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Mitch Waite Group , the publisher behind many iOS app (iBird Explorer PRO ,iBIrd United Kingdom Lite ,iBird United Kingdom and Ireland ,iBird Hawaii Guide to Birds ,iBird Stickers ,iBird Yard Plus HD), brings iBird Explorer Plus with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iBird Explorer Plus app has been update to version 6.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Sometimes identifying birds in the field can be a little tricky..
  • Lots of birds lots of pictures easy to use powerful search..
  • Would still love to see an integrated life list..
  • having quick reference to calls makes my birding more rewarding..
  • Unlike traditional field guides in book form..

Overall Satisfactionc69
This is a must have for bird lovers.
and yet it's better than a book.
So much better than carrying a book around when looking for birds.
The sound quality of the songs and calls is pretty remarkable.
I highly recommend this application.
Continues to be my favorite bird reference app on the AppStore.
This is a wonderful ap.
Fun & Engagingc91
my husband gave me this awesome bird book.
Awesome learning and awesome fun.
Fun and informative.
and the photos are very helpful.
first useful app.
Everything an iPhone birding guide should be.
it changes everything.
Very solid and useful.
Awesome and helpful.
Ease of Usec90
Pictures and illustrations make it easy to identify birds in field.
but if you're trying to identify birds in the field.
The interface is simple and easy to use.
and not intuitive enough.
Very simple app that allows you to refine your search by locations.
Comprehensive and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc48
I am very satisfied with the features of the Plus version.
" Recently announced is the ability to upgrade to the Pro version.

Now a universal app. found in 1 reviews
Perfect app for both casual and serious bird watchers. found in 20 reviews
I wouldn't call myself an avid birder. found in 6 reviews
I have never seen a book that combines photos and illustrations. found in 3 reviews
I highly recommend this app to any bird watcher. found in 15 reviews
Also need to add and distinguish bird calls from bird songs. found in 32 reviews
Thanks for making such a great field guide. found in 5 reviews
Makes identification of similar species considerably easier. found in 5 reviews
It has comprehensive information about all the birds of north america. found in 13 reviews
Continues to be my favorite bird reference app on the AppStore. found in 2 reviews
one of the most informative apps out there today. found in 1 reviews
The sound files are particularly helpful with identification. found in 4 reviews
My kids love learning about birds and listening to the sounds. found in 2 reviews
but search needs work. found in 1 reviews
No iPad Display. found in 1 reviews
Please add a life list checklist feature. found in 1 reviews
plus cheesy upgrade policy. found in 2 reviews
Crashes far too frequently. found in 1 reviews
Decent Ap until the rip off. found in 1 reviews
or easily frustrated. found in 1 reviews
Does not work with iphone5. found in 1 reviews
Not bad but could be better. found in 1 reviews
but there is no way to add notes. found in 2 reviews
I think you'll be disappointed. found in 2 reviews
Excellent EXCEPT. found in 1 reviews
If you are interested in birding. found in 2 reviews
but stability needs to improve. found in 1 reviews
Don't get rid of your paper bird guide yet. found in 1 reviews
The crashing problem appears to be much reduced. found in 2 reviews
This is a great app but they should make a ibird world. found in 1 reviews
That even manifests itself in that I can't rate iBird Pro. found in 28 reviews
but the Mitch Waite Group will never get another penny from me. found in 16 reviews
needs an upgrade path to PRO. found in 5 reviews
Deserting their old customers is definitely NOT good customer service. found in 3 reviews
Absolutely no response from the developer. found in 2 reviews
Pro upgrade not working and not available. found in 7 reviews
Apple needs to take action to keep loyal customers. found in 2 reviews
I will not spend another $30 to upgrade. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iBird Explorer Plus for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new iBird Explorer Plus app version 6.0 has been updated on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iBird Explorer Plus in Mitch Waite Group`s Official Website : http://www.ibird.com

MACWORLD'S "BEST REFERENCE APP 2009" VERSION 3.0 NOW AVAILABLE: compatible with OS3 and OS4, fixed missing states bug, OS4 version has multiple Favs and Notes which sync with iTunes. 3G users who have ...
