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Diigo Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Awesome Screenshot for Safari ,Diigo ,Diigo annotator for Safari ,Readict ,Readict - RSS Reader with Annotation ,iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser), brings iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser app has been update to version 3.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent Research Tool..
  • read later and reading list offline reading..
  • especially when the Ad Block feature is engaged..
  • I love the Speed dial in New tab page..
  • Great tabbed browser..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
The most promising alternative browser for iPad I've seen yet.
This has potential to be the best browser for the iPad.
Better than Safari or Atomic in many ways.
So much better than the native mobile safari.
U can use it to highlight an article and make notes.
I find this to be one of the best web browser apps.
Fun & Engagingclick me68
Awesome browser with REAL tabs like firefox.
Still an awesome browser though.
Usefulnessclick me70
Everything that's made it into the app is well considered.
It's a great app it helps me keep in track on my school stuff.
Reliabilityclick me36
This new update fixed all the problems.
although still slower than Safari.
Security & Privacyclick me61
Highly recommended for anyone wanting to save and organize web pages.
Need to be able to save passwords.
Security Bug.
more privacy.
Updates & Supportclick me54
new version 1.


iChromy brings the best of Chrome’s interface and speed to the iPad.


Feature highlights:


1. Tabs on Top
It’s very easy to open, switch and close tabs.


2. Ominibox
Type search keywords or URL in one box.


3. Extra space for the web content
The address bar will be hidden automatically when you scroll down the page, so you get the the extra space for web content. To show the address bar, just tap the tab again.

iChromy - Chrome Style Web BrowseriChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser
Tags :   reading ,   search ,   ichromy ,   reading list


4. Read later and Reading list (Offline reading)
One click to save a page to reading list, so you can view them offline. One click to remove a page from the reading list. It’s fast to get pages in and out.


5. Share to different places
Share the page to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Diigo, Instapaper etc.
iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser


6. Context search
Search from context menu directly.


7. Open link in new tab
Long press a link and choose different open options.


Follow us on Twitter: @diigo


What`s in next version?
1) Add .com button
2) Auto Scroll to the top when tap status bar
3) other features
4) Bug fix: Only 10 bookmarks are displayed in the bookmark popover window.


The iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.6 MB to download. The new iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser app version 3.8 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser in Diigo Inc.`s Official Website :


