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Description - Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent , the publisher behind many iOS app (Mortgage Calculator$ , - TalkNow ,Homes Connect , Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent , real estate search ,Home Seekers), brings Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc86
    Better than Zillow BY FAR.
    I love the ability to set addresses and show distance to those addresses.
    I will recommend to my friends.
    It is perfectly designed app with amazing user interface.
    It's easy to use to find rental house everywhere.
    Useful and powerful.
    Production Valuesc97
    Very clean and responsive interface.
    Ease of Usec95
    House/Room Hunting Make Easy.
    Simple Easy and Neat Features.
    Very easy user interface.
    The fact that the interface is so easy to use makes it that much better.
    map search made simple.
    and ver intuitive application.

    Hopefully more and more people start using home. found in 1 reviews
    especially by " pets allowed ". found in 1 reviews
    Just want I was looking for to find my new place. found in 1 reviews
    connect instantly with rental property managers to check availability. found in 2 reviews
    finding your next rental home has never been simpler. found in 3 reviews
    I have been looking non stop for a home or apartment. found in 2 reviews
    Map Search is very accurate. found in 5 reviews
    First real estate app I have used. found in 2 reviews
    Love being able to use the map feature to find rentals nearby. found in 1 reviews
    sure beats the old days of driving around looking for a place to live. found in 6 reviews
    lots of great information at your fingertips. found in 1 reviews
    Great search app for home rentals and such. found in 4 reviews
    It's easy to use to find rental house everywhere. found in 23 reviews
    Filter options are great too. found in 2 reviews
    I will recommend to my friends. found in 1 reviews
    I love the searchable map feature. found in 4 reviews
    not quite sure if you're getting the best deal. found in 1 reviews
    but still nothing for rent here. found in 7 reviews
    but not all the time is accurate. found in 1 reviews
    The constantly-updating map makes location searching a snap. found in 1 reviews
    but I really like the interface. found in 1 reviews
    Most apps don't have a very big selection. found in 1 reviews
    Wish it provided school information though. found in 1 reviews
    Nice but too many bugs. found in 1 reviews
    I wish they have more listings though :. found in 2 reviews
    It does not work in my country. found in 1 reviews
    App keeps freezing and I'm unable to load filters. found in 1 reviews
    but I'd like to see more comprehensive listings. found in 1 reviews
    Can't specify acreage. found in 1 reviews
    Crashed twice within a 3 minute period. found in 1 reviews
    Too Bad was hoping for an App that worked. found in 1 reviews
    GPS search errors. found in 1 reviews
    and no there is nothing wrong with my wifi connection. found in 1 reviews
    LA etc shows an error message saying "Location Can not be found". found in 1 reviews
    Bug fix ASAP. found in 1 reviews
    Can't even search " Current Location ". found in 2 reviews
    Not good for houses. found in 3 reviews
    Continuous loading. found in 1 reviews
    Instant crash. found in 1 reviews
    It's very frustrating. found in 1 reviews

    The Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 59.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-22.
    Bottom Line: For more information about Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent check developer`s website :

    Let assist you in finding the perfect rental home. Instantly find your next rental from an intuitive map search view in your target area. Whether you re looking for an apartment, condo, town home, or ...
    Love it                     Great app shamdoris1
    The filters are awesome and have allowed me to streamline my search                 Great app rsammyt
    Open the app loads to location search can t get past no matter what I select No bueno     Can t get past location search SimplySega
    Love the maps i                     Housing Glenster49
    Well done                     Awesome ivandominguez007
    This app is very user friendly and I especially like the commute feature so I can see instantly how far a home is from work instead of having to google map every address like other apps                     Love the commute feature Joemamaoftwins
    This app makes looking for a new place fast simple and fun Highly recommend                     Love mamabarvi
    love this app                     this app CansasR
    I like this app however it should be a requirement of at least 5 pics and not the same ones Personally I feel like if you only show pics on the outside then it s probably the only thing that looks good                     I like the app Tiffany 2k10
    Easy to use my fav of the various apps available                     Great app AjDaizey
    The app a snapshot visibility of available homes Some pics do not include a pic from the outside Would to more from around the homes                 Handy App CW4Sanchez
    Sooo happy with app                     Found it Barso603
    Lots of listings and easy to use                     Great Rental App Frannie-Erin
    So lucky I found this app all the other ones I found only listed the same three houses this has a lot more options with pics and info needed                 Impressed Mommymonster212
    So far so good                     Finding our new rental Allie cat 0207
    This app is easy to use I like the filter to allow me to change what I want to tailor to my needs and wants It makes it easy to map out locations prices and addresses No complaints from me                     Great App DessiPepsi
    De las m s completas y b squeda s per f cil recomendada mil por ciento                     Awesome app MacBerkeley
    Easy to use and I like that it will notify me when something comes available                 Easy to use Shaydrak
    Love that I can see the listings easily and how they pop up on the map my concern is on how current the information is I noticed when I contact the realtors the listings aren t always available             Current Report Info Theatre72!
