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Burbn, Inc. , brings Instagram with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Instagram app has been update to version 3.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Ya also an amazing way to make new friends from different places..
  • You can make funny videos or snap some cool pictures..
  • Follow me at exploding_pancakes for tons of funny pictures..
  • Fast and easy way to share photos and quick status updates..
  • I get to talk to my friends and show them amazing pictures..
Overall Satisfactionclick me86
I love Instagram I couldn't live without it.
I love instagram so Please fix right away.
Instagram is one of the best social media apps I have ever used.
Love Instagram its one of the best social networking app there is.
This is the stupidest social networking app ever NO STARS.
Looking forward to more filters and post-pro options.
Fun filters -- wish there were more filters to choose from.
Newest update make this the best photo sharing app out there.
This is the worst photo sharing social media app.
Insta is the best thing ever created Way better than facebook.
I can't some people said its better than facebook.
I love ig u guys should download it.
Love IG but these crashes are annoying.
I love using Instagram to keep in touch with long distance friends.
I just started using Instagram but it's been acting real buggy.
Fun & Engagingclick me84
Is a really fun way to share pictures with all your friends at once.
It's a really fun way to share pics and videos with your friends.
Looking forward to more filters and post-pro options.
Fun filters -- wish there were more filters to choose from.
Instagram is awesome I love it thanks for inventing it.
I'm totally addicted to Instagram and love everything about it.
Super fun to share pics with friends sooo fun.
I'm obsessed with Instagram it's like face book but better.
It's a simple and fun way to share and like photos.
Usefulnessclick me85
I use Instagram everyday and I couldn't imagine life without it.
This app is awesome I always go on Instagram everyday.
Great app for sharing pictures of everyday life.
This app truly makes art out of everyday life.
Family Friendlyclick me93
Now I can't get instagram and connect with friends and family.
It's a very nice way to post pictures and keep in touch with friends and family.
helps keep in touch with friends but it won't load the home screen.
It's like Facebook for kids and you can report people 2.
Repeat Valueclick me100
It never gets old and I love seeing people's life through pictures.
Probably the app I use the most and never gets old.
Social Aspectsclick me86
It's a great way to share photos with friends and it's totes McGoats the realest.
Instagram is one of the best social media apps I have ever used.
Love Instagram its one of the best social networking app there is.
This is the stupidest social networking app ever NO STARS.
Great way to keep in touch with friends and see what is interesting in their life.
helps keep in touch with friends but it won't load the home screen.
Great medium for meeting new people & Sharing products.
I can't follow new people or people who have followed me.
It helps me keep in touch with family that lives in other places.
Production Valuesclick me87
Hope they'll come up with more effects in the future.
The only thing I'd want is more effects / filters.
Love the photo effects and uploading images is so user friendly.
Hope more photo effects will become available with new updates.
Ease of Useclick me85
It's a simple and fun way to share and like photos.
Simple and fun way to share pictures.
Reliabilityclick me36
Every time I try to post a picture or send it directly.
and every time I try to upload a video.
and it says I have to reset my password or whatever.
it may have some little bug problems.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me87
I'm only doing this so Instantgraham will stop asking me to rate their app.
Hopefully this review will make it stop asking me to rate it.
Love Instagram but hate the constant nag to rate.
Security & Privacyclick me50
Loads fast works great lets u add more than one account.
I have been banned on one account for no reason.
they security code they sent me DIDNT send.
Follow my personal account @maryd310 and my Taylor Swift fanpage @taylorswiftlovers13.
Privacy settings allow users to select their audience.
There is no privacy settings.
and it says I have to reset my password or whatever.
Updates & Supportclick me38
Make an ipad app and i'll give it five stars.
please make an iPad version of Instagram for all of us iPad users.
Once I downloaded the new update.


Instagram is an amazingly fun & simple life-sharing app for your iPhone. Snap photos wherever you go to show the world what’s going on in your life. Follow your friends’ photo updates as they move through the world. Select from photo filters that transform regular ol’ photos into works of art you’ll want to keep around forever.


