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Wittenberg University , the publisher behind many iOS app (Composer of the Day ,InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation), brings InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and this app trains the ear with a user friendly game..

Overall Satisfactionc93
A Musician's Best Friend.
Thank you for helping me become a better musician.
I love the concept of this app.
I love the newest update.
I would recommend very both musicians and non musicians.
Amazing learning tool.
Fun & Engagingc96
Addictive and fun.
All in all a fun and addictive little game.
In tune is awesome it helps me with my hearing a lot.
This is really an awesome.
Ease of Usec89
The interface is simple and easy to use.
Starts easy.

I enjoy watching my score improve. found in 1 reviews
Worth every penny of the 99 ¢. found in 1 reviews
This is a must have for any musician. found in 1 reviews
It has helped me grow in tuning my by ear guitar thanks. found in 1 reviews
I'm excited to have found this. found in 1 reviews
Great diagnostic tool for young and experienced musicians. found in 1 reviews
play intune again to improve your score x2013. found in 1 reviews
Optional sounds with different "colors". found in 1 reviews
Best Ear Training App I've Ever Seen. found in 8 reviews
compete with your friends via game center. found in 1 reviews
A Musician's Best Friend. found in 1 reviews
Challenge your friends to see who has the best ear. found in 2 reviews
I love the newest update. found in 1 reviews
but a few improvements could be made with the scoring. found in 1 reviews
but not for kittens. found in 1 reviews
Please add a replay button. found in 1 reviews
Not even worth being free if they're selling my info. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.3 MB to download. The new InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation in Wittenberg University`s Official Website :

How good is your ear? Find out with InTune You ll hear two pitches and figure out whether the second pitch is higher or lower than the first. It gets more and more difficult, until ...
My students can only stand using this for 20 seconds The tone they use sounds like an emergency alert on the TV Can you offer tone choices             Great App but tone is terrible cmlorieb
I purchased the app one night late and had no sound Instantly emailed the designer The next morning I received a reply and a working solution Great app for tuning my ear and awesome customer service                     Talk about Customer Service MrBrain77
I think the app is great training for pitch sensitivity However I have some ideas for improvements Adding a no change possible answer for even greater difficulty The ability to start the game at an advanced level                     Great training acdnjon
It would be perfect if the pitch can be changed to 442 443 and even 444                     Good job Could be better by adding pitch changing option Done is better
I don t know if it works but it s a simple game and I m getting better at hearing it                     Cool Christopher Chao
I love how this app is challenging me to hear pitch in more fine grained ways                     Great app ChristineP217
This is a great app to help musicians improve their pitch discrimination which in turn will improve in donation Please please please add a feature to enable people to save their score from one use to the next                 Great app for improving pitch discrimination Violabrain
This is a great tool for improving one s ear Some things that would make it even more helpful A being able to listen again to a pair of tones before choosing higher or lower useful if the dog barked at the exact moment the app played them B an option to skip past the some of the larger easier intervals I tend to run aground discerning a 2 difference between tones I think it would be great to have an option to start at say a 5 difference instead of always going back to the 100 difference                     An awesome ear training app Miz Hatbox
My private teacher told me to get this and I ve had so much fun with it It s a very fun educational game and it s great for on the go fun I would recommend this to any person who plays an instrument                     It s super fun Awesome😎🐷
Great app but would be helpful if sensitivity were also given in Hz which is what tuners use                 Need Pitch Info in Hz vyz2nd
This app has a low frequency rumble that always plays when it s open What the heck     Low frequency rumble 24 7 Taiden
Impressive Initially I had some difficulty getting the pitch to be audible after a few rounds but I reloaded the app and it worked fine after that Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars                     Just got the game kimbunnykay
Enjoyed the app and the challenges it offers A good way to brush up on your musical listening skills which can improve musicianship However a chart or some type of key needs to be added to app that will better explain how to interpret the results also save these results so the user can track their progress see how well or if they are showing improvement                 Good App But Could Use Some Tweaking kramcho
Unique and challenging                     Unique H0UDINI
I am a high school choir director I ve shared this app with students to help develop and improve thier listening precision They enjoy challenging themselves to improve and competing with others to see who can get the best score It s a fun and fast way to see immediate results in your student s aural ability in rehearsal and performance                     Great Learning Tool Tavis Schlicker
This app is easy to use and seems to succeed at improving tone sensitivity                     Great Teaching Tool RockyMtnBill
As a middle school band director teaching students to have an ear for intonation and tuning is important My students love to use the app as a game the contest is to see which class can score the highest I love to see them have fun while learning to develop an ear for intonation Their only concern so also mine is the tone generation can be somewhat uncomfortable when the whole class is listening The team that has created this app should be commended for bringing such a great app to the public and should make more                     Great to use in the classroom Q'er
