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Description - GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice

Andreas Amann , the publisher behind many iOS app (MOXI Remote ,T–Talk ,Calling Card ,GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ,e-fon vPBX), brings GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice app has been update to version 1.10.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is an excellent voip app..
  • a couple of taps will select the phones for call forwarding..
  • Google play gift card..
  • This app is accessible with voice over for visually impaired users..
  • This app is way better than the other GV apps..

Overall Satisfactionc74
Best Google Voice app for iPad just wish it had push.
99 Google voice app that doesn't make calls or PUSH text messages.
This app is better than the official Google Voice app in every way.
but it badly needs push notifications.
Better than GV Mobile + and I've bought that app three times.
Best solution for turning iPad or iPod into a phone.
and thank you apple for approving this app.
Fun & Engagingc53
Great app use it all the time.
Production Valuesc68
rendering it next to useless compared to the web interface.
great to have Google Voice in a native iPad interface.
Security & Privacyc23
The ability to change account settings within the app is impressive.
Updates & Supportc87
I never liked the google version.
The app works well and customer service is quick.
I've never encountered better customer service.
With each new version the app gets better and better.
Each new version is worse and worse.

and thank you apple for approving this app. found in 3 reviews
I love the passcode feature - keeps my kids from reading my messages. found in 2 reviews
The app is stable and responsive. found in 6 reviews
and this one wins hands down. found in 2 reviews
Beautiful and intuitive. found in 2 reviews
The app looks great and works well after a little set up for notification. found in 2 reviews
All the updates they give are really pointless without push. found in 15 reviews
The app simply hangs at " loading settings " or "logging in". found in 11 reviews
except for the dialer is near useless. found in 2 reviews
such as use this app as a call log app. found in 3 reviews
and I feel as if I'm using a default messaging application. found in 6 reviews
No push + group sms. found in 2 reviews
Want to like it but it's not ready for prime time. found in 1 reviews
requiring the "pull down to refresh " is extra annoying. found in 19 reviews
Can you please fix notifications and background refresh. found in 2 reviews
No badge icon support. found in 5 reviews
@Bummer - For push and notification center use with Boxcar. found in 7 reviews
and SMS notifications are totally unreliable. found in 9 reviews
I'm unable to complete a direct call. found in 17 reviews
Would have given it 5 stars if it supported push notifications. found in 3 reviews
rendering it next to useless compared to the web interface. found in 6 reviews
Needs direct dialing like the google voice black swan app. found in 1 reviews
as others have noted the notifications don't work with native push. found in 7 reviews
it has no purpose for iPod Touch users. found in 2 reviews
I get an error message when attempting to send sms. found in 6 reviews
Does not display updated SMS messages. found in 19 reviews
This app does not notify you of new text messages. found in 12 reviews
Cant make phone calls. found in 13 reviews
I cant dial out with my GV account selected. found in 9 reviews
but it badly needs push notifications. found in 42 reviews
It is very annoying as users WILL MISS SMS/ Voice Mail. found in 14 reviews
The " direct call " setting doesn't work on iPad. found in 17 reviews
Worthless for SMS. found in 25 reviews
Count another customer that gets stuck at the " loading settings " message. found in 11 reviews
You can't make or receive calls from the app. found in 12 reviews
It says unable to make a call. found in 48 reviews
Must open the app to see new messages and call histories. found in 10 reviews
but without push notifications it only gets three stars. found in 15 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.10.2 has been released on 2014-11-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice in Andreas Amann`s Official Website : http://homepage.mac.com/aamann/GV_Connect.html

