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Apple , the publisher behind many iOS app (AirPort Utility ,Cards ,iPhoto ,iTunes Movie Trailers ,Podcasts ,Logic Remote), brings iTunes Movie Trailers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iTunes Movie Trailers app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I'm glad I can delete the Fandango and Movie apps now..
  • read critic reviews provided by rotten tomatoes without leaving the app..
  • find movies near you and buy tickets straight from your phone..
  • Great video quality and sound..
  • This is next big app for movie lovers and critiques..
Overall Satisfactionclick me67
I'm glad I can delete the Fandango and Movie apps now.
This is next big app for movie lovers and critiques.
Trailers won't even load for movie.
Now extra loving it on My iPhone :D thanks Apple.
Well organized and quality trailers.
Can't view good quality trailers via AirPlay.
Great video quality and sound.
But good video quality.
My favorite part is the calendar view.
Fun & Engagingclick me88
Easy Fun Fast.
Wow Awesome.
Usefulnessclick me70
It does everything it's supposed to do.
Great app for everything movies.
Sooooo helpful.
Ease of Useclick me100
Easy Fun Fast.
Beautiful and Simple.
Reliabilityclick me22


iTunes Movie Trailers puts the newest and most exclusive movie previews in HD in your hands. Browse trailers, clips, and featurettes for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and independent cinema; view stunning HD photos; explore a year-long calendar of movie releases; find showtimes near you and get ticket info directly from your iPad or iPhone.


Product Features:
• Access hundreds of movie trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and images, available in HD or SD.
• Explore an interactive, year-long release calendar that helps you plan when you`ll be going to the theaters.
• Save favorite movies and theaters for immediate access anytime.
• Search what’s playing at your local theaters and purchase tickets directly from your iPad or iPhone.
• Save images to your iPad photo gallery, to use as iPad or desktop wallpapers or send to your friends.
• Browse top charts to view the most downloaded trailers, box office rankings, and top movies on iTunes to buy or rent.
• Enjoy your favorite movie trailers on your TV with AirPlay and Apple TV.
• Email or tweet trailer recommendations to your friends.
• Use iCloud to push your favorite theaters and movie trailers to all of your iOS devices.

iTunes Movie TrailersiTunes Movie Trailers
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• iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch (3rd generation), or iPod touch (4th generation) is required.
• iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch must have iOS 4.3 or later.
• Syncing with iCloud requires iOS 5 or later and a valid iCloud account.
• iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with internet access using Wi-Fi or 3G.


The iTunes Movie Trailers is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. The new iTunes Movie Trailers app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about iTunes Movie Trailers check developer Apple`s website :
iTunes Movie Trailers


