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Apple Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (App Store Connect ,Keynote Remote ,Messages ,TV ,ECG ,iBooks), brings iBooks with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iBooks app has been update to version 2.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • there's a pretty good collection of books available on here..
  • Text to speech is already built into the iphone ipad so on..
  • Now that Apple has finally released a desktop version..
  • This app is totally accessible via the Voice Over program..
  • Great App wld be better with night time reading mode..

Overall Satisfactionc41
Guys they will add more books sometime in the future.
Needs more books that kids and people read not stupid stuff.
I love being able to read hundreds of books while I wait in line.
Thanks Apple for the better future of the classical paper books.
Thanks apple for this disappointing update.
However this app reads much better than kindle or nook.
If you were better than Kindle people would buy from You.
This app is a great app for book fans hands down.
Fun & Engagingc48
Guys they will add more books sometime in the future.
I'd love to see more books added to this format.
Needs more books that kids and people read not stupid stuff.
Family Friendlyc42
you seriously need to add kids books and more books.
do they have kids books.
No good kids books.
Production Valuesc30
Oops i was wrong about that page turning animation thinggy.
Thank you for leaving the page turn animation also.
Security & Privacyc30
Pay right out of your itunes account.
I need a private password protected.
Updates & Supportc11
The new version looks a lot like the Kindle app.
New version looks like Kindle app = Not bad.
I buy the iBooks version because the aesthetics matter to me.
I WOULD only buy the iBooks version of the book.

I highly recommend for readers out there. found in 13 reviews
Thanks Apple and iTunes wonderful for the avid reader. found in 34 reviews
The rest of the public domain covers became blue ipad replicas. found in 28 reviews
the app is laggy although the nighttime reading theme is amazing. found in 14 reviews
The new continuous scrolling mode is really convenient. found in 9 reviews
Please get a larger library and keep up with new releases. found in 12 reviews
Apple please take these comments into consideration. found in 100 reviews
so if you cover art which is not the actual cover. found in 31 reviews
Supposed to be able to open a pdf attachment from mail into iBook. found in 41 reviews
Cannot highlight PDFs on ipad mini with retina. found in 51 reviews
Ever since the update I can't open PDFs in iBooks. found in 43 reviews
but it take too much time when open a book. found in 77 reviews
I am not a fan of the new icon or display. found in 14 reviews
I read some reviews that said they are missing pages. found in 17 reviews
please give the option to completely deleted purchased books. found in 162 reviews
It's obvious because I've got ____ book open in iBooks. found in 37 reviews
The store keeps crashing every time I try to download a book. found in 93 reviews
everything just totally changed and iBooks is just not iBooks anymore. found in 45 reviews
I don't like the new look at all in anyway shape and or form. found in 20 reviews
but now it's constantly crashing and it takes forever to open. found in 14 reviews
The plain white background ruins the visual appeal of the app. found in 83 reviews
Apple needs to unite the iBooks store with iTunes. found in 62 reviews
until I chose to open a PDF file from my email in iBooks. found in 41 reviews
It still lacks the ability to underline and study PDF's. found in 9 reviews
What the hell is with all the spelling errors. found in 8 reviews
The iBooks app appears to be severely incompatible with IOS7. found in 361 reviews
I bought the iPad to read books and now it doesn't. found in 357 reviews
Purchased books gives error 'resource not available'. found in 162 reviews
Will not be ordering any more books for this app. found in 398 reviews
Please add the ability to highlight and take notes on PDF files. found in 283 reviews
Good for books but not so good for pdfs. found in 183 reviews
Can't load new PDF files crashes & they magically disappear. found in 479 reviews
Could Apple please add an option to lock the screen rotation. found in 128 reviews
Unable to access the iBooks store since the update. found in 126 reviews
It crashes frequently & won't let me buy new books. found in 195 reviews
The iBook software needs a better page turning scheme. found in 178 reviews
Can get into iBook store but Slow loading. found in 226 reviews
It won't download books and keeps asking for sign in. found in 158 reviews
No highlight for PDF and loss books when sync. found in 127 reviews
I wish there was a way to lock out apps from updates. found in 128 reviews
Not being able to read my books is very disappointing. found in 122 reviews
Needs more books that kids and people read not stupid stuff. found in 398 reviews
The option to choose dictionary has disappeared as well. found in 125 reviews
and I don't even have many books. found in 127 reviews
but has a horrible selection of books for teen/young adult readers. found in 124 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iBooks for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new iBooks app version 2.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iBooks in Apple Inc.`s Official Website : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/#app_store_and_ibooks

iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest best-selling books or your favorite classics day or night. Browse your library on a ...
adds much needed features to iOS Could have better integration support                 Good to have BenNormous
Rosario                     Ifonne Rocagambo
I hate this app it will not let me connect to the App Store     Ibooks Cutie unicat blah blah noo
Very good but can you make samples bigger                 GrEat Peanuts#1REALFAN!!!