Necessary to start my day keeps the depravity of news away from me the pictures and photos the sounds of birds plus info about them helps humans enjoy living with birds App never fails easy to use grandaughter enjoys it very much Better than a mere five stars                     Friends in Flight Soundless sentient
This app works great whenever I need to identify or confirm a bird It s very easy to use and has features to aid in quick identification                     My Goto app for birds Compfused2
Great app and recent refinements making it better Particularly like Birds Around Me addition Any user would do well to read instructions for use and some time spent studying identifying characteristics of birds will greatly enhance enjoyment and really help with searches We are now enjoying 35 species of birds at our feeders with some annual variation and brief transient visitors during spring and fall migrations Have also id d a few that don t come to feeders Great app for complex subject                     SAD in Little Rock Actdiva93
I no longer carry a hard copy field guide when I travel I often use the bird calls with my ear buds to confirm my field identifications I m careful not to disturb birds on their territories Every birder should have this app                     A Useful App dondon3121212
I really like this app My wife and I since she broke her ankle have been going to parks with waterfowl This app not only helps us identify everybody in the pond but calls them over with the sounds Well that and the wild bird seed we always bring Just a fun app for people who want to learn about birds                     Perfect For Any Herd Of Bird Nerds Drew Engman
Love to use the app with my granddaughter as well as on my own                     Great learning tool nene5623
I own several apps that are field guides All of them are great Each has features that are powerful If I could buy only one this would be the one                     One to buy Sanpeterambler
I am not a birder but enjoy knowing about what is around me I have had about 7 years and use frequently While in Patagonia with a group some of which I discovered were avid birdwatchers I played the Baltimore Oriel sounds with the phone in pocket They went nuts trying to find the bird                     Lots of fun Gemontana
Love this app I especially love to use the sounds to call in birds who often answer me or fly an sit right above me                     Great to call in birds Anie Lou
Nice app but it s 1 6GB Now they are adding owls of Mexico Really It s using up a ton of storage on my phone                 Getting too big Steveg71
Really useful in finding what birds are at your feeders                     Great app kckayak
This is a great app Doesn t completely replace a paper field guide but I often don t bother bringing a paper guide on short trips now that I have this And the songs are a huge bonus that paper books don t have so this makes for an indispensable backup in that regard The app keeps getting better and the little tweaks in the pro upgrade are nice too It still has a few little areas that need improvement though before it ll truly be a top notch app but for better or for worse it s still the best available It needs more illustrations of juvenile and alternate plumages for example no juvenile or fall plumage illustrations for black throated green warbler although the photos fill in some of those gaps but not all like fall plumage black throated green warbler And there are some minor bugs in the illustrations such as not showing the white outer tail feathers on the black throated green warbler And the search function has some gaping holes that make it hard to use effectively especially in the habitat search option For example when searching for California mountain habitat it returns the Dark Rumped Petrel a pelagic species but doesn t show the Mountain Chickadee or the Clark s Nutcracker two of the most common species in the sierras this is unfortunately still true as of August 2017 Also searching by smaller geographic areas or climate zones rather than states would be really helpful such as a northern California or a rocky mountains category These search tools have the potential to be fantastic once implemented better For now searching for a mountain bird is still faster in my paper book than in this app which I m hoping will soon change                     Great app almost perfect some_random_nerd
I really like this app I wish however that I had spent time going over all of the options and versions I find that the birds around me feature would be helpful for me as an neophyte birder but it is alas not included in the plus version I would recommend the Ultimate Birder bundle which includes iBird Ultimate iBird Hawaii and the iBird Journal all for the price of 19 99 IBird Ultimate alone is 19 99 so the bundle is a quite a bargain It doesn t look like there is an upgrade path from the plus version to the ultimate version which is a shame Be an informed buyer There is a lite version of iBird which I would also recommend trying to see if iBird is for you One of the differences between lite and plus is the number of bird songs there are a lot more in the plus version Also the plus version is over 1 3 gb which may be an issue with 16gb iPhone users                     Choose version wisely Assignmeanameplease
Indispensable app while birding                     Indispensable app while birding Free from worry
Almost the best Great sounds ID species info etc Sometimes searching is pointless I m not sure how to improve that option yet I wish it were easier There are so many birds that cannot be an easy task I wish it had every North American bird It s really great yet I find I still need a Sibleys now then                 iBird Plus Laina the vine
