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Voxilate , brings HeyTell with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HeyTell app has been update to version 3.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent resource to keep in contact with family & friends..
  • Thanks for helping a busy mom..
  • This app is life changing..
  • Great way to keep in touch with family and friends - more personal then text and faster..
  • A wonderful communication tool to have when you're behind the wheel..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Love heytell so easy and convenient to use.
Much better than texting and driving or even calling and driving.
Great I love using heytell stuffis way safer than texting and driving.
I hate using hey tell now.
This app is so cool I love talking to my friends on it.
I can't talk to my friends overseas.
They like Hey Tell better than talking on the phone or even video phones.
Love being able to send voice messages to the grandkids and receive them back.
I love being able to talk to My friends with put typing long messages.
Everything from sound quality to ease of use performs magnificently.
Fun & Engagingc91
Plus it's a fun way to communicate with friends I'n other vehicles during road trips.
Heytell is awesome just wish that we can text on there to.
It's super fun and convent for when I'm driving.
I use heytell all the time because it's quick and easy.
It's an awesome alternative to texting especially when you really shouldn't be.
It's a huge time saver and tons of fun to use.
It's fun to mess around with your friends too.
but it's starting to mess up A LOT.
Heytell is so fun and practical.
Saves time and effort staying in touch with others.
Very useful saves time and is useful when driving.
This is REALLY helpful when driving and a lot faster than texting.
It's more useful and convenient than I ever thought it'd be.
Not sure how I lived without it.
Family Friendlyc92
Awesome app that makes it easy to send quick messages to friends and family.
I can talk to my friends and family and it makes my dad feel COOL.
I can't talk to my friends overseas.
Love being able to hear my kids voices at college.
It's much easier than vm for keeping in touch with my kids.
Social Aspectsc90
Plus it's a fun way to communicate with friends I'n other vehicles during road trips.
I loooooooooovvvvvveeeeee Heytell - fun way to keep in touch with friends & family all the time.
Easy to use and a great way to stay connected to long distance friends.
Excellent app I wish more people would get onboard.
Heytell is the best social app ever.
and I wish more people used it.
Ease of Usec85
This App works great and is much more convenient than texting.
Super convenient for parents with young babies.
Can connect with friends from far away and it's fun and easy to use.
Quick simple and fun.
Simple effective fun useful.

Love heytell so easy and convenient to use. found in 806 reviews
Hey tell is absolutely amazing I love it. found in 2061 reviews
I loooooooooovvvvvveeeeee Heytell - fun way to keep in touch with friends & family all the time. found in 321 reviews
-messages wont send
Good alternative to texting when you don't feel like typing too much. found in 21 reviews
but wish you could direct connect without having to press accept. found in 17 reviews
but would love a chance to review message before sending. found in 29 reviews
It let's me talk to my friends and family instantly and effortlessly. found in 18 reviews
Easy way to communicate if not wanting to use minutes or texts. found in 8 reviews
-getting empty messages when you shouldn't. found in 10 reviews
PLEASE add the ability to delete multiple messages. found in 14 reviews
Needs bluetooth and louder alerts. found in 7 reviews
I wish it had a non speaker phone option though. found in 10 reviews
More personal way to connect to friends and family. found in 57 reviews
Btw: some people mentioned they don't get alerts for new messages. found in 29 reviews
Great for use while driving and when you just don't feel like texting. found in 52 reviews
I wish the address book was a little more selective. found in 11 reviews
Notifications don't always work and sometimes difficult to add contacts. found in 9 reviews
Perfect app the only thing is sometimes it doesn't notify me. found in 13 reviews
I just wish the messages went into the text message place. found in 8 reviews
awesome platform to connect with friends in either Group Chat. found in 10 reviews
Example: the way you sign in and add people on Skype. found in 12 reviews
Only problem is the recording device stops working sometimes. found in 10 reviews
Bluetooth support would make this app that much better. found in 17 reviews
but push notifications don't work. found in 9 reviews
and if u try to send multiple messages. found in 14 reviews
Then it tells me the recording device is unable to record. found in 10 reviews
If too many messages fill the inbox. found in 11 reviews
Doesn't alert me when I get a message for some reason. found in 5 reviews
but when I send one. found in 9 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download HeyTell for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new HeyTell app version 3.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about HeyTell in Voxilate`s Official Website : http://heytell.com

HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk with and locate friends and family. No account needed -- just start the app, choose a contact, and push the button to start ...
I like this app very much but I do have an issue with it There are times where I wont get any notifications yes they are turned on saying I have a message from my husband It is a great app and it makes it easier to talk your loved ones and friends without the need for texting              Great app if you dont feel like typing
Since I upgraded to iPhone six I have not been able to use this HeyTel app I have contacted customer service with a tail and Im still unable to use this app                 Unhappy
I got this app and I went to use it with my friendit told me to use a contact so I chose my friend It kept saying that she wasnt registered even though she was not worth it guys     Waste of time
I had Hey Tell and got an alert that there was an update I tapped it in my App Store app and a screen came up saying Hey Tell will begin to download now and my App Store app froze right there Ive tried everything to get rid of the Hey Tell frozen message including deleting the Hey Tell app from my iPod but nothing works Now my App Store app is useless Thanks Hey Tell     STAY AWAY
I use this daily There are always so many bugs app closing messages cut off etc but I use it daily I personally hate that inboxes are always full What does that mean Why cant heytell inboxes be large enough to hold more than a few messages Also its very frustrating that the messages are routinely cut off           Useful but frustrating
This app is great I use it instead of texting my family friends and coworkers when driving A couple of bugs have caught my eye though Rarely the app will stop sending messages and give me error messages as if I have an iPod touch vs An iPhone as if I have no microphone Easy fix though just restart                 Great App I use it everyday NEXTEL without the cost
Use this app often when sending a quick message Very easy to use              Great app
I would like to see a vibrate only option within the app and the ability to choose other alert tones Update August 27 2014 What happened to the push notifications              Feature Request
Speaker problem errors I dont enjoy using this anymore after using it for so long with no problems Please address issues     Current version is full of problems
Fun way to talk to your ppl with calling or texting them              Fun
Nice app to have if you dont feel like texting or talking much                 Great App
This is a great application for those times when you just dont want to text while still getting a message or two to someone I do wish you could send more than three messages at a time and that you could talk longer but still love the app                 Great Application
uhhhhh     stopid
I was a little skeptical when my bf introduced me to heytell but now after two months I have to say Im addicted The convenience of being able to quickly access the app and leave a message without having to text is just awesome                 Great app
If the app was able to deliver messages with content as often as it delivers empty messages or freezes up trying to load incoming messages theyd really be on to something As it is its only useful about 13 of the time        Nice when it works which isnt often
We love this app works great easy to use faster and safer than texting                 Use daily
This app is great for quick voice messages It works very fast and it does what it says                 Excelent app
This is an awesome app                 Love this app
Wonderful idea awesome application                 Love it
Please fix the speaker issue for 802 I have to turn the speaker on every time I open the app Used to work just fine before the update              Speaker for Heytell
I love sending stupid messages to my Ahole friends                 Love it
Very useful                 Not bad
Use this to have asynch conversations with my friends that moved to New Zealand and Philly                 Use almost daily for years
Fun app that I use to chat with friends              Love it
I love heytell but there is one huge annoyance that Im sure I cant be the only who it aggravates Notifications should come after the sending user lifts their finger off of the HeyTell button Its such a waste of my time to get a notification and then have to see the little wheel and have to wait until theyre done talking Knowing theyre talking does nothing for me I want to know when I have an actual message that I can respond to immediately              Love the App One Huge Annoyance
Ive got family and friends who travel a lot and we use HeyTell to communicate when theyre overseas                 Love this app
Love this app Works great at work so I dont have to stop and text someone                 Awesome
Easy to use and super fun                 So much fun
Love this                 Very easy to use
Been using it for years Love it                 Great App
Great app Easy to use Safe to use when driving                 Heytell
So far so good with this app I love how I can connect with family friends colleagues etc in real time and using our voices Its so much more personal and so much easier                 Great app
Its fun                 Awesome
Have always really liked this app have used it for years Has worked like a charm for me wife flawlessly                 Been using for years
I use this app everyday to communicate with coworkers So much easier than texting Thank you so much you rock                 Just awesome
i use it for everything from business to personal no more typing to fast and simple                 No more typing
Really wish I could assign my own ringtones and notifications to every aspect of the app I would like to change the tone when recording and have my own custom tones for incoming messages        Would be nice But
I can chat with my friends in USA                 Good appl
Lately its gotten weird Messages will play but the audio starts from one person Ive gotten a message from even though the icon that shows you are playing a message currently isnt the current message being played Ive closed the app and reopened it and occasionally itll still act up Today I received the audio could not play message I think once the iOS 8 update comes out maybe things will be a little better I like using HeyTell just the bugs need to be squashed           Needs an update
Great fun app I use it with my techs to sight in cameras and its cool                 Awesome
It would get a perfect 5 star if you could save conversations with others I talk a lot with grandkids would love to save              Love Hey tell
I like it              Good stuff
I love HeyTell exclaimed its very accessible exclaim I read it five stars Acclaim keep up the good work explain girl voiceover accessible exclaim thank you                 Me
The app works fine for me There is only one problem and a major one if you tap the speaker button to switch audio to the earphone for private playback of messages the ringing is also switched to be output from earphone instead of the system speaker This makes the ring volume so low you are just going to miss all messages coming in The ring volume should have its control separated from the message playback        Fix the ring volume control
I really like this app Its really convenient and much quicker than texting and safer than texting while driving I love how I can save messagesI just went back and listened to heytells from summer 2013 and it brought back memories Virtual scrapbook                 So handy
Great app Great way to send quick messages to friends              Love it
This app has assisted me in Marriott contexts The creation of groups and the diversification of sounds is tremendous It is also much safer to utilize while driving and texting It occasionally has foibles and some messages are sometimes delayed However these are few and in frequent Wonderful app                 Extremely Versatile App
I am sorry I have to leave a low rating The app itself is great I love it But the latest iOS updates causes this app to function very poorlyI do not know if these bugs can be fixed or not it might just be iOS being a piece of crap lately Most annoying bug is when I get a notification that there is a message I click on the appThe app opens and then the message starts for a second and the entire app freezes This happens every time and I have to close kill the app and then restart I truly hope this can be fixed by the developer but it May be out of his hands        Buggy
It is easy to use and lots of fun I recommend it for easy back and forth conversations                 Hey tell
I loved it until the new update came out for the iPhonenow it always says audio erroryou guys need to address this issue ASAP        It needs updated

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