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CremaGames , brings Instant Buttons with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Instant Buttons app has been update to version 1.2.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This literally has every funny sounds you will ever need..
  • You guys should add the " bye have a great time" button :..
  • You should get the hunger games 4 note tune..
  • Sooo awesome love all these sound affects and stuff..
  • Star Wars "Luke I am your father" .

Overall Satisfactionc91
This app is the best soundboard app that I have ever used.
Personally I think that this app is the best button app ever.
They need one more sound.
All my friends love it.
Love this app to death.
Fun & Engagingc91
I LOVE this app it's sooooo fun to mess around with.
It has awesome buttons and its the best and free.
They need one more sound.
Awesome and super funny.
Tons of fun sounds and frequent updates with new sounds.
Gonna use it to prank my boyfriend tonight haha.
Other than that it is fun to press the buttons.
Add Smoke Weed Everyday.
I really enjoy how they keep it up to date.
Keep it up to date.
Very funny and useful at home and work to keep things pleasant.
Funny and useful.
you should add the Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie.
Everything is awesome thank you.
Helpful advice.
Family Friendlyc84
Please add "that's nasty" that Cleveland says in family guy.
There's a lot of good buttons like sexy and I know it.
I love how you can hide the apps w/ bad language.
Production Valuesc81
Great sound effects they should add more family guy sounds.
Funny and great sound effects I love this app.
aaaalways watching" would make a funny sound.

Funniest sounds and puts me in a good mood. found in 2 reviews
Very funny and useful at home and work to keep things pleasant. found in 3 reviews
Overall this is a very cool app with some very cool sounds. found in 11 reviews
I have just one suggestions add the pokemon theme song. found in 4 reviews
Omg I love this app. found in 4 reviews
Great sound effects they should add more family guy sounds. found in 4 reviews
New sounds are coming to instant buttons and there very loud. found in 55 reviews
Great variety of sounds and current dance hits sound bites. found in 5 reviews
epic rap battles and Smosh's shut up. found in 2 reviews
I just want "LAAAH SIVINYA" from lion king. found in 3 reviews
Sometimes I get a urge to push buttons. found in 4 reviews
Gonna use it to prank my boyfriend tonight haha. found in 4 reviews
I would recommend quotes from back to the future. found in 3 reviews
" Phineas and Ferb The bubble guppies pizza song
You should add some phrases from tv shows like friends. found in 7 reviews
Can you add SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY. found in 4 reviews
"I'm listening. found in 3 reviews
The best app EVAR. found in 2 reviews
dis is da best& funniest soundboard. found in 3 reviews
Awesome balls of steel. found in 2 reviews
Missing buttons. found in 2 reviews
Good you please make more without bad words. found in 13 reviews
longer and it NEEDS more sounds XD. found in 13 reviews
Its a good app but i think it should play the sounds. found in 6 reviews
It's awesome but one request. found in 1 reviews
Cool but needs more buttons. found in 2 reviews
A set as ringtone/ text tone option would be fantastic. found in 6 reviews
Great for annoying people. found in 3 reviews
Please add " DEEZ NUTS " from wevlanddagreat :. found in 4 reviews
Fix bug and add spongebob sounds. found in 1 reviews
Can You Add Cartmens Screw You Guys Im Going Home. found in 4 reviews
Has a few tiny glitches but still fun. found in 1 reviews
Needs one thing. found in 1 reviews
No ring tone. found in 8 reviews
Awesome but needs more buttons. found in 2 reviews
but I wish we could use the sounds as text/ringtones :. found in 10 reviews
It's not good for younger kids. found in 2 reviews
Needs the fruit salad song from the wiggles. found in 1 reviews
iOS one is missing some that samsung tablets have. found in 1 reviews
but use profanity. found in 2 reviews
Why can't I use these as text tones. found in 6 reviews
Rediculous that this app has swear words littered throughout. found in 7 reviews
App needs bug fix. found in 1 reviews
It's cool but it has too many bad words. found in 13 reviews
The app crashes when I click on import sound. found in 4 reviews
Worst game ever. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Instant Buttons for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10.3 MB to download. The new Instant Buttons app version 1.2.6 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Instant Buttons in CremaGames`s Official Website :