I ve used this app for at least 3 years presently I am on vacation watching new birds and low and behold each time I look one up it can only be found where exactly where I am Plus the behavior descriptions and other details confirm my identification Love this                     IBird rocks Busy biology teacher
Very useful i use it for identifying bird songs all the time Indexing and search could be improved but excellent nonetheless                 Outstanding app Dgp20008
I paid for the Plus and given that we are surrounded by birds two great road runners have made their home here with us most disappointed Merlin ID is superior to this app and you can upload a photo of a bird you want to ID         No road runners RandRR1
I absolutely love this app and all the information it has                     Favorite Bird App Roneeka
I ve always enjoyed sitting on my patio drinking my coffee reading the paper This ap has added a new dimension I now have become an active bird watcher Watching the birds coming to the feeder I now am able to identify them All the information available in this Ap not only helps identify them but gives you much more It is basically an encyclopedia on birds This ap is a must for anyone who enjoys the outdoors                     I BIRD PLUS Coil spring
Setting in court yard back yard placing birds sounds Brings them in closer Fun to watch them try to figure out where the call sound is coming from Great app for identifying birds as well                     Great app class1boomer
So far I have loved this app Never had a problem and it is continually updating with my facts sounds and photos Easy to identify birds in the field and at home                     iBird Plus has never failed me yet NatureStalker
I have been using various iterations of this app since its inception I frequently used What Bird before I find the search function to be very helpful I love the fact that it includes birds from Hawaii Alaska plus much of Canada and Mexico It is certainly quicker and lighter than carrying three field guidesor even ONE for that matter It is not my only birding app but if I had only one this would be it                 I Love This App
I love using this easy interface great info fun to use                 Great app
I know so many different birds now with this app I have learned so much about them and I even learned how to attract certain birds at my feeders Im a huge fan of birds and I always got those giant bird books But they were annoying to carry around all the time With this app it is easy to use lots of things to learn and what suprised me is that this app runs great and works perfectly If you have the money and you love birds this is the app for you                 I THE BEST APP IN EXISTENCE
All birders need this user friendly APP Have had it for years and use it all the time I use the song recordings of the pileated woodpecker to scare the local one off They are huge AAA                 A must have
This program has been a staple for my iPod through many iterations Hardly a day passes without me reaching for it to lookup a bird Im not even sure where my book is What few glitches it had early on were fixed in a timely way Sadly this will be my last Apple device I wont be getting IOS 7 My new phone is Windows 81                 Alas I dont have IOS 7
As a new birder I cant say enough great things about this app Really really love it Easy to use and super helpful                 Great App
Works without phone or WiFi connection A complete identification and reference you can slip into your front shirt pocket                 A Bird Book in your Pocket
The search feature narrowed identification to a Life bird yellowbreasted chat                 Great aid to birding
This is a great educational app as well fun                 Excellent
Really enjoy using this All of the features I could want                 Love it
Awesome                 Best bird app
This app is a TREMENDOUS tool for birding Give me my field glasses ibird Im good to go                 Killer App
I find this app very easy to use and accurately identifies birds Im enjoying using it to keep track of all our feathered friends who visit our home                 Easy and accurate
Does everything I want it to Easy to use                 Great App
My wife and I were very excited to use the app as we watch migrating birds visit our new home We were also excited to research birds that we might see on an upcoming vacation All I can say is good luck This app is in no way user friendly We finally gave up trying to figure out Save your        In no way user friendly
Ibird plus is great I particularly like the bird calls                 Ibird plus
I cant believe anyone would rate this less than 5 stars This sets a standard that all other electronic field guides should aspire to                 Perfect Ap
The best source for information on birds and especially their calls in one place Pictures and calls make bird identification simple Actually 5 stars if possible Best money Ive ever invested in bird identification                 Unmatched
Started with the free version and soon upgraded to the full featured app Would love to have the ability to use the microphone to ID bird calls                 Very solid and useful
This app has everything I had hoped to find The sounds are extremely high quality and Im very happy with this app                 VERY IMPRESSIVE
Love the app Use it all the time to look up birds and the sounds thry make                 ddeu9295
We have used this app for years and love it Somehow it just keeps getting better                 My go to bird app
This is a wonderful ap especially for those of us who are new to birding I have used the photographs and recorded bird song to identify visitors to my feeders It is very user friendly and you get fast results Definitely happy that it is on my IPhone              Fabulous
I use this all the time to not only identify the birds but I also use it to call in the birds Very handy in the field You will love using this app                 Great App
