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Intuit, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (QuickBooks for Windows - Mobile Companion ,Intuit PaperTrail ,Tap2Track Mileage ,Online Payroll ,TurboTax Card Mobile ,IntuitEvents), brings Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal app has been update to version 4.7.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Receipt time stamp..
  • This app is fabulous it's user friendly and very professional..
  • It appears on iPhone 4S with the optical scan option..
  • The new card scan feature is priceless..
  • It save time and money..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
Absolutely love being able to take cards right on the spot.
Customers love the cool factor of mobile payments too.
my clients love that I can email them a receipt.
Thanks intuit for this AP and helping my business grow.
Very fair rates Fast transactions fast deposits a lot better than square.
was the best I've experienced in years.
and the fees are MUCH BETTER than traditional credit card machines.
I really love this product.
Fun & Engagingclick me75
a major accomplishment for Small Businesses and awesome Customer Service.
Usefulnessclick me92
Customer service is very friendly and they reply to calls and emails.
The best part is the friendly and helpful 24 hour help.
Essential tool.
Ease of Useclick me79
Easy and quick to set up and use.
Is super easy to use and always works.
It's been super convenient and really easy to use.
Makes my business transactions easy.
Awesome easy to use.
It's simple and convenient.
Easy interface.
Reliabilityclick me12
Security & Privacyclick me64
Quickest way to get $ in my bank account.
It's fantastic to have the money just deposited into my account.
Customers love the convenience and security and the money shows up promptly.
Updates & Supportclick me77
Great customer service and great product for merchants.
The customer service reps are quickly reached and eager to help.


Accept Credit Cards. Anytime. Anywhere. Use your iPhone, iPod Touch, or
iPadtablet made by Apple
to easily and securely accept credit card payments wherever your business takes you. No more waiting for checks to clear, chasing invoice payments, or missing sales.


Now it is even more affordable to accept credit cards on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. When you sign up for the GoPayment service, you can select from two pricing plans.
Process $1000 or less a month? Take advantage of our Low-Volume Plan with no monthly fee*****
Process more than $1000 a month? Sign up for our High-Volume Plan which includes a nominal monthly fee and lower rates.

Intuit GoPayment Credit Card TerminalIntuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal
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No matter which plan you choose, you can receive a free Intuit Credit Card reader*.


View demo:


- - - GET STARTED - - -


Apply for an Intuit GoPayment Merchant Service account. For all our pricing plans, there are no minimums, no long term contracts, and no cancellation fees. No additional hardware required.
Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal


To sign up for the Low-Volume Plan, apply right from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad ******.
Simply, download the free GoPayment app and fill out a short application. You can start accepting payments in as few as 15 minutes***.


If you would like to take advantage of our High-Volume Plan, you must visit to sign up.


Or contact an account representative at 1-888-556-4850.


- - - FEATURES - - -


- Get credit card authorization in seconds. Payment is automatically deposited into your bank account.


- Key-enter or swipe credit cards with the free Intuit Credit Card Reader.


- No daily or weekly transaction limits.


- Sync payment data with QuickBooks Pro or Premier version 2009 or QuickBooks for Mac 2010 or later.


- Payment information is encrypted and is not stored on your mobile device.


- Text or
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
customized receipts to your customers with the sales details and info about your business.


- View details of your past sales transactions.


- Add up to 50 employees to a single GoPayment account.


- Take your customer’s signature for additional security and professionalism.


- Create listings for the products and services that you sell, including price and sales tax.


- From Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax.


- Free customer service 24/7/365*****.


What GoPayment customers are saying:


GoPayment has increased the speed in which I get paid by my customers. Other vendors experience difficulties with signals using different equipment. I don’t have that problem.


Charlene Steele, Caravan Beads of Chicago


Prior to processing payments in the field, I had our field techs write down credit-card numbers on paper, and we would process them once they got back to the office. Now that they all use GoPayment, we receive the money in our account in one or two days.


Pat Jackson, Jackson Comfort Heating & Cooling Systems


- - - HOW IT WORKS - - -


1. Login to GoPayment.
2. Enter your customers basic payment info and hit Charge.
3. Done! Get confirmation and even send customers a customized email or text message receipt.