Instant Buttons is an original soundboard, it`s a unique collection of sounds. This application will offer to you many funny and quickly sounds that you might use anytime. From the most famous memes of internet to ...
We gotta have a Deez Nutz button NOW              Deez nutz
Add the 20th century fox theme song please                 Very good app but i like to have some new buttons
Why cant I put the buttons as a ringtone on my iPhone Because I tried to press one day f the buttons to see and it doesnt show as an option Can you please put save as a ringtone        Why cant I put the buttons as a ringtone on my iPhone
Best App Ever                 Amazing
Pengas pengasPengas pengasPengas pengas                 Pengas
Dont have ha ha or quit boring                 I dont have the button 24
Great app but it would be even better if yall include Nate Doggs famous saying Smoke Weed Everyday                 Smoke Weed Everyday
I use this to mess around with my nephews when where playing on the ps3 minecraft split screen when he says wait I forgot something in my chest let me go get it I put the one that says Nobody got time for dat                 Love it
It needs lil jobs yeah and okay and his what                 Great job but its missing a sound
I cant say it in words Just get the app for yourself                 Just Amazing
Love it this app is filled lots of great sounds from TV shows and movies better than any other soundboard i have ever seen                 Great app
Can you please add something that will make us able to edit the custom sounds Please Cuz when I import a song I dont want the whole song so can you make it so we can trim it I just want that PLEASE     Edit Custom Sounds
Add the button from Vine that says WHAT ARE THOOOOSE                 BUTTON SUGGESTION
This app is great but I dont really like some of the buttons Some say bad words and inappropriate topics that kids shouldnt hear Thank The Lord there is a child safety button to block those bad buttons So I recommend this to everyone even kids as long the child lock is on              Fun But
This is a fun app                 Fun app
Very fun app use it when someone is playing call of duty fatality Needs even more buttons like the jumpscares from fnaf 1234              Five nights at Freddys
Its so inappropriate     It has bad words
U guys should put a new button dat is called wasted from grand theft autogta                 Fan of IButtons
Its a great app and it has tons of funny buttons that you can use in all sorts of situations but I think one button it needs is that guy shouting MOM GET THE CAMERA                 Great App
The best app for me to play sounds as well as to play them randomly                 Fantastic
two wordsJOHN CENA                 literally my favorite app
I love it but if you could add You talkin to me from taxi driver and Shia laboufs just do it Id be truly satisfied              Great But Needs A Little More
This app is great It has the right music to play at the right times if you know what I mean But any way can you please add the got iiiiiiiiitttttttmm one Its from a vine                 GET THIS APP
YEAH DEEZ NUTS BUTTON but no 21 button plz we need 21 button                 Love the update
So This update added quite a few useful buttons to our arsenal But why did you guys get rid of my favorite to use FHRITP The one I could use with anything Its gone WHY              Added and removed
Love all the sounds and music it provides Loved the offer to make it kid friendly by removing inappropriate buttons Its easy to customize change color of buttons to categorize sounds isolate sounds into favorites                 Love it
This is probably my favorite app on my phone Its got great sounds and it got even better ever since it added pingas Keep it up                 Get it NOW
I love this One suggestion Shia Lebouf yelling DO IT                 Shia Lebouf
Its not 20 buttons its 19 buttons you added another thug life and its the same sound and they removed fhritp           1468
I absolutely love this app It comes in handy for lots of things especially for the type of person who does movie references but the only thing that annoyed me was that you can only do 4 customs Maybe its a glitch but please fix itPuppy dog eyes              Four and a Half Star
I think it is a very good app and if you want an app to play sounds and sound affects you should get this app Empty Monkey              I liked it
21 button please                 Great app but where is 21
Exactly what I was looking for in a sound board                 Excellent
Absolutely love it                
Sweet you added Deez Nutz lol Umm I found one problem Thug Life is on there twice Yea And the update said 20 new sounds I only found like 10 or 15 new ones           Ehh ok It has its pros and cons
I dont think the publishers will see this but you guys really need to add that Why you lyin song on here that would be amazing                 Button Request
Ok it is a great update so far but what I realized was there was another thug life button mind if you please get rid of it or fix it                 Why another thug life button
Its a very cool app I love this app and I love making the sound effect                 Instant sound
All the right sounds for the right timings                 Awesome
IButtons is by far the best sound button app out there AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA                 Best Sound App
I love how I have these soundsphrases when Im out in public right when I need them The only thing I noticed is you guys gave 2 thug life buttons that play the same thing You should fix that and give us a new sound                 Love this app
This app is absolutely fantabulous So many colorful and funny buttons to press If you read this iButtons you are amazing You are beautiful beautiful people But please add helicopter from Lost Pause please                 Omg I Love this App
It could use a Hoodini and a Yee button though                 Funny app
Please add these sounds WHAT ARE THOSE 21 It will buff out                 Good sounds but please add
Sooooo much fun to mess with I really enjoy Baby Finn and Soft Kitty                 Ibuttons
All the button I like but you should add the button Deez Nuts21and more funny button                 Love the Button
I like the app it fun playing games and u can add sound to it make it just that little bit better and some People find it fun              Review
So fnaf has been a popular game n all but is it cool if u PLZ add all of the jumpscares for fnaf 1234                 Five Nights at Freddys jumpscares
If possible can you add 1738 I was running through the 6 with my woes WHAT ARE THOOOOSE Pootis Ya Look Dusty and Another One pls Thx                 Some sound requests
I want to use it for YouTube I also love this app                 Is it copyright if I use this for YouTube

Instant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant ButtonsInstant Buttons Entertainment Instant Buttons

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