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Hewlett Packard , the publisher behind many iOS app (HP Live Photo ,HP Insights: Managed Services ,HP Connect+ ,HP iLO Mobile Toolbox ,HP iPrint Photo 3.0 ,HP FESPA 2013), brings HP iPrint Photo 3.0 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HP iPrint Photo 3.0 app has been update to version 5.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • So happy and its user friendly and easy to use..
  • The options and editing tools are also useful..
  • no need to make the app "simpler" just fit iPhone 5 screen..
  • So useful for my small business..
  • Prints everything i need and can print documents from drop box..
Overall Satisfactionclick me86
Thanks HP at least your printer business is top notch.
Thanks HP for nothing.
The best printer app I have ever had and used.
visible to everything except this printer app.
I love being able to print documents directly from my phone.
Great job HP keep it up.
Perfect and Excellent Picture Quality.
Very disapointed in picture quality.
Amazingly easy to setup and works perfectly.
Photo quality is impressive.
it's apps like these that make me love technology.
Fun & Engagingclick me98
Awesome print from anywhere feature and very easy to use.
Awesome printer app I can print anything cool.
Awesome and convenient.
Usefulnessclick me85
For those wishing to print everything other than pictures.
not have to go to computer to print everything.
Awesome saves time and very convenient works perfect.
I love this device it saves time and easy setup.
Now I wonder how I ever lived without it.
This app is absolutely essential.
Absolutely essential.
Repeat Valueclick me41
ink level with a link to HP Store.
Gives ink levels.
Won't let you print when ink levels are low.
Way too easy to use and not have any problems.
Weirdly way too easy.
Ease of Useclick me71
Easy to set up and use and the preloaded forms are really nice treat.
easy to use and to configure hp wireless printer.
Did not require me to activate email account or passwords.
First off this app requires an email address to activate.
Was easy to set up and easy to use with my iPhone and iPad.
I could not believe how easy printing was.
Simple to set up and use with my wireless HP6500.
It's so convenient to print without being hard-wired to a printer.
Easy installation and connection to iPhone.
Reliabilityclick me28
Security & Privacyclick me67
Setting up my Gmail account was as easy as signing in.
Printed from my Gmail account in less than a minute.
Can't connect to my AOL e- mail account.
Updates & Supportclick me64
with great customer service.
Customer service.


One-stop photo app for the photo enthusiast!


With this free, one-stop app - you can capture and edit photos. Wirelessly print photos, PDF, and text files directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch or
iPadtablet made by Apple
to HP Inkjet printers connected to a local
wirelessWireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves
(WiFi) network.

HP iPrint Photo 3.0HP iPrint Photo 3.0
Tags :   photo ,   printers ,   print ,   inkjet


Key Features & Benefits:
• Easy wireless printing directly to HP Inkjet printers connected to a local WiFi* network
• Drop dead simple to use & fun – anyone can do it!
• Print to a broad portfolio of HP Inkjet printers including the Photosmart, Deskjet, Business Inkjet, Color Inkjet, & Officejet line-up. See the supported printers list at
• Get high print quality from HP’s image scaling and de-noise technology and print photos in 3.5x5”, 4x6”, 5x7” (and metric equivalents 9x13 cm, 10x15 cm, & 13x18 cm)
• Print U.S. wallet size photos: 2.5x3.25” (2-up on 4x6” photo paper)
• Automatic printer set-up – discover and set-up your wireless printer without installation of drivers and without dealing with complex network configuration
• HP iPrint Photo leverages Apple`s Bonjour technology to automatically identify HP wireless printers or other supported HP printers available on your network. HP iPrint Photo supports industry standard
WiFiWireless local area network
environments (including Apple Airport, Linksys, D-Link, Netgear)
• Crop & rotate pictures using two fingers with a pinch & drag motion
• If your printer has a separate photo tray, it will be automatically selected for photo printing. Otherwise, the default will be the main tray.
• Print photos on photo or plain paper


The HP iPrint Photo 3.0 is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.4 MB to download. The new HP iPrint Photo 3.0 app version 5.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about HP iPrint Photo 3.0 check developer Hewlett Packard`s website :
HP iPrint Photo 3.0


