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ibis inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Free: Shuffle Ball ,ibisMail Free - Filtering Mail ,ibisMail - Filtering Mail ,Shuffle Ball ,TatamiBall ,Another Free: Shuffle Ball2), brings ibisMail - Filtering Mail with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ibisMail - Filtering Mail app has been update to version 3.3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Being able to send picture attatchments is a big step..
  • Nice mail program..

Overall Satisfactionc55
Love the functions folders creation and filtering messages.
This app has amazing potential.
Being able to send picture attatchments is a big step.

Best mail application on iPhone. found in 1 reviews
I really like the landscape mode and the ability to add folders with filtering. found in 1 reviews
you can attach files from dropbox to a sending mail. found in 1 reviews
It occupies valuable screen space. found in 1 reviews
standard email app on your iPhone and iPads. found in 1 reviews
Works Great for POP3 Accounts. found in 1 reviews
you can save attachment files which you received into dropbox. found in 1 reviews
It's CLUTTERING the interface. found in 1 reviews
turn off on choose from samples receiving and sending sounds. found in 1 reviews
Notifications need work in ios6. found in 1 reviews
as someone else has already pointed out. found in 1 reviews
The interface feels a bit clunky. found in 1 reviews
but I can't get IMAP to work with exchange. found in 1 reviews
Can't update a certain folder and will not send mail. found in 2 reviews
Especially since I don't need calendar or address sync for those. found in 1 reviews
or open the message and find the delete icon. found in 1 reviews
Needs to incorporate the push and would be very close to 5 stars. found in 1 reviews
Address book issue in iOS 7. found in 1 reviews
I'll write again if I run into problems. found in 1 reviews
but with this app my account was up and running in no time. found in 1 reviews
Please fix it guys. found in 1 reviews
I really just wish it could be that way all the time. found in 1 reviews
one is annoying and the second is fatal. found in 1 reviews
Eventually this app may be nice but right now it's unusable. found in 1 reviews
but with 2 big flaws. found in 1 reviews
Five stars would be actually more fair. found in 1 reviews
Some needed features are missing. found in 1 reviews
and it doesn't seem to be able to play it. found in 1 reviews
app doesn't allow even with yahoo plus. found in 2 reviews
Totally Useless for either of my gmail accounts. found in 6 reviews
Dont waste your time and money. found in 1 reviews
can't believe I got sucked in by the " half price BS". found in 2 reviews
and end up with a lousy 2 star average rating. found in 2 reviews
spam generator. found in 1 reviews
Ibis Mail crashes continuously. found in 2 reviews
It will NOT connect to my exchange server. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download ibisMail - Filtering Mail for $3.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.3.2 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about ibisMail - Filtering Mail check developer ibis inc.`s website : http://ibis.ne.jp/en/products/ibisMail_iPhone/

News -ibisMail for iPhone is 50% OFF SALE Don`t miss it SUMMARY ibisMail supports creation folders and filtering rules. You can view various types of files such as office files and zip files. Additionally, ibisMail can connect to various types ...
