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Crunchy Bagel Pty Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Outcast for Apple Watch ,Streaks Workout ,HealthFace), brings HealthFace with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HealthFace app has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download HealthFace for 0.990 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 39507968, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new HealthFace app version 1.0.3 has been updated on 2016-12-19.
Bottom Line: For more information about HealthFace check developer Crunchy Bagel Pty Ltd`s website :

HealthFace is the easiest way to display any data from the Health app on your Apple Watch. Data is displayed using watch face complications. You can display your Health data in many ways: With or without ...
I love this app Especially until Apple gives us the ability to create our own watch faces this puts so much more health data immediately within view on any number of screens I have been a fan since Day 1 and this is pretty much the only have to have app on my watch                 Adds to Apple Watch maseNDface
I have had no issues with any version of this app I use it for my step goal on most watch faces and added 3 metrics on the modular watch face and even changed the colors Love it and have recommended it to friends                     One of my favorite apps for my Apple Watch trwn
Developer worked with me 1 on 1 via Twitter to help me debug and diagnose an issue I was having A support                     Awesome support fourtyoneantz
This is the error I get even though the complication is active Tried uninstalling and reinstalling removing and re adding the complication with no effect on the error Defective app     The HealthFace complication is not active on the paired Apple Watch CynT260
This app keeps getting better I originally started using HealthFace as a way to keep up with my mindfulness minutes throughout the day With the new version it also does so much more I can enter my weight at the gym without having my phone and other stats too really quickly and easily If you use the Health app on iOS then I strongly recommend HealthFace as a companion                     Must have for Apple Watch Xenogenex
Often it will lag behind but since the newest update I haven t had it sync at all So while it s a handy thing to have it needs to work iOS 11 UPDATE Won t sync at all Restarted phone watch Just won t sync     Helpful if it wasn t flawed Funkofages
Really enjoy this app in both iPhone Apple Watch Thanks for the iOS notification widget too                     2 0 Update is great frjps
The app is not the simplest to get started but not the hardest either You can really tailor the complication to show you any health data you like It seems to have a lot to offer I use the large modular complication and can see three data sets at a time Would be nice if I could see one or two large sets and have some more granular control over the size of the complication data however overall the app is worth it and being able to change the color and icons next to the displayed health data is nice                 App seems to work well iRichi3
Healthface has always had a problem with its step count the only thing I ve used it for it rarely updated unless I touched the complication icon Now when I touch the icon it complains that it can t update the step count in Apple Health I don t want to write the step count I want to find out what it is This is ridiculous     Latest version doesn t work Yarrow Angelweed
It use to show my updated weight but now I can t figure out how to get it to work The tutorial is a joke and skips over parts of the process I guess even the guy in the tutorial couldn t figure it out either     The app doesn t work anymore Jonathan Mueller
Have purchased this and worked with it for 3 days trying to get it to work I set it up on my iPhone exactly as shown All I can get on my Apple Watch 2 is the dreaded message use your iPhone to configure health data Very frustrating     Can t get this to work at all Pattybilline
The app works great the only drawback is that it may not update as frequently as one likes due to watchOS s limitations but that s a small matter and I love being able to track steps at a glance easily once since switching away from a Fitbit                     Excellent geoff2
Another update still requires me to punch into the app to force an update to my miles walked complication         Admirable attempt should be free app until SDK improves Sigrid710
This is by far one of my favorite health and Apple Watch apps on the App Store The ability to choose that health data sets to display on your watch face is truly truly invaluable Plus I m a fan of the iconography used within the app and also the messages app I d give it more than 5 stars if Apple allowed it To those who are complaining about the app not updating frequently Apple has placed limitations on how often apps can update complications on the Apple Watch within a 24 hour time period which is beyond the app dev s control Complain to Apple if you need to                     Great app ur_mum53
Bought this app on the recommendation of John Gruber of daringfireball net Absolutely does not function as described The complications never update unless you open the app on the phone and even then it only updates one time Tech support is completely non responsive Avoid at all costs     Doesn t work no support swimmboy
I purchased after Gruber s Daringfireball review gushing over it He should actually try it before telling us all how great it is Well it s a fantastic concept but useless as the watch complications never auto update so I have to tap them to refresh anyway which defeats the entire point of a complication     Great idea BUT data never updates NYCNYCNYCNYC
I love the ability to utilize the small complications to display stats like number of steps however the stats update sporadically and usually infrequently Often times the delay between updates is 40 60min or longer I understand that watchOS apps are limited by update frequency but this seems excessive I m hopeful for this update behavior to be addressed in future versions at which point I ll update my rating review         Good potential but stats update infrequently dac_03
It takes wonders to make the complications update themselves The app doesn t seem to work flawlessly     Doesn t work PavelStation
doesn t work if i could give it negative stars i would bought on the strength of a Daringfireball review won t make that mistake again     not worth it tomb123
Targets do not work Only if you want to increase a value of a measured metrics If you want to decrease e g weight fat than it says you are at 100 of the target Also the watch face interface seems too complicated This is so so for me as it allows different metrics to be shown at different watch faces but i do not use that at the moment             Good potential Stepan Dousek
This is incredibly well developed and thought out and extremely customizable I don t know why it took developers so long to make something even remotely to this but HealthFace knocks it out of the park                     Amazing Paul Jakob White
I bought this app when it first came out and I use it every day The developer is active on Reddit and answers questions and requests quickly I had requested a feature ability to customize complication icon colors and they mentioned it was already coming in the next update which was released only days later Overall great app and worth the purchase                     Great Way To Display Health Complications Any Way You Want Chaz526
Took a bit of trial and error to figure it out But it worked well and immediately after I set it up No other app like it Great app                     Worked perfectly z prof
Purchased this because I LOVE streaks However this is mediocre for a paid app Took a really long time 30 min to sync with Apple Watch Limited number of stats to see at once but lots of choices Would I pay for it again probably not         Not a fan so far Sleepy dez
very useful app but IOS 10 0 2 watch OS 3 1 apple watch data not displayed Complication Refresh same Quick fix request             apple watch data not displayed yundn77
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