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FlySoft , the publisher behind many iOS app (iFunny :) ,iRusRadio ,iRusRadio Pro), brings iFunny :) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iFunny :) app has been update to version 2.1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really implements a social media feel and it makes trolling obsolete..
  • Always makes me laugh and their is not a funnier app around..
  • Best comedy app ever it is really addicting..
  • however the staff need to pay attention to the smaller users..
  • Funny as hell great time waster and is regularly updated..
Overall Satisfactionclick me44
I love ifunny I recommend this to everyone.
I love Ifunny but this is really disappointing.
People will learn to love it again lol.
Ifunny used to be amazing.
Best comedy app ever it is really addicting.
It's not even a comedy app anymore.
Fun & Engagingclick me57
IFunny is awesome there are so many funny pictures.
And stop featuring the same people over and over again.
more teenagers are making fun of 12 year old kids.
I recommend for good laughs and good at passing time.
Usefulnessclick me63
I use this app everyday and it makes me laugh EVERYDAY.
Promise you that you will get a good laugh everyday.
This app is like fb i check it every day and its awsome.
This app is one of my favorite I check it every day.
If you check it every day like I do.
Family Friendlyclick me19
Too many little kids and too much bronys and animated crap.
there should be a like " Bad Language " report.
Repeat Valueclick me48
It never gets old because there is new content almost every second.
it never gets old like those other apps everyone has.
Social Aspectsclick me48
Really implements a social media feel and it makes trolling obsolete.
By far the best social media /entertainment app out there.
Now it's nothing but crappy social media -type posts.
Once this app finishes downloading kiss your social life goodbye.
I almost had a social life thank goodness iFunny is back.
don't ruin your social life.
Everyone is very nice and you can meet many new people.
Meeting new people and such I think it would be cool.
Reliabilityclick me50
Ads not Intrusiveclick me31
Security & Privacyclick me51
I would rather have the option to make an IFUNNY ACCOUNT.
I have an iFunny account with one feature :please fix it.
Twitter account.
Updates & Supportclick me21


iFunny - a collection of hilariously, funny pictures with daily updates.


Demotivators, funny pictures, phototricks, and comics. - iFunny is something with which you can
have a good time in queues, traffic jams and other places where time runs slowly. It is even nicer to share with friends via facebook, twitter,
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
or SMS.

iFunny :)iFunny :)
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With iFunny you can take pictures from photo albums, cameras, or picture jokes,
invent your own funny photos and share them with friends. The best pictures will be seen by all iFunny users!


iFunny - best collection of jokes in your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPad!
iFunny :)


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iFunny :) for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1.3 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about iFunny :) in FlySoft`s Official Website :


