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Home Box Office, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (HBO - Inside Boardwalk Empire ,The Knick: Anatomy of NYC ,Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire ,MAX GO ,Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico ,iAriGold), brings HBO GO with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HBO GO app has been update to version 1.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I can watch full length movies and episodes on my phone..
  • Picture quality is superb and the app is easy to navigate..
  • Video quality great and love the social sharing features..
  • Great app to watch movies and other shows on the go..
  • I would just like to be able to watch Live Tv..

Overall Satisfactionc44
Thank you for finally adding airplay support.
Video quality great and love the social sharing features.
" This app definitely needs better buffering and/or video quality adjustment.
Love this app and having the ability to watch my favorite shows anywhere.
Why can't I enjoy my favorite shows through my Apple TV.
Thanks HBO for allowing full lenth viewing unlike Blowtime's crappy app.
It's awesome being able to watch any hbo show I want at anytime.
Very frustrated with app freezing and not being able to watch next episode.
Picture quality is superb and the app is easy to navigate.
trying to watch trueblood and the picture quality is horrible.
What's not to love - great job HBO.
Fun & Engagingc15
It works great and had a lot of awesome content.
awesome content on an awesome device.
HBO GO is awesome on my IPhone 4S.
HBO go is awesome.
You can basically watch everything that HBO airs.
I can watch everything on my iPhone now.
I don't want to watch everything on my iPad.
I've had problems logging into HBOGo as well.
Security & Privacyc19
Singed in as new user with my Directv account.
Took seconds to set up with my Directv account ID and Password.
At first I had trouble signing into an existing HBO GO account.
Updates & Supportc18
is to contact hbo customer service before bad mouthing the product.
Neanderthals in customer service.

A long time coming to TWC. found in 4 reviews
Do some research and then buy you a sling player. found in 4 reviews
I stream Amazon Prime just because you're there. found in 5 reviews
Great selection of shows and movies and appreciate the landscape mode for viewing. found in 12 reviews
Pretty good selection of movies - enjoy the classic comedy like national lampoon. found in 16 reviews
Video and sound quality still have much to be desired. found in 7 reviews
This is what the future of television should be like. found in 5 reviews
it works so well over 3G and wifi. found in 5 reviews
I also love being able to get any Sex and the City episodes. found in 14 reviews
I like watching shows such as True Blood or Eastbound and Down. found in 10 reviews
HBO needs to refine and update the interface. found in 39 reviews
Won't open / immediately crashes in iOS 5 b1-b3. found in 79 reviews
Video out also doesn't work with apple cables. found in 208 reviews
Was very disappointed to see video over AirPlay was not supported. found in 28 reviews
Worthless to me without the Apple TV support. found in 40 reviews
HBO please make a tv out option available for iPhone users. found in 38 reviews
Very disappointed that this app does not work with AppleTv. found in 31 reviews
Would be a whole lot better if offered HDMI output. found in 161 reviews
It would require me to login almost every time until now. found in 343 reviews
AirPlay doesn't work only audio makes it through no video. found in 21 reviews
Needs AirPlay video support then this would be perfect. found in 76 reviews
Just needs air play capability to apple tv for video. found in 131 reviews
oh but it doesn't support HDMI output with the Apple AV adapter. found in 46 reviews
Enough to make me cancel my HBO sub all together. found in 141 reviews
Please add AirPlay support for video that would make this exceptional. found in 70 reviews
Hbo with Apple TV is still not working. found in 541 reviews
but it needs HDMI support to be perfect in my opinion. found in 82 reviews
Love the app needs airplay support this would make it amazing. found in 232 reviews
All functionality perfections overshadowed by lack of video output support. found in 52 reviews
I subscribe to HBO through Brighthouse Network and have for over 5 years. found in 288 reviews
Can't watch a movie without interruption or it being stopped. found in 113 reviews
I've had an hbo subscription for the last ten years. found in 141 reviews
With out Air Play Video this app is worthless. found in 131 reviews
Without AirPlay support this app is pretty much useless. found in 232 reviews
The HBOgo app freezes just about every time I try to watch something. found in 118 reviews
Only then you'll let me watch HBO Go on my TV. found in 148 reviews
Unable to login on any other devices other than my phone. found in 343 reviews
HBO please update app to allow hdmi output via iPad. found in 161 reviews
Not sure why I pay for HBO when this app is horrible. found in 236 reviews
Unfortunately it insists I'm not subscribed to HBO when I know I am. found in 269 reviews
But now i cant watch game of thrones or episodes with interactive features. found in 229 reviews
but either make that easier or add Time Warner Cable. found in 620 reviews
Unfortunately Time Warner Cable does not support this app. found in 243 reviews
This is useless until they add support for time warner cable. found in 620 reviews
No video out capabilities and it has stability issues. found in 208 reviews

The HBO GO is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.1 MB to download. The new HBO GO app version 1.7 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about HBO GO check developer Home Box Office, Inc.`s website :