By installing this app you agree to the GoPayment Terms of Service, found at


* Free Intuit GoPayment Card Reader is compatible with the iPod Touch,
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
3G/3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad. Available to approved GoPayment customers only. Supplies limited.
** mophie marketplace card reader for the iPhone 4 is available at and The mophie marketplace card reader for the iPhone 3G and 3GS is sold at, your local Apple store or at
*** The app will run on any device with
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
version 3.0 or higher and is also compatible with the 3rd generation iPod Touch.
**** Requires internet access.
***** Subject to occasional downtime for events beyond our control.
****** To apply for the no monthly fee price plan, do not sign up on your iPhone, please visit


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.9 MB to download. The new Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal app version 4.7.3 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal in Intuit, Inc.`s Official Website :


it gets better with each update. found in 4 reviews
and the History Feature gives accurate accounting on our receipts. found in 3 reviews
this was the perfect solution for accepting cards. found in 4 reviews
Great customer service and great product for merchants. found in 15 reviews
This really helped my business and made accepting credit cards so much easier. found in 8 reviews
What can I say it's a great asset for my company. found in 3 reviews
Small Business
Greatest thing since slice bread. found in 1 reviews
Money is deposited directly into your bank account within about two days. found in 5 reviews
and the fees are MUCH BETTER than traditional credit card machines. found in 18 reviews
Jason Waller Licensed Massage Therapist. found in 4 reviews
Get your money+Customers satisfied = great business practice. found in 12 reviews
Simply the best product for small business since the iPad. found in 114 reviews
Fantastic service and especially good for small business like us. found in 132 reviews
Another salon owner. found in 7 reviews
The money is posted promptly and the record keeping is outstanding. found in 3 reviews
Makes a HUGE difference. found in 3 reviews
Traveling Art Show Circuit Artist. found in 6 reviews
Customers love the cool factor of mobile payments too. found in 26 reviews
Good app needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
No 5th Star without cash sale option. found in 1 reviews
the ripoff hidden fees overshadow the developers efforts. found in 16 reviews
no tip dollar amount for iPhone. found in 9 reviews
Wish it would stay logged on longer. found in 6 reviews
Am very disappointed that they discontinued the tax rate calculation. found in 10 reviews
If someone swipes using an American Express card. found in 4 reviews
The only downside is you can't split payments on it. found in 2 reviews
Great app except times out too soon. found in 2 reviews
Can't use the otter box with intuit card reader. found in 7 reviews
but there needs to be a void transaction option for cash transactions. found in 8 reviews
but READ the fine print for 3. found in 4 reviews
Please set up an automatic login. found in 2 reviews
But we don't like the fact that one must sign in every time. found in 4 reviews
Only problem is that I have to log in everytime. found in 18 reviews
but old version was more user friendly. found in 1 reviews
Works good except. found in 1 reviews
But if you have a portable receipt printer would be AWESOME. found in 5 reviews
The decisions were difficult and many good companies to choose from. found in 6 reviews
only to find out you can't organize your item list. found in 1 reviews
Need auto log in and redesign reader. found in 18 reviews
they have not had time to address this issue. found in 31 reviews
No Tip option. found in 7 reviews
No easy switching between merchant accounts. found in 20 reviews
Can't add new items or sales tax. found in 8 reviews
and guess nothing is going to change that. found in 11 reviews
but if you had a cash option more people would use. found in 6 reviews
And since I can't send a receipt from the transaction history. found in 9 reviews
Can't accept cash payments. found in 6 reviews
GoPayment Card Reader is useless-do not buy it. found in 118 reviews
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Really easy to use fast and very efficient Though they might improve it by changing the way you handle past transactions like ability to send receipts after purchase moment                Awesome app
Awesome app                Fast Safe
Credit card reader does not work with the new app    Credit card reader does not work with the new app
I love this app It Makes running my own business much easier                Swipe
GREAT APP Easy to use and the quick glance at the end of the day summary is awesome Recommended                BoJos Mobile Cuisine
I would love this new app update except history is now labeled transactions and no longer shows the name of the cardholder for quick reference Bring that back and watch the stars hit 5 out of 5 again          Some things better some worse
I love having this app on my phone My guests have the option to pay with a credit card and I dont have to send them to an ATM I lost the swiper but it still works manually just fine                Nifty