This is a very useful app but I find that I have more difficulty when I am comparing pitches sounded by two different instruments For example I am learning to play the violin When I attempt to tune to the piano my accuracy goes down Comparing the piano to the bowed violin string adds some complexity Please add a variety of timbres so that users can compare pitches between instruments                 Very Good But Please Vary Timbres Waitlossgyrl
Love this app It s great for training your ear and making it fun to boot I do wish that if you reach higher levels you didn t have to start at such a basic level each time That s a very small thing though Really liking this app                     Great App for Intonation Cmoult
i ve been using it for about two weeks and my sense of pitch has improved immensely when i started i would lose around 2 now i can get less than 1 easily my playing is definitely more refined as a result of using this app i gave it 4 5 stars because since it s not free i feel like it could use more features and i find it annoying that you have to start at level 1 each time                 great app poopfist666
The thing that makes me not like this as much is that the first pitch is the same every time So you might be developing pitch discrimination but only at one particular frequency Add random starting pitches or better yet the ability to pick different notes and this would be much more useful For now it s a fun game             Neat but Mkeymont
Not just for strings and instrumentalists This app is helping me greatly improve my sense of pitch which helps with my interval training and singing in tune Thanks so much for creating it                     Excellent for pitch training good tool for singers Aesedai40
Overall a good app but could be much better if it allowed you to start from your personal skill level rather than having to start from the very beginning Better yet have the 3 strike game as an option instead and allow for an option to continue practicing Another great addition would be including real instruments sounds instead of the rather annoying electronic pitch                 Great app for improving intonation Music4Ev3r=life4Ev3r
This app is the most helpful music tool for ear training there is                     Thank you so much Christian Pikachu
I love this app and so do my students I start my classes with this app My students really enjoy seeing if they can beat their last game I also use this app with my private studio students Addictive and fun                     Ear Training the easy way Newt1234
This app is very fun and very educational I would recommend this for music majors                     Awesome game Russell goodluck
It gets boring having to restart from the beginning every time Another reviewer suggested a mode where you aren t limited to 3 lives and you could just play infinitely That would be much better and it would definitely help you learn faster             Good idea could have more features Jimmy Hidn
Fun way to work on your ear training Compete with your colleagues it will drive them crazy                     Awesome app JroBro
I teach MS and HS bands and use this as a class ear training tool I know of no better way to practically apply intonation skills This would be even cooler if it did octave apart tuning But I love it anyway                     Awesome class tool El maestro verdadero
This app really does help develop ones ability to recognize a percentage of a difference between two notes It is quite useful It would be nice to see something get added to show the user where their individual score rates among the average person s percentage score but besides that this app does exactly what it s designed to do Thanks                     Excellent Jacobou812
This app is plenty helpful as is but u agree with some other reviewers suggestions about replaying the two pitches and taking out the three strikes I also would like the option of seeing a measurement in cents instead of percentage of a half step                     Helpful for improving sense of pitch The Music Instigator
This app is so good because it tests how tone deaf you are The lower the percentage you can get the better I wonder what happens if you get down to 01                     Awesome App Blankfacedeathhole
This game appears to improve pitch sensitivity and does so more quickly than expected Having an option for changing base pitches which one is assessed i e swipe on first or second pitch replaying the tones and factoring speed into scoring would make this even more powerful Worth the price as it stands though Thanks for a solid implementation of a great idea                 Works great extra features would help Chris Biz
I recently switched back to Trumpet from French Horn and I have a very good ear when it comes to tone I think this is a great app for improving your tone but I solely feel the sound of the tone is a bit annoying and if possible an option for the instrument making the tone could be implemented I don t know if I think this because I m a trumpet player or if I m selfish but this is my opinion I hope you take my suggestions into consideration thank you                 Great app Needs improvement NickC01
It was very helpful very very helpful                     Great app RKLSWOLF
Great app but I would love to see a few additions ability to start at any level ability to remove the error counter and play indefinitely ability to repeat the two tones                 Great app corndogstreetpatrol
Great app works just fine I would love for there to be a harder level with a third option of the second pitch being the same as the first pitch this would really make things interesting as we get to smaller fractions of a half step                     Great app colingalvin
This is great for learning how to tune without a tuner or if you want to get better at tuning                     GREAT Tooty Flute