Features include:
- Apply over a dozen fun & beautiful filters to your photos
- Post as many photos as you want, for free
- Find and follow friends who are using the app
- Attach (optional) location information to any of your posts
- Share your posts to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, & Facebook
- Check in to Foursquare when you post a photo with a location
- Let your friends know what you think by liking & commenting on their photos
- View the most popular photos around the world from Instagram users
- Supports 3G, 3GS and
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
4 phones
- Full iPhone 4 camera support

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The Instagram is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Instagram check developer Burbn, Inc.`s website :


Great way to keep in touch with friends and see what is interesting in their life. found in 655 reviews
Love Instagram its one of the best social networking app there is. found in 821 reviews
It's a really fun way to share pics and videos with your friends. found in 2328 reviews
Newest update make this the best photo sharing app out there. found in 600 reviews
Instagram is by far my favorite social network and picture editing app. found in 347 reviews
Great app love takin selfies and my favorite social media app. found in 688 reviews
Keeps crashing every time I try to take a picture with the back camera. found in 584 reviews
Out of nowhere began crashing every time I try to upload a picture or video. found in 796 reviews
Ever since the Instagram update it won't let me follow anyone who is private. found in 209 reviews
It keeps saying that "an unknown error has occurred". found in 52 reviews
Instagram crashes every single time I try to get on. found in 60 reviews
Everytime I try to post a picture or send a direct picture. found in 421 reviews
U can't piece clips from multiple videos anymore. found in 53 reviews
Instagram please fix this it's really bad and annoying. found in 74 reviews
it freezes whenever i try to upload a picture and then crashes. found in 796 reviews
It crashes everytime i try to upload a video i already took. found in 119 reviews
It wont let me change my bio but yet overall good. found in 49 reviews
Every time you go to post a picture it crashes. found in 56 reviews
Also the app crashes every time I try to upload a video which is very frustrating. found in 192 reviews
Instagram crashes every time i try to post a picture and its VERY frustrating. found in 496 reviews
It crashes when I try to take a picture using the app. found in 584 reviews
Instagram needs the option to share others photos. found in 126 reviews
it won't let me follow anyone and it's really starting to annoy me. found in 209 reviews
Awesome app but everytime I try to upload a picture it crashes. found in 796 reviews
I can no longer follow people back or leave comments. found in 285 reviews
I logged out and it won't let me log back in. found in 189 reviews
Ughhh every time I try to upload a video or image it crashes fix this bug. found in 192 reviews
Whenever I try to post a picture the app just freezes then crashes. found in 421 reviews
posting from Camera Roll gives the videos such bad blurry quality. found in 246 reviews
The new tap for sound update is ridiculous. found in 173 reviews
Very disappointing when family far away wants to watch the kids. found in 190 reviews
Thanks Instagram but if I wanted my home screen. found in 216 reviews
Newest update keeps crashing for my iOS 7. found in 191 reviews
Crashes EVERY time I try to upload a picture & takes forever to load videos. found in 796 reviews
Please get the popular page to the way it was before. found in 162 reviews
I tried to re -download and the same thing happened. found in 187 reviews
I tried to log back in but it said to upgrade the app. found in 426 reviews
The update is crashing literally every time I try to open the app. found in 364 reviews
I don't know why but I'm no longer aloud to comment. found in 196 reviews
for my iPod 4th Generation this recent version is not working. found in 283 reviews
but their auto play feature is way better. found in 295 reviews
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Love sharing photos and being able to edit and adjust on the fly The filters and editing options are the best                Part of my daily routine
You guys should bring the custom locations back It was a lot better with the custom location because we can personalize our post a lot better I would give 5 stars if brought back             Custom locations
I love this appAlthough Ive never had a problem logging into my pagerecently its not letting me log in on my phone nobody else can log in and I cant make a new page Everytime I try any of the above it says the account was disabled Help me                Love it but having serious problems lately
IG is great Never had a problem                Excellent
When I m want to sleep But thats on me The UI just always improves Love that as much as any usage rate             Keeps me awake
My Instagram updates are now in Dutch I live in the Netherlands but Im not Dutch I everything else is in English but my updates are in Dutch and I cant get it changed back to English          Good update but buggy
No complaints Works great ILoveIG                Love it
IG is my favorite app ever I look forward to posting viewing posts and being inspired by my favorite IGs Couldnt live without it                Favorite app
Every single time I try and post a photo no matter which device Im on it gets me out of the app and I have to try to start all over I am incredibly frustrated with this app and I would like them to fix this obvious problem immediately This is supposed to be instantaneous photo sharing and it has been completely the opposite for me    Frustrating and has me in tears
