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PenguinLovesMusic.com , the publisher behind many iOS app (iPeng ,Systemline 7 ,iPeng Party ,Lantic WAC ,iPeng 7 ,iPeng for iPad), brings iPeng 7 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iPeng 7 app has been update to version 7.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Operating the system through its Web interface is cumbersome..
  • most feature rich remote control for Squeeze clients ever..

Overall Satisfactionc85
This app is the best way to control your Squeezebox music streamers.
Must-have for music lovers.
So much better than using the manual controls.
It has good sound quality.
I recommend you buy it.
An essential tool for any music aficionado.
An essential part of my life.
I use it everyday and love it.
Overall this is still THE indispensable app for squeezebox installations.
Production Valuesc100
Operating the system through its Web interface is cumbersome.
Occasional problems get personal replies.
Updates & Supportc50
customer support is fantastic.

Works well with my Squeezebox radio. found in 2 reviews
Must-have for music lovers. found in 4 reviews
Still the best squeezebox controller. found in 5 reviews
I would buy it again in a heartbeat. found in 1 reviews
It's a wonderful way to control your Squeezebox devices. found in 3 reviews
I've been using iPeng for years and it just keeps improving. found in 6 reviews
2 installation of 3rd party plugins in logitech media server required. found in 2 reviews
This app works nearly flawlessly for controlling a Squeezebox system. found in 2 reviews
Beats every other remote app on the market. found in 1 reviews
Overall this is still THE indispensable app for squeezebox installations. found in 12 reviews
The app is definitely worth the cost. found in 1 reviews
This app is the best way to control your Squeezebox music streamers. found in 3 reviews
built in tutorials help you to learn ipeng x2019. found in 1 reviews
perhaps due to the speed of the server. found in 2 reviews
I use it everyday and love it. found in 1 reviews
Manages over a dozen squeezebox devices 4 me. found in 1 reviews
So much better than using the manual controls. found in 2 reviews
Minus one star for horrible button placement. found in 1 reviews
I get frustrated sometimes because ipeng tries to do too much. found in 1 reviews
it opens in A with no cover art population. found in 1 reviews
Great potential but needs refinement. found in 1 reviews
this version is buggy. found in 1 reviews
but that cost it a star. found in 1 reviews
but wait for these to be fixed before you upgrade. found in 1 reviews
be a waste of your money. found in 1 reviews
Please Apple get rid of your ugly GUI. found in 1 reviews
I really hate the new look of IOS 7 apps. found in 1 reviews
If you need a Squeezebox remote control app. found in 1 reviews
I'm sending lots of crash reports. found in 1 reviews
if I use the Squeezebox Duet controller this does not happen. found in 1 reviews
Broken on iPad. found in 1 reviews
cannot load menus correctly. found in 1 reviews
Logitech has stopped making Squeezebox. found in 1 reviews
but it's pretty terrible on Pandora. found in 1 reviews
Pandora doesn't work well. found in 1 reviews
I can't recommend this app the older version works better. found in 1 reviews
but it being completely useless just adds insult to injury. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download iPeng 7 for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Swedish. It weighs in at only 13.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.0 has been released on 2014-11-30.
More Info: Find more info about iPeng 7 in PenguinLovesMusic.com`s Official Website : http://penguinlovesmusic.com

iPeng 7, the Music Remote for the Logitech Squeezebox , is the first Squeezebox App specifically designed for iOS 7. iPeng 7 is a remote control application that will work all over your home with ...
I ve been using this app for a number of years now and all I can say is if you re using anything else to control your LMS SqueezeBox infrastructure on an I device you are missing out And although this is not available for Android users there is one particularly outstanding one for that platform too Long live the genius of Slim Devices LMS and it s rabid user base                     Simply put THE best LMS client meathead9999
I had a problem with LMS connection to SBB s I sent an email via the built in Help I received a prompt reply after a few back and forth emails to explore problem iPeng staff wisely diagnosed the problem with my network I d initially called Logitech only to be told they no longer support Squeeze players on Mac s In the world with people selling without a core competency iPeng stands out with excellence in both product and service                     Exemplary problem support ar244310
Thank goodness for this app thought i was going to have to get rid of my squeezebox touch with the new apple iOS no this app is worth every penny and manages all my squeezebox devices perfectly Thank you K                     Thank goodness for this app thought i was going to have to get Murforce
This lets me control eleven devices and always works flawlessly                     Squeezebox Heaven etaoin shrdlu
10years later the great hardware is still best in class thanks to software like iPeng Rock solid and solid UX                     Squeezebox rules mayhem9
there s always a constant disconnect to the LMS server i have to restart the LMS server all the time what a rip off do not buy     always disconnecting seff29
When iOS went to 10 my whole house music app wouldn t work any more I was desperate I found this app and thought it was a little expensive but I needed something so I tried it After using the app I like it more than my old app and wish I would have found it long ago Steve                     I love it Swag837?
