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Guided Ways Technologies Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (iQuran III ,iEat Halal - Guide for Halal Ingredients ,iSubha: Islamic Prayer Beads ,2Do Lite: Stunning ToDo list ,Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts ,Callway: Super Fast T9 Dialer), brings iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass app has been update to version 3.2.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It is so much better than the lite version..
  • this is not only the best adhan app..
  • Also enjoy the compass feature..
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Overall Satisfactionc90
Simply the best of the best prayer app in iOS.
Need an update for iPhone 5.
No Update for iPhone 5.
One of the best Islamic apps ever made.
The best pray app for all time.
Thank you for developing this app and make it available to many people.
This program is amazing mashallah.
Wonderful program masha'Allah.
Fun & Engagingc79
The qibla compass based on google maps is awesome.
This app helps me remember even when I forget in this busy life.
Awesome software.
good to know the local prayer times wherever you might be.
This app is very useful for Muslim to manage the prayer times.
This app is great and especially useful when traveling to other cities.
This app really has everything I could ask for and more.
has applicable features for everyday use.
This indispensable app is now working again.
Good helpful.
Ease of Usec95
easy to customize.
It is super convenient and very easy to use.
Very beautiful and super convenient.
It's make our life easy.
Made life easy.
Updates & Supportc62
Need an update for iPhone 5.
No Update for iPhone 5.
It is so much better than the lite version.

Simply the best of the best prayer app in iOS. found in 50 reviews
May Allah reward everyone involved in the making of this app. found in 26 reviews
A must have app for muslims especially when they are travelling. found in 18 reviews
Jazakallahu khairan to the creators of this app. found in 4 reviews
Jazak Allah best prayer time app I've seen. found in 13 reviews
Jazakum Allah Kiran to the developers. found in 16 reviews
Also tje qibla finder is great for outdoors with map view. found in 5 reviews
The perfect tool for travelers and those living abroad. found in 6 reviews
Thank you for developing this app and make it available to many people. found in 5 reviews
One of my best buys ever. found in 2 reviews
and jazakum Allah Khair. found in 11 reviews
I recommend it to all my friends. found in 3 reviews
Jazakallah khair for this and your other software iquran. found in 16 reviews
Beautiful app Mashallah. found in 11 reviews
This app works very good and a good reminder for salah. found in 5 reviews
This app need an update for iPhone 5
iPhone 5 support please. found in 6 reviews
Please fix the crashing ASAP. found in 2 reviews
Nothing else. found in 9 reviews
My only concern is fajr athan which doesn't include ". found in 2 reviews
It Doesn't show Correct Dhuhr time for Tashkent Uzbekistan. found in 1 reviews
this is an amazing program before it started to crash. found in 1 reviews
However the notifications don't work on iPhone six running iOS 8. found in 2 reviews
I needed to use the manual correction. found in 1 reviews
Amazing program if it didn't crash. found in 1 reviews
The events screen needs to reflect manual adjustments to Hijiri date. found in 1 reviews
i cant change the city. found in 1 reviews
It works very good except Month Prayer. found in 1 reviews
Volume control for alarms would be nice. found in 1 reviews
Please fix crash at start up. found in 1 reviews
but Guidedways takes so long to update. found in 8 reviews
This app need an update for iPhone 5 Nothing else. found in 19 reviews
Daylight savings is not working. found in 3 reviews
Lack of iPhone 5 support is frustrating for paying users. found in 19 reviews
Ok but needs some fixing. found in 2 reviews
The auto- detect location apparently cannot be turned off. found in 7 reviews
I've also had an issue with city defaulting to London. found in 8 reviews
Then started to crash immediately after starting. found in 4 reviews
No proper support for iPhone 5 let alone iPhone 6. found in 14 reviews
Prayer time adjustments are not working in the new version. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't fit iphone 5 screen and sometimes prayer alarm doesn't work. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass for $3.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Arabic. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass app version 3.2.7 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass check developer Guided Ways Technologies Ltd`s website : http://www.guidedways.com/mobile/ipray/download_ipray.php

NOTE: iOS 4.0 compatible version coming soon iPray is the ultimate tool to get accurate prayer timings for your selected cities along with accurate Qibla direction from anywhere in the world. iPray offers you: Prayer ...