After using the application for several years the upgrade exceeded my expectations Better feel more in depth easy to use features and the expanded notes keep my new observations in the forefront for quick reviews Great job                 The Bird is the Word
Having watched birds with my family since childhood I demand a ton from my resources This app delivers From the search function to the call recordings to the bird info it is top notch Very happy I bought it                 Nice
Use this all the time At first taken back by the price but then realized I was comparing it to 1 apps No comparison Thanks to all the participants that post photos                 Love it
Not clear on why it costs 2999 to purchase Ibird Pro when It only costs 999 to buy Ibird Ultimate does ultimate have a new and different meaning to MWG than to the world at large Why isnt there an upgrade path to either of these apps from Ibird Plus These fundamental questions aside Ibird Plus is my go to resource for bird ID However I would like to note that the how to search instructions describe at least two search categories that arent actually available in the app ie observed statemonth conservation status maybe I need to purchase either Pro or Ultimate to have these featuresbut then it shouldnt be part of Pluss tutorial              Confusing upgrade paths frustrating search tutorial
This is a very strong field guide Love finding similar birds by song Like having several songs per bird Search is reasonable Better pictures would get 5 stars              Good companion
What can I say great                 Love it
We could not possibly be happier with this app Its great for helping to ID birds but where this app really shines is when we turn on our portable Jawbone speaker and we use it to call in countless species We have called in Piliated Woodpeckers to within 15 of us Just this evening I called in several Baltimore Orioles 3 males and 2 females into our yard This weekend we called in a male Scarlet Tanager LOVE this app                 Absolutely Spectacular App
This is the best all inclusive bird app Ive found Im a huge Sibleys fan when it comes to the hard copy field guide but I think this app is much better than the Sibleys or other bird apps Ive tried              Best All Round Bird App
So you now have to have a Dropbox account in order to save favorites or notes or in my case to access 5 years of favorites and notes Bye bye old friend     In bed with Dropbox
This has been a terrific app Well worth anyones time and money it is so dense with information I have always found my bird                 Fantastic App
I dont write many app reviews but this app is easy to use has lots of information and good features My only complaint is the size its BIG              Great app
Continues to be my favorite bird reference app on the AppStore                 Still a great app
Great Love the indentify notes on the main page and the slideshow options after searching              iBird Plus
This is a splendid app I used the calls to bring in eastern screech owl to my backyard twice this past week Some reviewers are off the mark This app is a must for serious birders Keep up the good work                 Calling bird
If the developers of this app designed faucets youd never be able to turn the water on     Now just a muddled app
Wow now at your finger tips you can take the guess work out of bird identification A fun learning tool for those who want to sharpen your bird brain You wont be sorry if you add this to your iPhone apps Easy to use too                 Become a Bird Master
Here is yet another case of fixing something that wasnt broken The layout of the search feature is a real step backward The search fields are now jammed into the right side of the screen while a list of remaining birds that match the criteria is squished onto the left in an unusable display Then you have to keep tapping back to open new search parameters Please restore what you had It worked perfectly fine           Needless fixl
I am very unhappy with this app I would not buy it again and would love to return it I can get as much or more information from Google and much easier too     Unhappy
Love it Pix and species details makes it so easy and quick I can ID them before they fly away                 Makes em Easy to ID
I love this app and use it on every birding trip Easy to navigate it will make you a better birder I set up favorites lists for every location I visit so I know what to look for when I go back Love the notes section where I can add my info on identification tips for that bird Developers make regular improvements which I appreciate I dreamed of an app like this when I got my first Palm Pilotso glad that someone else developed it and I didnt have to I suppose that someday Ill be able to record a bird and have the app help me identify it but until then keep up the incremental changesit is a great app continuing to get even better                 Awesome App
This is a must have for bird lovers It is easy to use It has lots and lots of birds Well worth it                 Great App
Love it It is awesome Easy to use                 iBird Plus Guide to Birds
Use this almost more than the guide book                 Awesome app
Ive never used any birding software before but in my opinion this is a great one                 Great app
I use this app daily I work in a bird enriched area this app really comes in handy                 Daily user
Ive loved my iBird app since I got my first phone years ago It was one of my 1st phone apps and I think I paid 3900 for it Its been worth every penny When I lost my phone this winter it was one of the 1st apps I added because I couldnt imagine living without it                 IBird a Must

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