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Ichiban Mobile , the publisher behind many iOS app (Police Siren! ,Beat Man (FREE) ,Beat Man ,Beat Boy (FREE) ,Mood Detector HD (FREE) ,Greek Alphabet (FREE)), brings InstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. InstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've been editing photos and sending them to friends..

Overall Satisfactionc91
My friends love this hahahahahahha.
My favorite app by far.
thanks for the fun.
It is so cool and amazing.
Fun & Engagingc87
Good app and fun.
Awesome Person.
It's fun to play around with.
thanks for the fun.
Ads not Intrusivec43

I made my little brother forever alone. found in 3 reviews
Omg this app is awesome I made my friend cry. found in 1 reviews
Finally an app where I can make memes. found in 3 reviews
That'll be awesome. found in 1 reviews
People and I enjoy taking photos and putting faces. found in 1 reviews
kind of disturbing. found in 1 reviews
And I was the first to comment this. found in 1 reviews
I get to make photos look dope and cool. found in 1 reviews
This app is magic. found in 1 reviews
high quality images to choose from. found in 1 reviews
add filters frames and caption using the powerful aviary photo editor. found in 1 reviews
Very self explanatory. found in 1 reviews
I love Instarage because I get to make people look weird. found in 2 reviews
Cool but the ads are annoying. found in 1 reviews
But when I went to delete it out of the game. found in 1 reviews
Just a lot of ads. found in 1 reviews
I have tried restarting the app AND re downloading. found in 1 reviews
I deleted the game and bought it again. found in 1 reviews
But to get better meme faces. found in 3 reviews
I love the app but I think there should be more faces. found in 1 reviews
I can't figure this out. found in 1 reviews
IT'S SO ANNOYING. found in 1 reviews
I personality wouldn't recommend it neither would my 11 yr old daughter. found in 1 reviews
I suggest u don't get it. found in 1 reviews
the ads are over kill and extremely annoying. found in 1 reviews
however the execution of the app is really bad. found in 1 reviews
The effects feature isn't all that great. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't let me Restore Purchases. found in 1 reviews
Crashes after choosing choose photo option. found in 1 reviews
so slow and annoying with all those ad pop ups. found in 1 reviews

The InstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 18.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about InstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth check developer Ichiban Mobile`s website :

