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Carlos Ribas , the publisher behind many iOS app (HoursTracker HD - Timesheet ,HoursTracker Lite - Timesheet ,Call Guard ,QuickSign ,Overtime Calculator ,HoursTracker HD Lite - Time Sheet), brings HoursTracker - Time Sheet with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HoursTracker - Time Sheet app has been update to version 2.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • very handy for designers..
  • Useful small business tool..
  • Also a good tool for teaching time management for kids..
  • A very useful program for consultants with many charge numbers..
  • I like being able to keep records for multiple projects..

Overall Satisfactionc92
I've tried many & this is the BEST time tracker.
This is the best hour tracker App in the market.
Does just about everything you want a time clock app to do.
Would recommend to anyone especially good for vrbo/ vacation home rental.
I've recommended to friends and they use it now.
Much better than using calendar entries or post-it notes.
This is the absolute best app in its field.
I use it every day to keep track of my time with clients.
Works great - use it every day to track work on recording projects for numerous clients.
One of my most useful apps.
Thank you for a very useful and intuitive product.
Very helpful in keeping my hours accurately for my job.
It is an indispensable tool for my small business.
App does everything I need to keep track of hours and earnings.
Essential part of my workflow.
Ease of Usec86
It's easy to export the hours for client or bookkeeping.
and cannot get the export data or backup functions to work.
Very easy to setup and use.
You have to set it separately for each project.
Great and simple app.
Been looking for a simple time tracking tool like this for ages.
It works great - well designed and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc90
I downloaded and used the lite version yesterday.
Try the lite version awhile.
I upgraded to the paid version recently because it was everything I needed.
I will be upgrading to the paid version tomorrow.
Customer Service responds immediately.

Hours tracker has saved my butt during an investigation. found in 133 reviews
Must have for contractors/ small business and independent contractors. found in 25 reviews
Perfect for tracking time for independent contractors. found in 39 reviews
Auto-punching based on location is a such a time saver. found in 14 reviews
matches up with my time clock so I know my hours and pay. found in 8 reviews
I've tried many & this is the BEST time tracker. found in 82 reviews
Really simple for keeping track of hours spent on jobs for different clients. found in 87 reviews
Wonderfully designed app for tracking work done for freelance work. found in 17 reviews
Use it to keep track of hours spent on different projects. found in 384 reviews
The only way to track time and bill to the minute. found in 18 reviews
Perfect for freelancers and independent contractors. found in 25 reviews
Does exactly what it needs to. found in 4 reviews
No more loose scraps of paper floating around. found in 5 reviews
please add support for landscape view. found in 2 reviews
Landscape support would be nice. found in 4 reviews
would be great if it could send invoices. found in 3 reviews
The latest update makes it very difficult to scroll manual time. found in 6 reviews
Like the location reminder but doesn't seem to always work. found in 4 reviews
It could be simpler and cleaner but it meets my needs. found in 9 reviews
But it doesn't count towards over time. found in 3 reviews
Please add time zone support in the next update release. found in 4 reviews
Person wish you would add comp time as an option. found in 4 reviews
and a calendar view would be a nice addition as well. found in 4 reviews
Great but hourly wage messed up. found in 7 reviews
Please Update for better GPS auto. found in 3 reviews
the only thing it needs is the ability to clock out for lunch. found in 11 reviews
Pay rate needs improvement. found in 2 reviews
it doesn't let me have multiple locations for one job. found in 4 reviews
but had already worked 40 hours that week by Thursday. found in 9 reviews
and a running total of each job biweekly. found in 7 reviews
Crippled Cloud Backups. found in 15 reviews
but some multitouch gestures asteroid spotty. found in 2 reviews
Whether this would be after 8 hours or 40 hours. found in 9 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download HoursTracker - Time Sheet for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new HoursTracker - Time Sheet app version 2.6 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about HoursTracker - Time Sheet in Carlos Ribas`s Official Website : http://www.hourstrackerapp.com/?s=appstore

