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AnchorFree Inc, the publisher behind many iOS app (Secure Keyboard by Hotspot Shield ,Hotspot Shield Free Privacy & Security VPN Proxy ,Easy Pay Keyboard by Hotspot Shield - Simple & Secure Credit Card & Debit Card Payment ,Hotspot Shield VPN ,Hotspot Shield Free Unlimited VPN Proxy - Basic), brings Hotspot Shield VPN with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hotspot Shield VPN app has been update to version 1.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Now I can buy desktop version and iPad together..
  • My school doesn't trust its students on youtube and social media..
  • I can watch my favorite tv shows without any worries..
  • Able to play games or watch Netflix in other countries..

Overall Satisfactionc77
Its the best vpn app ive ever seen.
This application is the worst VPN app I have ever used.
I love the service of this app.
Best app in Apple Store.
This is the best vpn shield I've ever used thanks.
Thank wonderful program.
thank you creators of hotspot shield.
it's the best deal there is.
Tech support was helpful.
Really Useful in School.
Social Aspectsc71
My school doesn't trust its students on youtube and social media.
and any other social media while on wifi.
Ease of Usec85
Security & Privacyc78
I feel more secure with it now.
Seems an excellent shield for privacy and security.
for me work good and good privacy protection data.
Updates & Supportc19
Plus the customer service is excellent.
I have been using the Elite version for almost three years.
Now I can buy desktop version and iPad together.

I've been using Hot Spot Shield for 2 yrs. found in 8 reviews
totally great for bypassing ObamaNet. found in 4 reviews
Also I save some data due the data compression. found in 8 reviews
Seems an excellent shield for privacy and security. found in 5 reviews
I love this app it helps soo much. found in 2 reviews
Love the data savings and extra security. found in 5 reviews
Great app saves money gives peace of mind and the price is right. found in 2 reviews
Just don't like the new update. found in 1 reviews
Was unable to establish a connection on either device. found in 9 reviews
Unfortunately in auto mode the connection is not reliable. found in 4 reviews
Disconnects way too often and takes a long time to connect. found in 70 reviews
Open iOS device Settings. found in 3 reviews
Removed app and still asking me to renew contract. found in 19 reviews
I don't want the elite subscription. found in 3 reviews
Won't renew my subscription. found in 3 reviews
It's seemingly a problem with connecting to the VPN servers. found in 23 reviews
Stuck on establishing connection never work ples fix this. found in 17 reviews
open that & remove the profile. found in 7 reviews
Actually many time I am facing connection problem. found in 2 reviews
my Internet connection became very slow and unstable. found in 23 reviews
Intermittent - usually will not connect without restarting iPad. found in 1 reviews
Won't connect to server I beginning. found in 3 reviews
but usually just slows down Internet traffic. found in 2 reviews
Remove the Configuration Profile from iOS Settings :
Good App but ANNOYING POP UPS even after you pay. found in 1 reviews
So I can't access blocked websites from school. found in 8 reviews
their customer service cannot be reached by phone. found in 18 reviews
Plus it ruined my internet connection and browser. found in 23 reviews
several email accounts would not even open. found in 10 reviews
but switching to manual mode doesn't always work. found in 14 reviews
Going to settings and turning VPN OFF is useless. found in 29 reviews
tech support can't even get my login information correct. found in 15 reviews
I'm unable to watch that video and keep getting error 16. found in 16 reviews
There is NO option to turn it off. found in 42 reviews
it also take awhile to load when browsing the web. found in 10 reviews
It is about the month Since I subscribed for elite version. found in 9 reviews
Attempted to Hack my gmail twice within 5 min of downloading. found in 15 reviews
Since there have been some issues with iOS 6. found in 15 reviews
basically my device couldn't connect to the VPN server. found in 23 reviews
it bogged down my Internet speed to zero. found in 10 reviews
Works temporarily and then forces you to purchase the app. found in 14 reviews

The Hotspot Shield VPN is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.4 MB to download. The new Hotspot Shield VPN app version 1.7 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Hotspot Shield VPN check developer AnchorFree Inc`s website :

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Great App                 The Best
This app is really good but one thing I dont like is that it costs so much for a month and year to have its like a lot and I cant afford it but I love that it gives a 7 day trial but otherwise I LOVE THE APP              APP IS AMAZING
Big fan                 Does what it says on the box
I have use it for one year it is amazing and I will renew my account                 Great app
Good Thanks                 Hotspot
This app hardly ever works Ive tried everything but there are times like now that its useless Find another     The worst app ever
Hands down it works                 5 stars
it looks nice                 nice
When I first got VPN I went with the free trial and I couldnt access any social media Twitter Snapchat Instagram etc Instead if it letting me use blocked apps it didnt even let me use the web at all I suggest you get support from one the administrators because this app doesnt do what it says it does     Not Good
Amazing           Great
Love this app tried the week free subscription after it was over I didnt bother purchasing the year subscription It works the same as it would without it I work at a high school and they block so many apps and websites that I need for my classes its great having VPN                 Perfect for work
App allows only a 1 week trial After the week your internet is disabled until you turn off the VPN Not a good solution for a free VPN I am moving on     Only a 1 week trial Move on
Awesome for school wifi                 Loveeeee it
Its amazing app ever                 Nk Nono
Amazing                 Great
A real and great app regional problem solver                 Great app
This is awesome i love it                 vpn
Its beset brogram antil now                 Thats very good
Good                 Good
its working well so far during the free trial period                 so far so good
I cannot even do anything within the app as It crashes too fast     Constantly crashes
Since I updated I cant get on some websites such as Instagram and Facebook        Wont work since I got iOS 9
مفعوول                 فااعل
Since the last update Im seeing push notifications for events where I can use VPN Dont send me ads No option to turn this off except to disable notifications all together Canceling my subscription and going with a competitor     Ad push notifications without an off option
Another level of confidence for a small price                 Painless Protection
ممتاز أتمنى يكون مجاني                 عاشق الآيفون
Im pleased to report that this works well in China over both Wifi and 3G4G                 Works well in China
I love this app it is awesome                 This is the best app
Love this app just wish the vpn was free and unlimited                 VPN
nice                 nice
كلنا واحد                 مايحتاج
How do I get this off of my iPod like I tried turning its off and it turns right back on and I also tried uninstalling the app Ugh I want this off of my iPod        Stuff
I love it                
Paid for app Cant create an account or actually use it Great quality     What the F
Love it                 The best and the fastest vpn app
Lets me bypass school security Its awesome              Tuph
I love this                 Love it
برنامج جيد جدا نرجوا المزيد                 عراق بصره حي الاصدقاء
Awsm app                 Vpn
Plz fix the issue     Immediately crashes after opening
I paid for a year and its now saying its expired All the sudden after almost 2 months Very strange Im guessing it worked great when it said I was an elite member I was able to switch virtual locations Even though FB said I was in Dubai a couple times and I didnt have it on that location EVERJust waiting for them to fix my premature expired membership issue If they fix it I will give it 5 stars I know things happen So Im being patient        Paid for a year but says expired
Itso great Easy to use and control                 Very good
والله ابداع بس ياريت تحلون مشكله الانترنيت بطيء                 Iraq

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