This game based on ability to hear pitch and intonation is surprisingly fun to play It would be a great measure of basic musical aptitude as far as hearing pitch at least Game advertisements say that use of this game may improve people s sense of pitch Hmmm Regardless it is a fun way to test your sense of pitch I encourage you to check it out                     Fantastically precise and FUN Kathleen5001
This is a must have for any musician professional or otherwise As has seemed the case with other reviews I think options like keeping track of your previous scores leader boards and different sound options would be great but the app is still well worth the 99 as is                 Fantastic ear training tool
I think this app would be a fun challenge for students studying music However I think it would be better if there was more variation in pitches and it didnt continue to give you the same ones over and over again That part makes it too easy to get the pitch variations correct           Neat app for music students
Amazing learning tool only wish the notes were in a better tone If your looking to train your ears intonation this is for you Worth every penny of the 99                 Great training tool
Its applications are endless within any musical situation pun intended I have been using this app for a few weeks now and have already found myself fixing my choirs intonation to a meticulous degree A truly great app you can tell it was fabricated by a college professor top notch                 Fantastic app
Awesome Love the updates                 InTune
As a composer and string player actively pursuing microtonal music Ive found InTune to be a useful practice tool I have also used it to gauge the intonation sensitivity of my students What I would desire the ability to choose at which level the game begins As I can resolve intervals to less than 1 cent 1 halfstep Id like to jump immediately to the games sixth level Additionally the ability to turn off the mistake counter and play indefinitely would be appreciated           A promising app in need of a few minor alterations
I cannot stop using this app It is a wonderful invention and I have gotten some friends hooked on it as well Music geeks unite                 My New Obsession
I enjoy this app and find it helps develop pitch sensitivity Recent updates have made it more enjoyable because there is less chance of missing due to impulsively hitting the wrong button and you can also tell how many times you have missed the previous version required you to track misses in your head My one complaint is that you cant save your personal best for improvement purposes All in all it is a great app and fun to challenge friends with              Great for developing tone sensitivity
Lots of fun and great resource to improve your ear                 Great
This is a great app for helping you to learn how to discriminate between minor differences tone I am learning to play the guitar and this app is helping me to develop the ear I need in order to tune and play better Thanks to the developers and if you get to St Louis look me up                 This is what iPads are for
Got spammed with a text ad within two minutes of opening this App I never get text spam so Im sure it was linked to this App Not even worth being free if theyre selling my info     Text Spams you
I love it its helping me determine if a pitch is sharp or flat And not to mention I won a bet                 I love it
This is a sweet simple little tool for getting better at hearing tiny differences between 2 pitches Its very much worth the 099 and also would be great for aspiring piano technicians luthiers Tuning unisons is the basis for piano tuning and I could see these kind of apps popping up for hearing more sounds different waveforms and instrument sounds not to mention the varying beat speeds of different intervals                 Very Useful Listening Tool
This app is a great training tool for musicians Very simple to use but extremely worthwhile and beneficial I cant wait to see what comes next                 Awesome
Ive really enjoyed playing this game It seems serious and fun at the same time Im getting better each time                 SeriousFun
If you cant be InTune with this then you cant be in tune with anyone else                 A musthave for the professional musician
Im a musician after a few tries I got 092 of half a step Its a good time killer but Im sure there is a greater goal that can achieved with this Anyone know what it is Thanks              Cool whats it for
Please add a replay button              Great but
This app is great and it is helping my ears However Id really like to see my progress High score chart perhaps Ill give this 5 stars when I can view my high scores        High Scores
But What is a good ear I got 92              Simple and good
GREAT app that really calls attention to awareness of just how tight an interval can be I thoroughly enjoyed discovering this app this week and plan to utilize it for further ear training I agree with the previous review that it might be nice to be able to repeat a sample at least once Thanks                 Intonationtastic
I downloaded InTune yesterday and although I enjoyed it in its current form I immediately saw its enormous potential for more complicated intonation applications I know of no other app that tries to tackle intonation training This is a keeper and I will be keeping a close watch on future updates and versions Great work                 Excellent training tool
I have had fun exposing this app to my students and trying it for myself I use it for private or group string lessons and I have noticed that the students are really paying more attention to pitch as a result The only thing that I would like to see is an option to replay the two tones I would highly recommend to all music teachers who are trying to help their kids develop discriminating ears and for all music students who are trying to improve on intonation              Great app for music teaching
My kids and I really enjoy this app It is so interesting to watch our scores improve as we keep using it Im sure it will help us to stay in better tune in our various musical ensembles Lots of fun                 Awesome app
