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Paul Avery , the publisher behind many iOS app (Holy Bible HD ,GreekGrams ,Holy Bible ,GreekFlash ,HebrewFlash Biblical ,Propina!), brings Holy Bible with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Holy Bible app has been update to version 5.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is my favorite free offline bible program for my iPod..
  • A nice Bible reading app thanks for writing it..
  • EVERY other version either changes the word of God or eliminates verses..
  • Awesome bible study tools that's functional and more available..
Overall Satisfactionclick me85
This is one of the best bible apps available for free.
It is most likely the best Bible app out there.
Best Bible App now crashes every time.
and more translations and is prompt with responses via e-mail.
Great app but please please please get more translations.
But I really enjoy reading this iPhone version thanks Paul.
Thank you and God bless you FOR doing this great application.
I love the parallel option to see two Bibles at once.
For God so loved the world.
Fun & Engagingclick me77
and more translations and is prompt with responses via e-mail.
add more translations - desprately want Amplified Bible3.
Great app but please please please get more translations.
Awesome bible study tools that's functional and more available.
Awesome Bible App and awesome updates thanks Paul.
Usefulnessclick me65
This app is so helpful and has many great features.
rinse and repeatu2026 I had to delete everything.
Thanks for useful app.
I love this app and use it every day.
Convenient and useful.
Ease of Useclick me85
it's easy to navigate and gives you two versions of the bible.
I am now unable to navigate anywhere.
Easy to find verses and a great study tool.
this makes a simple Bible program extremely useful.
Clean interface with easy navigation.
Convenient and useful.
especially for simple reading.
Reliabilityclick me55
Updates & Supportclick me63
For those of you who are recommending the niv version.
Also does NOT have the NIV version.
I love the fact that This app provides the King James Version.
Don't complane because the king James version has too many big words.


Holy Bible is an easy to use Bible app with many translations. Each translation resides on the iPhone/iPod touch. The only time you ever need an internet connection is to download new Bibles.


Note: No copyrighted Bibles (NIV, NASB, NKJV, ESV, etc.)...because I cannot afford to pay the up-front royalty fees.

Holy BibleHoly Bible


If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Holy Bible for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Holy Bible app version 5.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Holy Bible check developer Paul Avery`s website :
Holy Bible


