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Rodeo Games , the publisher behind many iOS games (Hunters: Episode One HD ,Hunters 2 ,Warhammer Quest ,Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion ,Hunters: Episode One), brings Hunters: Episode One with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hunters: Episode One games has been update to version 1.17 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • or have a story line for the characters besides "they're mercenaries..
  • Good strategy war game for your iPhone..
  • This is a fun game with excellent turn based strategy..
  • and an undo button..
  • Online multiplayer capabilities would really improve this game..
Overall Satisfactionclick me83
This is one of the best games I've played for the iPhone.
What you've got here is an amazing game.
So far it is my favorite game that I've downloaded.
game needs some work.
I recommend this game to everyone who likes a strategy game.
Loved this game until today.
love the upgrades and the lack of easy ai.
Fun & Engagingclick me91
Awesome game it is one of my favorite strategy games.
Just incredible very similar to jagged alliance game play wise.
it crashes during game play and when continuing from sleep mode.
I play it all the time and enjoy the different scenarios.
Very fun game.
This game is alot of fun and addicting.
This is tons of fun.
Super fun nice graphics and worth every single penny.
The gameplay is fun and challenging.
Replay Valueclick me90
Lots of fun with lots of replay value.
Some more levels or challenges at higher levels would be nice.
Shop updates every hour and new levels every day is great.
The gameplay is fun and challenging.
Hours upon hours of entertainment.
gets repetitive fast.
Best role playing strategic game.
the game is stupidly hard at some points.
Social Aspectsclick me81
Online multiplayer capabilities would really improve this game.
Head to head.
Production Valuesclick me83
Just incredible very similar to jagged alliance game play wise.
it crashes during game play and when continuing from sleep mode.
simple to control and has some spiffy sound effects.
Great graphics and gameplay design.
Reliabilityclick me57
As for bugs.
Updates & Supportclick me70
Very glad I decided to get the full version.


★★★★★ No 1 RPG / Strategy game in 16 countries! ★★★★★
Also available on iPad, Hunters: Episode One HD.


Set in a Universe where contracts rule, Hunters allows you to build a team of Mercenaries and become the most renowned Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.

Hunters: Episode OneHunters: Episode One
Tags :   hunters ,   strategy ,   based ,   episode




“Final Fantasy Tactics. X-Com. Shining Force. All games that do turn-based strategy very well. If you have an
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPad, add Hunters to that list.” - Kotaku


“Jagged Alliance has gone spacewalking on the iOS” - Touch My Apps
Hunters: Episode One


“Boy oh boy, I can’t say enough praise for Hunters Episode One.” - No Dpad


is a must-download strategy game for the iOS” - iPhone Strategy Games


“This is one of the best turn-based games I’ve ever played, on any platform.” - Arcade Life


"I`m digging Hunters. It`s an ambitious, deep title with tons of equipment and stat options and a lot of menus." - TOUCH ARCADE


“How have you not bought this yet?” - Garnett Lee (Weekend Confirmed)




HUNTERS: Episode One is a turn-based strategy developed exclusively for iPhone,
iPadtablet made by Apple
and iPod Touch by Rodeo Games.


Turn based strategy:
Develop your own tactics and style of play in this turn based strategy game. Designed from the ground up for the iPhone and iPad devices.


New Missions:
Each day you`ll receive a set of contracts direct to the Bridge of your Spaceship, which you’ll have 24 real time hours to complete.


Customise your team:
Customise your team of Hunters with weapons and armour, before dropping into the turn based strategy game.


Drop game:
Navigate your Hunters through richly detailed environments. Take down AI controlled
enemies and complete your Contract Objectives.


Buy bigger, more powerful weapons. Stronger armor. Better equipment. New stock is available every hour.


Levels and talents:
Grow your team. Gain more equipment, upgrades, and special abilities. Build the most powerful team of mercenaries in the Universe.


The Hunters: Episode One is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 135 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Hunters: Episode One app version 1.17 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Hunters: Episode One in Rodeo Games`s Official Website :


