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H-E-B , brings H-E-B with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. H-E-B app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The recipe box and shopping list integration is very good..

Overall Satisfactionc56
Thank you guys so much for developing it.
Love everything about the app.
There is so much information and so many helpful tools.
Security & Privacyc10

So much content. found in 1 reviews
it just makes the mundane grocery shopping a very pleasant experience. found in 1 reviews
then search for product. found in 1 reviews
About Dang Time -YeeYee. found in 1 reviews
There is so much information and so many helpful tools. found in 1 reviews
Amazing entrance to world of apps. found in 1 reviews
I know we have some glitches here. found in 1 reviews
Some many awesome features that make my shopping experience more enjoyable. found in 1 reviews
Thank you guys so much for developing it. found in 1 reviews
this app has a lot to offer. found in 1 reviews
especially with unplanned grocery trips. found in 1 reviews
prayers have been answered. found in 1 reviews
I was really enjoying using this app until my shopping lists disappeared. found in 1 reviews
After I tried logging in the first time it crashed. found in 2 reviews
please add capability to add coupon items to the grocery list. found in 1 reviews
Keeps crashing every time I open it. found in 2 reviews
Won't let me register. found in 1 reviews
Still unable to register my account this morning. found in 7 reviews
Problems are that the weekly ad isn't integrated properly. found in 1 reviews
I would love to share my list with my husband. found in 1 reviews
This app would be awesome if it actually worked. found in 1 reviews
Barcode scanner doesn't always pick up barcode and won't locate several products. found in 1 reviews
Good until it stopped working. found in 1 reviews
scanning receipts doesn't seem to find items. found in 2 reviews
Will not let me log in with my current account. found in 3 reviews
Shopping list disappeared without adequate mobile signal. found in 1 reviews
Needs totals. found in 1 reviews
• Secondary card holder doesn't know which digital coupons are clipped. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't make sense to have to login every time. found in 2 reviews
Everytime I try to open the app it crashes. found in 2 reviews
I was able to open the app and choose to login. found in 8 reviews
Not worth the time to register. found in 7 reviews
Tried three times to register and each time it crashed the app. found in 2 reviews
I still get the "service is unavailable at this time. found in 2 reviews
but my shopping lists section is always blank. found in 27 reviews
The app either says " service is unavailable try again" or crashes. found in 4 reviews
then immediately after the app kept crashing. found in 2 reviews
• can't add items to shopping list when clipping digital coupons. found in 22 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download H-E-B for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 28.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2015-06-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about H-E-B in H-E-B`s Official Website : https://heb.com

With the H-E-B Mobile App, it s like having H-E-B at your finger tips Save, simplify and organize your grocery trip with time-saving features such as: H-E-B Digital Coupons- No printing. No clipping. Just saving. Redeem ...
App keeps crashing every time I try to add to my shopping list Did not do this before I updated my iOS Needs fixing        Was good
Why the fk would you ask for my phone pin to get coupons Absolute crap     No way
I think this is a pretty good app It keeps getting better and the web employees are nice and helpful They like recommendations on improvements Keep it up HEB              Mostly Love
Need to add ability to order items for pickup Specifically the deli counter        Add Deli Counter
I use the app mainly for pharmacy refills When the app first came out it worked fine Twice I have signed up for auto refills and the pharmacy has not done this Other times I have gone in and requested refills for prescriptions which were supposed to be autofilled and the pharmacy STILL didnt refill This app is a good idea but it needs to function        Quit working reliably
I was excited to try out digital coupons with this app but it is impossible to figure out how The target cartwheel app is so simple Im not sure why heb Needs to text me and what is a four digit pin I never set one up so how can I use it to sign up for texts Just make coupons inapp Im deleting for now        Not usable
I have 4 other grocery store apps and HEB is the worst I love the store but the app is far more complicated than others Instead of being able to pull it up add coupons and make a list You have log in name a list save it than add to it find the individual coupons Create a password and a pin print out certain coupons and remember to bring them with you I like Kroger and Target were you can just pick what you want scan the barcode and watch the savings     Worst one out of 4
Love the idea of the appjust wish it would actually work Unexpected errors always occurring Please fix        Doesnt work half the time
Two stars because I wish it worked and I love HEB but it hasnt been a timesaver for me in real use and today I tried to use the coupons and neither I nor the cashier could get them to work        Not a time saver
The most frustrating app I have ever tried to get to work kept getting msg store locator error could not for past that step no matter what I entered and a HEB is close to me Finally gave up and deleted it from my phone     Fran4950827
Very convenient I love HEB now I love the HEB app                 Amazing
Each time I sort a different way I notice different coupons are available For instance I sort one way 188 coupons are available Sort another only 130 show available I literally have to sort all 5 different ways to ensure I am seeing all the available coupons I have had this app for several months and would have thought this basic fix would have been accomplished        Big Problem
I spent way too long in this app adding things to my grocery list only for half of the items to be gone or not saved once I got to the store I should have brought my handwritten list with meI was fighting with the list feature last night too Please fix this           Grocery list needs tweaking