Please add the ability to get an email every time someone logs onto your account Would be really good privacy and prevent hacking                great app but please add a new feature
I havent got any notifications and when I go in my notifications setting theres not even Instagram on there please fix this running on iOS 91          Problem
Me encanta y les doy las gracias alos k inventaron instegram porque por ellos eh conocido muchas personas y muchos lugar muchas gracias de nuevo gracias                Maty
A fun place to post your pictures and look at others                Its Instagram
I love Instagram its a great pass time I take public transportation a lot and when Im bored I always look through Instagram It has slowed down since I first joined but thats expected with apps Instagram is revamping its self and getting better and better I would highly recommend getting it for fun                A good pass time
Please fix the video bug I cant upload any of my of my videos that I want to post on my account I even deleted some of the photos so please fix now I will give a better rating if you do          Fix now
Best app ever I really love it the effects are amazing                Instagram
Super Dope                Instagram
App que quem não tem está por fora                Maravilhoso
Wow I love it                SaIDa
No iPad version In iOS 9 support Icon straight from last century Ugh    Weak support
You cant listen to music while scrolling through anymore because anytime you scroll to a video your outside music stops and doesnt continue after you scroll passed And to listen the video without headphones you have to have your ringer on even when you tap to hear with volume          Please fix bugs
Thaaaaank you for the new update About time I can put my whole picture on IG without needing another app                Finally
The app seems to have automatically chosen the Korean language as the default based on my location This happened immediately after the update There is no way to switch it back    Language issue after update
What a app Just needs longer video thats it                Best
every since the Instagram update this morning i cant see my photo It shows I have one photo but I cant see it and neither can my friends I can goto the photo by clicking it when someone likes it but its glitched and i cant see it on my feed Please fix this Instagram          UPDATE GLITCH
I love Instagram but with this new update its got me going crazy its a little confusing What do you all think btw cheer is life             Great
Love the app                Ig
I Love Taking Pictures Soo I TOTALLY ENJOY IG                Love Love Love
I love Instagram                Ms
Instagram is an incredible photography platform for any skill level of photography Download this app right now and start taking photos Follow jmos and heatercentral                Absolutely love it
Im in love with Instagram I check it everyday and everyone I know loves it to there and bugs that need to be fixed tho                love
I love the app but it glitches             Instagram
Ive never had an issue with this app until now My pictures are not showing up on my page all I see is a blank white space where the pics should be          please fix
I love it                Ight
Great app I moved across country but I still feel home                Love it
Its the same for me HOWEVER before the update I had created my own add location twice The second one which was the v20 of the first is now gone How did this happen Now with this update you can NO longer create your own special location name like before Major bummer and faux pas Instagram          One thing missing from previous version
1 Chipotle 2 Instagram                Omg Instagram is my life
When i only have one post on my profile my profile turns white Can u please fix this                I love it
So I recently looked through all my old photos and noticed that they all kind of looked mixed up What I mean is that they didnt have a theme On my recent photos they have some type of light blue effect So basically my recent photos are very light blue and even some are light purple in color What Im saying is that we should be able to edit past photos like the photos themselves I dont really want to delete my old photos but Id really like to be able to edit them so that they fit my theme Ive started I hope that you consider adding thisEdit Id like to add a couple of more things First itd be really nice if you could be able to click a link if you ever put one on a new picture Youre only able to click links in the description but itd be great if we were able to click the links on photos too And one more thing We should be able to post a picture privately I know everyone wont use this but some of us like to have our feed look a certain way and sometimes well want to make sure that a picture looks good next to your previous picture So we could upload it privately to make sure it looks nice and then post it publicly Thanks             Great update but needs one addition
I love it It shined my whole world and made me happy love Instagram                I think it is amazing
Wow Ads ads ads ads ads Talk about over saturation Used to be my absolutely favorite social media app Now I think Im going to have to quit it Every 5th photo in my feed is an ad Thanks for ruining the app    Adstagram
Full                A
The new Explore is awesome Bring back multiclip                Love this update
Say word                Instagram sex
Finding many things very interesting                InstaLOVE
i love it                it great
Its so exciting                Awesome
was my favorite app but yesturday i couldnt see my picture on my profile page i would have to go to the row to see my pictures my whole part wheree i should see my pictures is all white    got bad


Burbn, Inc.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Instagram 3.0.1 Mobile

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