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Zynga , the publisher behind many iOS games (Dream PetHouse ,Mafia Wars Shakedown by Zynga ,Zynga Slots ,Montopia ,Hanging With Friends ,Gems With Friends), brings Hanging With Friends Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hanging With Friends Free games has been update to version 4.20 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great thought provoking game to pass the time while your waiting..
  • Although it was my favorite word game there are some real shortcomings..
  • Such a great fun way to stay connected with friends while you play a game..
  • Mind challenging and so interesting..
  • This is such a creative game thanks..

Overall Satisfactionc84
Hanging With Friends is so much better than words with friends.
This is one of my favorite games to play next to Words With Friends.
This was one of my favorite games until the update.
I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone.
too buggy to recommend to anyone new to this app.
This is an amazing game and I totally recommend it.
Wonderful game especially for kids great game we will enjoy it.
Keeps me entertained and seems to be improving my spelling skills.
I love this game and love being able to play with friends everywhere.
Annoying ads.
Fun & Engagingc75
It's a fun game to play when you're bored and have friends.
It's a fun game but it keeps on crashing -.
It is a very fun game to play with friends and to pass time.
This is the most fun and addicting game i've played all year.
Very fun and addicting game so annoying when it won't work.
It's super fun and my vocabulary is expanding.
This app is super fun but it keeps crashing like crazy.
Loads of fun with friends and strangers.
Hanging With Friends is a fun and challenging word game.
Tons of fun and I get totally distracted from daily life.
Fun way to stay connected with friends and family.
I play everyday with my friends and family.
I play everyday since I got my iPhone 4.
My favorite game play it all day everyday.
I play all day everyday with my family.
Family Friendlyc91
we get to play with family and friends i love to solve the puzzles.
Dual purpose game - fun and keeps you connected with family and friends.
I play with my kids at college and since they rarely call home.
Value for Moneyc63
Who would pay real money for coins for balloons and characters.
how come we never can redeem our coins for real money.
This doesn't actually encourage microtransactions for real money.
Replay Valuec85
Hanging With Friends is a fun and challenging word game.
Need to add more levels to continue the fun.
I'm gold paragon and no more levels.
This is my favorite game and great brain exercise.
This game is crazy fun and really never gets old.
Makes my brain work harder Lol.
an trying to be oatient for new levels to come.
Hours of entertainment and thought provoking fun.
I love this game even though it can be challenging at times.
Social Aspectsc79
It is a very fun game to play with friends and to pass time.
Awesome/challenging game to play with friends and or strangers.
Fun way to stay connected with friends and family.
Great way to build vocabulary and meet new people.
no new people.
Besides the little hangups and glitches a great social game.
Dual purpose game - fun and keeps you connected with family and friends.
Production Valuesc81
And i especially love the cute graphics.
Luv the graphics & sound effects.
The sound effects are super irritating and I don't think.
Very fun and lots of cool graphics while you are playing.
Ease of Usec68
They made a simple game complex enough to make it addictive.
Great simple game to pass the time and improve your vocab.
Also they made a simple game so flashy and annoying.
It's fun and simple to play.
This game is simple to play.
This game keeps the mind working and it's fun.
Really enjoy this game but after recent update game keeps crashing.
I like the game but please fix these problems.
Ads not Intrusivec49
I love this game and passed it on to many friends.
Updates & Supportc68
When are you going to make an iPad version.
Fun but needs iPad version.
plays w friends and awesome game con: battery drainer.
Battery Drainer.
Battery drainer and constantly freezing and crashing.