NOTE: An existing Google Voice account with a GV phone number is required to use this application - signup for new Google Voice accounts is currently limited to residents of the US. GV Connect is the ...
Great app works as it should                     Works very well one request Midfield Thoughts
This product has been great since I recently installed Google voice was so unreliable that searching for alternative brought me to gv connect Thank you so much for actively updating and maintaining this app You rock                     Works great and maintains updates 4 shizzle
Best GV app out there I ve tried them all Steady stream of updates much appreciated                     Awesome and actively developed David_R
Simple as that It s everything the official GV app should be Great frequent updates make this an easy purchase decision                     If you use GV you need this HotrodRigo
I can t even login takes me to Safari to login successfully But then nothing Can you tell me what the problem is or send me a refund I will then update the review     Unable to login PotatoSalad2
App won t login automatically Still buggy A hard no Do not buy     Waste Inagaddadavida123
I like it                 I like it LeighMiAlon
My only issue is there are no notification sounds or pop ups Have to open app for messages to update Otherwise would be perfect app My notifications for the app are on and the automatic refresh option is selected within the app                 Notifications khouston0215
This app continues to impress me Dev is responsive to feedback and regularly sends updates This is the type of app where I insta buy IAP out of support for the dev regardless of whether I use the IAP functionality If you are planning to use Google Voice for calls texting look no further than GV Connect My previous review holds true even more so with the latest update HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I ll start off with the lowlights It s not the prettiest GV app I give that to GV Mobile But if you look past that and evaluate an app based functionality GV Connect is hard to beat I ve been using Google Voice for years I find it incredibly useful to separate my work communication from my personal ones My go to app used to be the only other real competitor GV Mobile I did enjoy using GVM But when I started to experience push issues among other things I decided to give GV Connect a try Being a Universal app is also a plus as I do use GV on my iPad especially useful to discreetly text while in a business meeting If you are a casual user and want good aesthetics I d use the other app But as a power user who craves the best in functionality this is the app of choice for me                     Best App for GV Users T Lin
Doesn t support sending gifs The main thing I m interested in     Doesn t support sending gifs Marty_rk
Big fail in the security department Can t use it because I have 2 factor authentication installed on my google account         Doesn t support 2 factor Authentication JB616
You really expect customers to pay for MMS support What is so different or superior on this app about it vs free Google Voice app to do so Asks yourselves that         Great app but MMS support is extra KHavoc03
Although google removed this feature it still works great on GVConnect Great app                     Click2Call Teryon P
Been using this app for about a year Usually its pretty decent but this last update really broke things First off missing several text messages that show online are missing in the app Intermittently and randomly in terms of which mags More importantly the login no longer functions or even times out when adding a new profile account Please fix that        Latest version login is totally broken
This app stands alone for Google Voice clients Ive tried ThinkMessge and the official Google app but GV Connect comes out far ahead The app is stable and responsive while offering all sorts of nerdy features like Text Expander and xcallback urls The interface is compact I appreciate the slightly smaller font which allows more info at a glance                 Powerful beautiful
Ive tried all the Voice apps in the App Store over the past few years and GV Connect is the best It feels natural on the iPhone side and he has integrated Google features that make it feel familiar on the Google side as well for example the use of icons like google uses for incoming outgoing etc The developer is very responsive and always responds to my emails 5 Stars                 Best Google Voice App
There seems no way to configure notifications in this app As a result I am not able to tell whether I received a new message or not The developers need to fix this           Misleading Notifications
I would like to see a auto fetch of text messages           Great app
Google voice and enable me to get a second number but I wasnt sure how I was going to be able to use the texting feature and all of calling each other on my iPad air and so I found this app and its really fixed this problem Plus the user interface is really easy to navigate And always alerts me when I have a voicemail or a text and I love the texting feature because I dont pay for text through my cell phone                 This is the best app out there that support Google Voice
Been using it for a few years now It does what it aims to do Never had a issue with it              Great GV Client
I am a heavy google voice user for my business for several years and I have been using this app for less than a year I switched from over 4 different google voice apps and none of them do the work as this one does The multiple updates unlike the competitors clearly mirrors the commitment of this developer I am very happy 2 step authentication finally works I strongly recommend this app                 Simply fantastic
Text messages work great Calls need to be added though           Needs calls to be added
Buggy barely works misses text messages and whats the point of a Google voice app that wont make calls     Google voice app wno VOIP phone
Finally The google login with twofactor authentication finally works And the Direct Call finally works again This is the BEST Google Voice app for iPhone All due praise to the developer for his hard work in getting this app to work properly and for all the great features that this app has Thank you so much PS For those who are complaining about notifications just continue to also use the official Google Voice app to get notifications like for your texts and then just open up this GV Connect app to do your GV Its just easier that way                 2Factor Direct Call works
Not sure whats wrong but every time I exit the app it disconnects me I have login again to receive notices plz why cant I stay log in on this app        Disconnecting
I tried logging in using both my google email address and my google voice number I get a Login Failed message everytime What am I doing wrong Can someone please enlighten me The link to support is terrible     Cant log in
I bought this app today based on the great reviews However I do not get an app notification for new messages until I open the app The only way to get a massage notification is by forwarding the messages to my cell phone and I do not want to do that I thought I can get notifications as in other GV apps        Disappointed