Introducing HBO GO. The new streaming service from HBO. Watch over 1,400 of your favorite HBO shows, including HBO original programming, hit movies, sports, comedy and much more now available on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch It ...
How can a place like HBO let this happen I mean they literally have so much to offer in terms of content both third party and exclusive and they position the company well as a leader among others So how do they settle on such a bad program for mobile devices Ill start with the most basic of all examples and this one by itself is a fatal flaw for the application Im a series guy I watch lots of different shows and often times if not all the time Im focused on one specific series So this applies to both the mobile app as well as the Apple TV app I use watch list to set up the shows and movies I want to watch I do this because for a series especially I dont want want to navigate and scroll through several steps every time I open an app Why would you I also dont want to guess where I last left off So if we want to add an entire series to my watch list how would HBO propose we do this Well if you ask someone at HBO writing the mobile app its onebyone of course Are you serious You dont think it would be helpful to simple have an add series to watch list or even add season to watch list feature How can they not pick up on this and run with it Why do they think that anyone of sound mind would want to sit there and add one freaking aired show at a time The only thing I can think is they have software designers and engineers working for them who sit in a basement 24 hours a day writing code and never have an opportunity to watch tv     I can see why this is rated so low
Better watch your selection from start to finish it gets hung up with and fast forward execution        Disappointingly slow to load
This app was once great on my gen 1 iPad The past few weeks it wont play anything Every time I attempt to load a movie it crashes while trying to optimize This is in serious need of a fix     Crashing
Ive always been a huge fan of movies and tv shows and especially HBOs So once I started getting HBO on my Dish account I realized I could watch this app on the go Witch is fantastic to me because between Netflix Hulu Dish app and HBOGo I honestly have more than enough entertaining for probably the best part of a year Anyway in my opinion its a great app to have Providing youve got all your accounts setup              HBO Go app
Frequently disconnects from chromecast        Annoying
Need to fix this ASAP     Wont work with chromcast
The last upgrade of this app is no good for my ipas first generation Now it does not play any video It does open and it looks as if it going to work but when it gets to optimize the video It crashes Anyway I can get the previous version     Last upgrade
What a piece of crap Does not work with Google Chromecast It did for awhile and when the updated the app the last time that was the end of that Please whoever created this app consider getting another job like at McDonalds     For the love of God please fix this app or remove it from the app store
I have downloaded this 3x times and it wont open Really HBO your fired     Doesnt work
Bring back the fast forward 10 seconds Which intern chose to remove it     Bring back the fast forward 10 seconds
Fix it It keeps starting my shows over and stopping every 2 seconds not my wifi everything else works fine     Casting is a nightmare
Used to love this app but it barely works with chromecast in the recent weeks It breaks stream constantly and if you go to another app and go back to hbogo the show doesnt pop up to pause or stop etc also the chromecast icon shows up only about 13 of the time please fix Ps my internet is working fine because Netflix and Hulu stream perfectly     Wont work with chromecast
Cannot log on with correct username and password Changed password and still not able to log on with correct information Get it together HBO You have the budget no excuses        Fix your f App
What a crappy app voice out of sync always never remembers last watched item or if it does will not start until you back out and then search through every season and episode Very slow to cycle Very disappointing cant recommend        Really HBO this is the best ya got
Ive been trying to watch shows on HBO go for five days and each time no matter what phonetablet or area I am in when I watch a show it plays then buffering or is loading for 5 minutes than plays for 30 seconds and loads again Horrible app but I have to watch game of thrones some how The struggle is real     Buffering
Every time I choose something to watch it plays the HBO logo then stops playing Useless To make things worse the app support just takes me to a website telling me to download the app Get it together HBO     Um
Please update and fix this HBO Thanks     Slow and Crashes
I can barely use this app with my fire TV It is constantly freezing and buffering None of the other apps do this It is incredibly frustrating Id give zero stars if I could     Fix this app HBO
Apparently you need to buy HBO through your cable provider in order to use this app If this isnt the case than this thing is too complicated to even use I wish I could just pay x dollars a month and stream HBO Dont download waste of time     Too confusing
Spend some money and take this app out of the basementABYSMAL The worst player Ive encountered     Seriously HBO
On every single platformdoesnt connect with chromecast there is no fix for this it gets worst with each update     HBO go is trash
The app seemed to work fine for a while but over the past few weeks I have not been able to stream any more than 5 minutes Did network tests on my device and I have more than enough capacity Not sure why HBO would expect me to continue my service with performance so bad     Major Playback Buffering Issues
This is easily the buggiest app over ever used Even on my Xbox its garbage     Complete crap
Is probably the worst app I have on my phone Doesnt work with chromecast Netflix works perfectly See ya shtty HBO     This app
Terrible job HBO Why does your iOS app and your website constantly buffer Watching anything is just always choppy it stinks Ive tried watching on a few different networks with the same results Also there is no way to play a full season if something at once without intervening If you dont get your act together everyone will stop using the service and use ones that work        Really HBO This app is terrible