We use the POS system and tried to sync them with our phone to be able to check pricing in the back on 7 acres or in the field I called and told the guy it wasnt downloading all the inventory He mentioned I could type them in all 8000 skus Oh ok Ill get right on that Its ok for a simple or very small businesses not for anything more    Meh
This app works great for my business Doesnt give me problems and it makes things so convenient for me and client Only issue is the slider for CC never works but I just scan it unless its one of the newer CC then I have to enter but not huge issue Its worth getting             So convenient for both sides
The new icon is hideous like a mishmash of smaller icons onto a larger one to really show every single owner of this app I dont care if its intuit or quickbooks or both Its not hard to make that look good    Ugly
Consistently pleased with intuit apps and corporation Helped my business grow from mobile to a stable location Very happy with the service                Loyal to intuit
Great app                Must have
This is a great app No need to purchase or upgrade credit card machines anymore That was always so expensive Has been working seamlessly Thanks Intuit                Excellent
The app works fine and is easy to use and navigate However the ripoff hidden fees overshadow the developers efforts If you need to refund money to a customer the charge fee isnt returned AND you will be charged another fee refund your customers money This is not the standard practice of others They are not good business partners       BEWARE OF THE FEES
I have used it for going on six years and it only gets better I read a negative review and I was blown away It seemed like a complete fabrication and outright lie I suspect a troll I am completely satisfied                DOES EVERYTHING I NEED IT TO
I use GOPAYMENT for my companyIt gives me the flexibility to scanswipe a card or manually enterI can then make memos for my records as well as send email andor text receiptsOther companies have tried to get me to use their service but for me it is simply GOPAYMENT                Love it
Great app I am a professional in mental health services and find this app and the card reader easy to use My patients can easily sign and within seconds get an emailed receipt When I had a question support staff was professional and user friendly                Excellent for professional small practice
DO NOT WORK WITH QB Big machine takes your money and you only have a call center in Asia to help Hours later after wasted calls you will give up and they will decide when and how much of your own money to give you Beware this is a joke service NO STARS    Owner
Warning dont wear headphones when processing a payment your ears will bleed switching to a new app    Last update was garbage
New user Have QBO also Difficult to get cash check purchases records imported to QBO Could be an easy way but getting help for specific questions is very hard          Hard to get help
Very user friendly as yet havent had any problems which would warrant the use of customer service Problems occasionally with card reader image reader works well             Reviews
I use this primarily when my retail system fails This little App works with the CC reader like a champ and sends a receipt via text or email It even capture the address for future sales I also have used it when I am selling away from my brick and mortar store or sell my services Cant say enough good about it Money is deposited the next business day in most cases                Works amazing
Great app             Go
So far AAA Im really happy                WoW Company
This application has served me well Ive been very pleased with how easy its been to use I think its a great benefit for customers to be able to pay with a credit card since most people dont carry cash anymore theres no bulky machine or extra expense to have a landline Its works for me                Go with GoPayment
This app does everything it needs to I love the integration with Quickbooks                Great app and service
Have used this app for more than 4 years and have never had any problems Easy to use perfect for small businesses Great customer service with real people                Highly recommend this app
No options to choose from continue option doesnt work Tried on iPhone and iPad Rebooted and tried again but still no luck    App Hangs Up on Select Account
Ive never seen so many whiners App bashers Im a mobile notary this app interfaces with my Quickbooks Pro 2015 Everything works perfectly all the time I use the iPhone 6 Most of these poor ratings must be with idiots who dont REALLY know how to use the app Learn the technology or go back to a receipt book I mean really Perfect app for the small business owner or even a consumer wanting to use it for something like a garage sale Very easy set up for items charges Extensive transaction details are available on your merchant portal online As stated this is a mobile app that is simple to use on the go Educate yourself instead of bashing a product before you learn to use it                Works FlawlesslyA Must Have
Great customer service and a great way for small businesses to take cards                Amazing professional app