Do I have to be in this app to receive a call directly to my phone and see the actual line calling in With the GV app you cant see when someone is calling you              Frustrating
Ive been a using this app for over 5 years This app is consistently updated by developer Ive tried several other apps None are as easy to use for placing phone calls and viewing history Only criticism is that at times receiving SMS messages is delayed It may have to do with my settings Im not a big user of SMS or text messages                 Great Google Voice app
App seems to be incompatible with the 2step verification process It wont take Googles verification code or appspecific code Worked before I made the switch     2step login not working
This is similar to Google Voice except this isnt linked or endorsed with Google But I can log into my Google account and then I have the Google Voice app downloaded as well I did a test run and texted the 2nd number I made and it automatically sent to the other app Google Voice instead This is crappy I think for all reviews below are fake     Why did I waste 299 on this
Keeps getting better                 Very great
Great app Much better than GV voice Only thing I wish was better is the history It doesnt match up w the calls I made So if I just call someone right now I cant go back to history and redial              Love it just not sure why history doesnt work well
GV Connect gives me quick access to every setting and feature of my Google Voice account with a clean simple interface Ive been wanting an app like this for a long time and am thrilled to finally have it Theres no better mobile app to manage Google Voice                 Fantastic Google Voice app
This is an immense improvement over either the official GV app or the others Ive tried The interface is clean and easy to use The developer is very responsive I never use the native phone app anymore just this                 If you use GV get this
This app is wonderful and the developers stay in top of updating it so we get the best product Kudos                 Awesome
A must for using and managing GV                 I use it everyday
Fingerprint scanner update              Good app
It never got past verifying my account It tried for 20 minutes 3 down the drain     Never worked
I must admit Ive used almost all the available Google Voice applications and this one is by far the best Seamlessly forwards calls and texts directly to my phone However the big downfall is the poor alert feature I chose to have the app push alerts but it lags so far behind and sometimes I dont even get an alert This really needs to be updated It seems like a simple fix It would go miles in the long run of this product              Almost Perfect GV app
Ive been using this product for three years and it is fantastic Highly recommended                 Great product
It is nice to be able to use Google Voice on the iPad This product does the trick for me Keep up the good work Still the best way to use Google Voice on my IPad New update is fast This just keeps getting better and better                 Works Well For Me
Not even lect me log in nasty app     H
There is no way to log in As far as I can tell this app has nothing else than not working login screen Its fake or terrible app You pick one     Cant login
Does not log in to a Google account Nuff said     How do you know it works
Theres something missing or broken or ugly with every app available for Google voice every app but GV Connect Seriously its got so many settings tweaks and features that you wont be wanting What decided it for me is the search feature which lost of the others lack You can search your texts for namesphrases etc every once in a while Ill go and try the other apps again just to see if theyve upped their game and I consistently come back to GV Connect year after year I run my own business and am not affiliated with the developer but want to recognize quality design when its benefited me so much through the years Well done guys                 Ive tried them all
Fix please     does not work push notifications
Much better than googles version This app has everything you could want and is very stable                 Excellent GV app
Im finding on an increasingly frustrating frequency texts Im receiving in GV Connect that I have read arent being cleared from my SMS message text Also several hours upon receiving texts in Boxcar havent shown in SMS     A couple of repeating issues
Ive pretty much tried all the Google Voice apps in the App Store and this one is the best Hands down GV Connect has the best voice quality of them all Trust me and spend the money to get this app if you use GV on any level                 Simply the Best
Only way to tell if you have any notifications is to refresh the app           No push notifications
Especially great if you gave more than 1 GV number Developer is extremely responsive                 Great App
Was working well App crashes 100 of time upon opening Please fix     User
Cant login so its useless     Borderline Useless
If you use GV this is the app to get                 Good app Better than the rest
I bought this app so I could change my voice message in the app but that option isnt available This app is no better than the free version DONT WASTE YOUR There isnt even a way to contact the maker to ask for a refund Use the free version it does the same thing but doesnt charge you anything to frustrate you     Not worth the
Get the free client from Google           Google is Better
The update is great but since then I am unable to switch between direct dial and back to Google voice as the call method I am able to do it on the other apps but it still doesnt change on yours please help me with this so I can give you a five star review           Switching calling method
This WAS my goto GV Appuntil a few months ago Texts not showing upthe badge is there but not the text Everything has to be forwarded to my email so I can get them So much for the convenience of texts I have an iPad2 iOS 71 Downloading the other one to see if IT works Oh I dont have a cell phone so this is my ONLY way to text to my grown children     Whats Happened
Wow Ridiculous GV you have been deleted Do a Google search and you will find the real Google app that actually works better But what Apple decides to push forward this 3 App making it appear that iPad does not yet have a Google Voice App This GV app has flaws which the creator explains but after research online we discovered the actual Google app that alerts right away on text and voicemails Shame on Apple But I guess for us its a lesson in jumping the gun on apps     Not CooL
Love the setuplayout versus the basic GV app However this app continues to be inconsistent and doesnt update Its so inconsistent that I had to reinstall the Google Voice app to ensure I was receiving everything Seems the Google Voice app is more reliable than this Yep I regret the purchase STILL        Inconsistent
Cannot log in Scam app     Avoid Not working
It keeps telling me to check the my products section of my google account settings There is no my products section     Cant log in

GV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice ProductivityGV Connect - Call & SMS client for Google Voice Productivity

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