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Smoky Cat Software , the publisher behind many iOS app (Heart Graph for Kettlebelling ,Thought Store), brings Heart Graph for Kettlebelling with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Heart Graph for Kettlebelling app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app is the best heart rate graphing monitor out there..

Overall Satisfactionc65
Love the charts.
I tried a few apps and this one quickly became my favorite.
Basic which is it's best feature.
Updates & Supportc76
Excellent app with great customer service.
Excelent customer service.
My review applies to the paid premium version.

then looked for apps to record heat rate while running. found in 3 reviews
It allows you to construct workouts in advance. found in 2 reviews
There’s some opportunity to improve the graph display. found in 1 reviews
Excellent app with great customer service. found in 2 reviews
plot your heart rate against time during your workout. found in 1 reviews
define your own heart rate zones. found in 1 reviews
planning and tracking your progress. found in 1 reviews
share workout data with friends via email and facebook. found in 1 reviews
Love the charts. found in 1 reviews
calculate calories burned and set a calorie target for each workout. found in 1 reviews
Powerful HR monitoring w/ excel support. found in 1 reviews
Best one I have found when working with a heart rate strap. found in 3 reviews
FIX THESE TWO things and I will revise to 5 star gladly. found in 1 reviews
Great app but two big flaws. found in 1 reviews
If someone buys this app good bet they track their workouts. found in 1 reviews
It is coming off my phone the first time I see one. found in 1 reviews
It says it is also pushing ads now. found in 1 reviews
Basic log /graph of heart rate app. found in 1 reviews
And 2 why no calories burned total. found in 2 reviews
Needs attention. found in 1 reviews
Reports inaccurate readings. found in 1 reviews
In app rip off. found in 1 reviews

The Heart Graph for Kettlebelling is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 16.7 MB to download. The new Heart Graph for Kettlebelling app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Heart Graph for Kettlebelling in Smoky Cat Software`s Official Website : http://www.smokycatsoftware.co.uk/Main/Heart_Graph.html

