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Description - Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4

Modula d.o.o. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Instant Heart Rate - Free ,Haunted House Halloween - Camera Motion Activated Scary Sound Effects ,Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4), brings Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 app has been update to version 2.7.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A must for athletes and anyone concerned about their health..
  • and keep records..
  • Operation..
  • please add more options during the notes section..
  • Excellent correlation with electronic blood pressure machine readings of heart rate..

Overall Satisfactionc86
The app is amazingly accurate and helps with my training.
I love the reminders to check my pulse daily.
works best without case on phone.
Love the improvements and notifications.
Great app recommended ad pretty accurate by some hospital techs.
Love this little app.
Works so well- amazing technology.
Fun & Engagingc100
Extremely awesome and accurate.
Awesome and accurate.
Easy to use and very helpful for tracking HR with exercise and to trend changes.
Very accurate and useful when working out.
I use it almost every day to see where I'm at.
I use it nearly every day to monitor my heart rate.
Super accurate and very essential.
Very helpful tool.
Repeat Valuec78
Don't press update.
Great to track your fitness level from week to week.
good for trending and monitoring fitness levels.
Ease of Usec92
Easy to use and very helpful for tracking HR with exercise and to trend changes.
Convenient and accurate way to measure pulse rate.
Instructions are clear and simple.
Accurate and super convenient - definitely recommend this app.
Ads not Intrusivec32
Now maybe you'll stop asking me to rate this.
Updates & Supportc34
I ended up paying for the upgraded version & I'm VERY happy with it.

I developed a serious heart arrhythmia in my doctors office. found in 27 reviews
The Instant Heart Rate app has definitely made me an information junkie. found in 64 reviews
I've been wanting a heart rate monitor for awhile. found in 204 reviews
Keep receiving an Error error 401 notification. found in 5 reviews
not fond of apps that keep prompting for a review. found in 7 reviews
But most annoying are the pop-up ads for their other apps. found in 6 reviews
Does not work on IPod Touch. found in 3 reviews
The stand up feature was a huge disappointment for a $2. found in 2 reviews
my iPhone4s's flash light is broken. found in 6 reviews
Unacceptable lack of customer service. found in 6 reviews
But it doesn't always read my pulse rate without several attempts. found in 13 reviews
When exercising it can barely read my heart rate. found in 9 reviews
Too many ads to purchase more of their apps. found in 3 reviews
but a little difficult to get a reading while exercising. found in 4 reviews
It's works but doesn't explain relevant info. found in 4 reviews
It sometimes has problems with finger placement to get a reading. found in 22 reviews
However I absolutely hate the constant selling of other features and products. found in 2 reviews
It needs to sync with apple's new health Dashboard. found in 12 reviews
The Heart Rate Zone info is wildly inaccurate. found in 2 reviews
Cool but the ads are a detractor. found in 2 reviews
Cannot cycle between heart rate and heart rate recovery in chart mode. found in 6 reviews
Rated just to stop annoying reminders. found in 2 reviews
useful for recording heart rate but skip the add ons. found in 6 reviews
which asked me if I wanted to upgrade. found in 14 reviews
Don't buy the Stand Up Test. found in 47 reviews
Do not upgrade if you are on iOS 5. found in 8 reviews
Paid version is still loaded with ads for their other apps. found in 6 reviews
Works poorly with new iPhone 6. found in 6 reviews
Impossible to get a reading. found in 37 reviews
Does not work on iPod Touch 4th Gen. found in 8 reviews
I love the app but the stand up feature is pointless. found in 66 reviews
It doesn't recognize that you have your finger on the camera anymore. found in 19 reviews
Half the time I can't even get a pulse reading. found in 8 reviews
Don't want to store my heart data in any cloud. found in 6 reviews
I can't get this to detect my pulse. found in 11 reviews
And they don't give you an option not to rate it. found in 22 reviews

The Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 is now available for $0.99 for iPhone owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 app version 2.7.6 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
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Measures your heart rate using the built-in camera trough your fingertip. It works on the same principle as a medical pulse oximeter used in hospitals. Place your finger gently over the camera. Hold it steady for at ...
Very accurate and easy to use I have an atfib condition and relay on this app every day to check my heart rate Would NOT be without it                 Great app
Easy to use app for heart rate              Good app
Responsive and easy Nice if you could control auto stop duration but minor issue Also compares well with heart rate counts from my blood pressure device as well                 Excellent quick and convenient
Love the speed and accuracy of this The tracking has helped me understand my heart better Thanks                 Great way to keep track of my heart rate
Works surprisingly well Helped alert me to s problem                 Surprised
This app does what you want it to do if you want to monitor your pulse I guess if you want more you can pay for it in an in app purchase                 Works Well
Good for tracking recovery time after a workout           Useful
Extremely simple and easy to use I like that you can see the trends and average It only takes a minute or so and you can easily track your heart rate and see trends over time like when you started meditating or exercising I really love this app and Im so glad I have it                 Beneficial and Practical
Really easy love it                 Very easy to use
I use this app every time I feel like my heart is acting up Although I dont consider it a medical device it has helped me make the connection between how I feel and what my heart is doing I would appreciate the insight reports without the increased charge However I can formulate my own insights Thanks for a decent app              Very useful
I can show my results to my doctor very helpful                 Reliable and accurate
Helpful useful and easy to use              Good one
This app just works The positioning of your finger is strange and takes some getting used too Considering the tiny fluctuations in brightness its checking for in a finger Im impressed Checked right alongside a heart monitor within 1 BPM every time                 Just works
Use this app on a nightly basis and appears to be quite accurate              Heart rate monitor
Very helpful                 Love it
An entirely reliable tool and resource                 Exceptionally Accurate
Definitely is you are try to put yourself in shade this is a fantastic app for do it                 Awesome workout
This app works quickly and well I have never had any issues with it its very good but very basic it could use some more inapp functions and would be more valuable to me if it integrated more with my other health related apps which i understand might be done with updates soon              Wotks well needs more integration
Its ingenious and works great I wish there was a way to report on trends              Its a great way to monitor workouts
This argus and sleep time all work so well together that theyre all on my home screen Now that argus combined them all I still feel the need to keep it because its become a part of my life This suite of apps have helped me understand my health in a easy and understandable way                 This and argus
Got it a few months ago and I use it daily What really appreciate is the realtime display of the changes in light absorbance which allows for visualization of any irregularities in the heart rate                 Great application
I use the app to monitor my heart rate Its cool that it interacts with my workout app It also allows me to monitor my stress levels at work Cool app                 Cool app
It is grate                 Grate
Great app for pulse reading Pretty accurate too                 Good
I have a health condition that causes tachycardia This app has helped me to keep a record of my heart rate in an efficient and accurate way for my doctors I can document what I was doing at the time the pulse was recorded too                 Quick easy accurate
Ive been using this app for at least a year and think its great I use it to check my resting heart rate and track it over time I also during or after workouts It is pretty accurate and easy to use                 Nice app
The most impressive of all apps And accurate against the most precision monitors available to the public I trust it more than a nurses interpretation from a cuff sleeve in the physicians office                 Heart Rate Great
I use the Ap all the time It is a terrific way to know if I am maintaining my healthful ways and composure Furthermore having the Ap reminds me what happens if I get ANGRY my blood pressure will increase significantly Great idea Congrats                 Love the Hear Rate Ap
Ive tried several of the heart rate apps This one is nice because rates are accurate verified medically its ready to go immediately no need to push a button to measure and it allows you to add a note describing your activity at the time On the negative side it cant take pulse rate from your face using front camera like Cardiio and EVEN AFTER PAYING FOR THE APP YOU STILL SEE ADS In hindsight I wouldve rather paid for a competitors app to not have to close out of ads        Decent
Whoever came up with this software is very intelligent to say the least Detects red light coming through pulsations of blood within your finger If they sold this to Apple theyd make bank                 Amazing and surprisingly accurate
Tested it against highquality wearable heart monitors amazingly accurate and fast Kudos to the developer                 Spectacular app
Does its good and for the most part does it well                 Hr app
It works very well reliable and accurate                 Excellent
I use this app s                 Simple to use
I like the app and payed for it So could stop promoting other apps when Im using it I find quite annoying If it was free I would not be complaining           Promoting other apps
It really is accurate A nurse recommended it to me                 Impressive
I have been using this out for couple of years now its really good to use when Im exercising or when I start to feel a little rundown just to check my heart rate Its nice to have that information available so quickly                 Joedan92455
Its very neat how it works                 Awesome
I use this every day it is one of the top apps I rely on Great for exercise too Thanks so much                 Most useful app
I have AFib and need to check my pulse often It is very accurate comparing it with my blood pressure machine Thanks                 Fantastic APP
This monitor works better than most other that I have tried              Great app
Im on the treadmill as I write this review not a good idea but love this app use it daily                 Heart rate monitor
This is a great app that I have been using everyday for a couple years I check my heart rate during running and also while at rest The heart rates can be categorized to get a better idea of my heart rates during activity while at work rest or a number of other categories It takes about 10 seconds to take a heart rate and the waves of the heart rate are visible on the screen I recently got an apple watch and find the heart rates are the same on both devices                 Easy to Use Accurate
I check my heart rate mostly I like the way it integrates with the other apps on my iphone              Great app for heart rate
This is a very user friendly app I use it multiple times a dayI have referred several friends to it                 Very Good App
Its come in handy for emergencies as well as for my own use                 Good app
Very accurate I would like to see more ways to graph results and send them to my doctor Thank you for a fine product                 Exceptional
So far this is a great app but I have to match it up with my doctors measurements for more stars              Great app
Excellent app Easy to use and warned me about irregularities in my heart rhythm on several occasions Get it if you want to monitor the health of your heart more closely                 Works very well
I like the app a lot Its reasonably accurate and keeps track of your HR history Fun fact I quit chewing my heart rate is on average 15bpm less per minute Cool                 Yeah

Instant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & FitnessInstant Heart Rate - measure your heart rate with your iPhone 4 Healthcare & Fitness

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