I have loved TBS ever since I played FF Tactics. found in 3 reviews
Levels get repetitive - too easy to reach level 10 cap. found in 5 reviews
This version gives you smoother animation and game mechanics. found in 5 reviews
Gets a little repetitive and there should be "rare" weapons and armor. found in 8 reviews
also available on ipad hunters episode one hd. found in 5 reviews
turned based formula with role playing game elements such as experience & leveling. found in 6 reviews
reminds me of old school games I used to play as a kid. found in 4 reviews
Good tactical rpg for ios. found in 3 reviews
It's the best turn base I've ever played. found in 7 reviews
The closest thing to an old school pc game. found in 8 reviews
If you're a fan of games like Shining fire emblem. found in 4 reviews
Please fix crashing. found in 1 reviews
Still needs some TLC but update is an improvement. found in 1 reviews
just needs multiplayer. found in 2 reviews
Now I can't play my own music while playing the game. found in 1 reviews
It has a few annoying quirks but well worth the download. found in 2 reviews
Great but needs a little. found in 1 reviews
Finally got to level 5 but again the game keeps crashing. found in 4 reviews
but the sound and music doesn't always play. found in 1 reviews
Lots of fun needs a story Line. found in 4 reviews
for those not affected by a corrupt save game. found in 1 reviews
Good fun but lacks lasers. found in 1 reviews
Needs to be cheaper. found in 1 reviews
If it had a campaign mode it would be 5 stars. found in 10 reviews
Needs expansion content. found in 1 reviews
It crashes on the attempt to load the continuing game save. found in 5 reviews
A few annoying bugs and game crashes. found in 4 reviews
Holding out for an update to fix this. found in 8 reviews
I never paid full price for any game until now. found in 4 reviews
this game needs to be multiplayer via 3G/Bluetooth. found in 8 reviews
Great game but this in game purchase nonsense has to stop. found in 3 reviews
When I restarted the game it initiated the purchase again. found in 2 reviews
They just want to scam money off of you for credit. found in 2 reviews
Game crashes every time. found in 4 reviews
Open the game again. found in 2 reviews
Loved this game until today. found in 4 reviews
CRASHES every time I try to continue my game. found in 2 reviews
Cannot get past continue button. found in 2 reviews
This is a fun game with excellent turn based strategy                Fun game Great strategy
Simply the best nice job                West point Strategy
This game is a great example of a strategy game get it if you enjoy turn based awesomeness                Excellent Game
I cant wait to see what they do with Warhammer Quest                Amazing game
A great TBS but when playing a retrieve the artifact mission if the computer controlled characters carry the artifact to the pickup drop off location the artifact disappears and youre not left with a way to successfully complete the mission                Love it but it needs a fix
Game is DOPE                Dope
Love this game Has strategytactics and luck Never boring                Great game
Such a nice game                Good
Awesome                Awesom
Loving this game better then most pc console TBS games out including xcom IMO                Best turn based strat
I love it just wish there was a better campaign with a story or multi player where my team could face my friends team             Great game
Reminds me of Fallout I love games like thatWish the ai could be better the enemies are kinda dumbYou can play and win the exact same way Their steps become predictable in no time                Great turn based strategy game
I love turnbased strategy games and this is a good one A bit grindy repetitive on the mission side but the second Hunters game improves on that             Great TBS game
The game has great potential Make it easier to unlock new characters and make it a little easier to locate things in the menus and I would give it 5 starsI also have a idea for a game I would call it Hunters Liberation it would have the same objectives as this would but it would be a first person shooter where you could move freely THAT would be a good game             Good game challenging
Very nice turnbased game                Awesome
If you like games like Space Hulk youll like this one                Great game
Really fun game That allows you to customize your teams gear and skills Which makes it fun to play for hours at a time                Great Game
I enjoy this game as there is a reasonable depth of play on an iPhone Also doesnt seem to be huge drain on the battery which is another nice plus                Great game easy to pick up and go
Been playing this game for a month now You gotta figure it out but after that it is a REALLY fun game I like it                Gr8 game
This game is my most favored game along with it sequel Hunters IIHUNTERS II IS WORTH THE MONEY                AMAZING GAME
Great game                Awesome Tons of fun
I deleted it when I ran out of room on my iPod But redownloaded the minute I had more space I going to get the second one soon D                Best game ever
Lots of different things you have to learn but its easy to pick up as you go Reall fun strategy game                Takes a while to learn but worth it
Great gameplay and I like the progressive aspect of the gameplay             Nice
Got it when it was free might even get even the next one                Rad as hell
This an addictive well constructive turn game I play it all the time and enjoy the different scenarios Would like more levels but by changing weapons and talents it more than satisfies                Awesome
It says its for iPod Touch 3rd Generation and its 144 MB but I have 100 more MB and it says I dont have enough memory Please help this looks good Also try to make it 3D graphics          Wont install
Very worth playing                Great turn based game
One of the best games Ive ever played                Good game
Great game The daily map and mission changes means I havent played everything by the end of the first day This is the only strategy app Ive been able to play multiple times and not get bored                Daily maps keeps things interesting
Awesome strategy game                Great
I really like the stratigy feel                Hunter
Strategy turnbased at its best                Awesome
Interesting game             Very good
I love turnbased combat and this definitely delivers Some more variety in the types of missions would be nice but this is still quite good             Generally great
Addicting like crack just how iphone games should be Light her up                Very fun
One of the best games on iOS Fast addictive tactical gameplay                Outstanding
Its a fun game once you figure out the tactics Just wish there was more variety and customization             Cool Game
Game is great Reminds me of younger days playing XCom Got addicted then getting addicted now                Memories
It takes a while to understand the controls and strategies but after that its really fun                Best game on my iphone
Very fun game             Cool game
This game is alot of fun and addicting But I want more contracts available at a time                Hunters
This is tons of fun                Wonderful
A lot missions to complete                Great game
Fun                Fun
Good turnbased tactical game Would be better with concepts like cover stealth aimed shooting things like that Still fun basic Jagged AllianceXCom kind of stuff             Good game
Love this style of gameplay Keep it up                Great stuff
Like advanced wars with Starcraft guys                Excellent
Fun turn based strategy game             Good Game
Very fun                Very fun


Rodeo Games
135 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.17
iPhone iPad

iOS Hunters: Episode One 1.17 Mobile

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Hunters: Episode One

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