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Win Sheng Loh , the publisher behind many iOS app (Mercenary of Fortune ,Eye Exercises - Daily Program ,Magic Wand ,Color Manual ,Top Tips & Tricks for iPhone Lite ,Top Tips & Tricks for iPhone), brings Gun Builder Club with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Gun Builder Club app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is gunsmith from ghost recon future soldier..
  • it's an amazing game..
  • You guys should add engraving and more camouflage like gold and nickel..
  • other than that awesome game..
  • This is the best gun app that i have found..
Overall Satisfactionclick me75
Add more gun racks pleeeeaaaaaase.
Needs more guns and some different ranges.
the all new gun building experience like never before.
Needs new guns and actual cocking.
it's an amazing game.
One thing i would recommend is to make a shotgun pack.
Fun & Engagingclick me80
Add more gun racks pleeeeaaaaaase.
Needs more guns and some different ranges.
other than that awesome game.
but besides that it is an awesome game.
and simply more attachments like bayonets and new weapon variants.
This game is AWESOME.
Why does it crash i bet it is fun but it keeps crashing.
Super fun.
I play it all the time.
Usefulnessclick me39
Value for Moneyclick me69
Production Valuesclick me81
It also has the most realistic graphics and attachments ever.
better reload animations.
Reliabilityclick me66
Needs to fix the crash when you want to build a gun.
Updates & Supportclick me45




Build guns the way you want with a large selection of parts and attachments. Various camos for any combat situation. Customize your optics. Disassemble your weapon and rotate with touch gestures. It`s all here in realistic 3D.

Gun Builder ClubGun Builder Club
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Take your gun to the shooting range and unleash the action. Activate your attachments. Aim down the sight. Wreck some carnage.


Collect and fill up the gun rack with your personal guns. Your trophies of pure delight.
Gun Builder Club


Join the club.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Gun Builder Club for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 43.3 MB to download. The new Gun Builder Club app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Gun Builder Club in Win Sheng Loh`s Official Website :


