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HBO , brings HBO NOW with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HBO NOW app has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The video quality is stunning..
  • All the best and current TV shows and movies..
  • I've created a watch list and browsed many titles..
  • I used it with a slow internet connection without any sticking..
  • Better than Netflix :..

Overall Satisfactionc53
Thank you HBO for paving the way to streaming content.
The video quality is stunning.
Better than Netflix :.
Great job HBO and Apple.
Ease of Usec86
and the interface is easy to use.
Easy Entertainment.
Security & Privacyc28
It won't accept my password and will not send a reset.
Updates & Supportc10

Parental Controls Need Work. found in 2 reviews
Viewed via AppleTV on 20 Mbps wifi at 9 pm sharp. found in 2 reviews
you've joined the ranks of 21st century streaming. found in 1 reviews
UI is so elegant and beautiful. found in 1 reviews
Over a strong connection works great. found in 1 reviews
I hope that the other pay-channels follow suit. found in 2 reviews
put move action & comedy movies. found in 2 reviews
Goodbye Netflix. found in 2 reviews
Make sure you have decent Wifi speed. found in 1 reviews
The future of television entertainment. found in 1 reviews
I've been waiting to stay up to date with my favorite HBO shows. found in 1 reviews
My phone keeps going to sleep while watching. found in 1 reviews
I'm finally in control. found in 1 reviews
Now I can watch Game Of Thrones. found in 4 reviews
support said it was due to high volume. found in 3 reviews
Pretty good out of the gate. found in 1 reviews
Thank you HBO for paving the way to streaming content. found in 1 reviews
Just a little closer to dropping my cable tv. found in 1 reviews
We dropped cable a long time ago. found in 3 reviews
My frown is turned upside down. found in 1 reviews
Freezes iOS and even on desktop version. found in 1 reviews
Great content but overpriced compared to similar streaming options. found in 2 reviews
Great Idea but Unreliable Service. found in 1 reviews
Overpriced and can't hook up to TV. found in 13 reviews
Terrible presentation via the dock connector. found in 2 reviews
Good start but needs work. found in 1 reviews
No option to watch live. found in 2 reviews
And I see nowhere to contact for tech support. found in 4 reviews
Why don't you guys put more movies. found in 1 reviews
Doesnt keep track of shows I watch. found in 1 reviews
As one who frequently uses closed captioning. found in 8 reviews
Episodes freeze but the audio continues. found in 8 reviews
The audio keeps goin and the picture freezes. found in 6 reviews
Needs chrome cast support in the app. found in 1 reviews
Because the screen freezes whenever I try to watch a movie. found in 18 reviews
Parental control cannot be changed on Apple TV. found in 2 reviews
with the dumbest user interface of any streaming service. found in 11 reviews
After a while the video stopped but the audio kept going. found in 2 reviews
this time I was able to login for just once. found in 11 reviews
Watch list doesn't sink between devices. found in 16 reviews
great Idea but cannot cast to my tv. found in 14 reviews
Unable to stream from ipad 2 via HDMI adapter to TV. found in 18 reviews
Bogus error messages directing me to renew my brand new subscription. found in 14 reviews
Unable to play anything on my iPad Air. found in 11 reviews
You cannot register for HBO Now without Apple hardware. found in 74 reviews
Bought on Apple TV - will not sign in on iPad. found in 91 reviews
Any show or movie I try to watch it just says "sorry. found in 18 reviews
The parental control are a joke. found in 11 reviews

The HBO NOW is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 18.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.1 has been released on 2015-08-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Bottom Line: For more information about HBO NOW check developer HBO`s website :

