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Indeeo, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Graphic ,MenuStrip ,iDraw ,AirStrike Defense ,Graphic - vector illustration and design ,Camtastic), brings iDraw with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iDraw app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iDraw for $8.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iDraw in Indeeo, Inc.`s Official Website :

iDraw is the most feature-packed vector drawing and illustration app available on the iPad Layers, Text, Images, Multi-color Gradients, RGB color picker, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid Snapping, Masking, PDF export, and much ...
Normally a great program Latest version is super buggy Slow Crashes often Dont bother getting this until they fix these issues with an update        Buggy as heck
Love its potential Maybe the best cheap vector app so far but lacks easy to use editing features others have Line editing doesnt always work Still learning              Magnifier loupe Excellent idea
Even in its current buggy state I am continually amazed by what iDraw can do and by the quality of its output Its pulled me out of many a jam with its versatility a thoughtful design Cant wait to see the next update guys                 Continually amazed
App will crash sometime when change the front color And when I export the file with over 200 this app will crash too I want the easy way to change the dimention its ok if can use option and finger to drag the dimention And another I want to use other front I from Thailand Its will happy if I can use another Thaifront This app its great Im use this app every day to work I hope the developer will update and improve this appcontinually              Some bug pls fix
Not easy to use not intuitive shouldnt be this hard to work with I have spent hours watching tutorials on YouTube read the manual for iPad several times and I still cant create a simple wiring diagram I have iDraw on my Mac too I am going to see if it works better than the iPad version It just shouldnt be this hard to use Im very disappointed It gets good reviews     iDraw
The app crashes every time I try to save an image at 300dpi Bigger images cause the app to crash I need to be able to save them at 300 dpi for printing purposes Also when I try to convert text to outlines it makes the app crash Id like the ability to addcreate multiple color palettes              Great update except for
AS OF 01262015 I just updated iDraw to the latest version on my iPad Air 2 Unfortunately this app has been getting slower with each update and this one is no exception The biggest annoyances with the recent updates are 1 The keyboard closes when you try to switch to the numbers keyboard If you press the power button to turn off the screen while using the app when you go back to the app later and try to change the text of a label with a number as soon as you switch to the numbers keyboard the keyboard disappears To make it work you have to relaunch the app and make sure you dont turn the screen off before typing the numbers 2 It takes 20 to 30 seconds to save a file verses 1 to 2 seconds before 3 The app crashes if you change the background image and then try to change the texts for a label To make it work you have to change the background save the file reopen the file and then change the texts Pleas fix them OLD REVIEW Having been a daily user of iDraw and a long term user of FlexiSign CorelDraw and Illustrator I have been impressed with iDraws capability in the past Now with so many added features in this update such as path tools ruler and vector text and brush in exported PDF I am totally in love with it again Keep up the good work guys        WoW What an update this is
If you are unfamiliar with vector drawing there is a somewhat steep learning curve If you know Illustrator the its just a matter of learning the sometimes quirky creative way iDraw does things Insanely capable feature rich for a single app A few things I would like to add but really the only practical shortcoming is a searchable help file There are a couple of well thought out tutorials conveniently placed Just the right balance for someone who knows something about vector drawing The one question I had was quickly answered via email support I got it on sale great bargain                 Mature Powerful Vector App
I use this app constantly for my second job as a die designer for a papercrafting company I rarely need more than line drawings with simple fills and some shadows But there is a lot of precision required to ensure the blades will work properly iDraw allows that precision but makes it almost as simple as drawing with pencil and paper And this latest update is unbelievably powerful for those times I do need more It is a dream not to have to use Adobe cloud services at a huge expense especially since this app does all I need far more easily The Indeeo staff are among the most responsive and helpful I have dealt with also I was having an issue related to iCloud syncing and they stuck with me until the issue was fully resolved I love this app                 Love this app
Why not integrate the google font library to add a greater font selection                 Needs Google Fonts
icloud rarely works and but keeps all my files so I cant do anything              Great app
1 star off for feature requests 1 iCloud Drive integration 2 Bluetooth stylusjot touch pixel point support Would love to add this app in my work flow switching in between adobe illustratorphotoshop Also this is borderline replacing my Wacom drawing tablet Just need accurate support from the app              Closest Thing to Illustrator on the iPad
I use iDraw on my Mac and on my iPad The team seems to have obsessed over the UI Its simple easy to navigate and yet everything I need is there I recommend iDraw whenever I can The only feedback I have is trivial Im not too keen on the icon It looks a little amateur for such a polished product But if thats the worst of your issues youre doing very well The product is terrific                 Well done
I use this app almost everyday and I use it to make finished art for clients Things I would like to see floating control windows I would rather move a pop up window than my art when sizing and moving text kerning For the price and feature set you really cant beat this drawing app and I continue to look forward to future updates              Solid 4 Stars
