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Clear Channel Management Services, LP , the publisher behind many iOS app (iheartradio for iPad ,iHeartRadio for Auto ,iheartradio ,Total Traffic), brings iheartradio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iheartradio app has been update to version 4.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Truly thank you for such amazing app w wonderful variety of radio stations..
  • One of the best music apps around .
  • 5 stars with the sleep timer feature added..
  • Much better than other radio apps..
  • Love having music all day long and plays whatever you want..

Overall Satisfactionc84
This app is way better than pandora and spotify put together in my opinion.
Can listen to my favorite stations regardless of where I am.
I can't quite listen to my favorite stations that I had before the update.
I can listen to my favorite radio stations while doing chores around the house.
Buffers a lot and I can't even find my favorite radio station.
One of the best music apps around Much better than other radio apps.
Pandora and other music apps don't give me this issue.
I love iHeartradio and totally prefer it to Pandora.
I love iheartradio but this new update is irritating.
Great sound quality and very very rarely glitches.
Sound quality is horrible compared to every other music application.
I would recommend this app for music lovers of all genres.
I love the custom stations and the alarm Thank You Iheartradio.
Fun & Engagingc68
Looking forward to hopefully seeing more stations in the future.
It has alot of problems and needs more stations.
If I set it to most familiar it plays the same songs over and over.
I really hate how they repeat the same songs over & over.
Plays all my songs I like awesome music app.
I listen to it all the time now and it rarely cuts out.
Awesome radio app listen all the time while playing golf.
When its not buffering all the time.
I love I heart radio listen to it everyday awesome.
I listen to it everyday and now it won't open.
This app gets me thru my day everyday Iheartradio.
This app helps me get through things and it's very useful.
Social Aspectsc26
I love the way it shares to social media sites.
Can share on social media I.
The Rovers Morning Glory stream has occasional problems with buffering.
I used to have some problems with buffering.
the problems with buffering make me hate this app.
Ads not Intrusivec52
way too many commercials other than that my favorite music app.
Less commercials than pandora and a better selection based on the station itself.
i think a 15 second ad is a small sacrifice.
Security & Privacyc19
Too many apps and websites are linked to Facebook.
Those who said you need a FB account were wrong.
Updates & Supportc24
I liked the old version wayyy better.
I liked the old version.

Downloaded the app to listen to Dave Ramsey. found in 49 reviews
I love being able to listen to stations from other states. found in 424 reviews
I love the variety of stations and the customized stations of my favorite artists. found in 92 reviews
I love iHeartradio and totally prefer it to Pandora. found in 902 reviews
Great way to listen to music and create a Station for free music :. found in 884 reviews
Best radio app ever
This is the best online radio app I have ever used. found in 40 reviews
Once you get used to it it is ten times better than Pandora. found in 33 reviews
Great for listening on your free time or on road trips. found in 32 reviews
Truly beats pandora and itunes radio. found in 78 reviews
I love than you can listen to actual radio stations from all over the country. found in 101 reviews
Spin Cycle is awesome and recommend to everyone. found in 44 reviews
One of the best radio apps ever it's a must have app. found in 29 reviews
This app is way better than pandora and spotify put together in my opinion. found in 2093 reviews
and this is the best internet radio app I have come across yet. found in 169 reviews
So the app got buggy and now annoying ads pop up. found in 33 reviews
Constant buffering and cutting-off local programming. found in 162 reviews
Then there's the problem with volume control. found in 19 reviews
This app does exactly what I want but needs multitasking. found in 33 reviews
Knocked down another star as the connection issues seem to increase. found in 20 reviews
The Facebook login thing Is obnoxious and highly unnecessary. found in 218 reviews
I lost everything and using my FB login does absolutely nothing. found in 29 reviews
AND I absolutely cannot stand the daily skip limit. found in 182 reviews
please get rid of having to connect with facebook to save stations. found in 327 reviews
It needs to fix the buffering problems when switching songs. found in 55 reviews
I love iheart radio but I wish there weren't skip limits. found in 193 reviews
Still has video ads to play audio stations. found in 39 reviews
And I can't save anymore stations without signing in to Facebook. found in 88 reviews
I need to log into Facebook to do anything---legitimately. found in 432 reviews
Works but does not save stations as mentioned. found in 134 reviews
I don't know if it's because I don't have a Facebook account. found in 113 reviews
Only thing missing is unlimited skips from track to track. found in 72 reviews
Or even worse the music can't play in the background any more. found in 54 reviews
Hate that iheartradio keeps asking me to login to Facebook. found in 333 reviews
This app is constantly buffering: possible network issues. found in 94 reviews
TunInRadio works great but you cant get ClearChannel stations. found in 112 reviews
I don't have a Facebook account nor do I plan on opening up one. found in 113 reviews
Needless to say I'm deleting it and going back to pandora. found in 436 reviews
Tunein radio is exponentially better than this awful ap. found in 166 reviews
Crashes every time - never heard one station play. found in 117 reviews
Can't play music longer then 3 minutes at a time. found in 127 reviews
Suggestion: don't apply the skip limit at first. found in 193 reviews
but i dont like the daily skip limit that is VERY STUPID. found in 182 reviews
I don't have a facebook but I want to make a custom station. found in 184 reviews
I really hate how they repeat the same songs over & over. found in 302 reviews
1 requires login to facebook to save favorite stations. found in 327 reviews
I don't need Clear Channel invading my FB account. found in 557 reviews
The app constantly crashes and theres so many commercials. found in 172 reviews
Lots of stations but most play the same syndicated content. found in 305 reviews
Ridiculous that you need to login to Facebook to save stations. found in 333 reviews
Doesn't save stations and keeps bugging me about facebook. found in 134 reviews
You have to log into Facebook to create a customized station. found in 432 reviews
Dump the Facebook login or I'm dumping the app. found in 218 reviews