HBO NOW is the new standalone streaming service from HBO, currently available for a limited-time, introductory free trial. Now all you need is the internet to get instant access to all of HBO, including all ...
App works fine for viewing but the setup is annoying if you are trying to watch a season of a show It does a bad job of remembering where you left off during an episode The Watchlist function needs a redo so it saves has the next episode ready when you finish the last one        Not bad but clumsy for binge watching
Faulty     Crash Freeze Glitch
Wow this app and service is very disappointing Constant freeze dropped video sound doesnt sync Expected better from HBO Wont be shelling out 15 bux a month for this until they figure out how to provide a service worth the cost Two stars for their content but if ya cant watch it what good does that do        Sad
Absolutely no reason to do so other than tracking Nothankyou Do this nonsense on the ATV app and you can kiss my goodbye     Create an account
This is the worst app ever It only works when it wants Dont waste your money because in the long run youll be wasting your time trying to get it to work     WORST APP EVER
First off the Chromecast support is crap Im watching a show right now and have a timer running to see how long the info bar stays on because of the CONSTANT pauses its not my internet because Netflix Hulu and other apps that allow casting run just fine without any problems and so far its been 12 minutes Not to mention that it disconnects if you let the app run in the background then you have to reconnect and that interrupts the show This app is just glitchy as all and needs serious attention by someone that knows what they are doing Cant say Ill let it renew after the free trial is up which is sad cause I love HBO programming Oh and surprise just now got Error 3 FFS cant even watch on iPad cause it freezes but the audio keeps going     Hate giving bad reviews but this app earned it
The search function is inadequate and the UI though slick is equally poor There are current movies featured in promos eg Unbroken as of Sep 2015 on the service that do not come up in search results Even looking through the All category on movies the item failed to show up Search results are not comprehensive even when something comes up           Search and UI Poor
I cant express how happy I am that HBO is off the cable shackles but the app is poorly designed Recently watched or even a follow button would be great so each week when a new Espisode is out you dont need to go to series go to John Oliver season 2 scroll all the way downextremely annoying and surprised such a basic idea was missed     Poor design yet happy its here
How can app only for streaming media content can be the worst Like HBO Now I dont know the technology or backend network provider they are using but this is one of the worst appservice ever And after so many weeks and months there are no improvements or acceptance to the issues     Worst app for streaming period
This app is all over the place the shows just seem to be there Like a random post There are no categories or structure You cant save what you want to watch or what has been seen The only thing that saves this product is the shows But its only a selective few that are good Its just not worth the money HBO is a disappointment You could do better If I am going to spend money Make it worth it This looks like something just thrown together     Organization
Terrible problems with buffering Not a userfriendly app Does not continue on to next episode as the netflix app does Very hard to pause during play Would not recommend or use this app ever again     Bossy pants
Tried with iPhone 6 with Chromecast Keeps crashing Not ready for prime time Canceled subscription     Log in problems persist and no ChromeCast support
For whatever reason theres no way to save my favorite shows to a list so whenever I want to watch the newest episode I have to view all series navigate to one choose the current season because its never the one that opens first and scroll to the bottom of 30 episodes Its an inconvenience that could be so easily removed           Great app not the most convenient
Im watching a series The app doesnt remember the one that Im watching and allow me to easily watch the next episode           Doesnt remember episodes
The only thing decent about this app is the content The app itself is by far the worst video app Ive used It doesnt know what episodes you have watched its a pain to go to shows you want to watch since you cant put them in a queue only single episodes can be put in the queue If you are a cord cutter like myself and you are getting the app for the video content be prepared to deal with a horrible interface     This app is horrible
Tengo 3meses que ud mesacan dinero de mi tarjeta sin yo autorisar y lo peor sale la conpañia tunes no la de ud sin numero ni nada yo voi airme asta lo ultimo para resolber esto     Reclamar
Fix your apps HBO This app frequently crashes and freezes All versions of HBO Now crash too frequently Also the app will not allow you to continue watching where you left off on another device Really You have to remember which episode you were watching and then you have to search for it to play it Moreover there is no indication of what you have watched you must open the sluggish loading video to see where you left off or to see if you even watched the video This app could be so much better but as it stands it is barely usable and horribly inconvenient Fix your app and Ill change my rating     Horrible Horrible Horrible
Eff that The only reason this pp exists is because theyre greedy Lets save the movies that people will actually watch And make them pay even more to watch them HBO go is like a lame Netflix now and this is supposed to be the answer More cash into the money pit Nice Thanks HBO Not like Ive been subscribed to you my whole life BS     I pay for Effie HBO and you expect me to pay more
No option to specify a streaming resolution Become unwachable during primetime Often crashes device        Slow streaming and multiple crashes
No pic in pic No multitasking Whats the point     Missing features
Worst streaming app ever Just awful     If you cant deliver dont promise
I recently wrote a review that was not very favorable to this app I was not aware that the problems I had with this app were caused by iOS 8 Now that iOS 9 is out this app performs flawlessly This is a great app and well worth the 15 subscription fee                 iOS 9 makes this a great app
HBO is great at tv programming not so much at computer programming I only occasionally run into the buffering issues mentioned by others The real pain comes when trying to navigate Its almost purposely hard to navigate and lacks the simplest features to allow you to enjoy the reason you want to download the app in the first place     Clunky and clumsy
Why the eff can I watch Bill Maher and John Oliver in their official YouTube channels before I can watch it on here Youre stupid HBO          
HBO Get with the program Take some pointers from the Netflix app please     Awful