I love being able to print from my iPod it's amazing. found in 9 reviews
Every App update makes an improvement to a great utility. found in 9 reviews
Works great on 2 yr old HP photo plus wireless printer. found in 32 reviews
Awesome saves time and very convenient works perfect. found in 14 reviews
Works great through Google Cloud Print or HP ePrint. found in 12 reviews
Great app works flawlessly and very useful for remote printing. found in 15 reviews
Can print from anywhere in the world straight to my printer at home. found in 5 reviews
Very fast to react to my HP Envy 5530 printer. found in 31 reviews
I'm so excited to be able to print documents/pictures. found in 5 reviews
This is how plug and play should be. found in 4 reviews
The best printer app I have ever had and used. found in 150 reviews
it's apps like these that make me love technology. found in 5 reviews
This app is great for school and any other activity. found in 5 reviews
Downloaded and printed wirelessly from my phone in less than 5 minutes. found in 8 reviews
this app was and still is a lifesaver and time saver. found in 18 reviews
Well I'm happy I can quickly print coupons from my phone. found in 10 reviews
Found my printer quickly and worked seamlessly. found in 4 reviews
This is my second hp eprinter and it prints beautiful pictures. found in 14 reviews
Was pleasantly surprised it worked great the first time hope it continues. found in 6 reviews
The app worked like a champ right from the get go. found in 9 reviews
unable to print specific pages of a web article. found in 14 reviews
No problem printing email attachments quickly and easily. found in 15 reviews
Works well but can not select which pages to print. found in 22 reviews
Setup tips & HP needs better user direction. found in 34 reviews
This is an absolute necessity if you have a compatible printer. found in 22 reviews
I appreciate this app as my phone won't recognize my printer at all. found in 27 reviews
Since ios8 somehow deleted my ability to print from Safari. found in 6 reviews
Please consider adding email support for scanned documents. found in 35 reviews
Sad to say this app doesn't work with my HP printer. found in 17 reviews
Needs to have scan function fixed. found in 19 reviews
Wish I could print recipes and the like directly from safari. found in 20 reviews
Typical lousy HP software. found in 10 reviews
I hit " open in HP Iprint on the email attachment in my IPad. found in 8 reviews
But under the scan feature the device appears as not found. found in 29 reviews
my app has been crashing every time I try to print anything. found in 35 reviews
Needs scanning in the same app. found in 3 reviews
Back and settings buttons don't work. found in 3 reviews
Letter image size would be nice for printing web sites. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't recognize my scanner on the C7100. found in 4 reviews
There is currently no way to alter the print settings. found in 13 reviews
I can't print it because the print button is grayed out. found in 38 reviews
Can't print photos unless I clear my memory first. found in 85 reviews
but doesn't find the scanner on Photosmart Premium C309g. found in 37 reviews
The new update messed up my scanned documents. found in 35 reviews
I'm lucky if half of what I want to print actually does. found in 121 reviews
Needs an option to attach PDF files in emails. found in 41 reviews
It also needs to be able to scan multiple pages. found in 83 reviews
Won't let me select option to print in black and white. found in 35 reviews
No ability to print in black and white only. found in 66 reviews
HP iPrint Photo doesn't work for my iPhone. found in 39 reviews
The app cannot locate my Officejet H470 - a supposedly supported printer. found in 34 reviews
messages and waste another piece of photo paper and more ink. found in 78 reviews
Every time I try to print something the app closes every time. found in 35 reviews
I did and now I cannot find my printer any longer. found in 55 reviews
Does not print to my HP Laserjet Professional P1102w. found in 36 reviews
HP needs a little more product testing before they release things. found in 34 reviews
So good I like it                Good
Sometimes an email shows up on my phone or iPad n not my computer that I want to print This solved my problem Love it                Love HP app for iPhone n iPad
Awesome quAlity printing and it is very much at ease                Super convenient
Works great                Works
This app makes it so easy to print from my iPad It will allow you to edit the pic before printing and will do it via Wifi Love it Very simple to use                Easy to Print
Easy to use and super convenientGreat App                Great App
Have not used it a lot but it works great when I need it So convenient                Love this app
Ive had the app for over a year now and it always comes I really handy when I want to print everything from pictures to documents and webpages wirelessly Its incredibly simple to use Highly recommend             Very worthwhile app
Works like a charm i rarely leave reviews for apps but this is a definitely useful tool And its 100free                Great
Love the app works great with IPhone                Great App
Love having this app on my iPhone makes printing things I need so much quicker than logging onto my PC finding the page and then printing                Great tool
Its so convenient                Coolest Ever
It is the best thing you will ever get                Hp Eprint