One star short because of a few annoyances menus do not tapawaytoclose No multiselect by tapping individually ie when multiple objects overlap and dragtoselect catches more than you want              So far best vector app
This app has a smooth logical interface that works well To date I have found no bugs and everything works as expected I do wish it had some additional freehand drawing tools such as a reshape tool and a smooth tool The brush and freehand tool does have a smoothness setting but after you draw the line there is no easy way to change it other than by getting into point editing              Wish it had more freehand options
I loved this app and originally gave it 5 stars when I first got it But now with the new update I have to downgrade Program crashes every time I rename a doc or put a doc into a folder They redesigned the layers panel interface so now I constantly accidentally lock the layer It took a lot of work to figure out how to even move a layer And layers panel must now by physically closed with the x rather than just touching away Annoying enhancements rather than actual helpful ones Plus still no way to put layers into folders           WAS A Great App
This is likely the smartest app I have on my iPad And the fact that it seamlessly handles files created in iDraw on the Mac is amazing Well done Indeeo Looking forward to your continued innovations                 5 Star Appno question about it
iDraw is the best and most capable iPad vector drawing app that Ive tried It keeps getting better and it was great to begin with Between iDraw PS Touch and Comic Book I can create or manipulate things to my hearts content I do wish their text tool had spell check integration but maybe I just dont know how to get it to work Well worth the money and then some A must for any creative type iPad user                 Great vector app with layers and great tools
Its good and all but You should put better turituals how do I use photoshop on IDraw No turitual there to tell me that           Yeah
The tools on iDraw make my sketches look as if they were drawn by a professional artist I love this I really like being able fix bad strokes and and lines with vectors Tools galore on this app There is no excuse for anyone to say that they can not draw                 Freaking excellent
Great for architectural Pro students or the creative minds this app really does it all Great floor plan presets too                 Great All Around Creativity App
I love this app for basic illustrations It is relatively easy to learn and use I have created many technical drawings with this app on the Mac as well as the iPad The only reason I cannot give it five stars is that it sorely lacks support for basic functionality like superscript and subscript on text I have found some help online which shows how to access a not very well documented menu item to insert special characters however you can only insert a restricted set of sub and superscript characters Unfortunately none of the restricted set has been what I needed I look forward to a future release when this basic functionality is included              Great app but needs some work
I use this app to create vectors that are then screen printed onto tshirts I like to work whenever inspiration hits and I always have my iPad nearby Coupled with my Adonit Jot I can get a lot of work done anywhere I am considering buying the Mac version too to see if it can fully replace the version of Illustrator in CS6 in my production workflow Pretty pleased with this reasonably priced app                 My business depends on this app
iDraw proves that an iPad app can be as powerful as a desktop counterpart This is the top of the line for tablet vector graphics iDraw is is the solution for bringing your iPad work to the same standards as desktop Illustrator and Photoshop Im just not smart enough to utilize the powerful UI of iDraw But Im a moron so dont let that stop you iDraw is worth every penny I definitely recommend buying iDraw                 Powerful App
Great versatile program Has all basic vector tools one needs to do even the most detailed illustrations                 Great program
This is just simply great I like how I can draw and upload to my computer I have found no major problems with this This is worth the 899 I paid for it                 Great
If you aspire to create or edit graphics on your iPad this is the app for you It works seamlessly with Dropbox to iCloud to extend your storage and allows import of image files PDFs and vector graphics and even retains layers when importing PhotoShop documents All the functionality of CorelDRAW or Illustrator for less than 10                 Sleek and Functional
Incredible app Another reason to quit using a laptop Capabilities are so far beyond being a mere vector drawing app that iDraw can easily be your allinone desktop publishing PDF creator design and layout app Apple Pages send to print interface and the app to give you incentive in replacing your outdated laptop An iPad coupled with iDraw creates a platform that can produce just about any material that you once relied on a full computer for                 Reason to Trash your Laptop
iDraw is my goto app for almost all things illustrative I have left Adobe Illustrator on Mac and Windows behind iDraw will handle 98 of the tasks I used to do with Illustrator at a tiny fraction of the cost Frequent updates keep making iDraw better and better The iDraw interface makes great use of the strengths of iOS If you have any use for vector illustration this is a musthave                 Best productivity app for iOS
I only had this app for about 3 says I was working on a text when the app crashed Rebooted the app only to find that my keyboard will not work My iPad keyboard will not appear on screen Rebooted iPad to find that keyboard and gradient dont work The user guide looks like it is out of date because the illustrations iOS blue button My iPad model is MF122LLA     Unstable