HBOs network is still sluggish It doesnt go as smooth as expected The network of Hulu and Netflix is smooth and fast than HBO I will not start paying it after the 30day trial because of that I want to wait until it gets fixed Also I noticed that some lines of closed captioning got skipped I think the CC is out of sync Fix it ASAP     Sluggish networkClosed Captioning
So happy that I dont have to pay for cable Im sure that you guys will work out the bugs                 Im all in
I havent had problems watching movies using this app Much better than watching it on a computer But HBO is not making it very smart No recently watched list to speed up the search for the next episode of a series History on which episodes were watched is not accurate especially when using multiple devices           Technically App works fine but not user friendly
Cant even connect to Apple TV after paid purchase in iTunes Fk you apple for wasting my time     Waste of time
After reading the reviews I still gave HBO Now a chance so I wouldnt have to pay for cableIve been off cable with Hulu Netflix and HBO Go for several years now Not even five minutes into scrolling choosing and playing my first video did the screen turn black and only play audio my apply tv stopped responding to my remote except to playpause no backing out of the episode or hard backing out to the main menu and had to pull the plug completely to have access to my TV again Save your 15 and find your favorite series elsewhere John Oliver and Bill Maher are at least on YouTube This app is a frustrating waste of time and money     Disappointment
Loving HBO Now I cut the cord two years ago with my cable internet provider because the cost was prohibitive My phone is now a wifi hotspot for my laptop inconvenient at times because I have to go elsewhere to back up my phone to iCloud but cheap and good enough for work purposes I get a few broadcast TV stations via a cheap digital antenna With HBO Now I no longer feel deprived of entertainment options Works great just using cellular data Once in a rare while my connection is too slow and a movie will pause or switch to audio streaming but thats not the apps fault and it rarely happens for more than a few seconds The last time I had HBO it was a premium service added to an already pricey broadband subscription Now its something I can choose without having to subscribe to a hundred channels I dont want A la carte affordability combined with an allyoucaneat entertainment buffet                 Nirvana for my cablefree wifiless home
This app is crap It says free trial in 1 month but when you started watching movies it tells you the video is not available in your region Just tell people to buy your app directly or subscribe rather than misleading people This app is BS Trust me     Crap
One would think that HBO would offer a functional and technologically sufficient app to appeal to todays growing techsavvy streaming customer base Sadly that is not the case In short their cumbersome app trails far behind competitors such as Netflix and Amazon and the like and their buffering is worst in class with consistent problems Its pathetic really from such a recognizable brand with so much content Its as if HBO was attempting to turn back the hands of time themselves and force their wouldbe customers to run back to the awful cable companies that we are all fleeing More like HBNo     Very disappointing
Was excited to finally be able to have access to the great programming but streaming is so buggy that I probably wont renew until HBO makes some big improvements As an example I am 30 minutes into watching a movie Firefox on laptop and it has frozen 5 times already Never happens on Netflix     Great Product Terrible Delivery
Wont play anything since update on iPhone Please fix this ASAP     Doesnt work after update
Between the sound cutting in and out or not being in sync with pictures and the streaming delays this service is not worth the cost I first thought these problems were with my Apple TV until I experienced them on my IPad My internet speed is consistently over 40 and this is the only app that has these issues Additionally it will crash my Apple TV I did not have these issues with the Showtime app Come on HBO fix it     Awful Performer
Thank you so much for the chromecast support Now finish Carnivale                 Chromecast support for iPhone
If you want to spend more time resetting restarting unplugging your Apple TV than you do watching HBO Now by all means use this on your Apple TV Works on iPhone and iPad streamed thru Apple TV waste of money get Netflix     Horrible app Do not use for Apple TV
I love the idea I have been waiting for HBO to cut the cable And did not hesitate with the 15 price Loaded that thing writhing the first week of its release But wow I am not sure I have been able to watch a movie all the way through without having to completely restart the app I have managed to build a set up for my tv without having to buy an apple tvwe are roku but it is just not convenient to surf something to watch        There are a significant number of glitches
Would be great if there was an option to make a personal to watch option           Would be
Please take this off my app history           Can you
Ive tried on several devices HBO Now buffers every 1545 seconds Yikes Its not my internet because every other tvmovie app works just fine Bye bye HBO Now     ALWAYS BUFFERING
Give 15 a month a better use than spending it on this app It doesnt load It just doesnt fng load As soon as you start watching a showmovie all you can do is hear it not see it And its not your internet Ive tried several times on different devices at different places with different wifisdata And it just doesnt work Who wants to be robbed like that Not me     Expensive and Awful
This app is HORRIBLE I cant get through one movie or show without reloading restarting pausing and playing every ohhh 30 seconds HBO you really need to fix this I dont know how you manage to bleed people out of 15 a month for an app that works so poorly There arent enough bad things I can say about my experience with HBO now    
Im in love with HBO Now I can watch ALL of the shows and movies I cant stream on Netflix Only 1499 a month Yes its cheaper than going to the movies Tv is better The end Download this app now Its full of art                 HBO Now is Art
Spinning wheel of death HBO seriously needs to invest in some streaming hardware     Awfull
Worst app Ive purchased Most movies viewed on iPadiPhone go immediately to audio only streaming even though i have a roku that works perfectly I like their original programming but this app will frustrate you more than its worth HBO fail     Horrible
This app is by far the worst streaming app everit stops playing multiple times per sitting and nearly half the time is spent with sound but no image Absolute torturethe complete opposite of entertainment It is infuriating Dont subscribe     Has to be the worst streaming app ever
Considering HBOs extensive fine work over the years this app only offers a sliver of programming For the money it is not worth it In fact for what they offer it could be free and you pay a monthly fee for the rest           Theres no There there

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