I use this app all the time for reason projects for school or just for fun It s note taking highlighting and bookmarking features are fantastic but the books are quite pricey as expected Wonderful app in general                 Great but expensive Brainwashed catz
My iphone has this app but when i found out that you can get the same app but better was a huge releafe i read 24 7 on this app I recommend this app for you book lovers                     Awesome app Odile0921
hsjjskkaha                     h jakapak Thuyiphihi999
I love this app It s very nice to just use your phone iPad and iPod as a bookshelf The only problem is the books are very expensive Otherwise this app is great and I love it                 iBooks by App Reviewer 101 App Reviewer C.C
This app is amazing app I love it hows ever looking on the reviews get this app                 Amazing app
Lately I have to wait a long time for the app or a book        Please Update
I even use it in school                 UmI LOVE IT
I always look at the reviews before I get an app so as I always do I decided to check them and well they litterally said the app went from great to TERRIBLE and this is horrible because Im really looking for a book app any suggestions     Uhhh
The ibooks store isnt working How am I supposed to get new books Whenever I click on the store its just blank white Fix it please     Store
iBooks is a huge disappointment after using audiobooks I have to flip through chapters to start the book I listening during my commute so when I have to manually forward to the next chapter it becomes more trouble than its worth Boo     Audiobooks1 iBooks0
Love this new design                 New design
Id like to be able to highlight and make little side notes but I dont know how           Great but
I think iBooks is a great app if you like to read you can download books them easily It is easy and simple to read the books you love when you want to           iBooks
I really like this app It is very easy to use and useful It is convenient too Love this app                 Love this app
I recently updated to iOS 71 a couple months ago and iBooks update is horrible most importantly they took out the rotating feature And Ive had to re download some of my PDFs because some if them just disappeared one day I cant stand that I have to go to iBooks to download files online if I leave while its downloading it wont work Please fix these problems           Please Fix This
Terrible design after last update     Terrible
Hate the new look Bring back the bookshelf Some things just need to be left alone Seems like you are copying off of kindle The bookshelf felt cozy as though you were actually pulling a book off the shelf I dont know what this is Who ever thought of this needs to be fired Booooo Im done with Apple     Want book shelf back
I bought American sniper and it wont download but it took the money off of the account FIX     Fix
It is the best thing I have ever sawlolthis is the and reading is awsome                 This is awesome
Perfect way to organize your pdfs Highly recommend                 Great way to organize
I really LOVE the app itself but it makes my phone run slower and it freezes and shuts off while Im reading a book and wont let me on other books              It love it but
We are not children without any kind of decision We dont need Apple decides for us in terms of design Give us the opportunity to choose what bookshelves background we want In the new update please include in the options the previous features        Great App horrible design
I absolutely hate this app I have a lot of books but the little circle is always spinning so I cant even get to the edit button to delete them It takes at least 30 minutes to download my books They always show up on my phone but it takes forever on my iPad The little cloud button with the arrow always shows up and it have to constantly press it before the book will download Ive had to resort to using the Nook and Kindle apps because this has so many problems I wish they would fix it because I really like the setup of iBooks     HORRIBLE
I enjoy this app but I preferred the previous version The wood shelves were classy One could delete books The edit button is missing so books cannot be deleted There is no info on how to put books into categories which would be nice The weekly free book has vanished I still look for books but Im not as pleased with this app as I was           IBooks is fine but took a step back in the new release
Sooooo stupid I got this app and its free but you have to pay for the books you cant just make the app cost money and pay once instead of making the books cost for every book on there you read it makes you pay money     Stupid
I recommend you read The Help amazing book just finished it and its heart touching                
I still like iBooks but the older version was more pleasing to the eye in landscapebook mode on the iPad Now it looks just like the Kindle app and that is not a good thing Note to designers Dark room Reading a book using Night black theme Going back to the Library is very jarring with its bright white background I went back to the old version Update 09232014 And now this beautiful new design boring version is forced with iOS 8 By being part of the operating system it is no longer a separate app on upgraded devices that we can remove and reinstall the old version Sad This app has not been updated since Nov 2013 I really hope Apple has read these reviews before they no longer exist under an app and update it soon with some more UI options to make the program more personal to individual likes Reading is very personal 101514 Im missing out on the new iOS 8 features on my main device because Im holding out on upgrading All to keep the old iBooks version a little while longer 040915 Im finally updating my iPad to 8x Byebye bookshelf Byebye book edges Ill have to visit you on my older iGadgets that cant be upgraded to the latest iOS When the Night theme is used on a book sometimes the background switches to a darkish blue after a few seconds and sometimes it stays bright white either way I have squint Apple please add more background options to iBooks Please        Too flat Too white Too BORING
Refer to title Not sure what all of the complaints are for Its especially good for iPad or maybe iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus                 iBooks is OK