OMG I love this app it's so convent. found in 2 reviews
This app could be better than Flixter. found in 5 reviews
Thought it was just an app for movie trailers on iTunes. found in 29 reviews
An astoundingly well -crafted app. found in 1 reviews
Best movie editor on the app store. found in 1 reviews
Okay when it works. found in 1 reviews
My favorite part is the calendar view. found in 6 reviews
SHOW LOVE TO ALL HUMANS. found in 1 reviews
awsome i got this just to watch the hunger games trailer. found in 3 reviews
A Nice Surprise. found in 2 reviews
Perfect replacement to other movie apps. found in 1 reviews
This just replaced flixter on my iPhone. found in 3 reviews
Cool cool sexy sexy. found in 1 reviews
Always shows the most recent movie trailers with great picture quality. found in 4 reviews
Easy Fun Fast. found in 2 reviews
Itunes does very good movie trailers specially on iOS devices. found in 3 reviews
I always use Apple's iTunes trailers website. found in 7 reviews
Great app better than flixster. found in 4 reviews
Would love to play trailers with audio. found in 15 reviews
APPLE needs to increase the server bandwidth by at least 5x. found in 9 reviews
Needs Facebook integration to share movies on Facebook. found in 16 reviews
Needs a better theater times interface though. found in 3 reviews
Now I get constant freezes during each trailer. found in 2 reviews
The trailers are great but this app needs to be fixed the crashing. found in 15 reviews
Great first version but It crashes when trying to search for theaters. found in 14 reviews
but the favorite tab has been aggravating me to no end. found in 2 reviews
An error message appears saying it is unable to save to favorites. found in 16 reviews
Doesn't work on iPhone 4 with HDMI Cable. found in 1 reviews
Crashes when searching for theaters on both iPhone and iPad. found in 3 reviews
there is NO search button. found in 1 reviews
This app will not work with 3G anymore. found in 1 reviews
Crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash. found in 1 reviews
Haven't stopped crashing upon opening since iOS 6 was installed. found in 11 reviews
I'm guessing that it just needs to be updated. found in 4 reviews
please add the ability to buy tickets within the app. found in 4 reviews
HQ trailers load are incredibly slow to load. found in 8 reviews
Showed up to a non existent show time. found in 64 reviews
the new update will not allow you to save to favorites. found in 16 reviews
my favorite theater is missing in the theater list. found in 28 reviews
The app crashes everytime I try to get local movie times. found in 54 reviews
IMDB's app works much better if you want to watch trailers. found in 112 reviews
Also it will not let me put in my favorite movie theaters. found in 32 reviews
Sound not working under iOS 5. found in 28 reviews
This app crashes when using AirPlay onto my apple TV. found in 16 reviews
One little issue though : It doesn't play trailers. found in 15 reviews
This app takes to long to download trailers and load favorites. found in 18 reviews
failing utterly to play anything. found in 26 reviews
Freezes when trying 2 view movie trailers. found in 24 reviews
but there is no response when I click to watch a trailer. found in 17 reviews
Crash when I try to find local theater every time. found in 30 reviews
Worst movie trailer EVER. found in 28 reviews
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iPhone 334x480 2
iPhone 334x480 3
iPhone 334x480 4
iPad 367x480 1
iPad iphone 367x480 2
iPad 480x351 3
iPad 367x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Wonderful layouts look etc Love that favorites can be markedUnfortunately the app has sluggish response loads movies slowly and inconsistentlyenjoy regular pause and failure of playback The same trailers on YouTube are more reliable This goes for using LTE and WiFi 30 MBPS download on my iPhone 5Apple should fix the stability of this app andor the formats that are streaming here If they did I could actually use it without having to switch back and forth from it to YouTubeVery great idea POOR POOR executionStick with YouTube    A gorgeous app thats outperformed by YouTube
I deleted this app when I realized it had cached 250 MB worth of trailers on my iPad The only way I could delete them was to delete the app and reinstall You can access the trailers through Safari instead The app occasionally crashed too       Stores files on your device
Easy to navigate in this app and all the newest trailers                Love the trailers
Really nice app but COMPLETELY USELESS without a download queue and ability to restrict downloads to wifi only There is no way the poor cellular networks around the Chicago area can give me consistent reliable enough performance especially while on a moving train and being handed off between various cell towers to stream HD video in realtime The very idea that a trailers app would be missing whats probably its one most required feature is pretty ridiculous    USELESS without Queue and Wifi Restriction
Really beautiful and nicely made easy to use I love it                Great app
Never Get this App It Screwed Up My Phone Really Bad We Had To Restart My Whole Phone Do Not Recommend This At All    It Messed Up My Phone
So I havent had flixter on my phone in ages because I cant with apps that have ads This app is actually a good replacement for movie times and the interface is nice too                Just stumbled across this
Thank you Apple for everything you make for us                Nice app
Absolutely love it                This is a great trailer app
Overall great appPlease add feature to text people the movie times and info Would be great when trying to organize with friends             Good overall
This app now has competition from the likes of Fandango and Flxster and Google and Microsoft Time for a major overhaul Calendar of all future releases Wish List type queue LoveFavorite buttons Link to Buy tickets along with showtimes Come on Apple u can do it          Time for an Update
Love the app but it really needs an update The trailers can take forever to load up and sometimes wont load up          Need to update
Love the trailers but the app doesnt seem to clean up after itself or use storage very efficiently It was using almost 460MB of storage on my iPad before I deleted it to free up space Please Apple do a better job at managing device space       How does a 45MB app consume 460MB of space
This app is reliable because its way easier to search for movie theaters and showtimes than google However while I appreciate this I do not appreciate showing up at the theater at the wrong showtime Seems reliable all else aside but how can I be sure that I can trust this apps showtimes after this          Mistaken times for movies