This is the best Free Bible app you can find on iTunes. found in 47 reviews
It is most likely the best Bible app out there. found in 522 reviews
This is one of the best bible apps available for free. found in 565 reviews
Update removed iPhone 5 support. found in 5 reviews
it needs niv please add niv version I'll pay 5. found in 53 reviews
OS 3 update and crash. found in 8 reviews
Upgraded to latest version and have issues when starting new chapters. found in 5 reviews
since this recent update it won't open. found in 2 reviews
Now unfortunately I need an update to fix this new "crash". found in 17 reviews
but it freezes when you try to change books. found in 1 reviews
Keep getting corrupt message on my new iPhone 4. found in 1 reviews
but I just wish you could LISTEN to the bible. found in 7 reviews
Can't figure out how to change books ie Genesisi toLuke to James. found in 26 reviews
that was until one day I noticed misplaced and missing verses. found in 7 reviews
there's just one major problem with that. found in 2 reviews
It began to crash when I changed one of my highlighting settings. found in 9 reviews
Great app but it only needs NLT translation. found in 3 reviews
now it crashes every time I open the app. found in 2 reviews
If it ain't broke don't fix it. found in 3 reviews
But please add the NIV translation. found in 9 reviews
i would like to see NIV or NKJV. found in 3 reviews
My favorite Bible app but has some basic UI issues. found in 1 reviews
and would never send a crash report. found in 3 reviews
and email to send crash log to is not valid. found in 4 reviews
Let us turn off the search engine. found in 10 reviews
There is no New American translation for Catholics. found in 5 reviews
No longer works with 1st Generation iOS Devices. found in 3 reviews
But now it only crashes to the home screen. found in 12 reviews
Please let me know how to fix. found in 17 reviews
Can't find actual Bible text in this thing. found in 9 reviews
Can't choose what I want to read. found in 6 reviews
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Excellent program for keeping up with a sermon and checking out deeper meanings of words It allows you to find where that Greek or Hebrew word is also used It has never locked up are given me any problems                Bible
I still need to review everything this app has to offer but right away theres a problem I decided to download this app based upon the other reviews which are all great but this bible did not have everything that I was wanting I am looking for an app with a daily read closely related to a traditional daily bible reading plan There was many choices to customize your daily readings but this one doesnt include psalms and proverb together on any of the daily reading choices I would like to have these books added as a daily reading with the OT and NT Question for the developers Can you add these books for daily reading plan choices to the next version so ppl can have a move well rounded daily reading experience       Daily reading dont include Psalms and Proverb
Very quick pulls up and navigates instantly Easy to navigate tons of customization options I recommend Baskerville font and for just a couple bucks tons of notes and commentaries Has the online ESV and several other translations offline Just discovered the very nice notes system which sorts notes by chapter very quick and easy way to take notes This is the best Bible app out there                Fastest and simplest app for reading the Bible
Finally a kjv bible app that is clean fast simple to use and available to read offline                Sweet little app
Experiencing notes missing Only partial of what I typed is showing Also the keyboard covers the words when typing Have to hide the keyboard and resume typing       Notes missing and keyboard issues
It is hard to read the bible seriously without attention to its language Few of us read Greek or Hebrew with ease but we may still want access to these versions preferably with the guidance of one or more competent vernacular versions This app does all in its power to facilitate this effort I love being able to display two or even three versions in parallel One can always wish for more I suppose My wish would be for the inclusion of the apocryphal books But such a wish seems ungrateful for the great richness of content and the userfriendly formatting already here and the generosity care and insight that informs both the original app and its occasional always well conceived revisions                Splendidly useful
The app is far better and offers far more than the modest description on iTunes would suggest The navigation is easy and intuitive the array of editions available is extensive the search function is impressive find your every guilt the customization of appearance is well thought out the ability to display a variety of editions sidebyside is superthe list goes on Right now Im looking at KJV Greek and Latin on the iPad sidebyside And also on the iPhone in portrait or landscape And all that is free Congratulations and thanks to Paul Avery                An astonishingly fine production
I use and depend on this program daily The study tools and foreign language capability make it my most used Bible tool It grows on me the longer I use it I wishpray that my enjoyment of this resource would be the experience of all the men in our church By now you all ought to be teachers                Professor Xie
I have tried many different bible apps This one is best Firstly for the multiple ways it integrates different versions Second for the many commentary available Third the resources oh Spurgeon and Towzer are priceless                Top notch
I really like this app its easy to useAlso easy to readIt makes reading the bible easyI use this app at home at church also when I want to read the bibleIts always handy                Holy Bible
Content Functionallity Helps are ALL YOU WILL NEED to Study Teach Preach                The BEST of The BEST
This is an awesome app with great features and a great bible to praise and glorify the Lord                Holy Bible
Bible app is good for reading and getting through daily devotions but for study purposes it isa little difficult It is harder to change chapters in the same book without touching the red lettering of the book when you go back to selections and then there is the issue with the notes section I had upgraded to a ipad mini 2 with retina and I uploaded everything to icloud thinking I would get all my notes back but I didnt I lost everything A heartbreaker for sure I do love the copy and paste and the ease of the notes but getting back to my notes is not easy Then I had to take the app completely off my ipad and redownload it to get the Bible selection to stop turn the app off I will continue to use it as I have not found one I like better             Ive had some issues
Very well written app I only read the KJV and the study tools are quite useful                Love It
This is a great app Ive been using it for probably about 7 years now This new update took away my colored buttons and passage selector as a list I loved those two things and would really like them back in the app Unless I just cant find them                Great but I miss what you had
This IS the bible app you are looking for It simply just works No other app worked for me They either crashed needed logins that crashed or where just sooooo slow WITH CRASHES Not this app I only needed to use this app for 30 seconds to know that it was the one The replacement i had been searching for The only thing i would like to see is the addition of the NKJV bible Bit thats it                Blazing fast so easy and simple
