad port of this awesome software. found in 2 reviews
Simply the best tablature program for iphones. found in 3 reviews
Great for the working musician. found in 2 reviews
but not as helpful as multi track writing. found in 6 reviews
Needs Dropbox integration. found in 1 reviews
Missing Dropbox sync. found in 1 reviews
It keeps crashing since the new update on apple. found in 1 reviews
Good but needs update. found in 1 reviews
but what if my GP file is in drop D. found in 8 reviews
no 3rd generation ipad retina display support. found in 4 reviews
Good app but bugging out right now. found in 1 reviews
Unable to transfer my existing tabs using iTunes 11. found in 1 reviews
Please add tab notepad on iPad version. found in 3 reviews
but it crashes when opening a tab from mail. found in 1 reviews
Sound doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
if the ability to create and edit tabs is introduced. found in 7 reviews
The problem is that the tab editor has numerous flaws. found in 3 reviews
Please Arobas get this upgraded to allow multitrack scoring from scratch. found in 5 reviews
Major let down for me. found in 2 reviews
Cannot delete a tab file from the recently added screen. found in 1 reviews
Clicking any one song causes the app to crash. found in 3 reviews
Please fix for 3rd generation iPad on IOS 6. found in 7 reviews
Cannot write tab. found in 5 reviews
no info on alternate tunings. found in 4 reviews
Can't write drums or multiple tracks on the notepad. found in 12 reviews

The Guitar Pro is now available for $7.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 14.0 MB to download. The new Guitar Pro app version 1.4.1 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Guitar Pro in Arobas Music`s Official Website :

