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Keyloft LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (ChinaTaxi:ZombieNight ,ChinaTaxi ,Last City ,iMadeFace2 ,DreaMarker ,iMadeFace), brings iMadeFace with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iMadeFace app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Totally mindless fun..
  • Should make a full body version..
  • Awesome game stuff with..
  • A positive time waster..
  • This is a fun way to pass time making your friends faces..

Overall Satisfactionc69
More hair styles and ability to add piercings would be great.
Need more skin colors lol I'm like a honey color not brown.
I love creating different characters on this thing.
this game is amazing and so fun to play around with.
I can keep the kids entertained for hours.
It's hilariously funny and everybody loves the faces I made.
As someone who loved to play dress up.
Best dollar I spent all day.
Fun & Engagingc75
More hair styles and ability to add piercings would be great.
It's really cool it's fun to make different looking people.
Need more skin colors lol I'm like a honey color not brown.
Super fun to make my friends send these to them haha.
This is a fun way to pass time making your friends faces.
a very fun app to mess around with your friends.
Fun to try to make faces that look like friends and family.
Really want to try app it won't open :.
Great app to kill time with when you're bored.
Replay Valuec63
So stupidly fun.
Social Aspectsc67
This app helped me make my profile pictures of social media.
Deff fun for social media.
Fun with friends without the ratchetness.
great to have fun with friends.
Plus save to phone and share with social networks.
Ease of Usec81
Very fun and easy to use.
This is a fun and simple app.
its fun and simple.
Graphically simple and beautiful.
is that whenever I try to edit a face.
but it crashes whenever I want to edit a face.

I can keep the kids entertained for hours. found in 2 reviews
I've been having a blast with this app. found in 3 reviews
This app is fun and strangely addicting. found in 3 reviews
and there are so many combinations to work with. found in 3 reviews
Great art gaallery. found in 3 reviews
This app helped me make my profile pictures of social media. found in 8 reviews
Great and colorful app very artistic. found in 2 reviews
Great app to kill time with when you're bored. found in 18 reviews
It's fun making faces of my friends and famous people. found in 5 reviews
Make yourself into a comic book character. found in 5 reviews
Very fun and easy to use. found in 3 reviews
I love this app and I'm having loads of fun using it. found in 6 reviews
It's hella good to have. found in 1 reviews
And it gets things pretty spot -on. found in 2 reviews
Super useful for your contacts too. found in 2 reviews
Still a great app tho. found in 1 reviews
it's really fun and addicting. found in 6 reviews
Lots of features and the possibilities are endless. found in 3 reviews
As someone who loved to play dress up. found in 1 reviews
Cool app for making funny faces and awesome customization options. found in 3 reviews
Wish the app had more hair options especially natural hairstyles. found in 141 reviews
Pretty cool but needs more features. found in 6 reviews
Great app but I have long big curly hair. found in 121 reviews
But needs more hairstyles and maybe add makeup. found in 129 reviews
There also needs to be more options for all features. found in 14 reviews
Doesn't seem to actually save to my photo gallery on iPhone 5. found in 8 reviews
I wish there was a couple natural hair options ie Dreads. found in 9 reviews
fun way to waste time and it's addicting making different faces. found in 11 reviews
It's a creative app but it needs more hair styles. found in 172 reviews
Fun app needs more SKIN TONES and more hairstyles like DREADS. found in 110 reviews
It's fun but it needs more stuff. found in 6 reviews
but every time I try to edit a pic in my gallery. found in 53 reviews
I wish they had more options for adjusting features. found in 5 reviews
crashes when I try to edit a character from my 'gallery'. found in 53 reviews
More realistic hair color options would be nice also. found in 29 reviews
Very fun but needs more options like facial piercings and gauges. found in 14 reviews
Nice app but photo doesn't save to gallery. found in 8 reviews
Wish there were more styles and colors to choose from. found in 24 reviews
Won't let me save to my photos so it defeats the purpose. found in 8 reviews
Insufficient hair choices for women of color. found in 14 reviews
This app needs styles for Black people. found in 19 reviews
Nowhere in the camera roll or photo library. found in 12 reviews
Needs eye color options and more curly hair styles. found in 121 reviews
but it crashes whenever I want to edit a face. found in 53 reviews
No curly hair for female face. found in 8 reviews
No features for African American women hair. found in 12 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iMadeFace for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese. It weighs in at only 2.9 MB to download. The new iMadeFace app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-10. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about iMadeFace in Keyloft LLC`s Official Website :

