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ORCA MD , the publisher behind many iOS app (ENTDecide ,FootDecide MD ,EyeDecide MD ,SpineDecide ,ENTDecide MD ,FaceDecide MD), brings HandDecide with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HandDecide app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Welcome to HandDecide™!


HandDecide is Orca’s newest medical app in the Decide Series. It is a physician-based medical app designed to provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended treatment for common hand and wrist conditions. HandDecide goes beyond all previous Orca apps in its introduction of full 3D anatomical motion simulation.

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VIEW hand and wrist motion in 360 degrees. EXPLORE anatomy layer by layer from outer skin to muscle to bone. PINPOINT your medical condition in a range of common hand and wrist conditions through detailed MRI scans. LEARN about treatment processes, and LOCATE specialists near you in easy to understand listings. Then SHARE your findings with friends and family through the app’s
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
feature or video out capability, which allows any Orca app to be connected to a larger screen or monitor.


The purpose of Orca’s series of Decide apps is to educate the non-medically trained patient about their medical problems. The Decide Series aims to enhance understanding of common conditions of the body while answering in an informed, practical guide which conditions may require surgical treatment. After you have been referred for an MRI and are exiting the imaging center with image in hand, you are met with a barrage of treatment options that can be overwhelming. For patients suffering from bodily pain, an effective and timely treatment is crucial to regaining and maintaining a high quality of life, but how can you make sense of so much information?


The Decide Medical App Series presents valuable guides for patients as they seek to understand and find the most effective treatments for their medical problems. The user can scroll through and examine easy to understand anatomical explanations as well as MRI scans of common conditions.


The treatments covered in HandDecide are:


Dupuytren’s Contracture
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Wrist Injury
Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex
Thumb Base Arthritis
DeQuervain’s Tendonitis
Skier’s Thumb
Ganglion Cyst
Trigger Finger
Flexor Tendon Injury
Mallet Finger


Orca MD`s Decide Series focuses on both temporary treatment solutions and conditions which may be serious enough for possible surgical remedy. All contributors are speciality-trained MDs with several decades experience and advanced degrees from:


University of Washington
University of Southern California.


Orca MD understands that as health insurance co-pay costs rise and the number of qualified doctors decreases, the need to find a clear path to the correct treatment in a more efficient manner is increasingly important. Explore the mobile eHealth solutions offered by Orca MD, and experience the future of healthcare.


In addition, download the newly released Decide series app FootDecide™, and explore SpineDecide™ , AgingSpine™, and ShoulderDecide™. Visit us at, and watch for the future releases of BreastDecide™ and FaceDecide™.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download HandDecide for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 338 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about HandDecide in ORCA MD`s Official Website :