    I love the search function and how the map re sets It s just that the listings are all on other sites and are very old You can t be sure the listings are even updated since they remain here after Zillow and trulia have marked a change in availability There seems to be no advantage to this app they should consider featuring HOUSE APARTMENTS more since every other app includes the sterile overpriced corporate apartments nobody wants             App interface is great listings way too limitec KatWalk65
    This app is amazing                     Love it kaylarayshell
    Good app but needs improvements with filters as most real estate apps do Nothing special noticed from others i e Trulia but minimal bugs w iOS 10 so far                 Good start pprewett
    Flawless app Well I just wish they had a mandatory five photo minimum for all their listings Ha                     Great App DF20111346884790
    Perfect setup easy to use                     Great App Mattm6522
    This app is great                     Nice Fcruz1557
    I love this app Just found me a new home Thank you                     Most helpful Royal honeybee
    This is a really good app definitely if you are a first time home buyer or renter I like being able to see pictures of the house on the inside                     Awesome Ashleydon22
    It s so easy to use and give a lot of info                     User friendly Ashlynn me
    Not any problem until now it s easy and I like it                 Si far is good Aleessy
    I ve been using several apps lately to find a home and none compare to this one Tons of properties in our rural area and very easy to use                     User Friendly Savanah1991
    This is a great app and very easy to use And makes looking for a home very convenient The map is great and will scroll in any area to show houses available                     Love this app BreeLee428
    I have found the app easy to use and that is what is important to me              Easy to use
    makes my life easier in searching for a house                 very helpful app
    I love the map feature              Very nice
    Muy fácil y rápido de encontrar casa para renta                 Me encanta
    Super easy to use very friendly and helpful                 Awesome app
    The filter which is hard to find doesnt work It doesnt save anything you put in the price column I dont know if other parts of the filter work since the app is useless without such basic functionality     Filter Broken Useless
    This app is useless Every time I try to use it it freezes on me Its so slow that its pointless to even bother using it The only reason I downloaded it is because the website keeps crashing Safari I bounce back and forth between the two to try and make progress on my house hunt but it ends up being a huge waste of time     Not great
    Search engine does not load locations filters doesnt update and app constantly crashes     Worst app to look for rentals
    Great simple way to search for homes if you are seriously buying Functional and not just for window shopping                 Great simple way to search for homes
    Ok app but nothing takes away the stress of looking for a house           Review
    This is a good app easy to use and mapbased I just wish a they would update their database more frequently to eliminate listings that are no longer available              Good but need to update listings more frequently
    Crashed twice within a 3 minute period Uninstalled     Crashes
    I keep getting a message that the GPS cannot locate the locations I am putting in Major cities So deleting A shame because I had heard good things about the app     A mess
    Its a GREAT app                 Its so easy to use I love this app
    App keeps freezing and Im unable to load filters Has nice features but needs to work properly to be a useful app           Needs work
    Nice app Easy to use              First real estate app I have used
    No matter what I put in the search box I got nothing but a message stating their gps couldnt find the location Could locate my current location no counties nor any major cities let alone small ones or townships Do not recommend Extremely frustrating so I am deleting the app     Rentals Simplified
    Very disappointed Cannot filter search on any criteria other than city and distance ie bedbath Also agree with prior posts that when there are multiple posts it stalls and never loads Lots of work needed to be functional     NOT functioning
    Says loading but never loads so I cannot view any properties How frustrating and no there is nothing wrong with my wifi connection     Continuous loading