I absolutely hate this app now Its completely white and sterile and not the cozy wooden bookshelf it used to be The books take forever to load The app just crashes after idling for five minutes It deletes my book marks I hate itits soo crappy now what the hell been trying to download a new book for an hour waste of time FIX IT     Why
Apple let people who prefer the look and feel of reading a book have the Classic look back I would pay to have it restored The current look is ugly cold sterile but most of all just not fun to read The new version is just a sad Kindle knockoff Now there really isnt any difference betweend the reading experience on the IBOOKS and that on any of the other tablet ereaders Too bad I used to enjoy buying and reading books exclusively on the IPAD Now I will look at Kindle books which are offers a much wider inventory of books dd     Bring Back Skeuomorphism as in app purchase
This the best pdf viewer app that Ive ever used but if you add visible bookmarks that you can see before entering the book it will be awesome Another thing if you could add the arabic books to your library that would be good                 Great app
It wont even let me download a book without saying their is a mismatch error and I can not download a book        Fail
Love it But every time I get on it it LOSES MY PLACE IN THE BOOK Its VERY FRUSTRATING           ITS COOL BUT
It is good to use but I like my kindle better        Good but
I dont understand the bad reviews I have never had any issues with iBooks whatsoever I can easily find the book Im looking for download it easily and it always retains my spot with no problem Even if I am reading a book on my phone then switch to my tablet and it automatically updates I where I was on my phone I love it and have no bad things to say about it at all                 Great App
This is the main reason I have not updated to iOS 8 You expect us to adapt and use a app that is slower dummied down ugly and unable to delete it and downgrade I swear this app has gone from looking and acting like a Lamborghini to acting and preforming like a Yugo Is it asking too much to bring back the old wooden bookshelf and let us delete this junk off of iOS 8 or are you guys too lazy Since being bundled with iOS 8 the ratings for this app have plummeted due to criticism of being bundled Overall fix this app and allow customization to make it look like the good old days Jailbreaking to avoid delete and reinstall the old version 312 of this app is unacceptable Even if there is another version released called iBooks Classic with the wooden bookshelf UI we will be thankful     From Lamborghini performance to Yugo quality in one update
Love it                 Love it
Disappointed that IBook has not been updated The app is lame with its generic look Id much rather pay a few extra dollars to own a book that welcomes you to read rather than IBook which keeps me away from reading an already purchased book     Generic
The app will not let me download and I have tried multiple times This it terrible     It wont
I love inooks but hate the white Needs to be back the way it was Yall making it where no one likes it anymore        iBooks
My install collected 250 MB of nothing despite all media deleted Allows renaming of PDF with slash in name then may delete document if you try to email Loss of files inexplicably Design a la Johnny Ives a barren wasteland as bleak as 1984 Use Kindle instead     Crapplication
It doesnt download                 492Abc
Downloaded app then paid for a book to read Book downloaded ok but app wont allow me to access it Dont waste your time or with this Apple really screwed this up     Worst app ever
I think everyone would benefit if the next update or so had the feature of being able to listen to the pronouncement of the word you are defining Please do this feature              The dictionary
I think I books is THE DUMBEST APP EVER It is stupid I cant even figure out how to use it Anna giving birth goober     I hate iBooks
This app is horrendous If it has the ability to save books via iCloud then why will it not do the same for PDFs Horrible During the ios8 update my iPad randomly disabled itself and then the only option left was to system restore Crappy update made me lose almost everything Lost plenty of important documents 5 stars Sorry but this app is only if you want books clearly the developers of this app should have eliminated the PDF section ENTIRELY or provide more insight on it Horrible     WORST
What i most loved about this app is now gonethe wooden bookshelfa bookshelf like that in real life and a whole roompersonal library like that look has been my dream of the lifeso it felt so good to have that look at your fingertips and browse n read books from thatthe new updated look is a total crap like frozen american junk foodi hardly visit the app any moreplease provide those old look atleast as themes guysdamm     I hate the new white background
I love reading on my phone Im not even kidding when I say I stay up all night reading                 I love iBooks
I love iBooks I suggest fixing the app so it saves your spot in the book across all devices I am gonna go read now thank you              Love it but suggestion
Can you plz make a screen recorder so we can make cool videos for YouTube                 Screen recorder plz
I highly suggest kindle app in place of iBooks Purchased school book through here and it glitches and freezes constantly Just an awful app Not to mention you buy it and your stuck with the book thats doesnt even load     Use kindle app not iBooks
I really enjoy the hyperlink feature in iBooks This allows room for eliminating other publications Everything in one app On the next upgrade can you include a variety of bookshelf colors The pale gray is unattractive and hard on my eyes Any wood stain color would suffice Also can you add a variety of colors to the underlying feature and a text box feature Thank you                 Preferably wood stain color
I have loved the look of the original design with the wood and have avoided updated for the new design for over a year because of its cold look and lack of realism I accidentally clicked it and now its so BBBad I am actually crying over the look Does anyone know how to reverse an update I am devastated and cant read my book like this I want to slapp whomever made the new design in the face and make them fix it PLEEASSSSEEEE     This new design is actually making me cry
you people need to chill out because u guys are making a stupid choice                 all of the neggitive comments

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