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INRIX, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (INRIX Traffic - Get there faster ,MyLincoln Mobile ,Dallas Parking ,INRIX TV ,INRIX Traffic Lite ,KENWOOD Traffic Powered By INRIX™), brings INRIX Traffic - Get there faster with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. INRIX Traffic - Get there faster app has been update to version 4.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Gives very good indicators for me to make decisions..
  • Real Estate Rep..
  • Great customer service support as well..
  • Very useful and helpful app to avoid traffic jams and accidents..
  • Such an invaluable travel tool..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
Best traffic app out there in ease of use and accuracy.
The best Traffic app but latest version crashes.
Better than google maps and the map that is preloaded on iphone.
' Map is no better than Google maps.
Good app overall and best free traffic app I've found.
Thanks INRIX for getting me to places on time.
Amazingly accurate data in Travel Times from Door to Door.
It's saved us to many times to count from bad traffic.
Especially Love the ETA times as they're incredibly accurate.
Fun & Engagingclick me36
By far the best traffic Ap there is on the market.
Has saved me countless hours on the road driving around town for work.
Usefulnessclick me85
I like this app because it gives the most up to date traffic info.
This app helps me get to work and back with minimal traffic.
I use it every day to plan my route to work.
I find it very accurate and up to date with traffic status.
I find to be very helpful and accurate.
Use it everyday on my way to work and back home.
Helps me get to work on time every day.
great app very useful.
Repeat Valueclick me78
It has saved me hours of sitting in traffic and it's usually pretty accurate.
Sitting in traffic is avoided with accurate and timely alerts.
Ease of Useclick me45
Inrix continues to set the standard for accurate traffic reporting.
Easy to set up so you can store your most used locations.
but there is still no way to set the default page.
Easy to report accidents with one button while driving.
Easy to report incidents and confirm others.
Have to re -open or it crashes on its own.
Convenient and accurate.
Reliabilityclick me10
Updates & Supportclick me64
Great customer service support as well.
I use the free version and its accurate almost all the times.
Batteryclick me18
It'll drain your battery.


Save time, gas and money by avoiding traffic.


Winner of MacWorld 2010 Best of Show, INRIX Traffic puts the power of real-time incidents, traffic forecasting and comparative traffic in the palm of your hand.

INRIX Traffic - Get there fasterINRIX Traffic - Get there faster
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“I recommend this app to anyone who hates being stuck in traffic.” –
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
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“Once you load this app, your traffic intelligence gathering capabilities skyrocket.” – Mac|Life
INRIX Traffic - Get there faster


“Le nouveau champion des services de trafic et de navigation”, Voiture Communicante (France)


Key Features:
- Avoid delays with real-time traffic info from the world’s largest traffic network
- View traffic incidents on your route such as accidents, police, construction, and events
- Know your best time to leave based on predicted traffic conditions
- Compare your current traffic conditions from what is normal


The INRIX Traffic - Get there faster is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about INRIX Traffic - Get there faster check developer INRIX, Inc.`s website :


