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Griffin Technology , the publisher behind many iOS app (Griffin Utility ,MOTO TC Rally ,Quizzam ,Crayola Lights, Camera, Color! HD ,Crayola ColorStudio HD Barbie Edition ,HELO TC Chopper), brings iTalk Recorder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iTalk Recorder app has been update to version 4.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Recording Quality : only iTalk allows for 3 different quality features: Good..
  • Great app for students recording oral reading and getting instant feedback..
  • now that WinXP file transfer is available..
  • I was absolutely floored by the audio quality..
  • best note taker - and free..
Overall Satisfactionclick me72
Recording Quality : only iTalk allows for 3 different quality features: Good.
I was absolutely floored by the audio quality.
Please fix the audio quality.
It is definetly better than voice memos by a longshot.
and better than Apple's new free app that ships with 3GS.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
If you see this you willSay IT IS AWESOME AND FREE.
Awesome and Free recording app.
Plus the voice quality is awesome.
The sound quality is awesome.
Usefulnessclick me69
Most useful free app I have.
stable and useful.
Nice easy and helpfull.
Very helpful and convenient.
Production Valuesclick me44
Ease of Useclick me64
I wanted a simple voice recorder for use in my car.
simple recorder for your Touch/iPhone.
Easy and Elegant.
Nice easy and helpfull.
Reliabilityclick me51
Ads not Intrusiveclick me52
Updates & Supportclick me31
their customer service is very good.


A public beta of iTalk Sync for Windows is now available!




WAY more than a "voice recorder"... whether you just want to recall a conversation later, or are serious about capturing the sounds around you, Griffin iTalk is the app you need for your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or 2G iPod touch (2G iPod touch requires Apple Stereo Headset or similar compatible headset).

iTalk RecorderiTalk Recorder
Tags :   italk ,   iphone ,   headset ,   recordings


Your recordings are saved for replay on your iPhone or iPod, and you can use iTalk Sync (a free download available at to drag-and-drop them as high-quality AIFF files to your computer over a
Wi-FiWireless local area network


User-centric features include:


- Choose from Good/Better/Best quality levels.


- Pause/resume and append to existing recordings on the fly.


- Append text notes to your recordings for later reference.


- The one-button recording interface is designed for quick, easy operation in the field, and simple management of your recordings.
iTalk Recorder


iTalk System Requirements:


iPhone, iPhone 3G, or 2nd generation iPod touch (2G iPod Touch requires Apple Stereo Headset or similar compatible headset)


Wi-Fi connection for transfer of files to computer (iTalk Sync is available for Mac OS 10.4.11+ and Windows XP and Vista)


The iTalk Recorder is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.5.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iTalk Recorder in Griffin Technology`s Official Website :


