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Requires iOS 5.0 or la

Description - Ingress

Google, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Google News & Weather ,Chromecast ,YouTube Creator Studio ,Google My Business ,Google Classroom ,Field Trip), brings Ingress with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ingress games has been update to version 1.53.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • massive fun and weight loss..
  • Since it uses GPS location..
  • social game that gets you off the couch..
  • Pretty cool visuals and sound effects too..
  • lost 5 pounds walking and met lots of new friends..

Overall Satisfactionc72
The most amazing game I have ever played.
Addictive game and it will get you out of the house.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes an adventure.
The best game in the world.
One of the best games on the App Store.
Also still needs push notifications.
Fun & Engagingc75
Awesome game & finally u can submit portals.
Addictive game and it will get you out of the house.
Very fun game.
Well done and super fun.
Replay Valuec60
Hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsc76
Great game for exploring cities and meeting new people.
meeting new people and forming bonds in real life.
social game that gets you off the couch.
Production Valuesc70
Pretty cool visuals and sound effects too.
Great sound effects.
Amazing visuals.
Ease of Usec19
Updates & Supportc43
Ingress is worth buying an external battery.
And you will need an external battery.
it will eat through your battery quickly.

This app could change your life. found in 3 reviews
Very cool and interesting. found in 1 reviews
Great way to know an area. found in 1 reviews
Awesome game & finally u can submit portals. found in 39 reviews
The best game in the world. found in 5 reviews
Great Location Based Game - join the Enlightened and walk. found in 8 reviews
Addictive game and it will get you out of the house. found in 15 reviews
Ingress is worth buying an external battery. found in 4 reviews
It's got me hooked. found in 1 reviews
Geocaching meets king of the hill meets tower defense. found in 3 reviews
Rare gem of a game. found in 1 reviews
Awesome life changing game :. found in 4 reviews
Great game for exploring cities and meeting new people. found in 5 reviews
Been playing for two weeks and have met all kinds of great folks. found in 3 reviews
I love it with a passion. found in 1 reviews
This game got me out of my chair and to walk and walk. found in 2 reviews
This is the most innovative and unique AR game out there. found in 3 reviews
Choose to resist. found in 2 reviews
User interface is basic enough and overall easy to learn. found in 8 reviews
just poor support for iPhone users. found in 2 reviews
This port needs push notifications BADLY. found in 4 reviews
There seems to be a problem linking to my G+ account. found in 4 reviews
App needs update for iPhone 6+ screen size. found in 6 reviews
Locks up frequently when going back and forth in inventory. found in 1 reviews
but wish the game was reset before releasing on iPhone. found in 3 reviews
Great open world game. found in 2 reviews
Was at least able to open and sign in. found in 14 reviews
Great game but needs update BAD. found in 3 reviews
Have to force sync multiple times per minute to see portals. found in 5 reviews
Can't link to Google + to my Ingress account on iPad. found in 10 reviews
Screen doesn't scale properly and buttons are in the wrong place. found in 6 reviews
Still can't submit new portals or enter passcodes. found in 3 reviews
Some continuing bug issues with the latest build I've noticed are. found in 4 reviews
There are still some bugs to fix : updates are slow. found in 15 reviews
Which completely makes the game unfair for iPhone users. found in 1 reviews
Great game until I got the iPhone 6 plus. found in 43 reviews
Map doesn't scale correctly. found in 6 reviews
I'm unable to recharge portals any longer. found in 12 reviews
Equipment used: iPhone 5s Please fix this. found in 11 reviews
the game won't even load on jailbroken devices. found in 6 reviews
doesn't allow me to do anything to portals. found in 10 reviews
Ingress is broken on an iPhone 6 plus. found in 43 reviews
The game doesn't work on iPhone 5S so the OS integrity check failed. found in 8 reviews
Every time I try to open this app on my IPhone 5c it crashes. found in 14 reviews
and then got stuck on the
Please Update for iPhone 6+ immediately. found in 6 reviews
Love the game but Google needs to fix this buggy app. found in 15 reviews
OS integrity check failed screen. found in 13 reviews
"Log in to Google +". found in 10 reviews
Can't log into google so I can't use the app. found in 11 reviews
It doesn’t know how to write a crash log. found in 5 reviews
I can not enter pass codes. found in 6 reviews
Crashes every time when I try to submit a portal. found in 21 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Ingress for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, German, Japanese. It weighs in at only 43.7 MB to download. The new Ingress app version 1.53.0 has been updated on 2014-07-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Ingress in Google, Inc.`s Official Website :

Ingress transforms the real world into the landscape for a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition. Our future is at stake. You must choose a side. A mysterious energy has been unearthed by a team of ...