HoursTracker is perfect for hourly workers that need to turn in a time card or time sheet, contractors who bill for jobs or projects separately, or those who simply just want to keep track of ...
It works real good I would like to see it with multiple rates for a job and also to set up more overtime options It is good as it is though for basic jobs              Awesome
Love this app Post production artist and it makes my job tracking a set and forget I just email my time to the producer when the job is complete Only improvement would be add billing templates I need to enter my rate and rounding prefs each time I create a job Overall very happy with the app and recommend to everyone in a creative field                 Huge timesaver
Nice Better if I could put a picture for each job                 Comment
Ive been using this app since 2011 and its only gotten better since                 Best timetracking app
Its the best                 Loved it from the start
This app does what I expected it to do when I first got it I needed an app that could track where I was and would allow me to track my time as a consultant It is simple where you needed to be such as clocking in and clocking out And it has a sophisticated way of tracking where you are and Gorman you when youre on the job site so that you can clock in There is even a radius feature to alert you when youre within range of your job All of this is in a very intuitive package that is also flexible enough to make adjustments were needed This is a great tool and I highly recommend it                 Does what I expected
I tried three other time tracking apps and decided this one was best for my needs Its been a real time saver with good export I expect this app will only continue to get even better with more functions and easier use                 Consultant and project contractor
Little bit of a learning curve but well worth it                 Most excellent
I am always on the go and never seem to slow down enough to write my hours down This app allows me to just hit one button But wait if you set it up to learn your location it will clock in and out for you Love it                 Best way to track your hours
I have been using Hours Tracker for the last 3 years to track my hours Easy to use                 Great app
Great app for tracking paid time and paid Time off                 Suz
Keep up the good work                 Works great Consistent updates
I use it all the time works perfectly                 Great app
After waiting 8 months for an app called Worklog to be fixed from crashing with no success I purchased this app and its worth every single penny No more writing down my hours tracking every job that I work All calibrated and totaled perfectly Why did I wait so long to purchase a new app Download this app immediately and see what I talking about Sincerely Ronnie                 Work Log
So great I have three contract jobs and it makes it so easy to do invoicing                 Excellent
This works great Only wish there was a way to add in a break like lunch without manually doing it every day This keeps great records and is dependable I enjoy it              Does great
This is one of my top used apps It is very easy to use and intuitive I love being able to easily edit time entries and keep multiple jobs and entries Being in Agriculture it is imperative to have multiple jobs running at the same time                 Exceptional
Makes my life organized and easier for billing purposes Love the export option Its a no brainer                 Must have for 1099
It does exactly what I need it too Keep up with my time however I need to divide it up                 Awesome time keeper
App is easy to use and is instrumental in my ability to bill on time and accurately                 Helps me stay on track with billing
Whenever there is a discrepancy in my time even my supervisor will have me open my app up So dependable                 Love this app
I love this app I have been using for 2 years to track time worked for various clients and projects I can easily export the data to make invoices Perfectly meets my needs                 Makes tracking and invoicing easy
Already love it                 Great
Ive been using this app for about 2 years It continues to improve              Great App
Easy to use Straightforward and intuitive No more spreadsheets Needs a job notes field but I recommend this ap for anyone doing timejob based field work Grampys FixAll say buy it                 Does what it says every time
App works great for what we need it to do It would be nice to have the capability to select multiple emails from our contact list Thanks              Great app Looking forward to more updates
I can no longer access because updated version requires a passcode I have never given it a passcode So cannot access it now Frightening because it has all of the data that I havent exported for the past 3 weeks                 ON NO My most used app for years
This app does everything in regards to keeping up with your wages Ive been using it for years now a it keeps getting better with all the updates Highly recommend A                 Superb App
No complaints This app does what its supposed to do its very ergonomic and easy to use Its the perfect companion to any independent worker                 Great app
Keeps track of time for all jobs Does a great job Features are on point and easy to use                 Best time tracking app
I love the export option to send my work times to employer Easy to use Easy to track                 Great work app
I use this every day Works great This APP does everything you would need it to do                 Great APP
This app is great for keeping track of billable hours for my small law firm It continues to get better with time as well and the updates always address customer concerns to improve the program Absolutely essential for my business                 Fantastic app for small business
At least for me It is an indispensable tool for my small business Since I always have my phone I now always have my time keeper Once you get in the habit it really makes things much easier than keeping a time journal or using your day timer                 Indispensable
Fantastic app Easy to uselearn Love the auto clock inout feature Entered the officejob address and it does the rest As the business owner I can track multiple jobs and bill my time accurately                 Business owner
Does what it does very well and keeps getting better                 Useful
This app does exactly what I need it to do                 Great App
This app has only gotten better Like others I use it every day It helps to identify issues with my companys payroll Our internal hours tracker goes down every now and then doesnt record clockins and clockouts properly etc Every now and then my payable hours are missing This app is incredibly easy to use and gives you a great way to tell your boss how much youve worked and lets them know youre keeping track keeping them honest                 Indispensable
Great App for independent contractors I use this app to track all my different jobs Love it                 Easy Fast
This does everything I need and then some Location awareness is incredibly helpful                 Fantastic App
Use it to keep my hours at my different jobs and figure out my weekly paychecks                 Great app
I wish I had found this app earlier It has saved me so much time note writing and memory power that Id have a hard time trying to adapt my current consultancy without it The pro version is well worth whatever the cost is The manipulable entries and presets make this one of my top three productivity apps Pair it with Wave and you have a winning platform of small business tech power Dont go to your office without it                 Indespensible App
Use it all day every day Cant live without it                 Great app
Love this app Really beyond usefulit helps me as a freelancer immensely Would just wish for day rate besides hourly                 Awesome and invaluable app
Pretty great app multiple breaks tax hourly pay change pay for every entry Pretty cool try the free version first To make sure you like it                 DC 909
Cant give it a good review because the new update wont finish installing     Newest update wont install
Ive tried many time tracker apps offered in the App Store and this one is by far the best The most recent update they pushed out makes it even better and demonstrates this will keep getting better in the future                 Best time tracker ever
Great app                 Great
Best time tracking app out there                 Awesome
Started working a contract that requires time tracking and remembered I had bought this app 5 years ago Was a little worried it would be another old app with all of the awful 3D textures and shiny stuff from the bowels of iOS past but man did they do a great job not only graphically but a lot of focus has been put into the workings of the app itself Its incredible and if youre smart youll get this and smile for one thousand years                 Reinstalled after 5 years

HoursTracker - Time Sheet Business Time Worked Hours WorkedHoursTracker - Time Sheet Business Time Worked Hours WorkedHoursTracker - Time Sheet Business Time Worked Hours WorkedHoursTracker - Time Sheet Business Time Worked Hours Worked

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