Great UI functionality and reliability I docked 2 stars for an edge case that gets me regularly If iPeng is not running neither FG nor BG and iTunes is running in BG but not playing so that it remembers my last pause then when I start my car its audio system finds my Bluetooth phone and tells it to resume I expect iTunes to resume Instead iPeng starts and takes over shows Squeezebox on my car s display and starts my Squeezeboxes in the house via my home WiFi that s still accessible just as I m driving away My wife has to turn it off and I have to get out my phone and explicitly start iTunes I have not purchased the Playback feature either not that it would help away from home Other audio apps I have don t do this             Great but auto starts in my car Galactic Hitchhiker
This app already great turned it up a huge notch by adding Roon emulation support Terrific job by a great developer                     Why can t all IPhone app developers be like this hansjim
I ve been using iPeng for years now It is highly reliable and keeps getting better It manages to put a lot of control in a small space using a clever multi pane interface                     Great App furry_mammal
IPeng makes it easy to enjoy music everywhere at home Sitting down I can control any of the squeezeboxes in the house Walking around I can plug in headphones and have hifi in my pocket IPeng is the last mile to make streaming music everywhere easy And the interface is way better than the Logitech Media Server                     Great way to enjoy music everywhere at home Mystryda
Great app thanks for keeping my hw alive                     Use it everyday Bms13ca
I ve been using iPeng classic for years on iphone and ipad Finally upgraded to iPeng 9 It s definitely worth the rebuy for the playlist creation editing Plus the streamlined interface is really nice Love it                     Best way to interact with Squeezebox gabbym
It was good when I had only one Squeezebox player but now I have 3 distributed through the house it is so convenient for controlling different players as I move through the house                     Like Magic Lehmanhill
Thank you for keeping my Squeezebox alive This is a fantastic controller for one of the pieces of tech that s had the longest life of anything I ve ever owned Thanks to advances I m able to use this to control a music server that s basically a Raspberry Pi with a USB thumb drive The app has a lot of features and requires some drive time to learn but once you do it s fantastic Keep developing it please                     Great App nite27wolf
iPeng is great used it for years                     Great App ConwayNYC
Years of loyalty and hard work Couldn t live without it                     Thank you Jorg Schwieder EternalWords
Use it every day                     Great app Penguin rocks!
Fast and reliable remote control app for squeezebox                     Fantastic App Lamberk
I ve had squeeze box radios for several years now I hardly ever touch the radio itself Controlling them from my iPhone using ipeng is just so convenient and easy there is no need to get up and touch the radios                     You gotta love the penguin bkeal
This app doesn t do what it promises play music from your iPhone or iPad For everything else you can use FREE app by Logitech Squeezebox     It s a Scam NoBuls
Even though Logitech is long gone from the Squeezebox business iPeng continues to get updated and work great Highly highly recommended for anyone with Logitech players                     Still the Best Gopher68
Thanks for breathing new life into my Logitech transporter                     Wow mswlogo
With iPeng 9 I m able to stream stereo 1 bit DSD land HD 96 192 24bit flac files to my Squeezebox Touch Transporter and play directly to my amplifier Absolutely stellar sound Set up for iPeng was pretty easy Most of the critical settings were picked up automatically However as many of you may know the challenge lies and setting up LMS and the players I was impressed with your ability to customize the iPeng interface Actually enjoyed tweaking it just to my liking Also by setting up a persistent IP for my server through an Internet service provider with the iPeng player add on I m also able to stream music over cellular to my iPhone and iPad An unlimited data plan is a necessity here but it s convenient to be able to access my music library from virtually anywhere Since the iPhone and iPad don t have a 1 bit DAC iPeng LMS automatically adjust and stream DSD and HD flac files as PCM at the max quality they can handle I did have one small issue getting Spotify and Tidal to show up in iPeng so I contacted customer service The response was prompt and efficient Very impressed Turned out to be an issue with my player settings and was quickly resolved Lastly I like the fact that I can run the app on my phone and iPad unlike past versions Overall I m very pleased                     Sweet app MWE888
This is what I was looking for for a long time Finally I can use my iPhone or iPad to not only remote control any of my several devices but also to listen via the iPhone and a headset directly The UI is well desinged and offers lots of options Works without issues And finally although squeezebox touch cannot be bought anymore at least to my knowledge there is a way out for audio to my stereo receiver if the touch ever breaks Get an iPad instead install iPeng and the playback app and use this one instead of the touch to stream to your stereo system via simple audio cable Well done I am also happy to see that there are real useful new developments and products for squeezebox despite Logitech s change to the UE in 2012 I was worried it might die But there is no real alternative to squeezebox that I am aware of and iPeng 9 gives hope that we will continue to see updates and further development for a long time Update Dec 2016 Just loaded a new CD to Squeezebox and enjoy listening via IPeng through my IPhone lying in bed after a long day Simply an amazing app It is a must have and one of my most used ones Keep it running                     Great App Offers what it promises UCl-NY