I was amazed by this game when I started playing last nightuntil the SMS verification bug I cant get past level 2 because the known verification bug the game cant send the verification and therefore you cant move up This seems to be a big thats been around more than a year and they cant seem to fix it Too bad        Disappointed
I dont usually play a lot of games but this is fantastic Ive been hooked ever since the beta days Before it was even iPhone friendly I recommend it to all of my friends even 3 generations in my family love Thank you                 Great game
Really cool concept just not too practical if you live in the country           Cool Idea
Its almost impossible for low players to level up because of all the high level resonators on portals and hacking gives you almost nothing plus the 2500 to 20000 jump between level 1 and 2        Fun but
The game is fun but I find it a bit buggy It sometimes freezes or takes so long to respond I need to force quit But it doesnt happen very often No support for submitting new portals It a great way to get out and enjoy an area and discover new things              A little buggy
The distance doesnt log via any discernible pattern I walked a known 3 miles and had not a single kilometer added to my total If part of the idea is to get people walking I dont see how that feature can be so shoddy Oh well Ill wait for something that works        Cool game but distance doesnt log consistently
Love the idea behind the game but its just junk right now        Slowglitchy cape game
We wont need it once Pokemon Go comes around Its still a really good game though              Take this app down
Its not even letting me start up the game and its infuriating Im on an iPhone 5 so it should work perfectly right     App keeps crashing
Every time I input my phone number I can press SMS or voice but both times it just displays red text reading Scanner Communication Error What is going on What is going to happen as a consequence for not being able to verify Are there any ways to solve this Because i am stuck at Level 2     Unable to verify
I love the teamwork feel with everyone working together to capture portals The game is much more immersive than traditional games because you actually have to go to the physical locations of portals                 Awesome fun
I cant get passed level 2 because I can not verify my account This is happening for all my friends as well     Cool game
This game is tons of fun to play with my friends around campus                 Lots of fun with my friends
Ive been playing daily for about a week now and have never had as much fun with a mobile game This has worked smoothly for me and there are plenty of portals in my area Its a great excuse to go explore and get some exercise I definitely recommend giving it a try                 Incredibly Fun And Totally Free
I bounce around on the map a lot and I think it a bug with location services        Terrible gps
I found this game to be quickly addictive and fun My fiancé friends and I had fun working together and exploring the area around us The fun of this game is probably why I have become so disappointed with the developers so much so that I will likely be deleting it Due to a functionality issue which has apparently been going on for about a week new players are not able to verify their account The result is that you are stuck at a low and weak level 2 player as you must verify your account to move up beyond this Once you are stuck at level 2 all of the points you would be gained are wasted as the game will not score them The game alerts add further upset as you watch territories you took get taken over with nothing you can do If the developers could keep up with this game and make it function correctly it would be worth paying for Looking at other reviews and he Facebook page it appears they have never been able to and wont any time soon Dont waste your time     An addictive failure
Every time I click it it freezes and I have to kill the game Revert the code back 9 mos and start there        Fix COMMs
Worked fine the first week then all of a sudden just crashes on start up     Crashes on startup
Same problem that other users are having To move beyond level 2 your account needs to be verified through a phone number Continue to get same error message as Chris Hernandezs review The developers know of errors and havent corrected it yet        Cant verify account
You should be able to name capsules Navigation should work without flipping like a seizure You should be able to download and make portal maps When moving around in a car passenger of course you should be able to focus on the portals on your route and not get distracted by other portals You could make them a grey color until near coordinates You should be able to make an offline map so you can plan locations during vacations and download the portals you want to see Navigation offline portals name capsules                 Glyph hacking freezes app