LastPass and Xmarks integration. found in 1 reviews
Finally- Bye Bye Safari. found in 2 reviews
It's a great app it helps me keep in track on my school stuff. found in 1 reviews
as the background- tabbed browsing is a dream. found in 7 reviews
and at the same time is fast and very responsive. found in 1 reviews
You have the ability to organize by tag or list. found in 3 reviews
The most promising alternative browser for iPad I've seen yet. found in 24 reviews
together with offline reader it becomes ultimate tablet browser. found in 3 reviews
and a better PDF reader. found in 2 reviews
This browser blows Safari away. found in 3 reviews
like the chrome browser like experince. found in 5 reviews
This app replaced Safari immediately after it was downloaded. found in 4 reviews
and I'd be willing to pay $10 for this fantastic browser. found in 1 reviews
This has potential to be the best browser for the iPad. found in 23 reviews
Very useful for highlighting and annotating. found in 2 reviews
In fact I am using it as my default browser. found in 6 reviews
Great ideas on this app. found in 2 reviews
A couple of enhancements would make it perfect. found in 1 reviews
By far the best Internet browser on the iPad. found in 3 reviews
Half the time I'm typing in a URL the browser crashes. found in 4 reviews
Nice app but the Twitter login is not working. found in 1 reviews
the most recent update broke my ability to open new tabs. found in 10 reviews
Anyone found that pages load slowly. found in 2 reviews
it often takes several attempts to find a response. found in 8 reviews
Please shape up and become a disciplined leader. found in 1 reviews
iCloud sync doesn't function well on my iPhone 4. found in 1 reviews
And to all who are complaining about forcing to ios5. found in 3 reviews
I think this app is great but needs a home page. found in 2 reviews
Chrome can open links from other programs. found in 3 reviews
a Google+ share option would be greatly appreciated. found in 1 reviews
The big one is the inability to save images. found in 2 reviews
crashes when try to load multiple tabs after updates. found in 13 reviews
I don't need another browser. found in 7 reviews
Recently closed not cleared with history. found in 2 reviews
unable to open PDFs in Adobe Reader. found in 2 reviews
It is forcing me to upgrade to iOS5. found in 5 reviews
but unfortunately it crashes every time I use it. found in 2 reviews
Saying "you don't have to update " isn't a solution. found in 3 reviews
Please let me disable the bookmarks bar. found in 4 reviews
I hate any app that forces me to upgrade my iOS. found in 5 reviews
Please bring back the swiping left and right gestures to change tabs. found in 3 reviews
and the missing auto-suggestions for the address bar. found in 20 reviews
but won't stay NO LONG ENOUGH TO FIND OUT. found in 8 reviews
I have tried deleting and reinstalling and it has not helped. found in 3 reviews
But I can't even get it to work. found in 11 reviews
Now it's constantly unable to load pages. found in 3 reviews
Browser crashes immediately after I open it. found in 4 reviews
When I first started using Diigo I thought it might be a little difficult to learn However I found that it is very intuitive and a powerful tool to highlight and save material on websites One of the best features is the ability to share highlights notes and annotations with people in your own personal group Highly recommended for anyone wanting to save and organize web pages                This app rocks for research
I love this browser It does everything that I need it too without a lot of the hassle It has what its calling the quick access panel that allowed you to pin websites to it like a task bar Its awesome                Awesome
Used to be a pretty alright browser I used it occasionally with some hassle and some crashes Now it crashes at once on startup    Not too good anymore
still completely useless as soon as you try to sign into your Diigo account the entire thing crashes Without being able to sign into your account the entire thing is useless    Still broken
Nice browser especially if u are doing any online reading for classes U can use it to highlight an article and make notes Very helpful                Very nice browser
Now the app is stuck on a tab I had open and I cant do anything in the app I get a pop up box asking to send information about this problem but even that doesnt work Please fix this quick    worked just fine till 511
I love to use Diigo but the browser is extremely buggy It crashes randomly and frequently Theres a bug when I try to do Google searches from the address bar to leave a white box on screen that you cant get rid of This single bug renders the browser unusable Come on Diigo Im a front end web developer I know shoddy work when I see it This version probably should never have passed QA Fix it or pull it from the store    Love Diigo but browser needs work
Browser stops functioning for mysterious reasons putting up a blank callout box and theres no way the user can back out of it You can reinstall for a fresh start but its tough luck if youve put in time to create bookmarks and quickmarks WAIT FOR THE INEVITABLE FIX    Serious stability problem
I have to work across many computers and platforms and its extremely handy to be able to carry my catalogued research tools with me via Diigo I havent used the social aspects of this tool due to security at my place of work so I cannot comment on that element                Impressed librarian
11132014 Update has been crashing after update Please fix I wish I could set this as default Works great tabs are stable great options amazing since its free    Crashing after update
Used to be good Latest version is buggy    Bad now
I read a lot I use Diigo to save articleswebsites to Read Later which syncs all my devices laptop desktop iPhone I typically have 3050 saved links at a time that I can blow through loads of material using Siri to read out loud to me The main problem I have is the mobile app does not always sync properly leaving a lot of already read and deleted files on the app Need a better way to flush out old saved links Ive been uninstalling and reinstalling to do the same task             Great tool for syncing Read Later
Just like Chrome its always CRASHING Im on Github most of the time and its constantly crashing Im having a very difficult time trying to understand why the developers arent testing their software I would be out of business if I wrote software like this application    CAN YOU SAY CRASH
It used to be my favorite browser app to use Used to work PERFECTLY But not anymore It crashes constantly The recent update proves to hav made it worse Can we just go back to how things used to be Because at this point Im seeking an alternative app to use    Im about to delete the crap
It seemed brimming with potential the first time I used it But shortly after it started sticking and crashing Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still wont stay open It crashes immediately after opening Slightly Bummed       Doesnt work keeps crashing
Those typos in the description of the Diigo app and in its version history make me think that the developer either lets an intern write this or that heshe is an ESL speaker whos running the company In light of those constant crashes that happen with the previous versions I tend to think that the code of the app bears reference to those type of typos writing in lowercase where there should be uppercase or making two spaces where there should be one Please shape up and become a disciplined leader A herd of users are following you and we are not sheep       A musthave if you use Diigo
There are a lot of things to update       No Update any more
I couldnt view my test scores for the JLPT with safari I couldve just waited to use the computers at school but I really wanted to know I found diigo on google and gave it a go I selected identify as Firefox and it worked perfectly I still use it all the time for looking at nonmobile versions of websites Im glad I got it I highly recommend it                Just what I needed