Use InstaRage to add some spice to your photos and bring popular memes to life Give your grandma that Challenge Accepted Face or Troll your friends with a trollface The app is simple and fun to ...
I love it that s all I can say                     THIS IS AWESOME Ttttttttatsu
So funny one day my friends came over we played we got bored so we played this game we laughed so hard at night are stomachs hurt so bad we love this game LOL LOVE IT SO MUCH love SnowLily cat lover                     Funniest game love it I will have Twinmomplus2angels
I love this app but sometimes it crashes And when I mean sometimes I mean every time if u have another app still going Plz fix tht But still 5 stars                     AWSOME BUT Smart_mathgirl
Good but no memes             No memes IreneCornelio
This app is very hot and free Include more function and unlock every function Blur Txt comic face photo edit photo affect more I suggested for your choice that is the best for your photo and comic rage application All in 1 perfect app I like this and thanks Devlopers                     The best free software Occuluss
So awesome                 Awesome jayven252627
It da best                     Best GAME AKA PHOTO SHOP EVER Pop tnt swagger
My review is in the title                     Amazing CinnomanJam
You have created one of the best apps I have ever owned although i would like to see a separate app for all of the great photo editor features                     You should make a photoeditor Jacklaugher
Best photo booth                     OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG love it Djkduehshdieijjujjjdiurj
THIS APP IS WORTH WAY MORE THAN 5 HOLYY SHIZ Not only does it comes with photo editing features but it comes with meme stickers And emoji too Some extras as well And the 0 99 package comes with other meme stickers AND ad free Luv dis mann                     OH ME GAH OO F.E.A.R.-The Player
Anyone else here cause of Fatpat                     Fatpat2 Fightingtortilla143
This app is so funny it made me laugh so hard with the memes hope this helps                     Love it Ms.MLG
My friends are having a hoot with my pictures I would rate 200 10                     Awesome Why you no
Good Very nice                     Yay Me likey Moosey Moody Moo 123456789
Awesome                     🏀🏀🤑
I really like it but I realized you basically have to pay for it                 Great but you have to pay The 2 best game
Muy f cil manejo y divertidos memes se pueden hacer                     Maravilloso Bebo sky
InstaRage it even says the action I got when I realized it had to basically be bought     COMPLETE MOLARKIE Chicken steeler
The app asked me to write a review So I did                     Review No nickname poop coop
I love making meme pics of my fam l love it buy it                     So cool rageinsta
Just get it                     Best app Kmic1234
I like it                     Nice app glezerm
This simulator is awesome                     I would recommend this Awesomekid665555
This is so awesome I did two people and about to do a dog                 Awesome
OMGar elegancia level el Veira                
Amazing app                 I love it
As I just said this is by far the best generator that I have found out there                 Best Ive found
This helped me in a lot of situations Enough said                 SO USEFUL
Lol this is so cool and funny                 Boss app
Omg this app is awesome you can choose a picture you already have or take a picture and then add funny troll faces This app also works well as a photo editing app too you can make your teeth look whiter and add blemishes to make you look tough this app is the best and everyone should buy It now what r u waiting for buy the app already                 Instarage best app ever
I love it Its great for your photoshop needswants                 Insta rage
This app is awesome It has so many things and stickers and effects Get this app and it will be your key to happiness                 AWESOME
This game is awesome I highly recommend this game                 L0L
Trololololololol lolololollololoolloolololloolololloololloololloloolololololololollololoolloolololloloololloolloolloloololollololoololollololololoolloloolloolloololloloololloolloollpplplpllpplplplpllpopllololoollololoolloollolololoolololollololoollolololoolloolloolloolololololollolololoolloololoollololoololollololololllololololololololololollololoollolololololololloloollloooloololloolololloolloololololololololloolololoLiloollololololoololloloolololloololollolololoolololloloolololololololloloolloolloloolloloolololloololloloolloololloololololloolololololololloololollolollololoololololololollololoolololloolololololloolloolollololoolololloololololololololloolololloloololololloololloolololloolololololololloloolololoololloloololollololooLLolloolloloolololololloloolololololololloloolololololloloolollololoololloololloololloloollooolloololololloolollololoolllolololoollololoololololloolollolololololoololololololollololoolloolloollolololoolloloolloolloololollooloolololololololololololloollolololololoolloolloololololollolololloolloolloololloolololloololololoolloolloollololoololololololloololoololololloloolollolololoololololololollololololloololloloololollololololololoolloolollolololoolloloololloolololloolloloolololloloolollolololoolloolollololoollooololololloollololololoollololoolloolololollololoolloolloloololloolollolololololoololloloololloolololloolololololloloollololoolololloollolololoolloololloloolololloloolloloololololoololololloololololollololoololloololololololloloolololloolloloolloolloloolololololoollloollooololololloololololololloloololloolololloolloololololloololloolollololoolololloololollollllloloolololloloollololololoollololoolloolololollololoolloolloloololloolollolololololoololloloololloolololloolololololloloollololoolololloollolololoolloololloloolololloloolloloololololoololololloololololollololoololloololololololloloolololloolloloolloolloloolololololoollloollooololololloololololololloloololloolololloolloololololloololloolollololoolololloololollollllloloololollo                 I love it