Worst payment processing Co Ever If I could give Negative Stars I would Will Randomly withhold funds for No notificationjustification or reason and will NEVER release them Listed Fees are a complete Lie Even No Contract accounts charged yearly Fees If you refund a customer they will make you pay the transaction Fee again at entered Rate35 Customer support is a Joke Expect wait times of 3060 min on a good day and no one has any notes from previous conversations Was told I would be called back by 11 people and NOT One person Ever called me back Stay away if you value your Money and sanity I Never write reviews but this Co is Sooo Horrible I felt I HAD TO    Stay Away
Great app Very easy to understand and useDavid Lorea Farrington                Great app Very easy to understand and use
I have not had a single problem                The easiest and best
First off they never bothered to tell us the app was going to be upgraded or that our current card reader would not work We had to find out in front of a customer when nothing would work We had to request a new reader three times before actually getting one a month later All the while we could not swipe cards and they still charged us the higher rates even though it was their fault In addition manually trying to enter an amount and the app freaks out adding random numbers Of course support says uninstall and reload and when you get new reader it will work Yeah right No it doesnt work still the same issues Oh and did I mention the horrible customer support and service    Horrible
This is user friendly and perfect for my business Keep up the great workJohn                Excellent Job
I have used Intuit GoPayment for more than 5 years now and I am totally satisfied with this program and all of its features never a problem thanks Intuit                Totally satisfied
Ive used Go payment for about 2years now and like it alot I havent had any problems and fees are very easy to follow per transaction Im Enjoying Thank you                Go Payments
Excellent App Funds small and large amounts are deposited on time Great job GoPayment                President
My wife and I use this app and the card reader on markets where we sell our craft items So easy to use Wish there was a daily summary of items sold by namecategory                A must have for little business
This is the only app Ive ever used to collect credit card payments for my business Ive never had any problems except when I made a charge of more than the usual amount There was a question about that from the company so the funds were delayedI did end up getting my money No problem The upgrade was fine for more encryption Im looking forward to the new upgrade so that I can be compliant with October 1 2015             Works fine
Credit cards are going to be a thing of the past when are we going to be able to take Apple pay       Still no Apple Pay
The app works just fine but the fees are too high I am paying almost 4 on every transaction which is not what they advertise 24 not true       high fees
This app does everything that I needed to do The only problem is some of the buttons are not label to make them accessible with voiceover I know into it is working on this and will fix it in the next go aroundKeep up the good work Thanks for making a good app             Really great app
Good app Easy to use             Good app
Say No to this FRAUD Scam they hold your funds for days sometimes weeks to collect interest And after they encourage you to do a refund days later it looks like they never process the payment so they didnt make any claim of the prophet They Lie very deceitful and the kicker is that intuit sold this division its run by the exact same Company that does all the POS apps think about this if you have 1 million Pos at average 20 dollars and say your only charging 18 percent per transaction daily you have to claim this as income but if you hold the money longer the interest is even more that isnt income especially if the person does a return witch they encourage days later then it looks like they didnt even process the charges so its not even on there books it adds up to millions and millions of dollars daily total BS Scam Fraud or class action Law suite Think about it    Owner
I love this app easy to use easy for my clients I am a hairstylist So easy                Love this App
Great support                Easy to use
All I can say is excellent app excellent company everything is excellent                Excellent app
After having a credit card machine in my office that cost an arm and a leg this is Awesome The costs are incredibly low I wish the payments went through a bit faster but the longest has only been 4 days I deal with low payments so it doesnt effect me much but if I was taking payments of thousands it might concern me                Great Payments
Ive used GoPayment for 2 years with no problems whatsoever Since the update the card reader doesnt always work I have to close the app and restart it to be able to take payment It makes my customers nervous when I have to keep swiping their cards Also it seems glitchy and slow now where it didnt before I do like that it doesnt prompt me to make sure my reader is plugged in every time The new layout will take some getting used to but I feel like there are a lot of issues from this version that needs fixed I hope an improved update comes along soon Otherwise I might be moving along to another POS system       If its not broken dont try to fix it


Intuit, Inc.
4.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.7.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal 4.7.3 Mobile

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