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Carlos Ribas , the publisher behind many iOS app (HoursTracker - Time Sheet ,QuickSign ,Call Guard ,Overtime Calculator ,HoursTracker HD Lite - Time Sheet ,HoursTracker HD - Timesheet), brings HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • very useful export feature to email hours to managers..
  • keep records of actions..
  • Was looking for a simple app to keep track of my work hours..
  • Email function is also excellent..
  • This is by far the best time clock app I've discovered..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
This is one of the best hour tracker apps I've ever used.
I have recommended this to all my friends.
I have recommended this to friends several times.
I like being able to copy my jobs and add tags.
This is the best and easiest to use app that I have found.
Love the tags and ability to write detailed notes for time worked.
My favorite app of all time.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
Awesome time tracker app.
Usefulnessclick me95
I'm a personal assistant and this really helps me track my time well.
Use it every day to track my time against different programs.
I use this everyday I work.
helps me remember what I did each shift.
Awesome saves time and is very accurate.
This is a really helpful tool and even tracks overtime perfectly.
Most useful app on my phone /pad.
I've been using this app almost every day for 18 months.
Production Valuesclick me100
Ease of Useclick me83
Also allows me to export my hours which works awesome.
It needs the ability to export the data in a simple.
very useful export feature to email hours to managers.
this allowed me to enter multiple breaks.
I find it easier to manually input daily.
Very smooth & easy to input your info & exporting is a must feature.
simple app.
Good simple time management tool.
Reliabilityclick me72
Ads not Intrusiveclick me29
I didn't mind the ads before.
Updates & Supportclick me79
The lite version has all the features I presently need.
Planning to upgrade to the paid version soon.


"Time tracking on the go - Made Easy!" Keep track of your hours and earnings with HoursTracker Lite*, the most popular time tracking app in the App Store. Set up as many jobs as you need, then clock in and out of them and let HoursTracker take care of the rest. Or enter time worked in the past (or future!) quickly and easily. Keep tabs on your time and earnings with built-in reports, or import your data into a spreadsheet and crunch some numbers your own way.


Top Five Business App in Virgin Blue Voyeur Magazine July 2010!

HoursTracker Lite - TimesheetHoursTracker Lite - Timesheet
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"Perfectly flexible."
HoursTracker is flexible enough to accommodate your time tracking needs without becoming too complicated. A job can be nothing more than a name. Include an hourly rate, and HoursTracker will calculate your earnings. Time rounding options let you clock in/out as you work but still track at a fixed interval. Configure daily or weekly overtime settings and let HoursTracker do the math.


"Use it like a punch clock."
"Or use it like a log book."
Enter time in real-time right from the jobs list by clocking in and out of jobs. Enter a past time in case you forgot to punch the clock. Watch time and earnings accumulate. Clock into more than one job at a time, or configure the app to enforce one at a time. Intuitively enter time after-the-fact. Choose the start time. Then, choose the end time, or tell the app how much time you worked and let it calculate the end time. Every time entry can be set to any earnings rate. Comments help you remember where the time went.
HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet


"Reporting features you need."
View your time and earnings by day, or by calendar week or month. Roll-up all-time earnings by job for a quick glance. View upcoming pay days; set up a tax percentage and pay day deductions and the app will estimate your net pay.*


"Crunch the numbers. At your desktop."
Send your data to any e-mail address in human-friendly or computer-readable form. Import your CSV file into your spreadsheet or billing system. Copy/paste your time data into your time tracking system. Export time for one or more jobs**, or all jobs. Select a range of dates and export only time tracked during that period.**


* Lite version is ad-supported and does not include the Money tab, pay periods, or net pay estimation.
** Export by job/date range is included in paid version and available as In-App Purchase in Lite version.


For support, see our Facebook group linked from our website, or e-mail at: [email protected]


Please write to us before leaving a negative review, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app. If we can only read your review, we have no way to contact you.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet check developer Carlos Ribas`s website :