Every thing works great until you want to use the copy feature to send SMS Says it copys but theres nothing there to paste I HOPE THERES A FIX COMEING        SMS copy and paste
It has everything it says it does and more The app doesnt have any hidden fees or locked sections If you want more choices you can view a store But plenty of editing ability Its a great app Very happy I found this its greatly entertaining                 Great app
Really good and fun If your looking for something to edit pictures with this is what your looking for                
This would be my 1 recommended photo editing program                 The Best
Needs to have SMS feature fixed for ios 83     SMS doesnt paste in messenger
It is nice           Awesome
In fact it gets a Why does it get a pufferfish I dont know Why dont you have this app I dont know Get it now or git gud                 such face much meme
Its awsome I can make my sister look funny as heck its really funny FULL STARS D                 REALLY COOL
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful Theres nothing bad about this app                
Excellent                 Very good
This app has only gotten better and not only puts text and images onto your pictures flawlessly but can edit them as well The fact that the texting feature now works is just a bonus                 No complaints gr88
Best app in the universe                 Insta rage rules
Really good app and you should get it                 Great app
This app is the coolest photo and meme editor I have seen for mobile phones the free app has a lot of picsstickers that are cool but I recommend getting the full version as it has substantially more stuff compared to the free version great job overall I hope to see more from you                 Best freaking app
This app was just what I was looking for I really recommend this app for anyone                 Awesome app
It would be a lot better if there were less ads and more memes Over all great game              Really fun but
Great and funny app                 Great app one of the funniest photo changers I have seen
Before this I couldnt do the stuff I wanted but now I can draw memes up the wall This is amazing                 Lifesaving
Best game ever I rate 10 out of 10                 Amazing
Greate app                
WOW                 WOW
This is so much fun and addicting                 Very funny
This single app was easily one of the quickest decisions on spending an extra 99 cents to remove the few adds and add 210 extra images This app couldnt have been anymore spot on and perfect I really cant think of a single thing wrong with it Its everything it says it is plus some and everything your hoping it is plus some There is even an option to watch a 30 second add to unlock more images If 99 cents is too much for you of course I have no complaints Thank you for this app 110 happy with my purchase 99 cents well spent                 Easiest funniest quick most user friendly available
My friend texted me some pictures that she edited with this app I asked her how she got words and emojis on her pictures She said with this app I instantly downloaded this app and started with it It is so cool and I have no complaints at all for this app                 So Cool
It seems like I am not the only one Since the most recent update was installed I could not copy and paste anywhere anymore        Good app to use but
I use it all the time Every part of it From the meme generator to the sms              Great app
ƒᎥЯᔕ Ꭵ ℓϑƎ ℍᗩ Ꭵ ℍᗩᔕ Яℓℓ ƒᗩᑕƎ ℍᗩᔕ ИƎ ƒ ℍƎ ᏰƎᔕ ƤᗩЯᔕ ᔕƎᑕИᎠ Ꭵ Ꭵᔕ ЯƎᗩ ℍᗩ Ꭵ ℍᗩᔕ 325 ƒᗩᑕƎᔕ ᑕℍᔕƎ ƒᗰ                 Amazing
Iiiiiiiiiiigdfhrrffhjtgjdfnu                 Nfdhhg
fantastic app a lot of fun really easy to use and simple interface Please add one sticker a jointcigarette so that you can do thug life memes                 Great app
I used this app a lot with iMessage but since an apple update I can no longer paste What has Apple done I can no longer use this app     SMS
This app is really fun but I think that it would be more entertaining if you could put the memes on peoples faces in videos just my opinion              Cool but maybe add this
Amazing                 Grahams rating
This app is so fun and its hilarious what you can do to people in your pics I would have rated it 5 stars but you have to buy over 100 meme faces and I wish you just had to watch a certain amount of ads Either way its fun and you should get this app              LOL so much fun
It would be five if the texting worked it worked before but now it doesnt like before the update let me text plz fix sms I need it              Luke
Helpful                 Very
Fun and easy to use                 Love it
This app is hilarious fun I only wish i didnt have to buy most of the faces otherwise a great app                 Awesome

InstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo EditorInstaRage! - Meme Photo Booth Entertainment Photo Editor

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