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Description - iDamage-Pushed, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Texas Wells Pro-2011 ,WeatherLCD+Warn Box ,Texas Wells Pro-2014 ,Elevation For Real ,Texas Wells ,Map Pin Weather UK/IE), brings iDamage-Pushed with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iDamage-Pushed app has been update to version 13.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's great for severe weather events..
  • A great addition for your regular weather apps..

Overall Satisfactionc53
LOVE the push notifications and the selectable pins on Map.
Best app for Info.
Still the best out there.

the history feature is great. found in 1 reviews
makes owning an iPhone a No-Brainer. found in 1 reviews
Someone definitely put a lot of effort into building this app. found in 1 reviews
Best app for Info. found in 1 reviews
Especially without paying hundreds of dollars for a single map. found in 1 reviews
last 3 hours & 24 hours. found in 1 reviews
Roof Contractor Sales Rep. found in 2 reviews
Thanks for such a cool app at such a low price. found in 1 reviews
lightning strike data is from earth networks and used under license. found in 1 reviews
I want to be notified of things about 30miles from me. found in 1 reviews
Tornado Alert is HERE. found in 1 reviews
A handy tool. found in 1 reviews
I was also able to warn several family members not with me. found in 1 reviews
and watches are cool to have at your fingertips during storm season. found in 1 reviews
It works perfectly for me and I love the push feature. found in 1 reviews
A must have for weather buffs. found in 1 reviews
Keeps getting better and better with the updates. found in 1 reviews
Slow but finally multitasking. found in 1 reviews
First world problem but this app takes several seconds to load. found in 1 reviews
Not perfect yet but definitely a step in the right direction. found in 1 reviews
good but not enough. found in 1 reviews
Previous data connection issues seem to be resolved. found in 1 reviews
it just needs some more work. found in 1 reviews
Would give more stars if the bugs were fixed. found in 1 reviews
the map does not stay zoomed to where you put it. found in 1 reviews
What really needs work is the notifications. found in 1 reviews
Please clean those up so they're easier to understand and read. found in 1 reviews
Except the UI definitely needs some work. found in 1 reviews
Please fix the crashing issue. found in 1 reviews
but showed up everywhere else. found in 1 reviews
since the push notifications stopped working. found in 1 reviews
Don't waste your money on this app. found in 1 reviews
Fix your bugs. found in 1 reviews

The iDamage-Pushed is now available for $1.99 for iPhone owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new iDamage-Pushed app version 13.0 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iDamage-Pushed in, Inc.`s Official Website :