App locks up while adding to shopping list It will not recover Digital coupons are a bust Should do more beta testing        Really
if u like shopping at heb u will love this app its so convenient and the item located helps out A LOT very good app and very useful for shopping                 Great app
Love this app when it works        Crash crash crash
Every time I try to add a product to a shopping list or start a new shopping list the app crashes     Crashes
Love the app Its great being able to look up recipes and add items to your list that you need I also like being able to look up items in the store and the app will tell me where to find them One thing that could be improved is the grocery list I would love to be able to sort by aisle And I really wish it would list the prices inside the list This would be a big help for budgeting              One suggestion
I want so much for this app to work but I cant resolve some things even after calling technical support The scanning part wont work and sorry replacing my phone isnt an option the camera works fine with all other apps and I cant delete items from my shopping list the dots I was told to tap dont exist anywhere I can find I really wish it worked better           Problems
This app is terrible It wont let me or my boyfriend validate our phone numbers so we cant get the digital coupons Both of us already has short codes enabled because we get them from everything else Soooo what am I supposed to do     Coupons
Awesome app Request for coupon section to have a direct link into shopping list on next update                 Excellent
I am so excited about this app Its AWESOME to be able to select the exact item I want and then it even tells me where to find it My favorite part is that I can print my list and send it to the store with my husband Theres a picture of exactly what the items look like WHERE to find it and he can check it off when he gets it There is even a map of the store location so he cant even say he went to the wrong HEB Im very happy with it                 Love it
Cant view it in landscape horizontal format I often use a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad which doesnt hold the iPad securely in portrait vertical format Even without the separate keyboard the onscreen iOS9 keyboard has more functions in landscape format than in portrait format Also I agree with another review that we should be able to choose Rx refills from a list instead of typing in or scanning the Rx numbers And for checking on refill status it should automatically show a list of all pending refills without the need to enter or scan individual numbers Another problem when I clicked to have them contact my physician for renewing an expired Rx it froze           No landscape format
When the web site is down your shopping list is inaccessible Itd be nice if it were stored on the app and synced rather than stored elsewhere Scanning items to add to the list is great but if they were purchased previously and not deleted only checked off the shopping list they arent added to the to be purchased part of the list and remain checked off Digital coupons arent available at selfcheckout App doesnt tell you when something on your list is out of stock This has resulted in multiple trips to the store I do like being able to see the aisle numbers and nutritional information on the fly Ive also discovered new products this way and been able to tell which items arent carried by my local store so I can look elsewhere           Needs much more work
Good but the aisle locator for my HEB store on Main St Kerrville is not accurate I like to shop quick and get outso as soon as you fix that itll be great Thanks HEB              Just needs a tweak
As a customer and partner at heb The app has exceeded my expectation it makes finding product easier as well as saving money Not to mentions it saves paper and thats doesnt just save money but helps our environment way to go I happy I can be a part of HEB                 Best app ever
I was excited to be able to scan my prescription refills Two days later I visit the pharmacy to pick up my refills and find out they didnt go through So now I have to wait another day or two for them to receive the refills from out of town Big let down     Pharmacy refills
Great with coupons Great for grocery lists Much better than other grocery store apps                 Very useful
I really like this app Grocery shopping is made a whole lot easier and faster with just a little bit of prep work on my end The items on my shopping list automatically show aisle numbers for the store where I shop and coupons are easily added at checkout The only thing that would make this better and add that 5th star is if there was a way to add items directly from my coupon list to my shopping list You would be my superhero if you made this happen              Would be 5 stars if
I really like this app It has frozen once An improvement would be the ability to sort and filter the shopping list by two ways Alphabetically and by aisle I would think this could be done because the products are already listed by aisle for the store selected as your primary store              Sort and filter grocery list
This app works mostly well except for some small tweaks First if I create a shopping list and want to share it I can only do so by sending an email When the receiving party gets my list its out of order Making the list emailed ordered and or giving people from an email the opportunity to import items from the email into their own HEB app           Not to shabby
The only thing that is missing is it needs to total the items that you have in your current shopping list for budgeting purposes I love that you can copy lists and edit them Also scan bar codes to add a product              This app is great
The digital coupons DO NOT apply to your purchase I figured maybe it was because of the store I chose as my main store but even when that was changed the coupons were not applied to my purchases If this is not fixed then the app becomes pointless in my opinion     Waste of time if you use the digital coupons
Would be 5 stars if I could print my list and add coupons to my list Can yall do this soon please              Want to print