Helps avoid delays and find detours around accidents. found in 11 reviews
Best traffic app out there in ease of use and accuracy. found in 742 reviews
A real time saver when you can avoid the traffic jams. found in 98 reviews
I commute 54 miles each way and I couldn't live without it. found in 18 reviews
I drive a commercial truck for a living and rely on this app everyday. found in 4 reviews
Great to check commuter traffic- updates quickly. found in 7 reviews
Helps me avoid traffic and saves me time and stress. found in 7 reviews
I like this app because it gives the most up to date traffic info. found in 158 reviews
Just a little slow with the push notifications on traffic and accidents. found in 15 reviews
Incredibly useful in the SF Bay Area. found in 18 reviews
This app helps me get to work and back with minimal traffic. found in 35 reviews
A quick check before I leave work to check trouble spots. found in 12 reviews
Great app as a truck driver very useful works great. found in 15 reviews
I use it every day to plan my route to work. found in 34 reviews
definitely a great app for commuters dealing with rush hour traffic. found in 51 reviews
Although generally conservative in time estimates - provides great situational awareness. found in 22 reviews
Latest Release Solved Active GPS Issue. found in 5 reviews
The pop up alerts are impossible to safely read while driving. found in 6 reviews
iPad version freezes ever time the detailed map view is requested. found in 17 reviews
Traffic cams will show stopped traffic while the app shows green. found in 12 reviews
The only drawback is my location services remaining on constantly. found in 124 reviews
Why can't you turn off GPS tracking when the app closes. found in 6 reviews
95 lifetime subscription and discovered no commutes feature. found in 6 reviews
and have 2 minutes to wait for the map to load. found in 5 reviews
there is no voice guidance. found in 3 reviews
and Mostly it's accurate but sometimes a little slow. found in 6 reviews
A little slow to load but still better than Google and Waze. found in 5 reviews
just fix the GPS when you are NOT using the app. found in 8 reviews
Please fix location services bug. found in 4 reviews
Inrix has saved me lots of time and frustration in Atlanta traffic. found in 8 reviews
Also what happened to landscape mode. found in 4 reviews
especially if you have a paid subscription. found in 5 reviews
Almost every time I've tried to open the live freeway cameras. found in 29 reviews
1 fails to fix the Location Services bug. found in 7 reviews
It now says that my home address doesn't exist. found in 12 reviews
Please deactivate location services when the app is closed. found in 124 reviews
Good to see traffic bad for routes and no turn by turn directions. found in 61 reviews
Latest Fail: "live traffic cameras " are a lie. found in 36 reviews
frequently fails to display traffic speed overlays. found in 13 reviews
Even when app is killed location gps stays activated. found in 17 reviews
Do not use while driving. found in 12 reviews
I no longer see the traffic colors either. found in 50 reviews
This app is unreliable and have same owner as Beat the traffic. found in 34 reviews
For "Find Current Location " it says "Cannot Find Current Location". found in 35 reviews
Plus those give turn by turn directions where this one doesn't. found in 60 reviews
but needs custom route selection to be truly useful. found in 16 reviews
but there is still no way to set the default page. found in 26 reviews
I got stuck in stopped traffic but was near an exit. found in 12 reviews
app refuses to load routes and traffic data whe 1st launched. found in 86 reviews
Needs to open up as a map and show traffic conditions. found in 29 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Not sure how you get good ratings App is clunky and not intuitive UI hasnt been updated in forever Better off using Waze and getting traffic social and navigation Goes way beyond anything Inrix does Uninstalling App now    This App Needs Serious Work
This app has helped me avoid many traffic jams A great tool Dont leave home without it                Best App
Tried very many of them and this one beats all of them hands down Awesome job guysKeep it this way                No alternatives
Very accurate and easy to use                A complete package
Very useful                SUPER APP
Love the app but cant give it five stars until the fix the zoom inout functions When I try to zoom out to see further down the road it will always zoom right back in After a few minutes of trying to pinch the screen just right it may or may not work So frustrating for an otherwise awesome app PLEASE FIX THE ZOOM FUNCTION       Needs a better zoom function
Wish all apps performed so well and were as reliable as this I havent missed an appointment or meeting since Ive downloaded INTRIX Thank you guys for a pleasant experience Job well done                If all apps performed so well
Without a doubt Anyone who commutes from A to B on a daily basis into or thru a potentially congested area would be WELL SERVED to subscribe to this EXCELLENT APP                A DAILY COMMUTER MUST
Good apps             Works well in Los Angeles Orange county traffic
Great group live time app                Great live time app
Thumbs down for no iPhone 6 screen size support after a year          No iPhone 6 screen size
Excellent app Very dependable                Excellent app
Much better than Waze                Great service
I like the ability to see a list if estimated times to favorite places I saved I love departure alerts I wish the departure alerts tied into the calendar like waze Traffic could be better                Very useful apo
Really helpful                Great
Great app                Awesome