Really well made and very useful Excellent app Would like more azhans in the next version                 Awesome app
Many thanks for the update I have been waiting this update for long time period May Allah bless you Kindly note we still waiting an update for iQuran as well Best wishes for you                 Awesome
عمل رائع و تحديث مجاني يستاهل 5 نجوم                 تحديث جميل
The new update is clean and neat However they just excluded finding the Qibla on the satellite map Now only the compass is there Please return it back Otherwise I want my money back           They sadly EXCLUDED finding the Qibla on the map
Great app with great new update but can you add as well iqama times option and also can you make the qibla choice could be based on magnetic compass as well as the true compass whatever is available because sometimes a gps in phone couldnt be located and thanks              Can you add iqama times so we could adjust
Ive been a longtime user of iPray and have suggested it to many people I believe in supporting Muslims efforts to make life easier for other Muslims I was excited about the new update but came to find that I not only like the older theme and icon better but weve also lost some functionality In the old version when I opened the app in the opening screen I could see the exact time of the upcoming prayer and not only a countdown I also liked in the old version how one could customize the apps theme I think at the very least and update should be released that includes the ability to customize the theme as well as bring back features that I and other people have mentioned The GPS is unreliable on the iPhone so the map view does help considerably Ive prayed in the totally opposite direction before due to bad GPS which is the iPhones fault not the apps Thank you Salah           Another update needed
What happened to this app is just what happened to the IOS after Jobs died stupid designers changed the graphics from real classic art to flat no life graphics I deleted the app right after the update and now Im going after my money that I paid for     Gone flat need money back
للاسف الاصدار السابق افضل القبلة لاتعمل مواقيت الصلاة غير دقيقة وغير مطابقة لتقويم ام القرى        الرياض
Love the new look of the application All is good Except the Qibla is not working In the old version anywhere I went I used it This version it does not point you to the qibla Please please please make it work like the old version Thank you very much I have read all the reviews they all are right Please we need the old functionality in the new look As it is now I cannot use it to know the qibla to pray as the old version will light up when pointed to the right direction Thank you                 Qibla not working
I agree totally with SalahHamzes comments An update is absolutely needed for the reasons he has mentioned I especially preferred the light when locating the Qibla and find the new theme flat and lacking character Wish I could go back to old version Also the switching from year to year was better before being a simple arrow left or right Further the new icon looks like a pacifier at first glance Old icon is much better and elegant Please bring back the old theme Thank you        Update needed
Would be cool to allow users to pick between a short version and a full version of the Azhan I only get a short version and do not see any options in advanced settings to opt for shorter or full Azhan version for prayer calls Preview sounds for Azan not working properly Can not play preview to hear Azhans Also Azhan choices are too little        Azhan audio file is too short
We thank you for the new version But ypu missed some things were previously available Older version had a reliable Qibla direction as long as you stay still and had a strong signal Also countdown to next prayer was there before why did you remove it Please bring these things back           Need some fixs
What happened to my app bring the old one back     Bring the old one back
I really really prefer the older green theme Also the logo but thats not a big deal Also as some others mentioned show the next prayer time instead of a countdown or add an option Same on the apple watch Thanks           Prefer old look
I really like the new layout the app preforms like it should I have been using IPray for will over 7 yrs iPhone 3 and I live in the US the prayer times are all accurate Thank you for an amazing job IPray team Gazakom Allah Khayran                 Love it
I like the new look but please bring back the Gregorian Calendar functionality Not all Muslims can read or even know Arabic and not even having the day of the week available makes an unnecessary step of counting out the days in planning out ones week This would be an especially bothersome problem during Ramadan        Gregorian Calendar
The previous version had a feature to show qibla on a map which is not available in the current version Put it back please     New version is not as good
Perfect Ive been using this app since iPhone 3GS Its always updated for free Theres a reason Ive used it for so long                 Awesome
Subhanallah Great app 100 reliable nice interface great colors and a perfect guidance I love your new update Keep up the good work                 Ipray Pro Version