I originally got it to see what the upcoming Pokemon GO would be like I wasnt expecting to be sucked into a whole new world of gameplay I absolutely love this game Im going to give you 8 reasons to play 1 It is completely free Its not one of those free games that you buy and then dump money into for inapp purchases where the richer you are the more skill you have It is entirely free and the only thing keeping you from ingress grate mess is how far youre willing to walk or drive 2 The exploration aspect of the game really got me exploring Im the kind of person who gets lost going almost anywhere in my town but playing the game made me explore and Im getting to know this place like the back of my hand 3 You actually have to get up to play This isnt one of those games you can sit on your but and play you have to move 4 It is a very social game Within a day of my joining I was invited into a google hangout with many of the other agents in my area We all work together to keep our town secure Go resistance 5 Faction warfare in this game is amazing I love that everyone is so dedicated The game really emphasizes teamwork A single player cannot work alone to create the strongest portals portals are like the flags of capture the flag Everyone in each faction is dedicated to the pursuit of their lofty goals and I love that 6 There are few games with lore that is as intriguing as ingress It is literally a science fiction story that you are living Sometimes I catch myself thinking that it actually happened 7 You can change the story Thats right Ingress is a playerdriven open ended narrative It is so amazing to think that if you and your friends work together you can change the story for everyone 8 Even low level players can play an important part Low level players can still claim portals and in many aces they team up with stronger players who help them level up The learning curve is easy to overcome and with help from higher level players so is he level gap This game really is all about the players and the links between them I experienced all of these things and Ive only been playing for about 5 days now I cant wait to learn what happens in my next 5 days                 Exploration galore
App works well and its not just for neck beards Enlightened is the way to go Takes a bit to learn but recharging nodes and using cubes to get more energy is fun Great for road trips hikes and exploring the historical locations near you                 Augmented reality fun
I enjoy the game immensely but the app needs work frequent slow and laggy servers comms fails to load initially 12 of the time also stops loading new data after some use requires viewing portals to get the scanner to update the world updates arrive after the portal is neutralized no more messages for each burster fired hard to know if player is still attacking lots of spoofing and multiple accounts niantic doesnt seem to want to deal with never works with iOS betas        Buggy but fun
No qualms                 I got no qualms with it
Love this game but need to get moving on that VERIFICATION error                 Love it but fix it
I have iOS 81 but os integrity check failed     Not working
I love this game Lots fun free works well even on my old phone and a very unique concept Lots of fun to play while walking and wandering with friends                 Great Game
This app is cool but Its buggy as hell           Problems
This game is crazy I love it                 Omg ingress
The game seems very interesting and an enjoyable experience however their new verification system to prevent bots doesnt work I constantly receive the message Scanner Communication Error Ive tried multiple different fixes such as rebooting device reinstalling the app redoing location services even emailed customer support with no help from their end Until this problem is addressed the app is a poor one dont waste your time until its fixed        Can not verify my account
I just started this game but its already pretty fun to me and kind of addictive Finding out portals near my area and going to hack them always makes me feel like Im going on a little adventure                 Pretty Fun
Tried several times to upload and play this game however I keep getting scanner communication error reinstalling or rebooting will not fix this problem Wasted hours of my life I cannot get back     Waste of time
Well the app stays on the locating screen FOREVER Its literally not even funny I had this app open the entire night and it did Not Locate Me Please fix this    
Love these types of games and so far this has been great I play daily and havent had problems iPhone 5s                 Awesome
The game is fun but if the app doesnt work then how will anyone even know that its a fun game The app is slow and buggy It freezes constantly and I have to force close it nearly every 30 seconds It wont let my husband verify so he is stuck at level 2 But its no use turning to ingress for help because 1 Ingress is nearly impossible to contact 2 They never respond 3 Issues never get tended to Ever Honestly the game isnt fun enough to deal with its issues and horrible service     Cant have fun if the app doesnt work
I really tried to give this app a chance It kept hanging until I closed the app and force quit it It even hanged when it was updating the chat window This app has bugs that need to be sorted out before Ill give it another chance and I will not be recommending anyone try this     Interesting concept