This app is awesome for architects and designers especially if you need to draw on top of a photo or make a clean version of a rough sketch It is like illustrator but easier The only drawback is that there is no vector output Just a wish list item Hope they keep improving but thanks for making me look good                 Best app for quick precision sketching
Love the app I love making vector cartoons but this app lacks the importing brushes function Please add it I love you           Needs importable brushes
iDraw crashes when performing actions on my new iPad Air 2 Too bad so sad     Crashes
New to iDraw dont have the desktop version but not new to vector art iDraw is quite intuitive has great pen shape and brush tools has apex node mode how did some devs overlook corners perobject controls for fill stroke etcand most important of all for my workflow import reference image from photos and vary opacity as needed So many apps neglect this teeny feature its just sad iDraw has been very easy to pick up and work in The drawings export easily to desktop where I use Affinity Designerand they transfer wonderfully Im incredibly pleased with iDraw                 Very mature portable vector drawing program
Nothing compares I dont even have the need for Illustrator now besides certain little things There are so many features that I keep finding new ones After two days of use I havent used Illustrator at all and Im already an expert at it and flow through it I would however love it if I could upload fonts to it That is the only thing that will make me open Illustrator at the moment 5 stars incredible I promise it is worth the 3 I would pay way more than that for something this nice Every once in a while I encounter a crash But when I click the app Im right where I left off I do constantly save tho Its still a habit from Adobe desktop spplications                 Amazing
Text editing is difficult Double tapping does not always open the text box to change the text Converting points from radius points with handles to Quiner points is difficult Would be nice to allow conversion of the point with a simple double tap on the point           Some major improvements needed
I love idraw I love it I love it I love it I use it for all my art needs I can make this with it lol I                 Love Love love
I am very pleased with this apps capabilities and they have excellent customer support                 Highly functional and fullyfeatured
Im seriously happy with this app since I can no longer use CS4 for layout and vector work Ive been using iDraw to make all of the visual materials for my Skypebased lessons and have had no problem managing type stylesyesyou can copy me paste text stylesthats how Illustratorlike it can get Importing and exporting is a bit unique but totally doable If you want to just take your tablet our on th road and still do your graphics work then this will get a lot done                 Makes my iPad a workhorse
I love this app Very powerful especially for a mobile device app                 Love
I use this app all the time and find it extremely easy to use but it crashes every time I try to export an image at 300dpi Why even offer that feature if the app is going to crash Please please fix this           Crashes
I have used this app for less then 5 minutes and i am already regretting my purchase how does this luxury app one you pay for crash for a simple action of making new layers in a canvas This is supposed to be non existent in this app how is this even an issue to begin with I want to love this app i really do but the simple thing as making a layer crash the app kills this for me I wish i had not been suckered in by the 55 off for limited time but i hope this issue does not persist if not for that error i would rate this as a 5 star buyer beware        Crashes for IOS 6
Create brushes in i draw save to photos open photo in procreate too create brush these are the only 2 draw apps you will ever need its just mind blowing what you can do with both apps end of story                 1 of 2 all you need
I like this app It has a lot of powerful features but it keeps crashing on my iPad Air 2 I am trying to do the photo collage tutorial Every time I try to put in an image in a rectangle and either the image never shows up or it crashes the program Please fix and Ill put this to 5 stars     Keeps crashing
This is the best drawing app out there imo Adding palm detection to this would be top the cake FOR SURE again best app out there              Love request PALM DETECTION mode
The latest update is not compatible with the Mac version anything drawn in this will render as invisible lines and text Its all still there if you select each object and add color and fill back in Annoying No More like renders the app useless I did send an email to suctioned service a few weeks back when this update came out        Bad update
For an iPad app this is a powerhouse I am a professional graphic artist and I am blown away by how this app compares to Illustrator and CorelDRAW Theres only so much that can be packed into a vector drawing app on iOS and it has been done expertly here It is far better than any other iOS vector app and even has some great features that PCMac vector programs dont It has increased my productivity considerably I always have my iPad with me so I can work on designs anywhere at any time and still achieve professional results                 Amazing
iDraw for iPad is a great example of how an iPad can be a great tool for creativity Surprisingly input feels almost as precise as using a mouse The nice touch for me though is the included action extension that allows you to annotate photos great for screenshots                 Excellent adaption of Mac version
iDraw is a magnificent vector drawing app It does require a tiny bit of learning time as do all powerful productive applications There are numerous uses for this app including art photo editing drafting and so on The developers keep giving us better features with every release While the current version has a few bugs these are in new photo annotation features that are brand new and do not affect the overall usability of the product Im sure these minor problems will be corrected in the near future and may indeed be Apple and not iDraw bigs Thanks to the iDraw team for creating such a wonderful creative tool                 The best Vector App keeps getting better

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