I was fairly disappointed with the iPhone Mail program I have emails I need to keep and it seemed to have no way to do that but this program can keep them sort them read attachments easily you can have multiple accountsI am very happy with this program This is my favorite app I have purchased to date                 Excellent Now my iPhone is complete
I just purchased this product thinking that I would be able to connect it to the same account as the iPads default mail application It will NOT connect to my exchange server I set the setting to match the iPads mail clients settings and still no luck with the connection 4 bucks wasted on an app     No support
Works great and lets me keep my personal email seperate from my work email     Works Great with Yahoo
It doesnt have push feature and does not delete off of server Other than that it is a 5 star app           3 stars only because
Its CLUTTERING the interface NO BODY EVER CHANGES THIS SETTING Pls move this to settings instead of showing it in every message It occupies valuable screen space                 PLS REMOVE View HTMLText
Wow just the program I was looking for Thank you Would have given 5 stars but I have to agree with previous reviewer that the status bar icons need to be larger and spaced further apart and the status text smaller              Nice mail program improve status line
Nice interface and clearly a serious app but with 2 big flaws one is annoying and the second is fatal 1 Annoying Lack of push or fetch Other apps can provide push so I can work around this but cmon you got so much else right 2 HTML emails recd as text format with an HTML attached Really This is awful It makes reading email a phenomal pain Made me ditch the app altogether Fix these and I am sold For now just dissappointed        Delights with extras fails with basics
iPad version                 Nice
Updating my 5star review to 3stars This app is great for POP accounts but not fully functional for IMAP accounts It cant remember marked read message status locally and cant sync read message status with the server You also cant turn off the unread badge notification for all those already read messages that keep flipping back to unread So if youre on a POP account youll love this app If youre on IMAP youll hate it My main work email is on an Exchange server AND on the iPhone mail app I dont want to mess with multiple accounts on that app so having THIS app for all 4 of my other email addresses is PERFECT Especially since I dont need calendar or address sync for those Been using this daily for over 6 months with no problems Love it for how Im using it        Used to love this app
If you have a POP account this app is a requirement This is how Apple should have done it Wonderful interface and the filtering system is perfect Its best feature for me is the ability to instantly select emails globally Top shelf                 POP Account MustHave
The worst app ever I wish i could get my 8 bucks back I have tried sooo many times to get it to recognize my email addresses and no luck whatsoever Now i want to know why Why did i pay for something that is useless on my Iphone     Piece of garbage
Awesome Didnt want to switch from BB until I knew I could count on getting my business email from the IP This gave me the confindence to make the switch One coworker also got the app when I showed him how sweet it worked              Solar Sales Engineer
Love the functions folders creation and filtering messagesHope to see devs continue                 Love it
Unfortunately hopeful work or crasht do not see Tested on 3 version iPhone of the first till last model software iPhone 312 unfortunate     Not work dont crash
Love the look awesome to have another email system on my phone The only item that would make it perfect would be to add Notifications option                 Works great
I found this email filtering app to be quite easy and enjoyable to use if youre like me who likes to try various other ways to receive and store your emails as opposed to using the preinstalled email app that comes standard with all iPhones and iPads You should definetly give it a try and like myself you just might start using it as your official way of receiving and storing all future emails instead of the preinstalled standard email app on your iPhone and iPads Highly recommended                 Easy to use
Worthless wish I could get my 4 back cant believe I got sucked in by the half price BS Couldnt get it to work with hotmail at all even though the native app does so effortlessly Save your money     Absolutely useless
I cant send Mail with IMAP and POP Account     It does not work
I began searching for an Apple Mail alternative for a simple and highly requested reason My imap server does server side filtering moves messages to folders based on conditions Mail on the iPhone does not poll folders under the inbox for new messages strangely enough Apple Mail on OSX does and by default This is really an important feature to me and the only reason I purchased this app Needless to say this app does not support this feature either I sent in a feature request and am hoping the developers are responsive and can implement this I know there are a huge number of iPhone users who want this as well just google it its all over Apple forums If this were the only issue I would have given it three stars instead of two but a moment ago I tried to use it to listen to a voicemail I had on my voip line a simple wav file attachment and it doesnt seem to be able to play it So not only does it not improve on Apple Mail in any way that I care about it is actually less useful Should the developers implement these features I will definitely revise my rating but as of right now I am regretting this purchase        Disappointed
Great app easy to set up and use Fast Nice job Got it for an imap acct Works great                 Great app
The only problem is folders are noncollapsible please fix developers              Works great