My dad never hangs out with me any more because hes all raped up in Ingress Like I say to him Hey dad want to throw the old pig skin around His answer Sorry but I need to go out for 5 hours and destroy these Portals that are like 8 miles away     Neglected
Ive been playing this game for about 2 or 3 months now and its a lot of fun But after the last few updates the app takes forever to load if it loads at all Once I finally get it to load after having to completely close the app and reopen or cycle airplane mode off and on the map only shows streets and no portals If I do get portals only their markers show up and I cant select them Takes about 1015 to get the app to completely load and once its does I cant switch out of it or I have to start the whole process over     Great game terribly glitchy and bugged
Addicted right away Its great walking around my college campus joining with friends and fighting with others but I cant verify my ADA all my progress has been quickly put to a halt I really hope you fix this bug soon I want to help conquer Also I want to be able to make new portals That feature is supposedly not possible on iOS yet I hope they can fix that too REBELLION FTW           LOVE THE APP But
All the players in my area are good enough to make the best players list Its fun but you keep stomped by those high than you easily Not much to do        Eh
Many friends have suggested I try Ingress so I finally downloaded it Monday Cant verify because of a known issue that they say they are working on but no other update for FIVE DAYS now Also the Comm just hard locks the game so I have to force restart it I really want to play the game and might be back if they ever figure out the verify issue but pretty disappointed with the lack of updates about the progress on that        Too bad the game is broken and buggy
So unlike most people I can authenticate even with my 2 step verification However right after doing tht the screen cuts down and is only in the bottom right corner and its cut off and glitchy Cant even create a name I see the instructions telling me to make a name but the app is so broken I cant even do it     Broken
First off Id like to mention that I am playing this on an iPad so the lag isnt as bad Still all the people who say the app is bad probably just looked at the opening screen and left a fake bad reviewadmittedly the sign on page does stink in terms of aesthetics but the rest of the game is amazing Note that a google account is necessary to play the game and its not too exciting if you dont go anywhere so if you are a stereotypical gamer this is not for you but my family travels the world and this is good for us                 Wow
I sat here for 30 minutes waiting for it to find my location and it would not work And i have GREAT internet Screw this man I hope the pokemon go goes better than this crap     Loction does not work
The phone verification portion of the app is broke Until this gets fixed your stuck at level 2     Stick at level 2 until verification bug is fixed
Now been 6 days since Ive downloaded the app No notifications No attempts to return emails The app breaks on iPhone 06 when you try to verify your account Scanner Error which is a shame Im very well connected and could have enjoyed this title with many a friends and family but Ingress drops the ball and lacks any communication abilities to compensate Its a shame really Everything is there in the game from functionality to neat graphics A potential experience to be had and like the Titanic will sink your hopes of immersing yourself because of what appears to be a verification glitch Sad and disappointing to see all those hours wasted Good luck Niantic Better fix this fast before your employees bail     WARNING Dont waste your time
Recently a gigantic field has appeared near me and it is blocking all views of the roads so Im pretty much just wandering around looking for portals instead of having a map to follow Other wise if you like looking around for stuff youre good              Field Problems
Im disappointed that I cant use the app on my iPad As soon as I start it it tries to locate me forever Thats why I can only give it 1 star for good intentions I hope that this glitch will be fixed in future updates     App Hangs at startup
Ok so first off iv never seen a game of this gender with this much Potential other then Pokemon go Now Ive only had a few problems with this game 1 my arrow sometimes points the wrong way which can sometimes be confusing 2 The map or world The map being all black is kinda Annoying and not vary Accurate Adding something like the Google earth map would Make the game seem more real and more Accurate 3 now I understand why we cant see other players on the map But theres away around it We should only be able to see players that come into rang of us It would make the game so much funer and realistic Not to Mention a little closer with the community Please make these changes and this game will be almost perfect                 Improvements updates
Please fix the comm whenever I pressed it accidentally or not it froze my game Then Id have to close it and relaunch the app again It was fixed in previous version and it came back in this update              Please just fix that annoying comm bug

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