Can I use this on my HTC. found in 1 reviews
One of the Best free Aps I have ever seen. found in 1 reviews
I sit in the back of the lecture hall. found in 3 reviews
I used it for recording interviews to my iPhone. found in 3 reviews
Someone finally got it right. found in 1 reviews
iTalk Recorder is an excellent app for recording audio. found in 18 reviews
This game is great for practicing my world-famous songs. found in 1 reviews
This is the first application I have used specifically for voice recording. found in 10 reviews
Okay then the app. found in 1 reviews
it can record hella long with great sound quality. found in 6 reviews
I use it along with the tascam izx to record song ideas. found in 4 reviews
5 mm slot it will not work
Please make a hyper-scrubbing feature to play back the recordings. found in 13 reviews
Please come up with the pc version of italk soon. found in 4 reviews
needs a microphone volume control and i'll be happy. found in 4 reviews
Good app would like the annoying ad removed. found in 1 reviews
terrible ad placement. found in 1 reviews
This happened twice. found in 2 reviews
Email function lacking. found in 1 reviews
but could have a better interface design. found in 1 reviews
Also needs FF and RW function. found in 2 reviews
and I can't multitask without the recording automatically ending. found in 2 reviews
sometimes if I recieve a text message or call. found in 4 reviews
Don't use if you need to sync recordings with a Windows PC. found in 21 reviews
I don't mind the ads so much. found in 2 reviews
but it really needs some sort of input gain control. found in 5 reviews
But due to the creation date issue. found in 1 reviews
So it's extremely frustrating to go back over bits of dialog. found in 2 reviews
I can't stand advertising supported software. found in 2 reviews
but twice I couldn't connect thru my wifi. found in 1 reviews
it's been crashing frequently when I try to play back my recordings. found in 13 reviews
good app but no easy way to transfer files to the computer. found in 9 reviews
if folks are silly enough to pay. found in 12 reviews
Liked it but hate that it doesn't record a phone conversation. found in 21 reviews
Can't handle long recordings. found in 6 reviews
Tech support doesn't admit there's a problem. found in 6 reviews
Will not record phone calls thanks for playing big brother iTalk. found in 24 reviews
Not dependable: consistent crashing when attempting to upload to Dropbox. found in 7 reviews
You can't email them and the iTalk Sync app v1. found in 10 reviews
The loss of " background recording " makes this now useless for me. found in 8 reviews
If the phone goes to sleep while listening to a recording. found in 7 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
Icon 175x175 1
When I push the button to record The screen shakes and will not begin to record So useless    No longer works
Easy to use and great features                The best voice recorder on iOS
Like some of the other reviewers mixmonkey Anonymous Coward 3 Jennifer Bowman etc I was annoyed by the loss of background recording really annoyed that Griffin didnt TELL us in the release notes that wed lose background recording by upgrading to 464 and honestly offended by what they wrote in the 466 release note where they blamed the loss of background recording on iOS7 Did they really think anyone would believe thatBut check it out background recording is back in 467 so I can finally upgrade from 463 Fortunately I was able to downgrade after installing 464 EXCEPT Im not going to Im going to get the Premium version instead so I dont have to look at ads anymore I figure Griffin deserves it yeah all two dollars of it for actually listening to their customers and doing the right thing                Griffin did the right thing
I love this recorder and I have the premium one as well I record on both of them however the lite one was changed very annoyingly Now it wont play recordings when I exit the app and it wont let me email things over 2mb or whatever which is under a minute Well that was made highly inconvenientAs I said I have the premium version as well and its a good app only the lite used to be very handy NowId rather not use it Bad idea Such a pity too    Lite Version Now Less Convenient
Im a choir director and I often need to record a quick part for a singer Effortless and you can send a TINY file right away by email Excellent Just touch the blue i button to the right of the recording and then in the next screen youll see an icon for sending to email or elsewhere in upper right I very much like being able to quickly record and send a small file you can choose quality and low quality is perfectly great for most purposes That feature isnt so common in recording apps When I used another highly recommended one I ended up with a 54 mB file in 1 minute that was just 200 k with this programThanks guys                Wonderful what most of us need
Works like a charm A must have app                Great
I had to purchase the pro version twice because there was no option to restore previous purchased Im not a very happy    Wont let you restore previously purchased pro version
Needs a crop feature then its all set             Perfect except
Overall great app If I get a phone call while recording the app freezes my entire phone and I have to try to turn it off which usually takes a couple minutes Please fix          Minor issue
Im gearing up to delete this app The loss of background recording makes this now useless for me Not convinced the iOS 7 update is what has stopped this app from offering this but still available under the paid version A shame been using this app for nearly two years now for my job    Recording changes disappointing
I and many other users have difficulty transferring the recordings to a computer Very poor instructions on how to do that    formerly good app now impossibledifficult to transfer recordings to computer
I used to be able to listen to a whole recording even when my phone went into idle mode Now I have to constantly tap the screen just to be able to have a chance on hearing it play all the way through It certainly becomes an issue when you have recordings that are over thirty minutes long and one constantly has their hands full That is my only complaint Fix it and my review will be five stars again          Please fix the app
The release notes for iTalk Lite 466 claim that background recording is disabled by Apples changes in iOS7 and that to regain the lost functionality you should upgrade to the paid version of iTalk That is a LIE and is a transparent attempt at extortioniOS 7 had nothing to do with this Griffen disabled existing functionality in iTalk Lite and is now holding us ransom to restore what they took awayIm running iTalk Lite 463 on iOS 703 Recording works fine when the phone is locked or screen goes to sleep which is essential since iTalk doesnt disable autolock while running unlike some other music apps Guess Ill need to stick to 463 instead of upgrading in the futureIts a shame Griffen you got greedy and everyone here now feels betrayed by you Do the right thing restore the functionality you took away    Release notes LIE background recording worked in iOS7
Smooth running handy app The upgrade version at 99 is a cheap deal RECOMMENDED             GR8 went for paid version
I used to love this app Used it weekly to record lectures and easily upload to computer for reference later Then finals come around and I upgrade and go to record review lectures only to find out I cant anymore unless I pay all of a sudden Talk about getting shafted Deleting and looking for an alternative which Im sure wont be too hard to find We had a good run italk Ill miss you    Used to be a good feee app
