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Ibotta, Inc. , brings Ibotta with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ibotta app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Loving getting additional incentives for grocery shopping and trying new items..
  • Even earn money for gift cards for birthdays or holidays..
  • This am amazing tool for shoppers..
  • some people still prefer to clean the old school way..
  • Keep the offers coming..
Overall Satisfactionclick me83
I love saving money on things I am already buying.
It's so easy to get free money for simply grocery shopping.
Wish they would add more products and more store specials.
Needs more stores.
Love how easy it is to use and great products every week - it really works.
I love the concept of this app and I'm not going to stop using it.
Love the idea of this app.
Fun & Engagingclick me77
It's easy on all accounts and makes shopping fun.
Not sure how to claim multiples of the same items.
Wish they would add more products and more store specials.
Needs more stores.
They keep it updated with great products that I buy all the time.
It's fun and easy to use.
I really like that new stores are being added all the time.
Awesome money making app.
Usefulnessclick me90
Great for anyone looking to save extra on everyday items.
Able to get awesome discounts on everyday items.
Great fun way to earn some extra money on everyday items.
Very easy to use and make money on everyday purchased.
Most useful app in the App Store.
Family Friendlyclick me87
There are several items listed that my family uses regularly.
I love getting paid for buying products that my family uses.
They recently asked for copies of your receipts for Family Dollar.
Family Dollar & Brookshire's added to the store list.
Social Aspectsclick me36
I like the changes like less of the social media challenges.
Outside of social media.
If you refuse to join some kind of social media.
Ease of Useclick me80
Easy way to make money buying things already on my list.
Some work is needed in order to make the app better.
It is so easy to redeem offers and payouts are immediate.
I have repeatedly tried to redeem with no luck.
Super easy to use and much less hassle than using coupons.
This app is easy to use and saves me money every time I go grocery shopping.
it's a snap to transfer my earnings to my Paypal account.
So simple and fun.
Fast and easy way to get money back on products I already buy.
Reliabilityclick me11
Security & Privacyclick me89
50 deposited into my Paypal account because of this app.
Can't transfer my money to my paypal account.
And with the savings going to my pay pal account.
Updates & Supportclick me74
Saved lots of $ and works very consistently with great customer service.
The company has great customer service and is very accommodating.
The customer service team fixed his mistake after only one simple email.
I contacted the customer service team and they were fantastic.


Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn real money just for buying your favorite products in the grocery store. You can earn $20 or more each time you use the app.


- It`s easy. Learn about products by taking polls, reading facts or watching short videos - you choose how much or how little.

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- It works in multiple stores. Target, Walmart and Walgreens are currently supported, with new stores being added all the time.


- It`s fast. Get your money within hours of taking a photo of your receipt.


- It`s real cash. Earnings can be transferred securely to your PayPal account or donated to any school in America with the click of a button.


- It’s personalized. Every time you redeem an offer, we’ll send a new one. Tell us your likes and dislikes and we’ll send you personalized offers.


- It’s full of your favorite products. Ibotta sends you offers from all the top brands.


- It`s secure. Your information is private and we intend to keep it that way. We never share your
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
address with anyone. Credit card information is not stored or kept.


Here`s how it works:


1. Before shopping, choose your offers. The more you choose, the more cash back you`ll earn.


2. Go Shopping. Buy your chosen products at Target, Walmart or Walgreens.


3. Take a photo of your receipt. We`ll verify your purchases and credit your account right away.


4. Get your cash. Yes, real money, loaded onto your PayPal account or donated to any school in America.


Start earning money today!


Please send any feedback or ideas to [email protected]


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Ibotta for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 11.2 MB to download. The new Ibotta app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Ibotta check developer Ibotta, Inc.`s website :