I play everyday with my friends and family. found in 47 reviews
This game is perfect because of the fast paced gameplay. found in 26 reviews
This is my favorite game and great brain exercise. found in 33 reviews
Excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family and keep brain cells engaged. found in 116 reviews
Great way to kill time at my job instead of actually working. found in 69 reviews
Just love playing Hanging with Friends with my friends or strangers. found in 14 reviews
This game is a great time killer. found in 39 reviews
Adding the shuffle feature made Hanging Free more enjoyable. found in 90 reviews
Hanging With Friends is so much better than words with friends. found in 1124 reviews
It is building their vocabulary and strengthening their spelling skills. found in 17 reviews
Great time waster and addicting when playing against friends. found in 36 reviews
This is the classic game from my childhood that I love. found in 37 reviews
Hangin with friends puts me in a better mood when I play. found in 131 reviews
Nice change of pace from some of the other word games out now --. found in 11 reviews
Loads of fun with friends and strangers. found in 121 reviews
Hanging with friends is awesome I love it I play everyday. found in 2381 reviews
Keeps your mind sharp and does help you learn new words. found in 61 reviews
I just wish people would play faster and keep the game moving. found in 10 reviews
It's super fun and my vocabulary is expanding. found in 320 reviews
Very fun to play and a great way to keep in touch with friends. found in 201 reviews
Keeps crashing every time I try to open a game on my iPod. found in 26 reviews
Very fun but now game freezes by continually updating. found in 19 reviews
but its a really good way to waste time. found in 23 reviews
Ever since the new update happen I can't play anymore. found in 38 reviews
It would be nice if there was some incentive to win though. found in 57 reviews
because it takes to long to load the game due to the "updating". found in 38 reviews
Good game but needs iPad support then I would give 5 stars. found in 17 reviews
i love this game but please fix the crashing and ads. found in 12 reviews
Game is fun but keeps freezing up and way to many ads. found in 61 reviews
Most the the time the tiles don't pop up. found in 14 reviews
Needs iPad support and more letters please. found in 15 reviews
It is a good game but every time I try to play it crashes. found in 23 reviews
I like this game but the ads make me crazy. found in 15 reviews
Just wish I could play it with my friends who have an iPhone. found in 19 reviews
This game is fun but needs a better dictionary. found in 17 reviews
Video ads for coins often don't play at all. found in 28 reviews
the message "hang tight we're loading your games " appears but they never load. found in 25 reviews
they really need to fix the bugs and get the coin store up though. found in 7 reviews
This game crashes and I refuse to pay $1. found in 36 reviews
Fun but slow if opponents aren't on top of it. found in 28 reviews
So if your opponent doesn't make a move. found in 29 reviews
The bouncing lifelines are terrible and render the game nearly unplayable. found in 46 reviews
" hang tight we're loading your games" then crashes. found in 43 reviews
But these new video ads are very annoying and repetitive. found in 28 reviews
It constantly freezes n kicks me out of the game. found in 23 reviews
however it takes entirely to long to load when I open the game :-/. found in 38 reviews
way to many ads and it constantly force closes. found in 61 reviews
I also lost 40 bonus points because of freezing. found in 35 reviews
I can't play anymore because I can't get the new update. found in 38 reviews
The game crashes all the time and won't open. found in 36 reviews
They release an update yet no new missions available. found in 54 reviews
and loading one game actually plays the moved from another. found in 73 reviews
I enjoy playing the game but would love to win prizes. found in 57 reviews
Every time I try to open a game I invited to the app crashes. found in 26 reviews
Right now it crashes to the home screen upon launch. found in 62 reviews
No way to resign a game. found in 59 reviews

The Hanging With Friends Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 19.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.20 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Hanging With Friends Free in Zynga`s Official Website : http://www.zyngawithfriends.com/gameswithfriends/support/Newtoy_Support.html

