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Shanghai KaiWei Network Technology , the publisher behind many iOS app (iFound ,vFax - Sending Fax to Anywhere ,iWiFi - Free WiFi Spot ,iSipSimple - Simple basic Sip Client ,WiFi China ,Vnet GVoice-free voice calls (&SMS) in US& Canada), brings iSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad app has been update to version 4.8.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • My other sound-based apps / voip apps are working fine..
  • Looks like they did improve the audio quality a lot..
  • Option to set # sent in caller ID..
  • this is the first general sip client for iphone..
  • Finally a real SIP phone app..

Overall Satisfactionc65
Calls work great and have pretty good voice quality.
But voice quality is just way below par.
Call quality is as good as my polycomm handheld.
Better than fring for SIP voip.
it is a wonderful learning curve.
Production Valuesc81
Best user interface that works with Asterisk.
Security & Privacyc29
19 sip account setup wizard for more than 60 sip providers.
Updates & Supportc59
Their tech support responds to emails promptly.
I experienced a glitch after upgrading to version 4.
Two weeks after the release of version 4.

turning an iPhone into a portable handset for my office extension. found in 1 reviews
Used it during a recent trip to Europe and sound quality was great. found in 1 reviews
Very faint on the land line side. found in 2 reviews
the product works great. found in 1 reviews
Better than fring for SIP voip. found in 2 reviews
works great with IP PBX. found in 1 reviews
I found their customer support to be very responsive to my questions. found in 1 reviews
I experienced a glitch after upgrading to version 4. found in 1 reviews
14 support prefix for dialing from iphone's address book. found in 1 reviews
we have tested this app with macally ivoiceiii external mic. found in 1 reviews
Read the instructions people. found in 1 reviews
I consider this app a must have for a road warrior. found in 1 reviews
I am actually making and receiving calls now. found in 1 reviews
Works good on my Asterisk PBX. found in 3 reviews
10 support proxy server for individual account. found in 2 reviews
Pls update for iOS 6 for iPhone 5 display
Thanks. found in 1 reviews
Best Quality VoiP Application in the App store to date. found in 1 reviews
Not a great piece of software. found in 2 reviews
It would be easy for the developers to fix this. found in 1 reviews
The OS4 support is weak. found in 1 reviews
NO 3G ANYMORE. found in 1 reviews
The lack of Bluetooth headset support drives me crazy though. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't seem to answer phone calls. found in 1 reviews
Push notifications dont work. found in 1 reviews
New version can't memorize accounts. found in 1 reviews
I cannot find a way to disable. found in 1 reviews
App keeps in crashing. found in 1 reviews
push notification does not work for my ipod touch 4th generation. found in 3 reviews
This app works but you need to configure it properly. found in 1 reviews
New version keep deleting my account. found in 1 reviews
but outgoing voice crackles. found in 1 reviews
Good app but 3 stars. found in 1 reviews
Rebooted the phone and app still crashes. found in 1 reviews
Would have received 5 stars if the push notification service wasn't flakey. found in 2 reviews
Push don't work. found in 1 reviews
I can't get the app to dial out in SIP mode. found in 3 reviews
It will not make calls reliably. found in 4 reviews
If you need a SIP client. found in 3 reviews
although the audio quality was quite disappointing. found in 4 reviews
This application does not work with my VOIP provider. found in 4 reviews
One way audio and broken dialer. found in 4 reviews
Push notification does not work. found in 3 reviews
it wipes my SIP settings clean. found in 3 reviews
thanks for wasting my time to renew the sip account. found in 15 reviews
If you try to call support. found in 6 reviews
I cannot hear anything from my touch 2G with ios4. found in 3 reviews

The iSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad is now available for $5.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.4 MB to download. The new iSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad app version 4.8.9 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about iSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad check developer Shanghai KaiWei Network Technology`s website :