The only reason Im not rating this app 1 star is because it does work That being said its hard to believe that after over 3 years that this is what they come up with Almost nothing The UI has a slightly different look and a new color but its basically the same exact app The home page is the same except its round instead of square Everything else is the same except for a new look qibla Im sure they got lots of suggestions but it doesnt look like they took any of them There is still no option to open the app to the prayer time list view second screen like it was when the app first came out Instead you get a counter that shows you how much time until the next prayer but doesnt show you what time the next prayer is At least the last version did They also only added about 2 new alerts sounds that are really awful KnockKnock Cmon Man The widget is also useless as you cannot take a quick look to see what time the next prayer is Its another time So you have to look and figure out the time of the next prayer or open the app and swipe over to the next screen No option to change background at all yet it says it comes packed with extra goodies Where May GW forgot what year it was and to take a look at the other 4 5 star apps and see what theyve done What a BIG disappointment If you waited like I did and see what I see go check out Guidance Ela Salaty Muslim Pro iMuezzin or Salaty This app is a JOKE And one more thing the auto calculation method was set wrong It worked before        What A Joke
برنامج رائع ومفيد جدا أسال ان يكتب لصاحبه الاجر الجزيل                 رائع ومفيد جدا
nice app I have been using it for many years I concur with many that the older version theme was better Now alerts are not working even though they are activated It only works if I happen to open the app at exactly the correct time of prayer Which defeats the purpose Pls fix              auto Detect
love this app please bring back the gps mode for qibla function I dont rely on compass mode to find qibla simply because if they are electronic interference the compass direction is way off gps view helps correct this mistake so please bring back gps mode              bring back gps view for qibla function
I have been using ipray for a long time but the recent update broke it The Maghrib azan never sounds no matter what I try Please fix it soon many times I rely on this app and it is letting me down           Maghrib azan not sounding
التطبيق رائع جدا بالتحديث الاخير لكن هناك بعض الملاحظات بعض اوقات الصلاة لا تظهر بالاشعارات مثل صلاة المغرب والعشاء بعض التواقيت لصلاة الفجر في الرزنامه غير موجوده مشكورين على المجهود الكبير اتمنى لكم التوفيق              شكر على التطبيق ملاحظة
السلام عليكم شكرا لكم كثيرا لتطويركم التطبيق بشكل عام ولدعمكم تقنية الودجيت نتمنى منكم في الاصدار القادم السماح للمستخدم بالاختيار من بين عدة ثيمات بارك الله بكم                 وأخيرا دعم الويدجيت
جميل جدا بس ناقصه تنبيه قبل الأذان وتنبيه لوقت الإقامة أتمنى أضافتها بالتحديث الجاي             
Why is it showing City of Houston as Hudson now This is frustrating Can you explain why this is happening              Luq
Thank you for the update I prefer the older theme it gave you a feeling of happiness and peace The new theme looks so electronic or a robot The previous logo was also nicer I hope I didnt disappoint you but this is my opinion Is there a way I go back to the previous version Or could you add the previous theme to the upcoming version It would be nice to select different themes from the iPray app Jazakum Allah khair              Older theme was better
Just one highly dependable app and its a MUST to have 4 yrs ago It was really pleasant to have released the updated version theme based on iOS 8 Am not a Moslem nor an Arab but this app guides me to properly know the praying time as it does matter to me since am living and working in the Middle East Although if possible to have an option for Gregorian calendar type when each day stated accordingly with the tater schedule Coz I noticed each day schedule are only on Hijri For 4 years or more Ive no issue with the days just now I find it kinda difficult when its on Hijri and no other option to change the day base on Gregorian calendar              Just PERFECT UNTIL
i think it is more useful to display the time of the next salat rather than time that passed from last salat in the widget I am not sure how useful it is to know when the last salat was but if you display next salat time and time remaining til next salat then you have useful information the same goes for the main screen it would be nice to see the salat time and not a countdown the compass page was also more useful in the last version where the orb lights up when you get the proper alignment rather than reading the degree JAK              Great app I like the new features except
Ive been using this app more than 3yrs And now finally when we have a big update you guys remove the most useful parts of it and give us design overhaul only We need the qibla map view back We need better prayer calculations updated We need main page to have all the upcoming prayers for the day     Bring back map qibla finder
سراحة ماأستغني عنه ممتااااااااااز وأنا مو من عادتي أكتب تعليق على البرامج لكن جودة البرنامج توجب مني شكرهم                 جميييل
Nice fancy new interface but lost functionality compared to the old version I want this app for its functionality more than anything else Please bring back the Map view for checking the Qibla The compass is not always accurate and the map view was very useful Thanks                 Bring back Qibla Map
Been a user of this app since day one and always refer to it for prayer times Im glad that the latest update brings apple watch support as well as a widget                 Love the update
I have iPray v 327 on my iPodTouch 3rd Gen and v 404 on my iPhone 6 What I miss from v 327 is the ability to see Islamic Events for past years on 404 and newer you can only see future Events But I like v 404 When I saw the latest version 50 screenshots I did not hurry and just hit update I very much prefer the styling of v404 I will not upgrade to 50 and I hope v404 will work on future iOS unless a new iPray update comes that I likeotherwise I am keeping v404              Staying with 404