Have you sick of the same pattern of incoming-call pictures? It s much better if you can draw him/her a comic one Have you tired of taking yourself a photo and share it? Try self-portrait for ...
Its near perfect since there are no crashes or update problems at present                 Awesome icon maker
Had fun putting my face together Thanks              Fun stuff
There is a large selection of features which is great but poor for the system One must flip through all the hairstyles eye styles and colors and cant just select from a list and you cant just go back to one you like because you have to make a full circle around Would be better if you can choose the style and then the color separately otherwise it takes forever and is tedious Also had trouble flipping background colors           Large selection
I spend way too much time making faces Its just so much fun                 Love love love it
Cool                 Cool
Yay                 I can make faces
I cant change the hair color Everything else is ok however I wish there were more skin color options for Caucasian skin tones There are only 2          
can I get new features please              Good
Could use more uncool styles but thats it              Fun
This app is pretty cool a little confusing but its fun              Review
I LOVE THE APP its great and you should add body and clothes features also on the app and have a section where we can add boygirl jewelry to our characters           About The App
I think this game is awesome and fun to play                 I love this game
This app is amazing                 Love it
Ive been looking for a good avatar creator on the App Store and this is honestly the only good one I could find I like it because it is semi realistic there are lots of options and it is very realistic                 Best avatar creator on the App Store
This app needs more hair selections My hair is curly and big and I couldnt find hair that matched Needs more options           Disappointed
I like it                 Likeee
I really enjoy this app but makes me mad that they dont have a skin color for us medium warm colored girls Wheres a carmel skin tone              Color
Ive found that there are so many options with all the features that when I make one of my friends it actually looks like them                 Awesome
I was expecting it to be an app that lets you take a pic of yourself and converts that pic to a cartoon     I dont like it
Im Obsessing Graphically simple and beautiful Fun an Fulfilling results Wish it offered accessories diversified eyes amp colors and the ability to adjust the shades of available colors not just Black Brown Orange Yellow etc Get It Already trending              Amazing
Definitely good Im a writer and a big reader and when I cant quite get a characters image straight I make them on here One thing add more mouths for girls SMIRKS Straight faces with lips not enough in between smiles and frowns But all and all great                 NICE
It has very good hairstiles and great faces              Good app
Its funny and amazing how you can recreate anyones face Then save them or sheared them                 Super awesome
Like the graphic quality backgrounds Lacking detail control For example limited male facial hair beyond the ridiculous Goatee and mustache wno connecting lines Being able to add multiple pieces of facial hair individually Accessories for males hats earrings etc Skin tones beyond pink and brown some of us fall in between again ignoring the Martian colors Maybe controlling it via a color wheel        Frustrating
Lots of fun                 Cool
Awesome D I rly like the text part More skin tones and hairstyles would be even better             
Cool app but can u guys have ponytails for the girls Thank you           Cool
Pretty fun                 Great app
This game is awesome i love that i can show my friends how i feel every day of the week                 I love it
I love imadeface              So good
I prefer BitStrips instead thought              Cool butt could still have more hair styles
Can u just add a spike in the front for boys           Hi
I hate it it does not come in correctly It has a blank screen Dont waste your time or your storage dont get this game     Click to read more
Its fun              This is cute
I love it the best app ever                 Love it
You could add a piercing section              Cool
A huge selection to customize from Just a great app I highly recommend it to all ages                 Best app ever
For da people                 Cool
Great app Just needs more options and newer hairstyles I spend hrs playing                 So fun
This is a awsome app                 iMadeface
Its fin           Cool
Very fun                 Cool app
I write a lot and I like to draw my characters as well This app is absolutely great at helping me create new characters or get a really good visual for what a characters going to look like Also just fun to create things Recommend to any one who needs to let their creativity out                 Great app
I Reilly like I made face I like the way if you shake it you get a random face              Practically awesome
its a cool app just wont let me save anything           ehh
It has lots of options to make faces and its very easy to use Great fun                 Love it
I think it would be better if they added more features like freckles I think they should make another app like this but anime              It cool
I made one to assign to my commonly used contacts Very simple to use It has an ok amount of options I just wish it would add hats              Phone Contacts
Please make more glasses and more hairpreferably Norman Reeduss hair                 Norman Reeduss hair

iMadeFace Entertainment Facial Feature Unique FacesiMadeFace Entertainment Facial Feature Unique FacesiMadeFace Entertainment Facial Feature Unique FacesiMadeFace Entertainment Facial Feature Unique Faces

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