iPeng was one of the first apps I got on my original iPod touch It was fantastic then and has only gotten better Very simply this is one of my favorite apps of all time                 One of my first apps
Been using it for years Dont waste time on another                 Still the best squeezebox controller
Outstanding application for Squeeze users Easily configured and not flawed in any way I can find The sleep feature is one of the most useful for me The app can even access your music from outside your home network to listen remotely another cool feature There is just no need to ever use the physical remote I have not turned it on in months A                 Never need the physical remote again
This app helps me find and play music on my squeezebox boom So much better than using the manual controls Highly recommend Super awesome way to control the boom It just works Get it                 Amazing app Get it
This app works nearly flawlessly for controlling a Squeezebox system VoiceOver users the app works fantastically and is accessible                 Fantastic app for controlling whole house audio
Works perfectly for squeezebox owners                 Very solid app
No reason to but this the free version works as well or better except with ipend you now can stream to your ipad     starry eyed
Nuff said                 If you have a Squeezebox you need iPeng
I like iPeng I bought the last version plus spent the 5 they wanted to unlock the direct to iPhone feature But the new version 8 takes this away I have to buy it again It actually is gone from the old app even though the old app still works otherwise Makes me feel like I paid money to download theftware In addition the home button is gone on the new version making navigation less intuitive           Dont buy if you like the last version
Learning curve is a bit high but thats because it can do so much I love that it works with Tidal too                 Musthave for Squeezebox owners
Works great Have my music synced all over the house                 iPeng Raspi 2s and Max2Play goodness
Way better than Logitechs app                 Works great
Updated 1272014 version 8 retains the awesome I recently moved my LMS to my iMac which is also doing server duty and find that iPeng is even better when its working with a fast server The only glitch introduced into this version seems to be less accessible shuffle and loop controls Hoping that Penguin rethinks that change Overall this is still THE indispensable app for squeezebox installations Updated 7192014 iPeng has improved steadily with each update and makes using my LMS network a quick and happy experience My system includes LMS itself running on an old ReadyNAS Duo NAS two SB Receivers a SB Controller a SB Boom and an Ultimate Ears Radio that I reverted to SB on purchase Operating the system through its Web interface is cumbersome perhaps due to the speed of the server The Controller is good for some things but is awkward when you need to change devices and painful for such tasks as entering search strings or passwords iPeng does absolutely everything that LMS is capable of Even better it does this in ways that make sense for iOS users It makes great use of the limited screen space on iPhone On iPad it utilizes an expanded optimized layout that bests dedicated touchscreen controllers If Logitech were still developing LMS Id suggest a licensing agreement to bundle this app with a purchase Since they are not Id suggest instead that you make this one of the home row apps on your iOS device Youll find yourself actually listening to your musicwith pleasure Penguin loves music indeed And iPeng does everything that Logitech Media Server promises I can accomplish everything Id wish with LMS running on my readynas duo but through the web interface the clumsy menus are also slow IPeng runs graphically efficiently and adds a dash of pleasure to my music selecting                 Offers pinpoint control over LMS
The app that gets used more than any other except for messaging Greatest thing since sliced bread and have used it for years Every single day repeatedly all day long Thank Helen for iPeng                 My number one
Ive used iPeng for years as a remote for my squeezebox Its worth the money just for that But being able to stream through my iPhone lets me listen anywhere around the house                 Indespesible
Works extremely well and tech support is very responsive My only request would be to get the age rating back to 4 where the original iPeng is so this version would run on my kids devices                 Great app
Have to repurchase playback capability every time I upgrade my phone or tablet        Title
Definitely recommend                 Works great
Definitely worthwhile I lost my physical remote to my squeezebox years ago and havent missed it a bit                 This app is great
Support is always prompt and the actual app is fantastic The fact that updates are frequent in support of hardware that is no longer being produced is in and of itself exceptional                 IPeng Keeps getting better
Keeps quitting but says it is loaded Wants response on unexpected shut down Closed all apps and rebooted phone to no avail     Stopped working after apple watch update
Augments my music listening experience                 Thanks
Yeah                 Yeah
Incredibly fast and responsive Works great                 Awesome app