    This would be the best app I use hands down I love this app I look at it everyday BUT the houses with no pictures and the call houses are really frustrating You see the best part of this app is that you can see what is available Price photos and info It saves everyone time and money No long drives in the car And I think all the houses listed on your site should be required to fallow these simple rules Houses that are furnished vacation rentals should be listed on a totally different site being that it is a completely different need for the shopper I wouldnt look on a vacation rental site to shop for a year long lease So Im not really sure why super bowl week rentals were all over this site I can speak for myself and a few others its an annoyance Create another app if you feel the need to be involved I do still see some of this going on and wish they were to be pulled Outside of those few things I can actually say I enjoy using this app I refer it to others daily landlords and tenants You have a great thing here Please fine tune it to make it perfect Thank you for all your efforts to make finding a home easy I really do appreciate the time its taken to be where you are today Ive located my next home Thank you              Love this app One problem keeps it from 5
    very good app but if your area has nothing to show then the app will not help you that much                 nice so far
    My wife and I spent one month looking for a place to live This was one of the better apps because of the ease selection and not just a place where the large complexes throw adds Found great places with the filters that i didnt see on other sites                 Great filter and selection
    Needs to be updated on rentals and home availability but works for basic needs              Not very accurate but good for basic needs
    Excellent App I keep it on my iPhone iPad as well as my Laptop It comes as a great resource when I need it Thanks                 App
    Unable to login or create an account Unable to view listings Very few show up on the map The ones that do under houses appear like they are in apartment complexes Just a terrible app     Completely useless
    Fake houses for rent     Homes
    So far so good the agents have been replying back I couldnt give full stars yet Im waiting to see the volume of the homes I chose to receive info on against how many are still on the market Accuracy and honesty is a very important issue that my family and I have encountered with apps like these previously I will post a new review regarding results however for now so far so good           I like it
    Low end app All I can find are apartments even though I turned apartment search off Dont download     Not good for houses
    This app is great Looking for a place to rent is made easy Tried the Zillow app too but this one is the best              Better than Zillow BY FAR
    I have tried to use it and cant It seems to only want to use GPS to show whats available locally I need to move across country and it wont show me another city     Cant use it so far
    I love this app                 Great app
    Amazing and a big help                 Great
    Since the last upgrade this app has been useless When group of rentals are available it just searches with no outcome of results Its very frustrating I used to love this app but now its useless going to delete     Used to be good
    Its really App Thats help to find the right place to move on                 Good App
    Great features                 Excellent app
    Cant even search Current Location every try to search any city including major cities like NY Seattle LA etc shows an error message saying Location Can not be found Ironically the location shows after typing the first part of the address but the error comes up after hitting Add Deleting this app     Useless GPS search errors
    offers so little info and has a price range selector but then it turns up all listings that say call STOP wasting my time     dumb
    This app is ok i guess it needs more listings in the inland empire and in the mountains           Hubie
    Takes too long to load           Just okay
    Very easy user interface Its been helpful at looking at specific areas I give it 5 stars                 So far so good
    Even a city with 250000 people returns GPS cant locate How absurd maybe just needs update but at this point useless on iPad     Too Bad was hoping for an App that worked
    Excellent way to check the market Especially if you are looking in an area that is foreign to you I understand that all prices are negotiable Easy to use interface Great information A must have app                 Excellent tool
    Starting to use it           So far its good
    I really like this app and it would be worth 5 stars if it didnt constantly crash on my IPad It also has trouble loading the pics I love the layout and the fact that you can click on street view and actually see the property Please fix the crashing and loading problems and it will be perfect           Needs work
    Easy to use nice pics                 Best app
    Use it every time I relocate And its often I would add another star if schools and ratings were added              Love this app
    I have been looking non stop for a home or apartment This app really breaks it down with lots of info                 Works Great
    Its easy to find why your looking for When you type in a city you come up with the selection you have filtered Most apps dont have a very big selection This one does              Amazing app
    Good app              EZ to use Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Rentals – Homes & Apartments for Rent Lifestyle

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