For iOS 4 only, iDamage pushes storm damage reports originating from trained spotters, emergency responders, and members of the public to your iPhone or iPod Touch (watches & warnings are not pushed). Take a look ...
Except the UI definitely needs some work What really needs work is the notifications Please clean those up so theyre easier to understand and read              Pretty good
This app is awesome It gives alerts fast and it lets me know the weather before it gets to my area                 Great app
Invaluable for hail chasers It would be nice to have directions to the storm damage location                 Useful
Very useful in severe weather outbreaks but only for that I would love to see snowfall totals incorporated and maybe even temperature records too that would be such a useful tool for a meteorologist such as myself seeing the records and storm totals plotted on a map Besides that as it is now its alright              Its great for severe weather events But
5050     Fix your bugs
I storm chase and use this in conjunction with other apps to five me all the info I need Keep updating with improvements Thanks                 Great app
I am in the storm restoration biz and an adjuster told me about this app Love it Thank u                 This App is AWESOME
I use this app for work purposes I am a sales manager for a restoration company that specializes in weather related catastrophes For a company that is expanding into different states this app allows you to easily mark out territories where storms have been present I highly recommend this app                 Great
This app works great and a requirement for anyone that lives in tornado alley as I do But the makers need to release the older version for those who do not want to upgrade to 402 stars until thensorry        Release a 313 version
Love the app for the 2 minutes I can use it for Please fix the crashing issue I really want to use it and I really hoped that you people wouldnt be a waste of money           Fix
The app uses the composite report from the Storm Prediction Center that combines all the local storm reports This results in a huge delay of 30 min to 1 hour after event was first reported It should be rewritten to use the local LSR reports from the NWS offices instead of waiting on the summary that contains reports from multiple offices        Slow
Previous data connection issues seem to be resolved Im getting numerous reports today              Working good now
I like the app but I dont know if it is the way the system works or the app works but notifications seem to come about 3060 minutes after the storm had passed              Nice app
I do like this app a lot though I have not seen the new version yet Looks to be great though Ive used iDamage to pinpoint Tornados wind and hail several timesalready and it helped every person in my work building as well as myself I was also able to warn several family members not with me thanks to the iDamage warnings I do wish flood warnings and watches would be added to the pushpins for the pan and zoom map as there have been so many floods damage and loss of life in so many different areas I would find it a valuable tool since we have had area flooding two years in a row Once added there will be five bright stars from me              Good app
I contacted the author to this app to make a small addition to one of the screens in this app to help make the function more fluid and a little quicker when looking for storm activity near the GPS location This is extremely helpful when consulting a potential customer and providing them with storm info to bring to their insurance provider I give the app 5 stars just for the responsiveness of the author The app is multifaceted once one becomes aquatinted with all that it has to offer The author could charge more for this app as similar apps do for a lot less functionality                 Kudos
Update Finally they added multitasking Not perfect yet but definitely a step in the right direction First world problem but this app takes several seconds to load Much slower than 99 of my other apps              Slow but finally multitasking
It would be great to have the option to switch to a satellite option on the map so you can see housesbuildings in the hail area And if you could drop a pin at a location to get directions to that area easier           Satellite option
Extremely handy not just for push notifications for tornadoes wind and hail but for convective Wx outlooks and meso discussions I recommend You want directions Troyboy39 This is on a friggin google overlay for petes sake Figure it out                 A handy tool
This app is awesome and I would highly recommend it It would be sooooooo much better if you could display the current radar on the map Once thats done Ill give it 6 stars                 Great app
There is nothing like this out there The push functionality which is configurable is really the heart of the program Professionals always know what is going in with damage caused by severe weather Now if they can push warningswatches with separate configurationoh and pleeeeeeeaaase develop an iPad app Still the best out there                 Still great
Love the alerts I can get them for several different areas even rural areas Alerts can be quieted at bedtime Also love the forecast section gives you probability for several different scenarios Great app                 Love it
I require all my roofing salesmen to use thanks an keep up the good work                 Great app
Needs to be more polished I cant figure out how to just use the app right out of the box     Not there yet
I use this app almost daily Definitely worth more than 2 In my line of work just having this app available to me makes owning an iPhone a NoBrainer Keep up the good work Update V811 Appreciate the added functionality to switch to satellite view from map mode Great stability Quick response on issues Thank you                 1
This is the new app I refuse to tell anyone about As someone who is in the insurance restoration business I make my living off being the first to know where storms hit Im very impressed with this app and I look forward to using it to better equip me in making a living              Very Impressed
The only thing that i would like to see happen is to be able to choose an area and be able to have a list of previous dates when the area had a hail storm Being in the roofing business thats what I need to better find hail damage areas that others may not know about              A must have for storm chasers
Would give more stars if the bugs were fixed Fails to open 90 of the time or closes app at random           Like the app but
Dont waste your money on this app I am a new user for only a week I have 5 other weather apps on my phone that I use to track hail storms I have this app set to the lowest of 1 inch size for hail Yet it did not show hail recorded in MS or TN or TX in the last 8 hours Some areas had larger then 1 inch The only hail reported here today was by a user reporting it Does this app solely rely on individuals reporting the weather Today 41715 there is hail all over Texas 2 inches and better I have my region as all 48 states but the map never indicated the hail     Why does your app not pin point it accurate
Very useful tool to show locations of weather related incidents Keep up the great work                 Wonderful tool
This is a fantastic App It is EXACTLY what I was looking for to help me do my job The push notifications are nothing short of phenomenal because of the way theyre designed The capability to email specific detail with legible maps and road descriptions give me just what I need to get a leg up on competitors I just joined a new contractor and this App will be the essential tool I use for pinpointing areas to coldcanvass Not to mention this App is also great for keeping me apprised of dangerous local weather I need to know about for my families safety In summary my advice is BUY IT I believe youll really love it                 Roof Contractor Sales Rep