This is now by far the best traffic app in the app store                Latest update make this app the best
Thank you Inrix for the hundreds of hours youve saved me                Major timesaver
I use it everyday                Very useful
We like simple clear to the point up to the minute just give us the facts And you do Thanks                Always satisfied always
My go to traffic app             Prefer to Google Maps
Use every day Very helpful                INRIX
This app is super simple to use lots of helpful info It has exactly what I want I want routes I want routes around traffic hassles I want alternate routes automatically I want waypoints and ability to alter my route I want quick access to use and set these things without having to do a process for when Im drivingIf you want to know your current driving speed speed limits rest stops banks eateries and other such features this is not your app It doesnt talk or give turn by turn directions Its not really for traveling to unknown placesThis app is so straight forward Open it and you already have helpful information Setting places is easy includes your contacts Pick a place and you will get 2 routes The routes are accurate dynamic and render fastWhy you need this appOther apps before I found this one I was caught in a massive traffic jam on an 8 lane highway in town I got off the highway the major road I took closed down to one lane for construction Meanwhile those apps would direct me via only one route the original route turn around flashing things etc I could not get a different route make adjustments for my location or get info easily I ended up in more traffic hassles in a part of town I dont know I tried 4 different apps in the car that day Im deleting them allIt is fully usable without the premium No ads I paid to upgrade to add more places And Im impressed with the app                Great traffic and routing app
Pretty good Helpful             Good
A must have app Works great I use it all the time                Excellent
The pinch and zoom feature works inconsistently Frustrating especially if driving time on selected route is an hour or more Thats not good for a traffic app A long standing problem          Good app But
On time easy to use                Great
Love it Use it every day                Great resource for my commute
This is the only app Ive found that gives you a quick and easy birds eye overview of the alternative routes available to you Nice big type Easy to see while driving Simple intuitive interface I love it My only criticism is of the alarms for upcoming police or accidents Way too startling Many people encouraged me to try Waze so I did I think this works way better for traffic monitoring Inrix isnt for turn by turn directions but thats now why I wanted it Great app                Best traffic monitoring app
I always know what areas to avoid when driving through my city                Great
This is the only app that has ever caused my iPhone 6 to give me the overheat warning Not sure where the inefficiency is But the times are generally accurate          Accurate but overheats phone
I love how I can use this app to avoid traffic Here in Atlanta we have the most congested traffic and this apps come to the rescue when taking alternative routes to work school etc             If you cant beat it Avoid it
This app is wonderful It helps keep you updated on the current traffic flow on your drive to and from your destination                Great Traffic Advisor
Ive got several map apps and GPS apps but I dont know why INRIX is by far the best I may start with another but I always end up right here                INRIX
I like the fact that you can request traffic notifications based on the time you want to leave and it is prettyaccurate this is one of the best Ive used                Very helpful
I commute into the Cities MN and have this app to very helpful It reflects fairly accurate traffic conditions and helps me plan for alternate ways to get home in the afternoon             Good app for Twin Cities
Great app Dont leave the house without checking it first                Great App
I use this app everyday to find the best route to work or on my business trips                Awesome
Would be nice if it had turn by turn directions that updated with traffic using Apple maps             Great but
Always accurate                I use it everyday
Great app                Boss
Im so in love with this app very easy to use plus very helpfully appJust wish had similar Google functions when traffics to diverted to other alternativesThanks                Super best app I ever use
I downloaded it a week ago its saved me so much time with my commute Ive also recommend it to all my friends as well They will thank me later                I love this app
I work in the traffic industry and this app lets me see traffic conditions in my region anytime I need The information displayed has proven accurate and reliable I also use the program for all of my travel                Great App
Traffic cams could use some tweaking otherwise pretty helpful             Traveler
So accurate It helped us through LA which is no small task Its a travel must have                Love It
I can trust the times from Inrix So nice when I can pick out webcams and see why traffic is delayed                Spoton
Would be much easier to know the ramp name as opposed to the ramp number Unless you travel a route routinely ramp number has no value preceding the trip             Ramp numbers
I dont think I would make it to work without this app Amazing And free This is worth the download                Outstanding


5.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.1.1
iPhone iPad

iOS INRIX Traffic - Get there faster 4.1.1 Mobile

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