As a mobile player tie-in to Arobas Music s famous tablature software package, Guitar Pro for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad is the ideal companion for you to read and play your scores any time, anywhere Guitar Pro for ...
I enjoy using this app when away from my computer                 I like it
I really liked this app but with the iOS 8 update the audio stopped working through the headphones and the speaker           No audio with iOS 8
Does exactly what its supposed to do and opens files via the browser and stores them Wish you could edit though or I havent figured it out                 Awesome app
I like the full software version but this is great for an app I wish it had some more tools to utilize Its a must have for any guitarist Its helping me learn up the PERIPHERY tracks at an awesome pace                 Awesome for an app
Muy Útil y práctico              Buen app
Not to bad                 Pro
Hard to input any songs u want to learn The notes in the preloaded tabs are jumbled together and hard to see how theyre actually supposed to be played Just wasted 8 for an app I will never be using     Terrible App for learning
The desktop version is intuitive for writing music and revising any compatible GP file you can find on the web EXCEPT the GPX files available through its sister app My Songbook Dont bother with them if you want to revise the notes or anything of consequence I presume its a licensing issue but it prohibits remixes and the like GPX files are locked and you can play along with them if thats of interest Finally exporting your own compositions to a DAW to master the work is tricky Logic Pro 9X wont get half of the MIDI data right or at all doesnt read MusicXML files and the WAVs sound pretty bad That means you have to convert the WAV into AMIDI to assign one of the myriad software instruments at your fingertips Bleh           Nowhere near the desktop version
For guitarist an awesome toolkit to have Rhyno                 Great App
The trackswhat tunings are they in STANDARD DADGAD DGCGCD DROPPED D etc Nope No info on that at all Very disappointing     no info on alternate tunings
Very good in general Affordable price Just that it would be nice to have real transpose mode like in pc version where not only music transposed also the tabs              Happy except transpose does not transpose the notes
I use this for jotting down ideas and preparing for gigs where I play covers Saves me a ton of time                 Great for the working musician
Good work                 Its great
Money wasted     Not what I expected
good best of best                 gp5
No audio in app playback since iOS 8 upgrade     iOS 8 NO AUDIO
Resulting export file loops on the first bar forever It does provide notes on the staff but export file is almost worthless Exported file doesnt work on my Mac or my iPhone6 same first baronly playback issue        Defective export to GPX
Since updating to iOS8 there is no sound I updated the app but it still doesnt work And thats a shame because I love writing songs on this app when Im away from home Please fix it I blame Apple              iOS8 fix
Missing the grand staff therefore traditional reading is out Sibilius is better for scoring traditionally You can only export songs in wave format Guitar pro doesnt support MP3 Ultimate guitar charges for charts it doesnt own Most of their charge come from Olga anyway for those of you who remember Olga           Ok for practice
I use this app on the go for teaching people their voice parts I can single out individual lines or have all the voices or just the instrumentals Extremely powerful app Updating And now you can write music and get tabs to download Worth many times what I paid for it                 Great Teaching Tool
it doesnt work on ios9 and force close              please update for ios9
No audio to tracks Horrible waste of money     No audio
Love this app Writing on it is not pleasant mostly cause my small phone screen Great for on the go tab look ups              Approved
good app                 cool
1 GuitarPro files can only be viewed not edited Sometimes I need to make an important edit on the fly as do may other musicians I think this is a must 2 No ability to transpose I play in drop Cbut what if my GP file is in drop D I think the ability to change the tuning of the instruments and transpose is also a crucially needed feature Other than these two things great           Good but 2 needed things missing
This is a great app companion for your guitar Adjust tempo set loops select individual tracks etc I think its awesome and is my goto app over Guitar Tabs Guitar Tab Pro                 This app Rocks
Exactly what youd expect                 Perfect
A pretty good app overall However you need to add the option to read multiple measureslines of music at a time like being able to look at a full score in a full page format with a zoom option A lot about reading music is being able to look at multiple lines at a time and play through them without stopping to scroll to the next measure I know you can set the app to play at a constant rate but when youre sight readingjust learning music it is extremely hard to play at a constant pace even if its a slow one because of the need to stop and figure out fingerings chords etc Because of these limitations I find it extremely difficult to learn and practice songs while just looking at a no more than five or ten notes at a time Please update        Mixed feelings
Sound playback ceased functioning since update to iOS 8           Not fully working in iOS 8
The Resolution Is Not Good Please Update It For The New Devices        Update For iPhone 6 And 6Plus
Thank you Arobas for fixing the iOS 8 glitch quickly Great as loop and tempo trainer Especially in a multitrack piece It can isolate the track being practiced Or mute the target track and learn to fit it in to the rest of the ensemble Its a powerful tool that I depend on as an instructor Many of my students have purchased it as a part of the curriculum Guitar sound banks arent the most pleasing to the ear but it serves its function very well The fretboard follow notes lag behind the beat just enough to notice during playback More a slight nuisance than a deal breaker The only time it lags enough to frustrate me is at high tempo If the notes are whizzing by fast enough the yellow note indicator dot will lag enough to match the note prior to the one being sounded In other words you hear it before you see it Once again the lag does not seem to affect myself or my students at slow to moderate tempos For the 5 I wish I could tweak 95 of the app is indispensable              Great timely update
Great app overall has just about everything youd need except for the fact that you should be able to add changes in time signatures and tempo and also multiple tracks              Great app but could use a few things
You should add an option to change the tempo also a speed trainer like the pc version           Good but can be better
Ive used guitar pro for years and as someone who primarily plays guitar Im satisfied However as somebody who knows the convenience of standard notation Im disappointed While its easier to learn songs on the guitar through tabs its a lot easier to write songs the old fashioned way When considering the fact that Guitar Pro gives you the option to write tabs for different instruments like violin an instrument with no frets the option to write in standard notation should be a no brainer Overall great for learning on the go The untapped potential saddens me though I look forward to updates           I realize its called guitar pro but
Awesome app Love it                 Awesome
I was hoping I could enter music notes and it would give me the tab for the tune but it does not seem to do that It only give you notes and tab for pieces already installed in the program Not worth the money as far as I was concerned        Not what I expected
Obviously this wont be the same as Guitar Pro running on a PC but its great for practicing songs on the go either on an iPad or iPhone Its gotten better over time Its one of my most used apps since Im always playing guitar Great job and keep the updates coming                 Great app
The complaints I read about this app are ridiculous for the most part The single complaint I can sort of agree with is that the soundbanks could be better TabToolkit manages a more realistic sound With the recent updates allowing multitrack playback the ease with which you can loop a section to work on it and despite completely false complaints to the contrary the ease with which you can download tabs from your Mac or PC and even from sites like ultimate guitar tabs makes this and TabToolkit a deadeven race for the single best guitar tab score app out there I would love a slightly better set of guitar and bass soundbanks but wouldnt even take off one star for that no way This app is almost perfect And one last thing as for crashing just uninstall and reinstall it or stop trying to run it on your iPod 2nd Gen This app has crashed on me once ever when I had a ton of things open in the background and got a call during use I would call that user error and not a bug                 Almost Perfect
Could use more features but works well and is convenient to have on my phone              Overall a good app
Finding guitar pro files is a pain in the browser make a mobile site that holds your files The option to make your own tabs is cool because I dont have to complete any bars to playback it an its simple to create              Good app
The description of this app is misleading It says it can edit tabs and it can but not tabs youve already created in Guitar Pro It only edits tabs that you create within the app I cannot import any of my GPX into this app to be edited on my iPad only viewed Waste of my 7        Cannot Edit GPX files
Was led to believe the mobile version had similar functionality to the desktop version ie editing My fault for not doing enough research but I essentially paid 8 for a tab editor that doesnt edit tabs        MISLEADING
Great app but I would like more power to create tabs              Great but
Overall a great app however they need to add a function to write in standard notation just like the desktop version for composition It makes it really difficult to write small parts and ideas when all you have to work with is tab              Standard notation
I like this app a lot Its a good companion to the desktop program guitar pro 6 Using Dropbox makes it easy to listen to desktop creations on the portable devices as well as functioning as a very cool portable practice tool Highly recommended Now when does Guitar Pro 7 on the desktop come out                 Pretty darn cool
nice appcompatible with both iphone and ipad                 nice app
Comoletely worth every single penny                 Amazing app
Hello this is good thank u but with iOS 8 doesnt work and I want you add print for this Thank u              Sound doesnt work
This is is a great app for musicians guitar students and guitar teachers alike Very useful viewing options great learning tools This app gives you the ability to view separate parts instruments of a score create your own mixes of an arrangement and easily transmitted via many platforms The only reason I dont get it five stars is because of the limitation of inputting notes tablature only when composingtranscribing an arrangement in the app The deskfull version is just way easier to compose from but its also 10 times the price              Worth every penny
Awful app After dropping 8 bucks to tab a song on my iPad Guitar Pro simply would only export the first measure of the song After emailing them about this issue repeatedly No Response Due to the combination of faulty software and NONEXISTENT customer service I can not recommend this app If you are looking for a high quality app to tab guitar music I highly recommend Symphony Pro For an extra 2 you get a program that first and foremost works while also containing a bundle of other features such as countless customization options Music can also be written in a staff in Symphony Pro In conclusion do yourself a favor and stay away from Guitar Pro pay the extra 2 for a working app made by developers that want your buisness     DO NOT PURCHASE

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