The creative geniuses behind Words With Friends are pleased to bring you your next word game addiction: Hanging With Friends Hanging with Friends brings a brand new twist to the classic game of hangman that adds ...
I love the game but the ads have grown more and more repugnant Especially the ad that tries to look like an incoming phone call from Evie What is it even advertising Please dont resort to deceptive ads     Fake phone call ad
I would like more opportunities to get coins like more free drop downs Love the game its a refreshing change from scrabble              2006C
Its a great game really fun way to stay in touch with family members or just to play with a stranger but I wish all the things u could buy in the shop cost less money it took me over a month to get the skin I wanted every thing just that is perfect ps if u keep updating and making it better I think it can be a five star game              Overall a great game
Challenging and addictive                 Fun
Great entertainment Game freezes often more recently                 Fun
This is a great game The whole family is involved so it makes a great learning tool for the kids too                 Hydro app
This is probably the best game I have ever played Its the perfect way to hang with friends on a phone                 Love it
I cant finish the mission called whats the haps because idk how to view it Ive searched on articles and still no luck Other than that its fun and helps the time go by              I like it but
I have a mission called Whats the haps and I cannot figure out where to check the news I have clicked all of the buttons I could find              Mission glitch
Good Good              Family Guy Anonymous Tip
I have been playing this game since it first came out and I love it For a while there were constant updates of new characters and balloons to unlock then all of a sudden its like Zynga doesnt care about this game anymore There hasnt been any new characters in at least over a year but I would guess longer than that It would be cool to see the characters in occupational attire example a doctor nurse fireman police man construction worker soldier or rockstar It would also be cool to have more athletes such as hockey player soccer player cheerleader ballerina basketball player swimmer etc Another idea is to have patriotic balloons or a bouquet of balloons shaped like one type of sports ball Anyways I will continue to play this game everyday but I really hope theres eventually something new to save up coins for one of these days              New characters please
I love the challenge of this game especially when I found a great player I dont like playing with people that use the cheat app to find obscure words no one has heard of like kopje or other weird words                 Fun when you find good partners
Fun game No problems                 Good
Fun game                 Great
Used to love this game and I just recently downloaded it again Crashes every single time I open it My phone is up to date and there is no reason for this Deleting        Crashes
I truly like this game I recommend it to ALL my Contacts                 This is my Favorite Word Game
Okay to play     Hanging
Just a great word game No problems with it I like how it works simple Cute graphics              Pix 12
This game awesome                 The best
Pretty good game wish there was a way to provide clues              Great but
I want more characters that dont cost so much and the same with balloons and the backgrounds And whats up with the mission whats the haps Ive tried everything and still cant figure it out              Great game but
Love this game wish there was more of a variety of characters to choose from Saving up coins for the star balloons                 Hooked
This game is really fun to play and it challenges your brain Its competitive spirit will draw you in Youll experience learning without picking up a pen                 A Fun Game for All
Have fun playing this                 Lots of fun and challenging
Fun game I feel stupid most of the time Lol Because of that losing more than I win I cannot rack up enough coins to help me along              Fun
Need to correct the glitch with coin counts Ive been frozen at the same number of coins despite multiple coins earned     Coin Count Frozen
Fun exciting challenging game                 Fun
LOVE THIS APP Wish there were more ways 2 get coinsLove the power ups and wish the costumes were cheaper                 5 STARS
Slow to load but lots of fun              Great game
my whole family enjoys playing this game we find it fun and challenging and even laugh at the words the app will accept or not accept lots of fun              Family time
Youll get 5 stars once you fix the app so it doesnt shut off my music when I launch HWF     Fix The Music Issue
I have sound at 0 volume in hanging but every time I start it it turns off my system sound Please fix Its annoying to have my music turned off every time I want to play hanging     Turns off apple music
I tried spelling deeznuts and it didnt work U need to add that to the word bank                 Words
What happened to the challenges        Challenges
Hands down the most enjoyable and fascinating game out there I love it Some folks dont understand the strategy that can be involved in a game such as this but there is I only wish more people would play more often and not start games to just let it go after a move or two Really bums me out when that happens                 AWESOMELY SUPERB
Cool game lots of fun                 Fun
The store never updates with new characters and balloons     Store
I love the game but often times its slow in loading It will occasionally close and lose the previous state Needs more testing           Fun game but pretty buggy
This game isnt as fun if you dont have mission Please make more                 Fun but needs more missions
Fun game                 Hanging with friends rated by Windy
Love the game Very discouraged that I dont have any challenges and that other people have balloons available to them but not me I have over 10000 points           Hanging with Friends kbanta
Love the game but when are you going to have an update Its been a really long time Also Id love to see a cheerleader character                 Fun game
I like it a lot its challenging              Awesome game
Fun game                 Fun
Game moves at a snails pace now Latest update was an epic fail     Update stinks
Fun enough              Fun
I love this game Lots of fun and I like to play my little niece it also helps with her spelling Super fun its right up there with my all time favorite game words with friends              Reall fun
Fun and challenging                 Great game
Lots of fun Easy to play              Good fun game

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