Make your workout more effective See your heart rate respond to exercise so you can train at the optimal level: put yourself in control. Your body is different every day, and it is easy to over-train ...
I got the premium paid edition believing I could import from HealthKit Nope only Garmin tcx Utterly useless     No HealthKit integration
Works with Apple Watch And other blue tooth monitors Nice upgrade                 Great tool to understand heart
I looked at plenty of different apps even bought a few just to try them out This one with its ability to draw my heart rate over time is just great I even use it to check out my heart rate after mowing the lawn                 Best app to keep an eye on my heart rate
If youre looking for heart rate monitor apps youre probably already a bit nerdy with this stuff This is by far the simplest and yet most powerful heart rate tracking app for noncyclistsrunners Exactly what I was looking for Love the free for basic features and 3 pro unlock pricing structure as well                 Simple and perfect
I use this app with a Polar Bluetooth HRM it works great Best app for kettlebell training Ive found and the only one that allows me to start sets based on heart rate My issues with it are minor Ive had trouble using the rep counting feature and Im not completely satisfied with the On The Minute workouts Ive tried to create              Its really great
I paired my iPhone 5s with a third party heart health monitor and tried to find a app could alarm me when my heart rate exceeded the threshold I tired nike plus micoach endomondo sport tracker and they either cannot connect with my monitor through Bluetooth 40 or didnt provide alarm This app solve my problem wonderfully Awesome                 Great app
Waste of time     Dont bother
App that what I was looking for                 Simply perfect and usefull
Not even worth the time to rate it     Not even a heart rate monitor for free version
I usually use this app in a fairly simple configuration for which it is ideal I appreciate the fancy features when I want them very intuitive but like that they dont clutter things up when I just want basic tracking Various displays of adjustable zone info is great                 Very usable and very useful
All I can get it to do is say in app purchase has failed     Needs attention
Great App                 Great app
Best way to look at heart rate data on the iPhone                 Best of its Kind
Love the charts wish apple health these charts instead of their highlow graphs This is all you really want in heart monitor graphs                 Really nice charts
Why doesnt this App share data with Apple Health     When will this App integrate with Apple Watch
I wish this app can be more amazing                 very cool
Vary nice clean heart rate monitor app Displays digital heart rate max and min and a live graph Premium version unlocks additional features for a reasonable price                 Great heart rate workout app
I am not sure if the developer knows what they have here It is the most advanced and accurate app for tracking heart rate that I have found I use a 60beat Bluetooth heart rate strap and this picks it up right away and graphs all day I can then export not just the averages and max but the picture of the graph too Best one I have found when working with a heart rate strap                 I dont even kettle bell and this is awesome
Promised heart rate alarm only works on one bpm setting and there is no way to find that out before in app purchase Also no way to refund     In app rip off
This is simplest heart rate app I could find All I want is to show the heart rate and graph it This app is fine for that No annoying graphics just the data Theres some opportunity to improve the graph display the scaling and tick marks move around in a way that makes it hard to rapidly read especially on my bicycledashboard mount but its fine The current rate is nice and big and thats what counts One small bugfeature request that Id ask though ignore values of 0 Its not valid data I hope and throws the graph all off If theres a lot maybe throw in a gray unknown value or something or just a gap Anyway Best heart rate app                 Simple and perfect
If you are into healthfitness and have an Apple Watch then this app is a must have                 Excellent
Great AP A max heart rate alarm would be nice                 Meaningful Ap
It took a long time and multiple tries to connect and when it did the HR displayed was nearly 100bpms higher than actual     Reports inaccurate readings
Basic loggraph of heart rate app Thats good But it needs some parameters you can set to smooth out the graph The heart readings are erratic and it needs some ability to average or integrate a few readings in a row for smoother graphing              Basic which is its best feature
Great app but two big flaws Both are about data saving If someone buys this app good bet they track their workouts So when you email results why is there 1 No time in zone data sent And 2 why no calories burned total FIX THESE TWO things and I will revise to 5 star gladly           2 flaws
Ive never reviewed an app but this one deserves the praise Especially since it never bugs you to rate it This is far more than a heart rate monitor It allows you to construct workouts in advance planning and tracking your progress It might be the most useful CrossFit app Ive ever encountered For workout planning this is the best app Period Theres only one thing I would suggest the developers do to make it better Use a louder or higher pitched sound for the end of a set Its often hard here the guitar strum in a noisy gym The normal setstart sound would be fine Truly a beautiful piece of software                 Complete Workout Suite
I bought a Polar H7 bluetooth heat rate monitor at Best Buy then looked for apps to record heat rate while running This app is the best one that I found No Sign up with Facebook nag You can send your workout stats on email if you wish to share The accuracy of the graph matched the readout on the machines at the health club                 Excellent heart rate monitoring with bluetooth
Great app I wanted an app that would simply track my heart rate using a third party BT sensor No GPS battery drainage no other fancy bells and whistles Just a HR tracker Finally found one                 Finally found it
Overall like the app paired easily with my Bluetooth hrm Interface a little tricky still experimenting with the voice recog for repsif I can get it dialed in it will be very cool feature One thing I would like to see is calorie burn Also reps should display in larger font           Has potential