This app is very unique and works really good Use it all the time and does exactly what it says Someone definitely put a lot of effort into building this app Thank you for the iPad support update                 Awesome
good but not enough why does it have to take at least 50 mnts to find out theres a tornado 10 mnts away from me I could die waiting on ur response       
LOVE the push notifications and the selectable pins on Map Live NOAA forecast maps are very good too Requested improvements would be for more granularity on specifying which alerts I want to receive for example YES to Tornado Hail Wind for my area but also Tornado Only for my State But still for a 2 app Im pretty happy with what the program provides already                 Excellent App
Love the program but after an hour it quit showing anything on the map or text Any ideas Love the program The program DIDNT stop working it was that z day rolled over at 8am in my case So data was blank as nothing damage occurred yet Hope this helps others By the way the history feature is great Keep up the great work on this app Jack                 Worked great for about 1 hour
Normally 34 stars because it does what it claims but with the latest upgrade it will not run on my iPad or iPod Touch because I am not running iOS 4 and cant NEVER change the requirements to a higher OS on a program that is push upgraded it forces the program not to install for some people I now had to dig through my backups to find the previous version which did run I just have to remember not to upgrade this program        Dont change the OS REQUIREMENTS
With the new update there is the option to turn on alerts for tornado warnings I live in the Midwest and we have severe thunderstorms and flood warnings periodically and I dont want to be awakened by them On the other hand I most definitely want to be awakened for a tornado warning and now I will be Ive had this app for a few years now but just didnt use it much With the new display and options in this last update this is now my new favorite weather app Awesome                 Tornado Alert is HERE
There are 2 things that are really annoying First the map does not stay zoomed to where you put it It would be nice if I open the app and it is already on my area instead of the whole US And second you need to be able to set a radius around your area so you arent getting these messages from far away that do not pertain to you I want to be notified of things about 30miles from me not the entire state or multiple states Other than those 2 suggestions the app is perfect              Great app but
As a roofer good app Wish it had inkblot type maps that showed entire area hail fell instead if pin points but this is still a very good tool once you figure out how to use everything Especially without paying hundreds of dollars for a single map              Good overall app
App has so many useful points in app to get you where you to be to setup for the chase                 Skywarn Chaser for life
I have loved this app since purchasing it a number of months back Since updating to the latest OS this app has been crashing left and right when trying to load the SPC outlooks even with the latest app update that should support the latest OS I hope the creators are working on this issue unless Im alone on having this issue Been a great app until this and I hope the next update fixes this issue              Great until IOS 6
Ive had this app for several months and loved it at first and the alert push notifications feature but after only a couple of weeks the alerts stopped working Ive tried to redownload it and have checked my settings daily but it still doesnt work Furthermore we had 80 mile hour winds w tons of damage a few weeks ago and there werent any alerts at all in my state even when I went in and checked since the push notifications stopped working To top it all off today we could hear the tornado sirens but nothing from this app at all not one drop pin in my state Basically totally worthless Im deleting it since it clearly is no help and is just sucking up space     No alerts
I got push note From other statesthis is not good     Idamage
It is my go to app to start the day with the severe weather forecast models then to keep alerted with damage reports                 Great app I have been using for several years
This app is informative and interesting Useful for insurance adjusters roofers construction etc Has lots of different options so click on everything to see what all it does This is the app to have if you need to keep up with storm damage for your job I have had no problems or crashes with iDamage The alerts I selected come through every time you must of course have an Internet connection I use it on my iPad 2 and my iPod 4th generation The developers for this app are doing a great job keep it up                 Useful
The best weather app there is All the info you need to spot chase and predict Now please make available for the iPad Then its perfect Thanks for such a cool app at such a low price                 A must have for weather buffs
This is a decent app for a buck but it falls short in basic user interface structure Feels clumsy bouncing around trying to find the features It has some nice novelty functions though For a dollar I wont complain too muchbut as a serious weather app it just needs some more work Keep up the good work        Needs more work
I love this app very accurate BUT there is a bug it keep turning itself off it starts on 3hr then I click FULL day and it turns off           I damage
Update They just fixed the background capability which makes this app the best app of its kind and in the top 5 apps I use Thank you I love this app Its a quick one stop shop to all the important places that I want to see when I want to know if somethings about to happen today or in the coming days It had the SPC convective outlook maps with the wording as well as any mesoscale discussion maps with discussions and weather watches with discussions Everything that you get on the NOAA SPC website you get on here but its a quick push of a button The storm reports are the main attraction where you can view the days activity as well as any days activity from any time you chose in the archive Im not sure how far it goes back to but Im sure it goes back a far as the NOAA web site but it gives you the pins and map of the iPhone where you can zoom in anywhere and click it and see the description You can also filter it to just see hail tornados or wind reports You an even chose to see minimum hail sizes The push alerts have no issues and I have received many with no problems The one main thing I dont like about this app that Id like to see fixed is when I exit out of the app no matter where I am when I go back into it the app restarts from the beginning and I have to go through the stages of getting back to where I was Thats the only annoying part But other than that its solid app that I would recommend to any weather geek                 Great little weather app
There was a tornado and this app did nothing Yes the settings were set to alert me But they didnt waste of money     Waste of money
A truly unique offering of functionality with this app The damage reports are helpful and easy to quickly assess The Storm Prediction Centers convection outlook mesoscale discussions and watches are cool to have at your fingertips during storm season Really love this app Keeps me on top of the weather no matter what Im doing                 Unique weather app

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