This program works with SSL enabled IMAP dovecotpostfix mail server and is one of the only iPhone apps that does My biggest issue with ibisMail is that the icons on the bottom are too small and close together two icons in the space of one normal icon are flat and lack sufficient visual cues to distinguish their functionality I dont want to have to use a pogo stick and a magnifying glass to use this app The status message should be removed from the bottom and presented on demand I would like to be able to set the font size for the preview text and the various lists such as the Accounts or the Folders view which is a bit too small And why is there no swipe to delete The user has to either press Edit select the message and find the delete icon or open the message and find the delete icon Too many steps ibisMail deserves more then the 2 star average rating it has now I gave it an extra star to help bring up its rating              Good Mail Program but please make icons bigger
There are lots of things to like but there are two serious killer flaws The delete unwanted email process has too many steps why not use a swipe to delete HTML is shown as plain text so it doesnt show all those nifty formatting options graphics etc How could they get so many things right and still miss the obvious           Good Could Be Better
This app is not working with hotmail It would be nice if you could select your email service and it would fill out the tech stuff AND NOW IT IS 7 DONT GET     Needs fixing
Would be a great feature to have support for group or distribution email lists           Distribution lists
I can install and get the app to connect and download mail But I cannot write a email Or if ever the application cannot close a message for any reason the ibis mail app hangs The only way to clear the hang is to delete from the iPhone and reinstall This renders the application useless Dont purchase until you read about a fix to this in the release notes     Ibis mail doesnt work
Since the default mail app is set up for my work account i wanted a second app to keep my personal mail separate but still on the phone and ibis does the job                 Good mail supplement app
If you have 400 to spare please donate it to charity Do not waste on this app     Please do not waste time money
Good App Update Noted Solid performance no complaints here A very hard to find full set of features plus Rare POP mail features Good updates and developer continues solid support 8 weeks of use 3G 4G iDevices running iOS 511 CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND                 Reliable and Unique features I need
Dont buy this crap Dont waste your money Very bad software and very bad service     Dont buy this
This app is great Its very fast to retrieve messages and very rich feature I love it I really like the ability to create folders with filtering and to expand zip file I set up 4 mail accounts MobileMe Gmail AOL and my office it works good Must hove for anyone who checks email everyday Its stable on my environment                 Great
I love this app but would like the option for delivery options and read receipts for email           Add delivery and return receipt for mail
This is what I was looking for The mail filtering is brilliant                 ibisMail
I get 200 emails a day The default email with a limit of 200 was usless The IMAP configuration was simple and complete I have access to my 50 folders and thousands of email Just what I needed for business If I didnt find this program I would have had to switch back to a blackberry Thanks                 Fantastic Now I can keep my iPhone for business
When you go to type in a new email address the screen is messed up on the 4s in iOS 7 Please fix           Address book issue in iOS 7
They have made many needed improvements since I bought it in 2009 Easy delete mark read feature ease of setup Did hiccup on the ATT mail server but there is a quick and easy workaround I like being able to mark read and a few other features the iphone mail app lack Needs to incorporate the push and would be very close to 5 stars so I give it 45              Oct 2010
Works great for me Worth the money and much easier and better than the builtin mail                 Works great
This is a good appThe interface feels a bit clunky but more configurable than builtin mail                 Good app
Seems the reviews are all over on this one Works great for me Beats the heck ou of the Apple email client Nary a problem sending or receiving I forward a good bit of email to my iPhone and the Apple email client couldnt handle the eml file extension so it proved utterly useless This app not only handles the extension but provides much more functionality Wish i had a better choice of mail received sounds or could use the ones that come with the iPhone              Works great for me
Unless something unforeseen goes wrong with this program I find it to be far above any I have had so far Right now I am giving it the high five                 Ibismail iPad
It is okay even though it was a waste of money but can make folders and is more accurite     Ibis mail is great
Emailed their support and get no response Worked great until the update a couple days ago Now app just freezes once it has started If you wait long enough it will just crash Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled I have rebooted the phone I have even cradled the phone while I slept and still nothing     Not working after update
I bought this app thinking I could combine my hotmail and gmail accounts i tried to setup my hotmail account and every time I tried to retrieve my mail it told me I had a bad connection or program has timed out Very frustrating and the FAQs didnt offer any help I dont recommend buying this app I feel like I threw away 800 in 2 minutes     Worst buy ever
Add Push notifications please I hate having to go into the app everytime to check for new emails           Push
Dont buy this app No email can be configured     DOES NOT WORK
I use it with my own account on my own domain It is all I need Maybe push notification could be a good update but not a must have I just love it                 Best mail application on iPhone
Cant find anything if I cant search my email        Needs search v150
A little buggy but I havent had any major problems with any of my accounts The landscape and filtering are a definite improvement over the junior high iPhone email I would like it to be sortable and searchable but that is apparently too much to ask on an iPhone     Worth a buck for now
Crashes all the time Even 13 version I wonder where Apple quality control is Dont they check all apps before approving Dont waste your time and money     Total junk

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