I bought this app before Apple installed a proprietary app I have used it throughout the years but unfortunately it just does not work well You cannot multitask and record at the same time And if you decide that you want to listen and do something else it wont let you do that either Now they have an app for additional 2 you can purchase after Ive already bought the first one so thanks for that This app in general just leaves a lot to be desired Itll only let you transfer 2 MB the email Do you self a favor dont buy this app       Rip off
Very nice app No issues                Very nice app with easy to use interface
Amazing app Quick High quality Would recommend to it other journalists             My only recorder
Only records while phone is awake As soon as it auto locks it stops recording The same goes when youre playing a recording back You can turn off the auto lock but that drains your battery Also sound quality varies Sometimes it sounds fine other times you can barely make out what you recorded       Needs some work
Will not record phone calls thanks for playing big brother iTalk Doesnt even deserve 1 star    Big brother company
There are plenty of ways to entice me to pay for a premium app Maybe automatic Dropbox sync or some other cool feature Crippling a feature and then blaming the OS is not cool I loved this app but will look elsewhere now    Crippling features in an update is not ok
Definitely great app But there is room for improvementsBackground audio playback Sharing audio clips in Soundcloud social networks UI design improvements to specially the player             nice app
I cant believe this app doesnt have more reviewsIn my opinion its the best app out there to record audio on my iPhone its simple quick reliable and the sound quality its the exact same as the iPhones voice memos My reason to get it was to record calls while in the background                Awesome and simple
Its a nice app But when the phone turns off either recording or playing the recording it totally just shuts off So the last ten minutes of my recording is gone          Keep phone on
It records just fine however the playback is the worst It will only play if the app is open and the screen is lit up This makes it impossible to listen back to the recordings unless you tap the screen every 30 seconds    Horrible
This game is stupid It wouldnt let me record anything I hate it    Stupid
Records great but as I go back to listen to my recordings as the screens goes black the recording stops WTH A REAL DRAG       Cant count on it
I find this app very useful for making recordings on short notice Its handy and does a good jobOne caveat is that shared files are in AAC format This works well for many uses but sometimes I need to convert them to MP3 format so that they can be played by friends using less capable phones Theres no way to do this in the app             Basic but reliable
Horrible App I have iPhone 4S After the second latest update I can listen to my lectures until the phone goes to sleep it still dying after that also it doesnt not work with bluetooth I am very disappointed with This app I recorded all my lectures with this app now the finals Are coming and I am having such a hard time    After the second update
I just upgraded my iOS from 7 to 8 and doing this deleted ALL my recordings Shame on you Griffin Technology Im also using iRecorder and it did NOT delete any recordings Dont buy iTalk Use iRecorder Voice Memos or RODE Rec    iTalk deleted all my recordings
I use this app weekly On the recording side of things this works very well However ever since Ive updated it its been crashing frequently when I try to play back my recordings A little frustrating especially when the recordings are long          Crashes more than it did in the past
I used this app almost on a weekly basis and was very happy With the latest change I was very disappointed to find they seem to be trying to force users to purchase the app The price isnt the problem Its the principle    Change is not always better
I installed it and it disappeared I cant find where to uninstall it I went to my apps I went to my control center I went to the App Store and now I cant uninstall it from my phone it just seems like it some kind of malicious malware    Disappeared
After I lost multiple recordings because this stupid ap recorded silence I finally just gave up on it Unbelievably unreliable No excuse for this It has one job record    Recorded silence
Its a nice app except for the fact that it wont play through bluetooth Maybe they could add that capability in the next update             Wont play through bluetooth
I have been I have been a very happy user of this app and still am but they app developers blaming iOS 7 for stopping backgroundlocked support is not cool Since their paid version has no problem with this this means they are just taking away the feature in order to get mor paying customers I normally pay for an app if it has extra value to add I refuse to pay ransoms       Developers take away features to make you pay
I used to use this app all the time and loved it After the update it wont record the screen only shakeswhat a waste    Doesnt record
Ive attached this to my bottom app bar With 2 young sons you never know what theyll say It opens and with the push of a button youre ready to pick up sound in a few seconds Audio downloads to computer through iTunes for archiving Worth checking out you wont be disappointed                Great recorder Simple efficient
All my recordings show up as 000 long Even tho I ended recordings at 4 min 8 min and one at 13 min I paid 199 for premium I want my money back I feel cheated    Garbage
I have an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4 Both iOS 711 This app version 467 is on both phones but doesnt work on my iPhone 5 screen just shimmies when push to record I noted that other reviewers have noted the same problem I hope youll fix it because its a great app when it works          What gives
Awsome                Great
iTalk Recorder is an excellent app for recording audio Using it since the initial version its been improving with new releasesIts user interface is clean and it provides reliable audio quality                Excellent audio recorder
Great for rehearsals lectures memos classes everything Choice of 3 sound qualities Real easy to use Files can be synced along with the rest of iPhone data This is one of the best apps Ive found ever Theres only one feature missing make it record STEREOvidcamopr8r                Best Recording App out there
Very useful for interviews and yes you can use the files elsewhere you just have to download them from the app page in iTunes when your phone is connected             Great for recordings
Records nicely But thats all it does You cant do anything with the recordings like send them to anyone or use them in any other capacity other than in the app Unless of course you upgrade and pay for the appLAME    Lame
I hate when the screen goes black after 1 minute and then after that you have to start the recording all over again Is it too much of a complementary luxury to allow us to listen to a recording while our phone is in standby          Annoying blackout
This app worked fine for almost a year Now all of a sudden when I went to use it all it does is jiggle when I touch the record button Oh well deleted trash junk See ya    Stopped working Just jiggles
An interesting app to get                Italk recorder
Pretty good app                Cool
Upon downloading I found it available for my iPhone 5s but not my iPad4 both running latest IOS8Description tells it is compatible with iPad Is that just the premium version          Does not load on iPad


Griffin Technology
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.5.1
iPhone iPad

iOS iTalk Recorder 4.5.1 Mobile

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