Very useful for reporting billable hours and tracking multiple projects. found in 28 reviews
I have recommended this to friends several times. found in 4 reviews
I'm a personal assistant and this really helps me track my time well. found in 30 reviews
the whole point is to be able to double check our paychecks. found in 5 reviews
I use this extensively for freelance work. found in 12 reviews
Super useful for multiple clients and multiple projects with clients. found in 13 reviews
helps me stay organized and keep a good record of work. found in 5 reviews
Makes it VERY easy to keep track of my freelance work. found in 7 reviews
pro-bono work and the small business I co-own. found in 6 reviews
and it wants me to pay a subscription fee. found in 2 reviews
I refuse to update until the hardware itself deems it necessary. found in 3 reviews
I'm tired of being forced to pay for apps that were free. found in 1 reviews
but you have to pay to get more. found in 3 reviews
The app works well and I typically don't mind the ads. found in 4 reviews
My auto log -in & log-out doesn't work. found in 20 reviews
Good but could use more options. found in 1 reviews
The 3 comes from the audio ads --they're so invasive. found in 1 reviews
One more function and it would be perfect. found in 1 reviews
Only complaint is cumulative rounding error. found in 1 reviews
I wish it broke down quick fills to quarter of hours. found in 3 reviews
the running total for the day is not dynamically updated. found in 6 reviews
Needs partial payment button. found in 1 reviews
asks for Internet access. found in 1 reviews
I just needed an app for one job. found in 10 reviews
Though I do wish the interface could be simplified. found in 3 reviews
New update stinks. found in 2 reviews
Why are there ads in an app I have already paid for. found in 1 reviews
I didn't mind the ads before. found in 4 reviews
Change makes it a poor app. found in 1 reviews
Will delete any entry over 3 weeks old without warning. found in 5 reviews
99 to update it is ridiculous and dumb. found in 3 reviews
Hours deleted when attempting to delete a record. found in 1 reviews
The newest version doesn't hide more than 3 weeks anymore. found in 7 reviews
Deletes entries. found in 2 reviews
Complete waste of money if your week doesn't start on Sunday. found in 1 reviews
No lunch break option. found in 2 reviews
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Good for me             Very useful
I have had the free version for a long time Started using it 3 months ago and it worked great Just did the update and now it says I cant use it past 21 days wo paying for full version That is wrong I wont but it on principle Very disappointed    Very disappointed
I do contract design work from my home office This app is perfect for tracking the hours and what I was doing for those hours No complaints here It just works great Would like to see a beep tone added with a programmable interval that occasionally beeps every 10 minutes to remind me Im still tracking a job Ie Still punched in I dont see a place here or on the web site to contact the author                Great App
Super simple Tell it where you work When you walk in the door the clock starts automatically When you leave it clocks out Drive to the next job Repeat I go all week without thinking about it and voilĂ  At the end of the pay period I tap a few buttons and the app emails my hours to the bookkeeper The ads arent obnoxious so Im still using the free version                Automatically clocks in out
This app really good to keep track of your work time                Good
Once you set up you job locations it tracks your time I dont have remember to clock in or out its done for me automatically I have recommended this app to several friends and they love it Thank you Perhaps down the line we can export the hours as a timecard or invoice                Time Saver
This app has helped me so much Im in the HVAC ResidentialLight Commercial Mechanicals business I have sometimes 3 or 4 jobs going on at the same time Not to mention the time spent driving doing quotesestimates and picking up partsmaterials This app has my back It easily tracks my working times and allows me to accurately bill my customers Anything that helps my small business grow is a godsend             Help for Small Businesses
Easy to use and it just works Export of hours helps with payroll entry Very stable app                Awesome App
This app has been unbelievable As a contractor I cant be without it it pays for its self over over again                Fantastic
Ive been using this app for a few years now and have become very dependent on it My clients appreciate the data and formats provided upon export which is good for business Additionally the app allows for customization of pay rates and schedules for each client so it keeps things very simple for me Love this app                Freelancers best friend
Best in class time tracking application Use it always during work days Appreciate the integration with the Apple Watch Definitely a musthave                Excellent time tracker
I have multiplayer job and move from one to the next through out the day The app helps me keep the hours straight                Heat app
Really great app I keep track of all my hours for all the jobs I do Then I can email them if needed Highly recommended for any contractor or anyone needing to track time                Awesome app
For whenever you think your employer is ripping you off this app makes it SUPER easy to track your hours pay and taxes for you Would highly recommend                Very useful application
This app helps me keep track of my time when I am on call and lets me make comments on my time             Great app
Thanks                Great app but why do 12 increments show up as 40 min on entry list screen
I down loaded this app because I knew the company I work for was cutting hours off our time clocks It was very hard to keep track of before because where I work overtime is unlimited in a day So working two weeks then waiting a week it was almost impossible to keep up or keep track Well got this app and showed everyone at work how great and how accurate this is 2 people from work did notice they were getting their hours cut And they had all the evidence in their hand to show the owner of the company Thanks to hours tracker This app is great                Caught the company cutting hours
This is my second time tracking app The first one was fine but once I got used to using an app for tracking I decided that I should do a little more research and check out other more popular apps I did side by side testing for my purposes and HoursTracker came out on top Ive now recommended it to friends as well                Best purchase