Upgrade to new version: IOS4 support If your sip serversupports TCP protocol, now it runs in background. Since IOS4 does not support background UDP, so please setup and enable APNS (push notification service) for incoming calls when the ...
The app and icon need some design work but technically speaking it works really well           Ugly but works
Cant create an account the form resets after 1 mn     Unusable
When I am using it with Google VoiceGizmo5 it looks like it answers in the application but the phone calling just keeps ringing all the way to voicemail even if I hang it up in the app        Doesnt seem to answer phone calls
works very well with iphone 4 iOS 501 Saves lot of money                 perfect
Do not buy App crashes every time you try and configure     Ripoff
Im not if its because of ios 41 the push notification just doesnt work in my ipod touch The fring works well though and Im pretty sure my notification is on Would you please fix it           push notification does not work for my ipod touch 4th generation
I used to use this app daily However the new version keeps on crashing every single time Please fix soon thank you           App keeps in crashing
Its nothing but scam Do NOT waste your money     Do not buy it
I use this with Google Voice and Gizmo I think it works well                 Great SIP App
Pls update for iOS 6 for iPhone 5 display Thanks                 Pls update iOS 6
This used to be a great app The latest version has a clock problem Either easy night it will delete all your data at 2400 or any time it crashes which is fairly frequent Emails to tech support always go unanswered Now after 3 weeks I consider this a fraud BEWARE     DO NOT BUY BROKEN
Wad oknow its just crap     Waste
The call button dose not work at all I got this app thinking I could call people since I do not have a cell phone this was a waste of 599 dollars DO NOT GET this app     Do Not Get
Does not receive SIP calls while app is in background except through push Despite the claim that its updated for OS4 Only feature improvement is its not reinitializing when you put it in the background so its fast to make a call not the desired functionality        The OS4 support is weak
Doesnt lete talk Worst phone product EVER     Talking
Hi I have been using this apps for quite awhile No problem till I use the latest version Can you fix the bug in your program My account is always being remove after I close the app Thanks              New version keep deleting my account
Thats really bad and useless     I cannot hear anything from my touch 2G with ios4
It is not working Pls fix it I bought it 599 it was working previously but no more Fix it     Pls fix it Not working
Dont waste the time if you are on an iPad Setup for a newbie might be challenging only because there is zero help documentation After setting it up it crashed EVERY TIME I attempted a call Pass this one by for iPad     Not Ready For Prime Time
It calls the last person I talked to immediately after the other party hangs up If it lost my sip service at the time it will use my cell service which costs a lot o money It does this in the background I tested other sip programs with the same VoIP provider and this does not happen Also the app has major issues with restarting from the background     Major issues
Apl location not working now     Oct 2011 since last update not working on 3G
Looks like they did improve the audio quality a lot There is almost no voice delay now over wifi voice over 3G is also pretty good I was able to make call while driving on highway which was always problematic in previous version Many thanks to the developer                 the latest update did improve audio
Too many pitfalls to mention them all To name a few call quality is poor the speaker echo background fails to register again Compare to all other free sip app Id rank this one last     Disaster app
Tried to use this app with my companys SIP provider I had to set up a custom SIP account as the provider was not in the list Even those though I have no problem with desktop SIP apps I had no luck with iSIP I create the account then received random dial tones when trying to place a call In addition this app has very little support from the developers and show absolutely no polish Its ugly as sin difficult to navigate provides no user feedback or instructions and as previously mentioned DOESNT WORK Dont waste your time or money     No Polish Not Functional
I set up MagicJack on my IPod touch 4G and my IPhone 3G and it works flawlessly Kudos to the Isip team and keep up the great work                 Love this App
New version 49 wouldnt save SIP settings Rebooting seemed to have fixed it Kudos to tech support for emailing me back              Silo Commander
IMO Support DTMF tone RFC2833Inband during the call is still not working when the VPN is running wish they could work out that one single bug does work when VPN is off        Still no DTMF support when phone is in VPN mode
This app now works with MagicJack even for pushed incoming call Voice quality is very good Highly recommended to all MJ users                 execllent app even works with MagicJack
I have Ios 40 on my iPhone but Voip calls could not be received once application closed     calls could not be received after closing the app
Upgraded app Lost all custom accounts Now it wont let me click Next to set up a custom account No joy Will only recommend to people I dislike Media5 phone app however just works     Used to work But not now
Push works reliably and call connection for pushed incoming calls is the fastest among similar products Excellent job Customer support is also very responsive and very knowledgeable Used my broadvoice account with this app worked great                 works fine with broadvoice
Downloaded 5 SIP compatible apps only to have iSip WeePhone work with our internal Asterisk PBX This app has decent call quality and has by far the best user interface of the apps that worked I can now make phone calls from the bottom floor of our building that has no ATT reception but excellent WiFi coverage Save your self the cash of testing 5 apps and just purchase iSip                 Best user interface that works with Asterisk