Just sent a photo 2460 miles to my cousins printer lol                Cool printing at a distance
I absolutely loooove it so easy to use                Love it
Hey HP suddenly I get error msg opening sales brochure in PDF on a public website Unable to print password protected fileWhaaat is this Why cant I print a PDF in public domain websites that have password protection Isnt there a world of difference between protection for READWRITEEXECUTEor DELETE    enhancement may have caused glitch
Easy setup printed in seconds                Awesome
First time success from iPhone printing a photo             Works great
I installed this app as a recommendation to prevent pictures from being cut off Even though print preview has them correct my HP envy 4760 still cuts them off Also after a thorough comparison the native iOS print app produces better quality photos This app seems to upload a compressed picture from photo stream and the print greatly suffers This app only made things worse    Still cuts off photos
I am not the most computer savvy person out there This was very easy to set up and use It only took about 3 minutes Love it                Easy to use
It prints off from the phone but has issues whenever I try to print from laptop wirelessly which is very frustrating as I work on my laptop all the time          Good but has a lot of issues
Good app Easy to work Printer does need to be on for the app to find it             Printer
Good help and solid app                Printing
Love it                Efax
This set up was great printer works great my daughters are in college and I have my baby girl in jr high school So you better believe you better have this set up ready to go great good Excellent                Great super fast to set up and easy
This app is so easy to use and works better than other print apps that I have tried                This App is the Shizzle
Great app Easy to find easy to install easy to use EZYPZY                Hp sprint
Been using Hp products for as long as I can remember and being able to print from my phone is sooooooooo much easier with ePrint I recommend to anyone and everyone                Been using since I can remember
Downloaded the app on both my iPhones and iPads and have not had one problem on any device works better than any other eprint app                Works perfectly
Love this app Easy to use Printing my document was a seamless process Thank you                First Time User
Great system and software                Great
This is a must have if your printing from your iPhone                It helps a lot
Love it                HP EPRINT
Uh this is so freaking awesome I can print stuff from ANYWHERE I love it Ill never forget to print emails again                This is so cool
Refuses to address ink error and says print successful when it wasnt    Doesnt work
I have used it sparingly and liked it However When my home network became unavailable for unknown reasons I switched to my iPhone and email account to print an important document What a life saver It was faster loading than from my laptop too Love it                Eprint
Can stretch an iphone picture to fill the page and send to printer via wifi or via email from anywhere in the world Best thing since sliced bread What else you want                Awesome app w full page printing
Cant go wrong with HP the name and brand one can trust Only took ten minutes to set up and have it printing from my IOS devices Highly recommend it A                HP LJ Pro 400
I am so happy with this app its super easy and now I dont have to worry about connecting USB all the time I keep working without having to stop to get up each time I print                Great app
I like to easy to use                Great
This saved my life                Awesome
Was having trouble printing a pdf from email couldnt access on gmail from laptop successfully printed with hp eprint from my iPhone Thank you eprint                Wonderful
Just started using this app even after peddling it to customers for years i have an 8600 pro and just printed some pictures for a flyer off my phone and was able to edit before printing pretty neat             So far so good
Once I got logged on                Wonderful
Very convenient Easy to print from anywhere                Great app
I can print from anywhere Literally I could be at shopping and send a document to my home printer and it will print using this app Dont have to open my laptop or iPad etc Love it                Awesome app
This is a really nice app you can print anything from anywhere in the world                HPePrint
Great way to remotely print anything at anywhere So easy to use                Excellent
I hate that sometimes Ill try to print out multiple documents in different sections of a web page and it takes me out and makes me login again sometimes I need to print out different PDFs for school and I have to sign in and go through a lot of trouble over nothing I wish it would just leave me on the page instead of kicking me out Other than that its great easy to use and edit             Its great except for one thing
This app is definitely helpful It allows me to print anywhere                Helpful


Hewlett Packard
5.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.0.2
iPhone iPad

iOS HP iPrint Photo 3.0 5.0.2 Mobile

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HP iPrint Photo 3.0

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