Excellent array of guns to choose from and many upgrades. found in 6 reviews
The last update screwed the app up. found in 5 reviews
Crashes whenever when I try to build gun I have bought. found in 81 reviews
it crashes every time you try to build something. found in 4 reviews
It's good but a little glitchy. found in 2 reviews
If they fix the lag I will give 4 stars. found in 2 reviews
App opens now for iPod touch 4th gen BUT STILL CRASHES. found in 19 reviews
It's really frustrating to spend 45 mins updating an app. found in 11 reviews
the game crashes whenever you try to save an M4. found in 28 reviews
Needs movement ability or augmented reality. found in 2 reviews
and from then on it would crash on startup. found in 2 reviews
Restore Purchases doesn't work. found in 9 reviews
Launch and update for big fixes and lagging. found in 2 reviews
But the free version needs more than 4 weapons. found in 2 reviews
The game crashes every time I try to use any gun other than the vector. found in 18 reviews
If my iPad crashes I won't be able to recover anything. found in 1 reviews
Good app but you have to buy a lot of stuff to make it good. found in 2 reviews
It looks cool but crashes whenever I try to customize a gun. found in 2 reviews
Crashes on certain guns and needs more. found in 4 reviews
It's a fun app but it asks for too much. found in 2 reviews
God dammit The new update does not work for ipod touch 4th gen. found in 19 reviews
Its fun but the firing range doesnt work. found in 57 reviews
I can't customize any guns nor play zombie mode. found in 32 reviews
I can't even play the app now. found in 11 reviews
Now when I try to build a gun it doesn't work. found in 81 reviews
PLEASE FIX THIS FOR IPod touch 4th generation. found in 100 reviews
I purchased all but 2 of the extra gun packs. found in 66 reviews
This game would be cool to play but not right now :/. found in 46 reviews
Keeps on crashing when trying to save weapon. found in 28 reviews
The rest crash when I try to load them for building. found in 13 reviews
iPhone 480x320 1
iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 480x320 3
iPhone 480x320 4
Icon 175x175 1
Game me the chance to create my own weapons to use against zombies and u can shoot them all in a range                Nice
Make ww11 pack free Im a big fan of classics                Free
It is nice but there are not enough guns we need more for FREE PLEASE             Could be better
Great fun game with endless possibilities a game that can defiantly get you sucked into                Epix
The game is great itself but the money I spent isnt worth it if I can us it on my phone and only on my iPad I do not recommend buying expansion packs    Not able to restore purchases on another device
The game works great and I have all the maps and a couple of guns but you need to add more maps and possibly a multiplayer and Xray to see how your gun works when shooting                More maps and multiplayer
This is the best gun builder I have seen But I feel like it needs a tiny bit more to entertain me more then a few minutes It would be nice if the app used the camera and made little flashes when your non silencer gun fires If you added those 2 things I would love this app more then I do right now             Fun game just needs bit more
For users of iOS 63 there is a rash that occurs when the work bench is selected To be more precise when a gun is selected for creation When a gun is loading the app crashes and closes The same crash happens when loading a gun to use on a firing range This problem has occurred at the time of the ACR pack and has not been solved by the time if the special forces pack AA12 Honey Badger etcHowever before the updates where the crashes happened I have had experience with this app and have played it with minimal issues For example I have been able to create numerous firearms and test them in the shooting range as normal I can purchase the packs and additional gun rack slots as normal And all function as intended with only a loading time if no more then 45 secondsBear in mind though I am not using the latest iPodiPadiPhone generation The device I am using is iPod 5 It cannot support iOS 7 or higher I score based on what I experienced and while it is a fun enough app the current state of it renders it unplayable until further fixes are implemented If you have one of the latest devices and latest iOS support review in detail if the app works as intended          Crash for iOS 63
I want to be a weapon designer so I play this game a lot                Awesome
The honey badgers optics cant be modified for some reasonAls make more pistol packages Add Sig Sauers beretta Px4 storm chiappa rhino and hk 45             Fix bugs more pistols
If you put 10 into this game you will not be bored again I love all of it                10 for tons of fun
If I could give this app a zero star rating because of the constant crashing I would rate it as such I cant even view a single gun without it crashing This issue must be addressed if I am to up the rating    App Crashes Constantly
This is the best gun builder ever and I would say the most realistic but can the destruction lvl be free because I think everyone is getting tired of shooting at targets                Great
RequestAK12 parts for the AK pack AK12 receiver stock and handguardFiveSeveN plsyoUSP45MARK 2320round 762 magazine for the SCAR packXM8G3Its nice to see the AAC honey badger thanks             Wonderful
It is BYE FAR the best gun builder app there is It has no lag and so realistic can you add where you can customize your guy Also can you add a hand for your guy Also i love Guns If you like guns GET THIS APP But there is one bug I cant build one gun from purchased packs So PLZ fix once that is done I will give 5s Note I am on IPod4 Also can you make the honey badger have a built in supresser             Best app ever
I love this game so much but there are only 21 spaces to put guns in and every time you run out of spaces you need to pay 99 cents The zombie game is a rip off 299 just for a mode of game But all Im really saying is I think you should have to pay less             Super fun but needs work