Ive been using iPeng since it was first introduced Its a wonderful way to control your Squeezebox devices I use mine to control 3 different devices a Duet a Touch and a Radio My wife is a huge fan as well                 The Killer App for the Squeezebox
Worth the money Sucked having to pay extra when the app upgraded to later iOS but worth the money given the alternatives                 Spectacular
Still crashing iOS 7     Still crashes
I have been using Ipeng through multiple versions for about 5 years I dont care to use ITunes to play music With the playback and a receiver with AirPlay all my IOS devices are remote players Occasional problems get personal replies Top notch app                 Wonderful music controller
This app is great The search helps me find a song quickly integration with third party plugins ie like the lyrics finder work well and its easy to use I love the ability to stream music from my squeezeboxslim server library directly to my iPad and iPhone Yes that feature is an in app purchase but its well worth it The cost of this app with that feature is still a bargain and if you are on the squeezeboxslim serverLogitech music server platform then its really a no brainier As there are not that many other options available                 No Brainer If You Have A Squeezebox Server
The new iPeng V7 continues the excellent tradition The full iOS 7 integration is snappier and the performance on startupreconnect is noticeably improved An essential tool for any music aficionado                 Musthave for music lovers
Easy effective Does what j want in music management in my house What more could you want                 Great tool for music distribution and access
Invaluable to anyone in the squeezebox world Updated regularly                 I use it everyday
Generally amazing app that has extended the utility of my squeezebox long past logitechs interest in the product However the recent placement of the power button in the upper left hand corner just above the back navigation arrow is like some kind of cruel UI joke              Minus one star for horrible button placement
The only days I dont use this app are the days when Im not home                 I dont even know where my remote is anymore
What could be better than a penguin                 Great interface
I cant imagine having to use my squeezebox without this Easy to use software that works perfectly                 A must have for squeezebox owners
Very good app for using my Squeezebox Duet I was a little put off when they charged for the upgrade a few years ago but it was worth it My wife does not like computers and still uses the Squeezebox Duet controller I signed up for SiriusXM internet recently and sometimes it quits playing when I use the iPeng app but if I use the Squeezebox Duet controller this does not happengo figure No such problem with Pandora or Rhapsody              Used it for years
I have been a happy user of iPeng from the first iteration through iPeng HD and now iPeng 8 The developer has done a great job expanding the functionality and making excellent use of the large iPad and iPad Mini screens Highly recommended for any music fan with a Logitech Squeezebox product                 Best Squeebox Controller
Excellent app for controlling your Squeezebox devices                 Great
Simply the best way to control Logitech sounds Apple needs to give the developers the ATV api so we can use iPeng rather than the silly Apple Remote                 Best app for squeeze server bar none
I love this app It makes my Squeezebox even better Im able to control and use my Squeezebox without ever leaving my seat I have two squeezeboxes and I can control both without issue When Im listening to Pandora giving thumbs up or down is just as easy Cant imagine my Squeezebox without it Thanks                 Awesome App
If you have a Squeezebox you need iPeng If you have multiple Squeezeboxes you really really really need iPeng Considering the complexity of the Squeezebox system iPeng makes it relatively easy to start using right away while also enabling many advanced functions if you keep poking around or better yet use the inapp tutorials or go to the very helpful website                 Excellent
Great app                 Nice Practical User friendly
Works better than the expensive original controllers                 Squeezebox must have
Very little negative Clean and professional interface easy set up and is suitable for highend installations Even has built in options to go really deep into your squeezebox such as changing the VU meter Im really impressed                 Saved my squeezebox
Solid App definitely worth the money if youve got a Squeezebox Ive never even owned the Logitech controller I mostly use to control Pandora and Spotify plugins Not that intuitive of an interface but easy enough to pickup              Definitely recommend
Does a fine job when needing to manage multiple devices plus headsets                 Manages over a dozen squeezebox devices 4 me
Or Logitech Media Center or whatever its called This app is the best interface for it on iOS Well worth purchasing the ability to use your iOS device as a player too thats how I use it 95 of the time                 Best SqueezeServer App
Works well with my Squeezebox radio              Great app
I have had problems using the Logitech app for Squeezebox Touch It would handle streaming but then ran into big problems when playing the music library stored in the USB Flash Drive put in the back to the Squeezebox Touch This iPeng 8 gives the same functionality as using the Squeezebox Touch manually Well worth the money                 works great with iphone 6

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