This was once my favorite or second favorite browser Now its seldom used because it crashes more often than the competition and virtually always freezes when you use the address box for a search When the search dropdown box appears its freeze central       Freezes Crashes
Diggo used to be a great browser A recent crash bug went unchecked for 2 months and the patch released in the last 24 hours does not fix it Im sorry at this juncture uninstalling to use Atomic    Still crashing
Crashes and will not function    Awful
Love the site use it daily But using the app on mobile isnt as quick as it could be Id love to have a URL scheme eg diigo to launch diigobookmarkurlencodedurltagstag1tag2 available so i can use Diigo in workflows with other apps like Launch Center Pro and Drafts             Great mobile companion to service but
Crashes and freezes up too When working it does bookmark to my DIIGO acct but thats only if I can get to a page before it freezes up Hope they update soon and fix the bugs    Great idea just doesnt work well
excellent app                excellent
Last update really sealed it Lost tons of information Tried to save to cloud delete and reinstall No good His a company can put out an update that screwed up is beyond me    Junk
This browser keeps crashing after the update It wont even let me search anything or go to a webpage It used to work okay but now its just awful    Awful
Diigo has been my web browsing companion for years so I was disappointed to find this app doesnt function at all It opens displays an intro sequence then crashes Dont even bother downloading    Completely useless
Love it I can find all my stuff easily                Great Tool
UI is everything thats great about Google Chrome from two years ago Remember when Chrome was hella jank on iOS Relive those halcyon days with poorly integrated social networking featuresOh it also doesnt work    Entirely nonfunctional
I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of disappointed former Diigo users Its unusable because of constant crashes and I miss using it When it works on Mac I love it but its nothing but frustrating on ipad Mwa    Constantly Crashes
Ive had to uninstall and reinstall at least 3x because it will randomly crash on launch    Ive never met an iOS app that crashes more
App needs to be fixed    Broken
Still crashing The last tabs I had open still pop up but they wont load None of the tabs were PDFs so this update didnt fix it for me    Still crashing
After using the Diigo Browser for the last couple of years the latest version crashes frequently It starts to load a page freezes for several seconds and crashes Too bad I liked this as an alternative to Safari    A disappointment
Get er fixed Test Fix again    Problems in nov 2014 review
Is a very True browser With Compable browser html Very good in surfing in the web                NO BULL
All you did was offer yet another browser to get to the Library The website is too small to view in a browser If suggest a more responsive website or use your API to pull in the bookmarks to a native app Now I need to make one myself Im just going to create a web service that scrapes your site Then call the return value in a native app Easy peasy       No effort
I am a very happy Diigo user on the desktop I thought it would be nice to be able to read my saved articles on the iPhone but the display format is lifted from the desktop and consequently the font appears to be about 1pt on the iPhone much too tiny to be of any use In addition every few times I run it the app crashes immediately I have reported these problems and will revise my review accordingly if they actually fix them       Too tiny and it crashes barely usable
Locks up after two or three minutes and then crashes on startup after closing and reopening    Unusable
I really like Diigo On my computer I find it to be great as a collection point for my stuff Im new to the browser so I have to admit the jurys still out                Diigo does duty diligently
This tool takes bookmarking to a new level by allowing you to save multiple highlighted areas on a web page along with your own annotations and notes Both the original bookmark and a bookmark to the page with your annotations are saved You have the ability to organize by tag or list and there are tools to send your annotations by email to a blog for instanceThis is an essential tool for anyone who collects info from webpages for research                Best tool for online research
constantly crashes    Bad
When I try to tag URLs in the Diigo browser an empty white window pops up I cant type a name or select tags from my library The window cant be dismissed so it effectively freezes the app My solution open the page in Safari email the URL to myself open the page on my laptop and tag the page using Diigo addins for my desktop browser My Diigo library is important for my work and using the buggy iOS version of the Diigo browser is a major inconvenience    Still very buggy
I wish I knew about DIIGO in high school its the most efficient way to save any document website or article online Whether its one sentence or the whole book DIIGO saves everything in your library in the order how YOU want You decide how to organize so you know exactly how to find what you need                LOVE LOVE LOVE DIIGO
This app is terrible While I like the website for my computer the app simply doesnt work I have a username and password I try to login and it keeps sending game to a 404 error page for Google Drive Complete and utter FAIL    Unusable app Dont waste your time
Please focus on bringing outliner to this and easily push make it so i can use any browser like chrome mercury pocket or feedly and save to diigo with all the features of the website I am now using ShareEverywhere to compensate and even wrote a workflow But nothing can beat the fact that this app crashes constantly Please fix ASAP This should be your flagship       Needs ios 8 share sheet features
Once I started utilizing Diigo for my focused research collecting information became a breeze the automatic importation of key hashtags and assignment to various groups made collating high quality information from top websites such as The New England Journal of Medicine DrSocial World Health Organization ZocDoc and The Centers For Disease Control a Breeze                Top Keyword Bookmarking
The Interface looks nice clean simple and smart but thats just because THE GRAPHIC DESIGNERS DID THIER JOBS WELL Still This App Doesnt Even Deserve a StarApparently somebody used something like Dreamweaver C For iPad to Write The Code For Them USUALLY GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Who Dont Know Enough About CodeScript Writing to Create Interactive Media FROM THE GROUND UP Which Is the Only Way to Create Digital Interactive Media That Works or At Least Doesnt CrashIf Your App Is This Bad Youre Scamming Somebody    Gave it a Second Chance It Crashed Immediately
A oneofakind app I love being able to annotate text even Pocket doesnt have this simple feature sadlyThe only thing I need now is to be able to access my Diigo library offline             Offline library please
Its okay I love the service but need better applike experience to bookmarks and tagging at a minimum I use Safari on my iPhone and if I want to bookmark something it would be great to bookmark from native application and tag Additionally quickly accessing bookmarks would be great Thanks and look forward to any updates For now Ill stick to using it on computer    Eh


Diigo Inc.
2.6 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.8

iOS iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser 3.8 Mobile

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iChromy - Chrome Style Web Browser

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