Most times I try to make a gun it crashes it needs a update to fix the bugs          Stop crashing
Add more colors and it will be even better                Best game
My iOS doesnt have the 26 update                No 26 update
Some iron sights need to be fixed or added but I love this game and they should make a WW2 version 2 pack with more ww2 guns                Great game
Its been fun but now it keeps freezing and crashing and i cant set up to build a gun without it just giving up and crashing Ive spent a lot of caps on new guns and Id like to be able to use them again please          Normally fun
Love the constant updates as well as being able to paint all the new guns While or does have a few small imperfections I think this is awesome over all                Amazing app
Best app ever                Good app
Its an amazing game with the newest update but i still think you guys could do a little better with customization Something i know i would love to see is being able to collapse or expand a stock when i wanted to instead of having it in just one position all the time I really like where the game is going and i feel like you guys should go back and update the starter packs like the m4 pack vector pack and such giving them some of the newer options and attachments             Amazing
The ability to shoot off heads in zombie mode and add blood splatters More stuff in the destruction map as well Do this and you get 5 stars and my continued purchasing of iaps          Good but add
If you buy any other gun building apps they would never compare to this amazing app Maybe make a Vietnam war or a mini gun pack to grasp my eternal loyalty                Best App Ever
I got this game and I like it but like everyone else is saying it still needs work like more free guns more maps maybe more features like disassembling and reassembling the gunA button that allows you to go x Ray on the gun and when you shoot the gun you can see the magazine being emptiedSpecification about each gunadding more camomore attachments Stuff like that can really help this game Thanks                Awesome game but needs more work
It doesnt matter how many new packs that they add when they charge 199 per pack and have no other choice to get a different one Stop with the in app purchases and give the pack for free and Ill give you a 5 star review       Same dumb app
Its ok but after I bought the new pack it lags me out when I try to make a new wepon       Laggs
You cant even save guns for free Zombie mode costs and I can understand that but the guns cost too Needs a TON more free stuff    Every thing costs
Hey this game is like a five star restaurant You can always get the premium steak dinner for 15 or get a salad for 5 What I am saying is that this game needs more work and free guns What I want is that you can unlock at least a shotgun or sniper rife The person that is reading this should download this but remember that to get the good stuff you have to pay for the 15 steak dinner                Update
This game is amazing                Wow
It wont even let me pick a gun it just exits me out of the game when I press on one    At least give me a refund
They need new guns but still a great game                Add more guns
I love this app but there are several inaccuracies For instance on the ak47 the sight does not go directly above the receiver but it goes above the forend the vector has a much faster fire rate the honey badger actually has a built in suppressor but you can tell by the sound compared to other suppressed guns that it is not also a lot of the fire rates and accessories are inaccurate please do more research on the guns and their compatible accessories In the indoor firing range the rate of fire is always higher than any of the other areas Please fix these problems and do more research on the guns and I would be happy to give you a 5 star Thanks       Inaccurate
This app is very good an very fun to play with                Awesome
I had this game for about 3 years and still has the same crappy guns and customization and I dont want to buy any dlcs they are stupid and expensive    Crap
The game is cool lots of guns to customize Sadly have to pay for all the cool ones I think though there should be hands to make it look more realistic Also you should be able to use any camo on any gun I think there should be an uzi scorpion evo and the ppsh 45             DEVELOPERS READ
I love this game It has four ranges an array of attachments and guns Some minor glitches though Nothing that stops you from playing PS There is no need to buy extra racks to store your guns Just replace them on the first rack and build them again and again Thats the fun                So Cool
This game is really fun but needs more free missions and the zombie map should cost less Also one more free gun pack would be nice             Good but needs free stuff
I find this game to be great but I seem to be unable to access half the guns This may be cause I need to update my iPod but idk          Glitchy
Everything should less then 99 cents                Why free but not truly free
You should put in crossbows or RPGs or both into the game This game is my favorite BY FAR i just love it Good luck                A recommendation
I love it all They should add the new attachments to other guns and add some new ones                AWESOME
U guys should do a Sig Sauer pack                Sig
Rrrrg I think Id like this game but it always crashes so I havent really gotten the chance to try it please fix it          
I lost my bought weapons when I deleted and didnt get all of them back when I restored I had all but ww2 pack       Want my guns back
When I bought this game I thought it would be cool it looked nice but I dont want to buy any save slots because they cost real money       RIP OFF


Win Sheng Loh
43.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Gun Builder Club 1.3 Mobile

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