Works great to pull exercise data recorded in the Apple Watch into Health app and into the app smoothly into the app graphs for display tracking BPM and other result stats Premium offers many reporting options Would be five stars but graphics are subpar not attractive dont matchup with Apple type design standards for eyeappeal colors etc              Super upgrade for Apple Watch
Great app Very easy to understand I just wish they wouldve made the font bigger and bolder for the calorie count indicator              Great information
Well put together app If youre serious about what your hearts doing you wont go wrong spending you money on this one Prompt support also                 This is the ticket for the ticker
I pair this with a Mio Link The realtime graphing function is unique and exactly what I was looking for I purchased the premium options The latest update removed my access to premium functions even though it says my purchase has been restored It says it is also pushing ads now It is coming off my phone the first time I see one           Premium Puchase Not Honored after update
I have no idea what kettlebell is app claims to be optimized for this All I know is that I wanted to run on the treadmill and track my heart rate I had been using the Polar app but I got really frustrated with the small graph and lack of info Problem solved this app is wonderful Thanks                 Kettlebell
Im impressed I needed an app that would allow me to create timebased intervals for my workout not kettlebellrelated and connect with my heart rate monitor Alpha MioThis app did both incredibly well and also allowed me to customize and create workout templates When I had a question their customer service was impeccable and I always received a speedy response I highly recommend                 Excellent app with great customer service
Receives the heart rate via Bluetooth connection to heart rate sensors Records and plots heart rate versus time and enables the superposition of multiple workout plots on reference plots The time scale zooming function on the plots facilitates the calculation of heart rate recovery rates The Menu is a bit cumbersome and there is potential for improvement My review applies to the paid premium version Try the free version first to find out the compatibility with your particular heart rate sensor 5 stars because of the usefulness and uniqueness of the application                 Unique and useful
I love it very good very accurate I used it with the Wahoo Tickr X live heart monitoring works perfect                 Awesome app
This app is simple easy to use and allows for real data gathering Most of the workout apps Ive used dont give access to raw data the way this app does More people ought to give it a try                 Great app
Very impressed with the support I highlighted and issue on a Friday and emailed support Immediately got a response that it would be fixed within a week Its Wednesday and I completed my exercise and they fixed the issue Thats three business days great turnaround guys thanks especially to Tom W                 Great support
Use it every time I work out Just bought inapp upgrade Should now be even better                 Great app
I wanted to start a more cardio based routine I tried a few apps and this one quickly became my favorite The interface is clean It connects with my Wahoo HRM well Actually this app gives me better heart graphs than the Wahoo app The voice recognition is a nice feature but takes some adjustment More on that below In the configured workouts I like the heart rate trigger to start a set Time is also an option The graphs track average and max heart rates across multiple sessions Great for watching trends It can be used for kettlebells or any other interval based strength exercises A few things that could be added 1 Tap to complete set Near the end of a set calling out a rep gets harder 2 Exercise UNTIL a specific heart rate Time and rep is already in there but it would be great to track reps and time with heart rate the limiting factor So why 5 stars The speed honesty and thoroughness of the email responses gives me the sense these issues will be addressed as long as the app itself is supported                 Great App Excelent customer service
This app is the best heart rate graphing monitor out there I use it nearly every day Has powerful exporting of csv files and graphs                 Powerful HR monitoring w excel support
Very pleased with the data collection and graph It works great with my heart rate strap from wahoo Also syncs with new health app                 Great
Extremely usefulI use this app with my Scoche Rhythm heart rate monitor for boxing and kickboxing It works flawlessly and gives not only very accurate and easy to use data but provides many different options so you can customize your training data I especially like that it validates my calories burned based on calculation from my heart rate This app is the very bestsimple intuitive and extremely useful                 Great App
I like how user friendly it is and at the same time how much data it obtains I wanted something simple that would count my HR as I train to push me in keeping the right zone This does that and cross references all my workouts with tons of info to plan It also did away with all the paper I used to log every workout With the notes section I now keep everything in one place electronically One con is that once in a blue moon it fails to read the HRM I have to restart my phone as I dont know if there is a way to reboot the app itself But that could be the HRM and not the app Who knows Either way its not a big deal Minor bug that happens in everything nowadays This is a very good app I recommend                 Great App
This app is the best way that I have found to to track my heart rate I dont really care about comparing workouts I have atrial fibrillation and use it for trending the frequency of my episodes of bradycardia and tachycardia I use the custom time period to create a workout of every 24hour time period and chart my heart rate I can easily see when my heart rate tracked by my Apple watch peaks above 170 when Im not exercising or when it dips below 50 I summarize these in a spreadsheet to look for patterns and trends I hope that someone writes an app that addresses afib more directly in the future but until then this fills the gap              Easy to use

Heart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & FitnessHeart Graph for Kettlebelling Health & Fitness

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