Love the colors and underlining it doesnt mess up effect my iPad or iPhone like other programs I downloaded I think its great                Love it
Why are a bunch of verses missing And adding good stuff and adding satanic bible verses And gay marriage No No stop tampering with Gods word this is sick       What is this world coming too
I absolutely love this app It gives you full screen to read from feels like youre holding actual Book on the same screen it gives you different translations to compare and study the Word Very user friendly                The best Bible app out there
Fast and helpful such a valuable tool in my worship and research             Perfect for my needs
This app is 100 perfect Good to use at church                PERFECT
This app keeps me focused on Gods Word                Daily Blessings
Great for church or just any morning I forgot or lost my bible                Awesome
I love this app for daily reading I do the scheduled readings but also its so easy for church reading or everyday bible reading time Sure wish I could find this particular app for my windows computer                Great app
Why am I missing passages          Missing
This is awesome thanks I use it daily                Great
Ive had this app for quite some time now Its truly one of my go to apps Ive downloaded any number of Bible apps and this one is by far the best It gives you a lot of excellent study tools for the price You might spend 50 plus on some apps to get what you get here The Mantis Bible app is good example So is the Glow Bible If youre looking for modern translations this one only has the ESV online Its free to use though Everything else is offline once you download it from the internal menus Theres a fee for additional content but is a one time fee Any new addons are free Definitely recommend                Just get this one
This is a great study tool                Great
This the best Bible App that I have found Four translations can be viewed side by side Very useful when questioned words or thoughts appear in one or more of the translations that one is using Also study notes can be purchased at a very reasonable cost making is very convenient to immediately switch to which commentator one wants to use I am very happy that I found this app I usually use it on a daily basis My one regret is that I would like to donate to this great work I can find no way to do so                Best Bible App
This app provides several free Bibles and quality commentaries in an integrated format I like the way that you can select a commentary or other help and it goes to the section corresponding to the text that you had been reading The same thing applies to different versions of the Bible making it easy to compare one with another                Lots of versions and helps
I primarily use the KJV bible and so this app is the one I like the most its free its got daily reading plans included you can bookmark and highlight and bring up history etcIf youre a longtime user please consider buying the addon pack the developer claims to be a full time missionary who codes this in his free time incredible                My favorite bible app
This app is the most informative and easytouse Bible app I have tried I love it Even without more modern translations and audioBible features its still my favorite             Best Bible App
Very useful great tools for study and easy to use Recommended                Great Bible
I LOVE the multiple colored highlighter feature Make it so easy to organize scripture for later reference And I love the ability to compare references My ONLY wish was that it had NIV                LOVE LOVE LOVE
Excellent App for Bible Study and Church as it needs no internet connection Thank God Able to read Bible anywhere and at all times Love the ease of navigation and rich resources and study tools for deeper study of scriptures Parallel view of different Bibles is Great I use App everyday with no problems or ads                Christian Soldier
It is very faster you just touch the app and in five seconds opens the Bible I recommend you this app Download it and read on                Its a great Bible app
It works perfectly for my use as a travel Bible on my iPad There are several translations available you just need to make sure you have the translation downloaded before disconnecting from the internet                My only Bible for Travel
What is up with certain translations removing verses and whole passages of the text I am extremely unhappy and will be removing the app It is no longer accurate so there is no point to it    Removing passages
This app needs the NIV version because when they tell us to follow along at church we use NIV so that needs to be on this app             I love but
This has been my go to Bible for a few years now All the addons are worth their weight in gold I highly recommend their purchase I wish there was more in regards to alternative translations from the Septuagint and Aramaic for example                Great tool to study with
Of all the Bible apps I have tried and more often than not endured Pauls is the cleanest most streamlined least cluttered with fluff and most user friendly and intuitive It has been my goto app and every time I review new Bible apps I reminded all over again that simple is best and this app does everything I need and want it to do for me                Paul Avery Bible
I noticed that you cannot download the NKJV that should also be part of this app             Needs NKJV
Easy Quick Wonderful                Fantastic
Love this app I cant believe its freeGreat job                Wow
I love this app and have used it for nearly ten years All of the updates have been timely and helpful The bible tools are write at your finger tips All of my notes and highlights are kept in this app and sync with my iPad because I use my iPhone with this app in church and dont carry my bible anymore This app should get an award                Exceptional must have bible app
Best bible app in AppStore Only thing missing is that audio option where they read to you                Not bad
When I read John 8 on this bible app it only had 49 verses It is supposed to have 59 This needs to be fixed because its wrong    John 8 has 59 verses not 49
Love this app and use it a lot but several things on the latest update I do not like When choosing a book to go to it used to put the current book at the top but now it only changed the color in the list to red I hate this My big fingers have a hard enough time hitting the right book to begin with this just makes it tougher to change chapters in the same book please put it back at the top My other big complaint is the bottom icons there is no reason for them to take up the whole bottom row it was much better when they were just halfway across the bottom on the right side with more reading room I understand the idea behind making updates and keeping the app current but you need to think is this really better As I said I love the app but this current update is not an improvement I would call it a downgrade          Love the app but not the last update
This is my favorite Holy Bible app I can bookmark highlight in different colors and share verses by linking to different social media sites facebook Twitter etc There are also different versions of the bible NKJ NET etc and different languages A must have for your phone Keep this with you on your device in case you dont have your physical bible available GOD BLESS                Best


Paul Avery
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.5.1

iOS Holy Bible 5.5.1 Mobile

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