I loved this app until I made a huge grocery list If you have a long list and want to purchase more than one of something its useless I dont want to have to add something and then scroll to the bottom of my list to change the quantity Also if you add a note there should be a flag or notification that theres a note I will go back to paper lists until this gets fixed        Adding quantities is a pain
Loved the app at first Shopping list that told you what isle an item was on it was great Now it wont add items to my shopping list           Needs update
The employees dont know about the app or digital coupons it shows in store coupons when none exists the app crashes all the time when trying to update shopping list Digital coupons only have worked once out of five times it is difficult to get your list together I had an easier time with the shop shop app my frustration level increases with this app The only plus to this app is that you can scan a UPC code and have it add the product It does not always add it and it may crash some of the product you purchase at HEB may show up as an unidentified item     Not a very good app shopshop or pencil and paper is better
As another reviewer stated Ive had many issues with added items not being saved and crashing when trying to add an item Also the scan feature is unreliable Half the time it is unable to locate the scanned item in the product database I know these items are sold at HEB because I bought the scanned items there Its not like Im trying to scan a Target store brand item or anything like that The only reason I still use this app is the aisle feature Thats a big help when navigating the store        Mediocre
Love the app Just wish I could share my list with someone else through the app and not email I would be nice if my wife made a partial list on her phone and I could be able to finish it on my phone                 Love it
This app wont even let me set up an accountNOT user friendly On my first attempt it shut itself down before I finished the second time I thought I had everything exactly right but when I went to submit I got an error message about logging in manuallywhich didnt work     Cant set up
I love that you can search for an item and the app tells you the price of the item and where its located at in the store It even tells you if theres a yellow or digital coupon available for the item The digital coupon part needs a little work still I wish once you select coupons they show up on your shopping list              Almost the Best Grocery store app
Very helpful when shopping and I LOVE coupons                 Love this app
I like it that you can refill prescriptions from the app but you have either scan the bar code or put in the prescription number If im at work or somewhere where I dont have my prescription in front of me I have to wait until I get home Other pharmacies have a list of your meds on file and you can tap the one you want to refill Otherwise its great              I like everything but Pharmacy
Ive been using this app for over 3 months have yet to meet a single check out person who had a clue as to how this app works It keeps logging me ojt making me pick out a new password Ive been on the phone with customer service for over 10 minutes now without anyone picking up to help me out woth thos They rolled this app out waaaay too soon Shame because it had the potential to br pretty neat        Be prepared to learn this yourself
I loved this app and used it frequently But now for some reason it keeps crashing and asking me to sign up AGAIN for the digital coupons It still shows Im logged into my account but I can no longer access the coupons           Lovehate
My spouse will make a list of items for me to purchase at the store Often times the list will not sync between our devices This has resulted in the wrong items being purchased many times For now we are going back to using a generic shopping list app until this app is improved           Does a poor job syncing across devices
Works good except sometimes the digital coupons dont go through Would be awesome if they added the instore coupons to the digital too              Getting better
Very disappointed in the digital coupons HEB has been advertising and promoting After using them twice I can easily see why they are pushing them so much Its very easy to look through the coupons select the ones you want to use then head to the store to buy the items 1st issue is once you select a coupon you can not delete it or remove it from your coupons This is a problem because your coupon total at the top of the screen wont ever match the digital coupons redeemed on the register screen if you decided not to buy a product or they didnt have any in stock Sadly you cant easily know if your coupons had been applied correctly or not 2nd problem coupons are not accepted even though you purchase the required products This is where I think HEB is really conning the customers On my last trip where I used the digital coupons I was not credited with almost 6 in coupons for products I did purchase and had digital coupons for I know its only a small amount but how many other customers are not getting credit for coupons being used Customer service did not provide any additional assistance since I was told it is a new system and they really dont know what to do The registers are to automatically accept the coupons however its been missing a lot If your not aware or not checking the digital coupons during check out to see if you are actually saving what you think you are suppose to be you may not be getting it Now multiply that by how many customers are using digital coupons and now you have thousands of customers being shorted and HEB profiting from savings the customers never actually received     Beware of Digital Coupons
Im only giving this app 1 star I like the idea behind it but it never works at the store Then I have to get a manager to take the discounts off etc Whomever is working on this please send an update soon Iphone6     Never works
The only downfall of this app is items you have checked off your list is not alphabetized It is very frustrating to add Coke to your grocery list when you have to scroll through nearly every single item              Needs alphabetical listing

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