Love this app great savings will recommend to my friends. found in 79 reviews
Love the opportunity to save on things I already buy. found in 293 reviews
Great app for couponers and those who like to save money. found in 22 reviews
Easy to use and a great money maker. found in 27 reviews
Saved lots of $ and works very consistently with great customer service. found in 36 reviews
Good program just needs more choices. found in 6 reviews
I will NOT post anything to Facebook or Twitter just to earn another. found in 28 reviews
I would also like to see more restaurants listed. found in 30 reviews
Wish they have a better variety on the discounted products. found in 14 reviews
but because they clicked the picture and not my referral link. found in 9 reviews
just wish there were more local stores for this rural area. found in 28 reviews
which is great if I actually want to purchase the item. found in 14 reviews
Needs more variety don't use a lot of the offers. found in 16 reviews
Would like to see wider variety of food offers. found in 16 reviews
Anyone else having problems with stores with loyalty cards. found in 21 reviews
but now it keeps crashing when I try to upload receipts. found in 45 reviews
I like earning money for shopping but wish it had more options. found in 5 reviews
I wish they would add more bonuses that actually pay out. found in 22 reviews
I have found that the stores don't carry some of the items. found in 10 reviews
Wish there were more offers available but a cool concept. found in 220 reviews
It works fine just wish there was less junk food though. found in 24 reviews
Needs more stores though and more selections of items. found in 21 reviews
it would be nice to have a larger variety of items. found in 8 reviews
Give notice or don't change bonus expiration dates. found in 18 reviews
the post to Facebook task always fails for me. found in 28 reviews
Makes redeeming rite aid rebates impossible. found in 10 reviews
The scanner doesn't work when trying to scan the receipt. found in 25 reviews
so it's nearly impossible to earn rewards. found in 9 reviews
App crashes trying to upload long receipt. found in 25 reviews
Why do I have to connect a loyalty card. found in 21 reviews
Not worth effort - especially if u buy store brands. found in 17 reviews
mostly junk food like Pop Tarts. found in 24 reviews
Also I don't have Facebook or Twitter. found in 19 reviews
when it came time to scan the barcode nothing would scan. found in 32 reviews
but it crashes every time I take a picture of the receipt. found in 21 reviews
Great for anything that doesn't involve posting to Facebook. found in 28 reviews
Every time I try to upload my receipt the app crashes. found in 45 reviews
they don't ask for specific items from specific stores. found in 13 reviews
Does not have stores I shop in. found in 13 reviews
Doesn't work for stores in my area. found in 24 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
So easy It takes a little time but well worth it Thank you Ibotta                Love it
I LOVE using ibotta Its fun and it saves me money                I wish I had known about it sooner
Great app                Mom
Great app for making from just buying my regular groceries Loads a little slow but its still a great app                Love
App is easy to use and you earn money for items you probably needed anyway                Earn your Starbucks for just shopping
Since ios9 update the finding rebate circling iconAppears on screen spinning endlessly No way to chose another function Stuck          Update spins endlessly
Super fun and easy to use Get paid back for items already on your regular shopping list                Makes Shopping a Game
The app isnt loading the update Its a big bummer because I use this app pretty frequently Fix this update    App flipped out
I have used the app for several months and love it I have been paid through PayPal for an amount over 100 quickly and efficiently so I can confidently give this app 5 stars It does everything it says it will do                Easy and Profitable to use
I really really love this app and it does save you a fair amount of money The only thing that really stinks is that Aldis is still not a store option Im missing out on tons of rewards by them not supporting Aldi I really wish this would change and more people would complain Make Aldi an option If you do I up you to five stars          No Aldis but still pretty great
First of all ibotta has plenty of items to make money off of it The problem is that they have the right to not cash you out I had over 200 dollars ready to be cashed out and the app wouldnt let me It locked my account Apparently they have a bot aka program that flags your account after you reach a certain amount of money saved and deems it suspicious Bottom line cash out your money right away our face your account money frozen and all that time you wasted watching they stupid commercial in order to redeem a coupon REMEMBER CASH OUT RIGHT AWAY OR FACE GETTING DOOPED BY THEM    Waste of space and time
I like the concept but the redeeming part has been rocky Maybe Ill get better with practice Is easier than coupons Would like to redeem rebates on multiples of same product             Takes getting used to
Ive used for few days Maybe 5 days and earned 360 for the stores I shop at I shop for what I need and hope something is in there I need So its not too bad but hope I can cash in enough to earn a gift card          Well
One of the best cash back apps Ive used Its simple and easy to use The app design is smooth and runs well Im so close to cashing out at 10 Always cash out when you reach the minimum Heres my referral code if you wanna earn with me lnnexvh                Simple Easy
I enjoy the app a great deal Builds up money in savings and lets me find new products I might have strayed away from I have found myself switching brands to catch a coupon several time Its fun to use and save A little better offline support would be nice                Neat app to save money