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Icon 175x175 1
The new 3D animation for the anatomy section is awesome I love that you can turn the skin on and off I was interested in the carpal tunnel surgery as i have to have that surgery myself                Love Anatomy Layers
Hand Decide is so easy to navigate through The descriptions of the conditions are fantastic and very easy to follow Highly recommended                Easy Navigation
Ive loved all the other OrcaMD Apps Ive gotten but I have to say they keep getting better The new interface is really nice and now I can see all the different layers of the hand from bone to nerves  Keep up the good work                Apps Keep Improving
I have installed and deleted this app 4 times and I can never get to the actual app I am deleting it for the last time    Hangs every time
Had no idea the bones in my hand moved like that The human body is amazing and this app gives you a good chunk of info on the hand Awesome app love the images and the details on conditions                Awesome
Will not download and update to new software It has just froze in mid download and will not revert to old version    Very Poor
Update opens now after four reinstalls downloads Must have been the email I sent to the publishersThe program freezes on the opening screensIm trying to run it on my iPad 3 All your other Med programs workFix or pull it from the App Store          Will NOT open Opens now
I have downloaded this program twice now and after answering no to the physician question at the start it freezes If I get a chance Ill delete it then download it again and this time pretend like Im a doctor    Freezes
This app is perfect Ive had surgery for carpal tunnel and this app wouldve been perfect to have during my preop discussions Perfect visual aide I bought it just for the 3D models Absolutely a must have app                Wish I Had This for My PreOp Discussions
App crashes upon the 3rd intro screen Ive tried thee delete and three reinstalls without success Buggy app    App crashes
A very cool app for any one interested in exploring the anatomy of the human handWell thought out and implemented GUIThank you             A Hand For HandDecide
High quality imageries and excellent motion                High Quality 3D Imagery
Wonderful to play with Amazing to rotate Not enough detail for therapists Might be ok for public or high school students          Beautiful too simple
It really is amazing what doctors can do nowadays with surgery in all I loved to watch the surgery videos The app is solid authentic and informative                Solid Authentic App
This app is awesome  Theres several 3d rotatable views of the hand and tons of conditions to look through  If you have any problems you can easily find a specialist in your area that can take care of you                You Can Easily Understand Your Condition
Why is occupational therapist not an option on an app focused on orthopedic hand deficits             Occupational therapist
I am an Occupational Therapist Certified Hand Therapist I was shocked when I randomly found this app for free It is outstanding I use it daily to educate my patients I highly recommend It is far superior than traditional 2D pictures                Excellent educational tool
Hand decide is an amazing find  So much information at your finger tips  I love the anatomy view of the hand and all of its muscles ligaments and nerves  The specialist information is such a winner  You can find a doctor nearby that deals in your condition                So Much Information At Your Fingertips
If I had a gold medal for medical apps Id give it to this group hands down the best APPs out there Informative easy to navigate educational and just plain fun to go through Always something to learn from OrcaMD APPs They seem to want to keep a standard of excellence rather than make a quick buck on APP production I imagine theyll be around for a long time I hope so Great work as usual OrcaMD and thank you                Ortho Surgeon
Besides some initial expressive graphics this app misses even the basics Yeah it covers the mallet finger but does not mention the central slip injury boutonniere deformity An app such as this should at least provide some basic information on examination and treatment but does not Instead the developers devoted most of their efforts to referral specialist Disappointed and I want my five dollars back       Decide Not
I am a new Physical Therapist and find these APPs absolutely wonderful They are great for my own knowledge but even better for patient educationinteraction Please keep them coming Orca MD                Amazing Apps
I enjoyed all the Decide apps and learned a lot about the human anatomy without having to create a username and password Now since Orca Health owns the apps theyve changed to apps for medical professionals and not for the average person just wanting to learn That was the reason I downloaded the apps in the first place Time to delete them all    Was educational now Doctors only
The upgrade put the annotations in blue boxes so you cant see the anatomy its pointing to The previous version was readable and viewable without the boxes       Unhappiness with upgrade
Liked some of these apps more than others but now I have to pay a subscription to use them on top of the initial purchase price Sorry not happening Ill just delete them and free up a lot of space You will never see another dollar from me    Now Requires Subscription
This is awesome                It works great
Be cautious before updating these apps If you have been using the free version or were one of he first adopters who purchased the original versions like myself you will no longer be able to use these apps after your two week trial version has expired unless you purchase a subscription plan This information was not added to the update information    Subscription now required
Im a med student and this app is totally helping me understand the anatomy of the hand in better detail  Also the xrays and videos are extremely informative                Helps Me As A Med Student
I am a fitness coach and I was thinking about using these apps to help my clients with their nagging issues We could have used a quick look to see if a visit to a doctor physical therapist or massage therapist would be useful Or if they should get a second opinion when their pain is not addressed properly These clients are not in enough pain to want to see a doctor but sometimes they really should and I wanted to have a way to visually persuade them However the price is too steep Plus I already bought most of these apps long ago so I am doubly disappointed that the update broke them for me without warning    Broken now must pay costly subscription
The hand is so amazing I love the new conditions tab with the 3d hand Good work                Love New Conditions Tab
ShamelessReview your own apps much    Pook
Great app                AWESOME
Love this app The details and features are awesome I especially like the 3D view that lets me look at the different areas and conditions on my hand Great job Orca MD                Amazing Features and Details
The crash referred to in other reviews was fixed by the latest update Thanks for the quick response developers                Amazing visuals great content FREE
Downloaded the app and it immediately locked up Have several of the others and wished this one worked    Locked up
This used to be a lovely app for patient education that didnt require for them to learn about their conditions Since the upgrade it requires a subscription after a 2 week trial Im sorry but you will lose your customer base with this decision I realize that you are now focusing on clinicians and physicians to pay for a subscription however we all already know this information thats why were practicing It was a nice app to recommend to patients to have the right info at their fingertips On to look for something else comparable    Update requires subscription
The graphics and features of this app are incredible The videos of various hand surgeries are way cool Ive had a ganglion cyst for over 10 years now and now I have information about it at my fingertips Great app must buy                Fantastic
Super informative and very interesting Thanks you for making this and especially for providing it for free I cant wait for more One thing I did notice shouldnt the flexor muscle pull rather than going limp                Nothing else like it
Totally appreciated the 3D rendering Its not that easy to work up something so detailed about anatomy                Really Cool 3D Rendering
I have been a strong follower of Orca MD since they started the Decide series a little less than a year ago Their Caliber of APPs and the quality they put into them is amazing I love how they take advantage of the Power of the iPad 2 the 3d find your condition section is mindblowing iPad 1 users never fret they thought of you as well I cant wait for the next application they create                Never Fails to Impress
505 UpdateMy mother is of the generation that pretty well does whatever the doctor tells her Still she does so with a fair amount of anxietyespecially when some sort of treatment or procedure is involvedRecently she had minor hand surgery The orthopedic surgeon who treated her used this application to teach her about the condition and surgery and discuss postoperative treatment The difference was incredible Instead of tuning the doctor out after he mentioned surgery she listened intently as he narrated the videos and images and felt like she was fully informed and confident in the surgeons ability to return her hand to full healthI only wish more physicians used powerful applications like this to teach their patients                Doctor used this application to teach my mother about her surgery
Occupational Therapist isnt listed as a profession when creating a profile so unless you want to be listed as a Physical Therapist wait until they update Apparently the app developers didnt do their research    Dont bother if you are an OT
I always have problems with my hands and wrists because I sit at a keyboard and type all day This app is very useful to be able to understand what is going on under the skin when Ive been working too much                Wrist Problems
Beware the seller double dips the charges when you put this pricy app on any other of your Apple devices    HanDecide
i love these orca apps the graphics and interactivity just keep getting better with each app                Every App Is Better Than the Last
Great app                A


338 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0

iOS HandDecide 1.0 Mobile

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