This is in no way a free app The amount of data you can store without having to buy it makes it useless as far as I am concerned    Works but
Used it for years Have never had a reason to even investigate other options Developers are on top of things part of my team                Would Never change
Very handy app I dont always track hours after I submit a creative estimate but have started to more so to see what my margins really are Also great for accountability should a client request how Ive spent my time Thanks                Very handyEven for the forgetful
Im the only paralegal in a busy law firm and dont just work when Im in my office Having this app lets me be able to keep track of my time in the office as well as at home or on the go The fact I can email a detailed breakdown of my hours to myself or my boss is very convenient I can make notes of what Im doing at each log to keep up with my work flow If youre a busy law professional like me I highly suggest this app                Perfect for Paralegals
Great way to keep track of my time across all my programs                Works perfectly for me
Constant updates are a huge plus Functionality of job entry and data export is beyond top notch I use this app for all my jobs I recommend this app to everyone that tracks their own time2nd ReviewI mean seriously theyre always updating and fixing stuff I didnt even notice was broken This app is great                Great App
Very good and functional program Location awareness is a plus for reminding you to track time when working multiple job sites Its great to have it on the phone as its the one tool that is always with me                Great program
This app used to work beautifully but now when importing data the time format is inconsistent making it extremely difficult to use for invoicing clients       Used to be useful
I have a small construction business This app is great for recording time at multiple jobs It is Great                Life Saver
I love this app it works beautifully I only have a suggestion Is there any way you can add in a feature to help track PTO for a job My job Is not always keeping track of it properly With me being able to also put in when I use the PTO             Love it but
This app is easy to work with and keeps track of my time with no problems at all Love it                Great app
First off Ive owned an iPhone for over 7 years and I have purchased hundreds of apps This is the first rating and review I have ever given I love this app It has made my day to day job of billing time super easy As a mechanic who charges travel time not by the mile it would be super cool if the creator could find a way to incorporate the GPS feature to bill time spent traveling between destinations similarly to the way MileIQ works                Awesome App for the person on the go
I dont usually do this but I felt compelled because this app is definitely worth the download             Review
Its perfect I clock in on my phone as soon as I clock in at work                Gives me an idea what to expect on Payday
Really love this app it makes keeping my hours straight between my job so much easier all I have to do is go back and look when I get my check to make sure everything is correct The only downfall I see to this app is it doesnt recognize holidays for pay differential other then that the app is great             Holiday
Add a day specific OT option My last company had Sunday 2x and Saturday 15x no matter the hours prior Add military time option Fantastic app otherwise Thank you             Add day specific OT
Ive used a couple of these before but this is the best one so far easy intuitive and clean interface                Best app in its class
Thats it great app                Great app for keeping track of your hours and pay
There is a lot of overtime where I work that doesnt always get caught by our time keeper Not their fault The time sheets get picked up sometimes before we are done working This app allows me to show them exactly how long I worked and what breaks were taken Outstanding app I wish I could change the pay period to a 28 day cycle rather punching in the actual dates Other than that its perfect                Perfect
Easy to use Easy to setup Easy export                Super convenient
This app does exactly what you want and how you want it to do it This doesnt happen often so Im writing this review to congratulate the authors on a job well done                Dream App
Ive used it for years because it works seamlessly exports data in multiple way incredibly user friendly Works                Love this app
Its always good to know how much you are making and with this I can do it easily Thanks                Time Time Time
I really like this app I have my own business and it makes keeping track of hours I work for different jobs easy It would get 5 stars if you could sync over multiple devices I would really like that feature             Great time tracking app
I like the ease of clocking inout of a project once Ive set up the profile Also like being able to annotate entries in case I forget to clock out                Very handy easy to use
This is an awesome app I have found that it works very well for me in the field Im a safety consultant and this app allows me to keep up with my hours of service I strongly recommend this app                Awesome
Very efficient I never miss out on moneyaccurate with notifications and reminders                Great App
It helps me keep track It gives an estimate of what I would be expecting on my paycheck Its really useful helpful                It keeps track
As a freelancer I tend to have several jobs going at once This really helps me track my time and ensure I dont over or undercharge my clients Its also great for letting me see where my time is going and for forecasting available time for future projects                A freelancers dream
This app is what I was looking forjust wish it had an option to continue a job from week to week instead of having to start a new one                Great
I love this app I think its the first Ive actually paid for because its that great Straight to the point and nifty little extras I didnt expect and was excited to have I work two jobs and this app allows me to easily manage my hours and helps me to know what my paychecks even minus taxes plus over time ext are going to end up being I love the option to automatically clock me into my job when I arrive at my job location                Awesome app
Its awesome                I love this app


Carlos Ribas
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
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