Awesome app to train with Profile feature should be added                 Great Solid App
A great app with lots of potential It would help if you could replay a round if youre stuck Also id love a game history so you can actually see your improvement Finally it seems the algorithm isnt that great Sometimes i will use the same answer in a row many times which is weird              Jsnsb
I love the concept of this app but a few improvements could be made with the scoring I wish the app remembered your previous scores so you can track your improvement Id also like to see a leaderboard or some sort of rating chart so I know how good my score is              Love
Cant wait to introduce to my students                 Excellent
I am planning to use this app with my high school choir students to improve their awareness of intonation problems I love that the answer given uses percentage of a half step to indicate how small the interval is Young singers go through life thinking that a half step is the smallest interval possible in music This app has them working with 14 steps 18 steps or smaller Would love to be able to repeat an aural example both before answering and also after an answer in order to reinforce the listening skills Thanks for a great app                 Great app
I am looking forward to better intonation as a result of using this app Two improvements I would suggest 1 Optional sounds with different colors instead of just the pure tone 2 Something to compare your score against eg Score of average person in the population Score of average music major Score of average symphony musician Scores of friends with whom you share information etc                 Im excited to have found this
This will fine time your ear                 Great fun
In tune is awesome it helps me with my hearing a lot                 In tune
This is really an awesome I knew I had a pretty good ear before but now Im getting consistent 85 scores I think it would be cool to have an improvement chart I can just write it down until then                 Best Ear Training App Ive Ever Seen
Excellent in every way Noticeable results within a few plays                 WOW
I have trouble discerning whether notes are sharp or flat and this app has helped improved it each time I use it A neat design thats easy to use and only takes seconds to become better at Thank you for helping me become a better musician                 A Musicians Best Friend
Great diagnostic tool for young and experienced musicians                 Solid App
Love it                 Simple and Great
As a guitar player this app has helped me grow in Tuning my guitar by ear I play 3 hours a day but have never thought about getting a app such as thisIt has helped me grow in tuning my by ear guitar thanks If you are a musician or artist such as 1piano player 2guitar player 3singer The list go on and on just get it                 Music
Challenge your friends to see who has the best ear Lot of fun                 Very cool
This app made me realize how much gray area exists for me in the process of getting in tune It would be nice if you could go back each time and hear what you got wrong for the purpose of improvement                 Great app
This is an app for obsessives in a good way Fun and my scores improved immediately I would love there to be some sort of statistical comparisons available to see how well you do by age sex whether you are a musician or music student My kittens however hate it              Fun but not for kittens
My band director recommended this to the whole band so we can stay in tune obviously I am actually a percussionist but it still helps with listening to the rest of the band and seeing if they are playing wrong notes tldr my band director recommends it and I do too                 Amazing
Maybe add features such as average score of age group and what of a semitone actually means to people who dont know              Great app
Version 21 was completely accessible with VoiceOver but this one by nature of its design isnt Oh well Thank goodness for downgrades     The Previous Version Was Fantastic
I love this app and so do my students I start my classes with this app My students really enjoy seeing if they can beat their last game I also use this app with my private studio students Addictive and fun                 Ear Training the easy way
The description is pretty accurate Over time my score dramatically improved The interface is also designed in a very simple user friendly way I would recommend very both musicians and non musicians Actually this app helps train the ear so it benefits everyone to be able to distinguish different sounds more accurately Overall its simple great Thank You                 Great SelfChallenging Tool Simple and Easy
Violinists have a great need for intonation sensitivity and this app trains the ear with a user friendly game I enjoy watching my score improve Its at 234 now how low can it get                 Useful and Fun
This game based on ability to hear pitch and intonation is surprisingly fun to play It would be a great measure of basic musical aptitude as far as hearing pitch at least Game advertisements say that use of this game may improve peoples sense of pitch Hmmm Regardless it is a fun way to test your sense of pitch I encourage you to check it out                 Fantastically precise and FUN
I really like this app The interface is simple and easy to use It is a great way to train the ear I do wish that it saved your best score and interval and also your most recent score so that you could track how you are doing from day to day              Simple and effective
Tune your ear friends                 Yes

InTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test YourInTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test YourInTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test YourInTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test YourInTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test YourInTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test YourInTune - Improve and Test Your Intonation Music Test Your

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