I recommend for good laughs and good at passing time. found in 21 reviews
Best entertainment app
Calm down people IFunny is okay. found in 16 reviews
defenitely i like it especially the good mood in this app. found in 16 reviews
Most funniest app ever. found in 22 reviews
The last update had its ups and downs. found in 45 reviews
I have been in love with this app since the beginning. found in 20 reviews
This app is hands-down the best humor app there is. found in 18 reviews
Thankyou for making the best app eva. found in 13 reviews
Most addicting app ever
I'm always on it Time killer. found in 50 reviews
Ifunny keeps crashing every time I try to upload something. found in 50 reviews
I updated the app recently and it keeps crashing every time I open it. found in 35 reviews
Great app but with the new update every time I open the app it crashes. found in 88 reviews
App keeps closing when I try to sign into my twitter account. found in 298 reviews
I can't even open ifunny anymore after that recent update. found in 531 reviews
When I try to sign in with twitter the app just crashes. found in 36 reviews
Every time I try to upload a picture my app crashes. found in 242 reviews
Ifunny isn't letting me save photos please fix it. found in 146 reviews
I'm sick of being redirected to the App Store every couple seconds. found in 132 reviews
I love ifunny but every time I try to open the app it crashes automatically. found in 573 reviews
App instantly crashes when I open it please fix ASAP. found in 70 reviews
This whole being redirected to the App Store every 5 seconds is annoying. found in 132 reviews
App instantly crashes when opened since the new update. found in 53 reviews
Im not saying i hate the new update but its not the best. found in 156 reviews
ever since the new update it keeps crashing and taking me back home. found in 90 reviews
since the new update it crashes when I'm trying to open it. found in 81 reviews
Sense the update it crashes instantly when I open it. found in 115 reviews
iFunny needs to do something about this soon. found in 116 reviews
Hate the new requirement to sign in with Facebook or twitter. found in 197 reviews
I would try to upload something and it would immediately crash. found in 242 reviews
It's not ifunny anymore it's ilaggy and istuffthatisnotfunny and idontlikeit. found in 531 reviews
I get redirected to the App Store to download some ridiculous app. found in 220 reviews
Everytime I try to post a comic the app crashes. found in 532 reviews
But then the Ifunny team F'd everything up. found in 553 reviews
No funny pictures anymore just repost chains and kiks. found in 203 reviews
I can't post original rage comics since the update. found in 249 reviews
I don't like how you can't reply to comments or dislike comments anymore. found in 363 reviews
Then maybe they can all post FUNNY pictures instead of hate pictures. found in 235 reviews
The same users are getting featured thanks to your "subscribe" feature. found in 401 reviews
pics aren't funny and pictures hardly load now. found in 248 reviews
App trailers are a pathetic waste of time and money. found in 245 reviews
I can't get back to the home screen or even search. found in 188 reviews
It keeps telling me error when I try to log back in HELP. found in 243 reviews
But lately it's been pictures of 12 year olds seeking attention. found in 192 reviews
Please remove the dislike button until "dislike night" stops. found in 380 reviews
idk why they still call this app ifunny if it's not even funny anymore. found in 472 reviews
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Nuts                Deez
Best app ever                Ifunny
Yeah the features arent as good as they use to be but the app always gives me a good laugh when I need a pick me up             Hilarious
This app is great but before you get it go out to the movies dinner park something Dont get hooked here Its too late for us but there is still hope for you This will consume your life if you let it Have a life outside of iFunny                Good app
I enjoy dank memes and loneliness ifunny allows me to enjoy both of those things at the same time 5 stars                I think youll agree
Turned into trash    Meh
I having fun                Yea
Good app for wasting time while pooping Thanks More features more often please             Fun toilet material
I love this app with a burning passion It is the greatest thing to grace this earth since microwave popcorn Its easy and fun to use has great quality images and will always be there when you need a friend lol                Addicting One of the best apps on the App Store
Nuff said read title Get the app flip through some fresh features and enjoy                1010 would iFunny again
This app is trash    Dont use
Its good                Awesome
For a comedy app they sure try and tell you what you should think politically The feature sets always contain offensive posts about republican candidates but never anything about democratic candidates At least we know where the mods of this app stand    Biased and Awful
I get that ads are gonna be on this app but when Im scrolling and a random ad pops up it gets really annoying Im not even touching the screen and it will act like I touched the ad At one point I kept on canceling the ad and it kept on popping up PLEASE FIX OR I WILL STOP USING IFUNNY    I HATE ADS
I love this app its funny                DEEZ nuts in ur mouth
I love the app but hate how theres raciststereotypical comments and slurs fix the report system so the post or the comment can be deleted asapI can not tolerate this bs          Bs comments
I love it the quality is awesome and I love what people post                LOVE IT
Ok so every time I post I have to wait an additional 10 minutes to post again So its impossible to use and post comics Thats the stupidest thing ever Fix it chef    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I came here expecting candy Whats all this          Crushed my hopes
Normies HECK OFF This is iPolitics now iFunny is dead If you want stupid overused memes go to iFunny Pro If you want glorious godtier memes and intellectual debates stay here at iPolitics    iPolitics not iFunny
Functions well and the developers have a great sense of humor Although collective is a little messy its still fun to find the funny pictures and profiles you enjoy Check out mine LaughterForAll                Great app
Use to be funny and it was always a bit inappropriate but it has gone to far almost everything is about butts and what not Not even funny anymore    Wow
Make i funny available on the iwatch It will help me look at ifunny in class without being obvious Please             Iwatch
Good             Review
Its funny                iFunny is funny
This app WAS amazing until the new update My friend and I used to send each other stuff from iFunny straight to Kik but now its not an option GARBAGE          Seriously
This app is really great because it makes me laugh no matter what The only thing that I have a problem with is that there needs to be a child filter for the app             Amazing app
Features                I funny makes my day every day
Amazing             Cools
I love this app its amazing all my friends have it great app get it                Yes
I love it                Love
Just dont stray into collective It will eat your soul                Great
Red green yellow magenta turquoise puce                Blue
Dont listen to the bad reviews This app is amazing Idk what would do if I didnt have this app I highly suggest this app if you want a good daily does if funny                Hilarious App Must Get
Would bang again                O my gerd
I was told I would get candy so where is it                I want candy
Since the past three years they put in play strict censorship which ruined a lot of funny content Second the Feature team has showed an disgusting amount sides in politics the content has become so dull I waste my time every day hoping that it will be better one day but sadly there is no hope left    More downhill than Radioshack
Stop with the kys comments Its so common anymore its sad             Fukd
All hale the king                Lol
I was promised free candy for doing this But I love ifunny had it for 4 years now and I have never missed a set a features                Love it
Unless youre ready to dedicate your life to will ferrel you can get it                Amazingly funny
Gud                Gud
I r8 88 m8 no h8                Gg
W mm                Dis good
Funniest stuff in the world                Best ever
I like this app It saves me in class when I have nothing to do             Its great
gr8 app pls download trust me                Yes 88
I am so glad I got this app back once I got my new iPod                The best
1010 the bomb com                Its over 9000
This app used to be ok but now it all ads ads and ads seems the if funny team got too greedy    TOO MANY ADS


3.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS iFunny :) 2.1.3 Mobile

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