The iheartradio is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.8 MB to download. The new iheartradio app version 4.3.0 has been updated on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about iheartradio check developer Clear Channel Management Services, LP`s website : http://www.iheartradio.com/iphone

iheartradio delivers over 750 of America s favorite radio stations right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Bookmark your favorite stations, tag songs for purchase on iTunes and view lyrics to your favorite songs. iheartradio ...
No matter what network Im on it is constantly buffering Iphone ipad or even safari on the laptop iheartradio is terrible Extremely annoying     App is garbage
Nice radio app                 Great app
I love that I can get my radio stations anywhere I go Love this app                 Amazing
Its an amazing app I could listen to my favorite music                 Love it
It wont let me play a couple songs then it starts to load again then kicks me off then when I get back on the app it does it all over again so if u would fix that an u need to fix that it wont let me unfravorite things        Issues with iheart radio loads the kicks me off
This is a really good and plays a huge variety of songs                 LVES THE APP
Love the recommendationsplus its easy to use                 iHeartRadio has a great app
The close advertisement dislike and triple dot button are unresponsive and take 2030 taps to work     Unresponsive since last update
Cant live without my iheartradio                 The Best
Greaaaat                 Hi
Like it                 Works
Really like the variety and the app has fairly seamless integration with other apps Yay                 Great app
Amazing                 Fjfg
I honestly dont understand y ppl find pandora so enticing This is so much betterits not even funny I highly recommend this app                 Y PANDORA
Love it                 Nice
Awesomeness                 love it
Better than CATS I laughed I cried I feel good all over                 Fantastique
Way better than pandora and spotifyI love love love this app                 Love it
I love iHeart Radio so much it has made me cancel Sirius XM However the one thing that takes away a star is the video ads I get that you have to integrate ads but do away with the video ones and do audio ads What I would really love is a pay option for no ads              Near perfect
Excellent app and do exactly what promises                 Love this
My internet works and I have full cellular service in this storm but your crappy app doesnt work if there are some clouds over head Complete bs I didnt realize this app was amateur hour     It ok until a storm comes through
Wonderful great no matter time of the day you turn it on All types of music and nonstopworks great when at workWish I knew about this before I installed the others                 Phyllis Casteel
Love this app Been using the other guy for years Instantly impressed Love all the Metallica songs on the playlist The other guy would play one then a sampling of like genre                 You ask for Metallica you GET Metallica
I radio             
So Amozing                
Love it love it                 iHeart
Sometimes iHeart radio is the only thing that gets me through the day                 I absolutely HEART radio
I used to love this app until it stopped working and never played my local stations anymore It freezes up too many times either fix the app or a lot of us are gonna delete this app for good        Worse app ever
Absolutely perfect                 Gotta Love iHeart
Great app                 Love it
I 3 radio              Love to heart it
I LOVE this app                 Awesome
Better than Pandora by a long shot                 Awesome Music App
Quite the music player                 Its amazing
I can finally listen to Kidd Kraddick                 Love it
By the fact that I came this far just to rate an app shows I actually like it Just waiting for the free download section for the last star to be awarded by me              By the fact
Well I love this app I dont necessarily enjoy the mixed artists of relativity but sometimes the mix is cool When I want to listen to a specific band I go to Spotify or YouTube but iHeart has real radio stations unlike Spotify and YouTube Im glad this is a thing                 Amazing
Its perfect for someone on the go and especially to have playing at parties                 Great music
I love this app Its perfect              Awesomeme Sauce
Not sure why the reviews for this app are so positive It works for me less than half the time     Randomly works
Its awesome I can take it anywhere                 Its great
Always use this ap to listen to talk radio coast to coast at night is what I enjoy listening to Its a big plus to have around Awesome sauce                 Love it
Very frustrated with all my stations not playingloading today     No connection
I moved from OK to MT and now I live in CO This app gives me a chance to listen to my fav radio stations from all places Thanks                 LOVE
Ive never had time to check it out but now that Collin Cowherd is on Ive looked around a bit and have enjoyed it so far Great move grabbing The Herd              The Herd brought me in
Cant beat it got to have heart                 Love it
I enjoy it a lot My favorite feature is selecting whether you want it to play stuff thats really popular or stuff that youve probably never heard                 Love It
I dont mind commercials to help pay the bills The same commercials 45 times an hour for the past 6 months are beyond annoying to the point Im going start complaining to them New commercials ok Variety is spice of life and SHITCAN FLO FROM PROGRESSIVE     So SICK of commercials repeatedly repeating
Seems like most of the time when I go to stream content the obligatory ad comes in loud and clear but the show never starts Just sits there with the spinning circle with no content 4G LTE connection        Good when it streams
I give it 4 stars because I hate ads but other than that its good It would be great to have an in app purchase option to remove the ads              Its good

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