As a user who has some of the fastest fiber optics in the nation Chattanooga epb its extremely unnerving to experience a lack of trust in chromecast with your product The timeout time is above 25 seconds between 7 seconds of play time unacceptable Please I am a loyal customer of HBO but expect better Can we resolve the connectivity issue please sceniccity        Chromecast connectivity
Can you please have the app stop logging me out when I close it so I have to log in EVERY time I open it to watch something EVERY TIME App logs me out every time I close it So EVERY TIME I open the app to see something I have to log in again Please fix love the app outside of this issue Seems small but its really frustrating with the HBOGO app the MaxGo app also I use these apps daily so other than that they work fine 4 stars once this last glitch gets fixed Thanks           Sign in every time I open the app Really
Dont download this app It is a waste of time When I click play it doesnt load and it stays at 0000 Just go and watch it on the website its better Or go to back to YouTube     Useless
Aside from not being able to add a whole series to the watchlist this is a great app It does have a tendency to quit when the iPad screen locks while casting a show which can be annoying It doesnt affect playback but it does require you to relaunch the app and reconnect to the Chromecast if you decide to pause a show midepisode If not for those 2 flaws it would be a 5star app              Great app
You can watch on your device but casting to chrome is problematic It worked off and on then I downloaded new iOS on phone and it wont cast at all Too bad        Disappointed
This app no longer allows chromecast streaming It shows an error message after 30 sec of playback Thus this apps utility is restricted to the ipad and would not be worth downloading on the iphone        Chromecast disrupt
Star zero Unable to sign in thanks HBOfail     Signin FAIL
In the latest versionupdate the chromecast feature no longer exists With my bad eyes I cant watch this on a little iPhone screen Please bring it back     Chromecast disabled
Constantly stops streaming     Horrible
AirPlay doesnt work because the screen will go to sleep and disconnect the signal Stupid oversight     AirPlay doesnt work screen lock
Every single time I watch something I get this error It wasnt until the latest update Please fix it HBO its driving me mad     Error code 102
This app does not work with Googlecast even though HBO and Google are selling that as a feature on their websites If it is supposed to work with GoogleCastChromecast it hasnt been tested very well Unfortunate for those who have bought a subscription for that very reason           Not working as advertised
Having to sign in every single time is ridiculous Seriously Once a week is fine but every time I click out it makes me renter all the info otherwise a great app        Sign in kills the app
Screw this appGodawful I cannot watch an entire episode or movie without critical failure Streaming to Chromecast or on my iphone     Awful just awful
This is one of the worst apps for streaming movies The developers should be embarrassed by it It constantly throws errors while watching It cant remember where you are in a series and it streams poorly I have an issue every time I try to watch something     Just Terrible
Lackluster performance Weird how with all the dough HBO is undoubtedly raking in they cant afford to hire competent programmers for their main streaming app        iPhone 6 user
When I click Other as my tv provider it wont let me log in on my iPhone 6 It just tell me Error Generating Log In Page VERY frustrating HBOGo More like HBONo     ERROR GENERATING LOGIN
Having to sign in every time you update the app and then at least every 30 days is ridiculous Now the latest version wont even let me sign in The sign in page keeps turning The app doesnt keep track of which episodes youve already watched either Have you guys seen the Amazon Prime app Talk to your users and this app could be killer in no time     This app misses on the mark in many ways
I like the app and use it with my Google Chromecast but I wish you were able to add whole series to your watch list and I wished you had an play next episode option I hate the fact when Im having a girls night I gotta keep clicking play when were watching Sex and the City           Good but need some tweaks
First review Ive ever written on an app because it is that terrible App is not user friendly when you want to watch more than one episode of something When Im watching a series and want to continue to the next episode I shouldnt have to go back to the app search the series then find the season and episode Im watching EVERY TIME Also pretty much anything you try to watch on this app is CONSTANTLY pausing and buffering and end up giving error messages that cause me to have to force close the app and start all over Which isnt an Internet speed issue because Netflix and Hulu never have these issues Please fix this     Does not work with Chromecast
This app requires you to login through your cable provider on a daily basis It makes it nearly unusable Netflix gives me 5 sub accounts and never asks me to login Netflix gives their trust to the enduser and Im assuming they can monitor traffic to see if logins are being overly shared Im guessing HBO could use a similar method but has chosen to burden the viewer with a daily login     What do you expect for 15 a month
Wish I could upload a screenshot I get a crazy long error message every time I try to play something     Doesnt work
This app has not been allowing me to connect my accounts Ive been trying for weeks and am not able to get past the login pageand help on this I want to watch Game of Thrones     Unable to Login
With the last update I can only view one size On my iPad Air watching movies can be very hectic movies freeze when viewing closeup the top portion are cut off Before the update we were able to extend the screen viewing was much better Now its only one screen size its too narrow Please update           Need Improving
This app used to work fine and then they started making it better It is now unusable Very surprised to see such a bad product from a good company     Please dont update this anymore

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