This app has an ok interface But voice quality is just way below par I doubt they have a voice engineer on the development team I wish I could get my money back     Total disappointment
It doesnt even deserve one star it keeps crashing I set up a account which is hard but when I call it doesnt work     Gay
Dont waste yer money when I click call it does nothing     Moneywaster
I downloaded iSip and it didnt work properly Audio was so choppy that it couldnt be used even on the same network than our Asterisk Server Also under some conditions and I only got one way audio I spent a complete day doing several adjustments and debugging the protocol to check what was happening The application is now working fine audio is good Not excellent but good enough If you are planning to use this application You must have really good understanding of VOIP and what is happening under the hood For example I am not a big fan of iSIP VAD implementation I had to turn it off Remember to set the stun servers if you are planning to use it behind a NAT there are a few free stun servers on the internet PUSH did work OK to me although I cant answer the call when receiving the notification IMHO there is room for improvement on this app Buy it ONLY if you really know SIP protocol and you are willing to spend some time to configuredebug it to make it work correctly on your enviroment Please add g729 support           This app works but you need to configure it properly
It worked great for many years Now I must reenter my account information each time I want to use it This may be a result of developer not keeping up with updates     Wont keep account active
Used to work on iPhone 3GS now crashed constantly Please fix Dont want to spend money on another app        Used to work
Fake app     Dont lose your mony with this crap
program crashes every time i try to enter in credentials dont buy it     doesnt work
I dont get how other reviewers are using magicjack on this application I even speak magicjack topest tec suport guy but he has no idea about this Any tips abot setting up magicjack on this isip are welcome Im using isip with georgian voip provider Quality is fine but have problem income calls push notification doesnt works while program is not open otherwise its good Please fix this problem and this gonna be best sipvoip appl ever with 5 star rating           Good app but 3 stars
Registration to ekiga works diamondcard does not register Getting help Push does not work which is a showstopperhave latest I touch w401 os           no pushcannot use wo it
Tried to use in conjunction with GoogleVoice and Gizmo5 however application crashed when incoming call answered Push transition error Outgoing SIP calls worked fine iPad WiFi3G Additions Support had me set VAD to on this stopped the crashes        Isip
The push notification is not working in iOS 41 It is set to ON in the settings Pls fix this issue     Push notification is not working
This is the developer IOS4 does not support UDP running in the background So we still use the push notification service to receive the incoming calls in the background With the selection of our public push server or your local private push server if your sip server cant be reached by our public push server you should have no problem to receive the calls when the app is in the background You can download the private push server vmware image from our website Just make sure you have set up the virtual servers interface to bridge mode so your isip can talk with the virtual server The IOS4 support gives you the possibility of doing VOIP calls in the background and do other work in foreground You can also go back and continue VOIP calls after the VOIP call is interrupted by cell calls                 How to work in background
I have used it for a couple of weeks I set up my Voipon UK account and incoming and outgoing calls work perfect in both 3G or Wifi When I receive a call if the app is closed I will receive a Push Notification allowing me to take the call Even when I am in the street connected by 3G THAT IS GREAT Support have answered promptly to me when requesting some information about the acc config Some times when 3G is not very good the quality of the voice decrease Its logic The Developer needs to keep working on the UI I think is very poor and also the ring tones options Other than that for the moment the best Voip App I have tried              It works great
I had sip working fine updated the app via App Store all account settings are gone I have to readd them Time consuming not worth the effort     Updating clears accounts
I used this app for a few years With the current version it crashes when a call is made or received     Crashes on iPhone
I use this app with SipGate and Google Voice and I must say how happy I am I have Google Voice set up so that incoming calls are forwarded to my SipGate number If iSip is closed I get a push notification which allows me to answer the call My ONLY complaint with this is that if the caller is not patient heshe may hang up before iSip loads and answers automatically The push notification also shows caller ID in the form phonenumbersipclient It would be great if it integrated with the contacts as this integration is limited to using the contacts app to call from within iSip I have read several reviews and I can tell MOST of the people complaining simply dont know how to configure it Read the instructions people iSip does have room for improvement but as it is right now it works great for me and Im really happy to have bought it I fully recommend it                 Works wonderfully

iSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad Social NetworkingiSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad Social NetworkingiSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad Social NetworkingiSip -Sip Phone on iPhone, iPod and iPad Social Networking

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