Alerts do not show and I miss prayers on time as a result Lousy update Please add an option to allow the user to choose a custom MP3 or M4A Athan from their iTunes library per prayer جعل الله هذا البرنامج وتقييمات المستخدمين في موازين حسناتنا أجمعين     Awful
Please add more Azan voices I dont think its that hard since all other apps has more voices              Needs more Azan voices
1 Update V50 is Erratic a Qibla compass freezes most of the time and when it works it points to the wrong direction and to widely different directions each time it works if it at all works b Location AutoDetect sometimes detects wrong location for the same place 2 Update V50 is poor looking compared to previous version 3 Missing the very useful GPS mode for Qibla 4 Missing Events option My iOS devices are 1 iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Available Storage 795GB 2 iPhone 6 16GB Available Storage 41GB 3 iPad 4 16GB 4 iOS 84     Erratic Poor and Too Simple
This app really has everything I could ask for and more A qibla compass prayer times and notifications with adhan even sundial and moon orientation Perfect app and worth every penny and more They recently overhauled it to make it even more responsive and automated to update based on where youre traveling And the Apple Watch app is great                 A Must
This indispensable app used to be beautiful to look at and highly useful Gone are the actual time of the prayer and the time of the next prayer unless you swipe to the next screen I used to love being able to see at a glance when the prayer time started when the iqama not displayed in this version is and when the next prayer time starts The qibla finder is less useful in this version Having the white light when you got it was actually easier than the way it is in this version But what I miss most is the beautiful style of the previous version As a convert it embodied what I think of as Islamic style I hope the developers will rethink these changes or at least offer a version with the look and functionality of the old version           So sad I updated
I am loving the new beautiful design of this great and handy app Keep up the good work                 Beautiful design
Great update thank you After waiting for years                 A great update with a great design
And in shaa allah itll be Perfect                 Just add Hijri date to widget
Superb work                 Love the new design
Im very disappointed with this update The new theme is cartoonish minimalistic and unattractive compared to the beautifully distinctive Islamic theme before this update Im willing to revise my rating if the developers give me a way to switch to the earlier theme perhaps add it as a choice in app settings     Disappointing update
First of all I want to thank you for an awesome and reliable app it has been in use by me for over three years and I will never not own an access to it as long as it exists Based on the screenshots made available and the reviews provided I will not be upgrading to the new version Personally I love the old themes compass animations and colors and I like how my current version displays the time and the countdown I dont like the new colors and I dont like that the qibla doesnt glow and that the sun doesnt glow its small and simple to pick over but I like it I understand that vector images save more space but this app loses a lot when transitioning to the new standards solid natural colors are just more appealing than the artificial schematic theme I even miss the way we used to be able to scroll through seven days for prayer times but I can deal with that sacrifice but please consider these thoughts Thank you        Preference of the Older Versions Features Themes
Salaam One of the best Islamic app with only few annoyances remaining The latest version fixes many crasher bugs and allows salaat time customizations again Previously the app would crash THREE important requests a Allow the salaat countdown timer to be DISPLAYED on a LOCKED iPhone screen Set from an optional app setting b In main screen by default DISPLAY ACTUAL time for next salaat in addition to the countdown timer No need for user to every time scroll to right screen to see all the salaat times That is handy for later salaat c The QIBLA on the map is more desirable because GPScompass on iPhone 6 is NOT reliable I still highly recommend this APP                 Excellent app my top 1 iOS APP
Too simple but with a major flaw in this version which is the iphone widget is not visible when transparency is off The Azan sounds are less and you cannot choose your own azan from alarm tones or ringtones The arabic language option is not working on all layers and tabs The function of Sounding Azan as a notification is not working at all     Too simple with huge problems
iPray one of the the first apps in the crowded prayer timing genre finally gets a long overdue overhaul Alhumdulilah it looks beautiful and honestly I would not expect anything less from the Guided Ways team Thanks for all your effort may Allah accept the work you put into these apps for all these years PS the update did seem to break the prayer direction utility for me I am sure you will address this with the next update                 A classic reimagined

iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass UtilitiesiPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass Utilities

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