I am using the app more nowUpgrades have helped and it is getting better In time this will be evolve into something more user friendly             Improving
Love this app Never had any problems Tons of rebates and credits money usually with 15 minutes Never had any problem cashing out to paypal I have made over 400 in 1 year                Huge savings
Love it Love it Love it Always fun redeeming purchases to see how much you can earn Its also a great way to try new things at a great price And when I have had problems customer service is quick to try to solve the issue                Ibotta
Id really appreciate if you used my referral code when you sign up Its hsrhdit and youll get 1 when you use it Its awesome that you can get money back just for shopping normally I love this app                GREAT APP
Good app                Nice
I love how easy it is to use and that I can link my store card to the site          Love it
All I want to say is be sure to check the company with the Better Business Bureau Just to know what kind of company youre going to be doing business with thank you    Always Check First
Love it Makes shopping a game                Grocery shopping fun
I earned over 8 in just one trip to the grocery store Free money just for shopping I love it                Free money
Liked the old way of being able to redeem and now after I select my items I am unable to pull the list back to reference Please change this is back          Too hard to redeem
Que mejor que una app que te devuelve dinero por las compras que haces soy nuevo a un me me han dado un dólar espero funcione                Muy buena
Wonderful app Use my referral code while registering and you will be benefited cbtlyiu                WATCH OUT Use my referral code
Use my referral code czu5hq to get a signup bonus when you redeem your first rebate within 10 days AND I will be on your team able to help you reach those awesome teamwork cash bonuses Great app                REFERRAL CODE czu5hq
This is easy and convenient to use I like it AAAAA                Nice App
This app is good who wouldnt want to earn money from purchasing                This app is
this app only work on wifi i contacted them asking if they could help they said they would release an update and the update has not helped at all    only works on wifi
You do your normal shopping scan everything and then take a picture of your receipt Then less than a day later you have free money Whats not to likeOne of the easiest shopping apps to use Great job Ibotta                Ibotta gives you money
This app was great and I earned 65 this summer without changing what I was buying in the grocery store but now I cant log in at all and I cant redeem the money I earned    Is Great Until You Cant Log In
Been using it for about a week made a few dollars on a couple receipts have yet to cash out so we will see in the future if its really worth the time But the idea of ibotta is great I hope its legit and if it is I hope they succeed          So far so good
Only just been using this for a few weeks so far havent had any rebates I could use Still waiting to see if itll pay like it claims          So far
Love this app Been such a great way to save money                Best app on the market What a great way to save money
I use Ibotta to get cash back on almost every trip to the store I love it Quick and easy                Cash back
I positively love this app Easy to use and combine it with coupons to save TONS I recommend this to absolutely everyone                A musthave
Super easy to use always new rebates Whats not to love about getting money back from your regular shopping                Love
I love ibotta but the newest update will not load I cant delete the inactive icon and attempting to download the app does nothing Looking forward to the next update so I can start saving again    Update wont load
I love this app because I earn cash for items that I usually buy anyway and some new items that I try out The verification process is simple you just take a picture of your receipt or in some cases you can scan the barcode on the receipt and it automatically loads Very useful app I just had my first transfer of 1300 to pay pal last Friday and I cant believe I actually got free money It was transferred the same day Im an occasional user but those who really use the app to its full potential could make way more money than I did             Awesome
I love the fact of getting money back to shop Its like using coupons except you get money back instead of saving money Same concept just feels better to know you get something back Haha Love it                Great Innovative Idea
I have been using the Ibotta app for about a week I really like it so far             So far I like it
Love it                Easy peasy Love this app
Use this app almost every time I purchase something Gives cash right back to your PayPal for the most common things you buy Dont ever do groceries with out it                Cash back on groceries
Great way to make some extra money on things I already buy                Awesome
Very easy to use and cash credit is quick             Ibotta
Highly recommend Cash back on everything from groceries to electronics They add tons of new rebates every week so its easy to find products I like Ive earned over 400 using Ibotta                Ibotta must have app for cash back
The best just got better If you arent using Ibotta youre wasting money                Cash Money great update
Ibotta gives you cash for buying things you were gonna buy anyway Much better then retail me not or coupon apps Its easy and you get cash Only down side is you have to get 1000 to cash out However thats not to hard to do on ibotta                Cash


Ibotta, Inc.
11.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Ibotta 1.0.1 Mobile

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