Apple has done an amazing job by producing this app It provides a look at all the recent and past trailers as well as an insight into the movies by giving clips as well as the featurette The plot of the story is also defined by a short summary I realllyyyy love this app and it has a LOT of movie trailers and really lives up to its title however the only issue seems to be that you have to put the EXACT spellings and punctuation otherwise u wont find the trailer on the search engine             EPIC
Since it doesnt have my local theater listed             Good but not very useful
Works great                Amazing
This app is enjoyable for the first half of every trailer Unfortunately it typically crashes before one can see the second half    Constant crashing
I have noticed that there is mistaken movie show times but its no huge deal besides that I love this app 100             Greatmostly
I love it It has everything I need except for reviews by movie goers not only critics             Good but missing something
The new version of Trailers has no way to sort them by trailer release What happens when a new trailer is out how do you know You can only sort by movie release date whats popular or what is available in various outletsFor those of us that used this to watch new trailers we now have no way to identify them Argh and again I say arghPS tried to send a note to apple support but that was impossible They only let you start a help ticket if you have a new device still under warranty What if you want to report a problem with software silly apple    Just made it useless
Nice app                Nice
There are a few things to nitpick about for this app but the biggest one is lack of new trailers If a trailer exclusively debuts on iTunes it doesnt show up in this app at the time of premiere So you end up going to the apple web site to view it defeating the purpose of this app    One issue
I check my usage recently in this app was up 200 MB data in addition to the 5 MB of the app Why so much data Please removeThis app takes to long to download trailers and load favorites Please increase server bandwidth I have 50mbps down and it is slow When I go to favorites and it actually works 25 and then theaters there is no way to click on one of the theaters to see the times for the movies there The only option is to see the movies Make Favorite theaters like the In Theaters tab       Almost There
This app is perfect in many ways but one thing The address of the theater automatically links to iOS map while doesnt give an option for google map I dont want to get into the debate between iOS map and Google map but as a high quality app like this it should give users options to choose what map they want to use or at least make users able to copy the address and paste it in Google map             Add a google map option
I used to use this app frequently But after my iPad 2 was updated to iOS 83 this app no longer plays videosSearching Google failed to offer any solutionsI am VERY unhappy about this    NO LONGER PLAYS VIDEOS
Its been amazing since I first got it Love the graphics Keep on crushing it apple                Love it
its missing a lot of show times             great app but
But I would like to see a setting that would allow me to see the reviews from actual moviegoers not just rotten tomatoes critics who get paid to do this for a living Frankly I find that a professional critics assessment of a movie is completely out of sync with mine in about 98 of all cases Their viewpoint tends to be geared toward the academic the analytical Why wouldnt they be A professional movie critics gets in for free Its the average people who spend their hard earned money to see these movies whose opinions carry far more weight with me Ive never been steered wrong when I payed attention to them             Seems to have potential
Please add television shows                Great update
Great looking app but if you want to search be EXACT Down to punctuation otherwise you will never find the movie youre looking for The reason I gave it 4 stars is because you can search an actors name and find some movies that theyve played in             Search is a joke
As much as I want this app to be good I just cant get over how terribly slow it as actually streaming the trailer Regardless of whether Im on cellular data or any wifi network I cant start a trailer and make it all the through without it stopping to load at least 3 times For how long this app has been around youd think they would be able to figure out The YouTube works much better    I want to like it
Fire some reason the app doesnt update anymore Theres no way to report a problem either    Theater listings wrong
The app is constantly buffering when watching HD trailers My phone is benching 40Mbps on WiFi and Trailers app still buffers HD vids Tried on different networks with the same poor results Netflix and Amazon prime video work perfectly fine This been going on for years Apple fix this and stop embarrassing yourselves with incompetent programmers that need to be fired    HD trailers buffer forever
Forget all the rest this is my one way to check trailers and movie show times Hope for some future improvements 1 IOS 9 support and Metal Support 2 Ability to set location services to While Using App             Greatest TrailersMovie app
Ive been using this app for a couple months now and love it It does everything its supposed to do I have never had an issue with anything about this app I find it crazy y people who have the same device and have the issues they are explaining in some of these reviews I dont think people think about how their network could be affecting how an app performs or maybe its their device Oh and I love the people that make the blind threats like apple better step up their game Like who are you                Great APP
Very good app but fix this issuesmake it run in landscapemake it play the trailers in portret modeSwitching from portret to landscape everytime you want to see a trailer is garbage for an 2015 appJust 3 stars from me at this moment          Fix this
I really want to like this app but it just doesnt work well at all While it could just be taking a while for the trailers to load based on connection speed if you wait too long the trailer just stops downloading And quite often when rewinding the video it restarts the download so the progress of the video is reset and it starts all over from the beginning And it wont do this in the background you cant switch to a different app to wait for it to download it just restarts from the beginning again Hopefully this could actually be useful if some changes are made    Lacks true potential
Just came across this and finding it useful Would like the ability to sort movies saved in Favorites by release date             Pretty good app
I updated my phone and since then the app doesnt load Just a black screen spin wheeling into oblivion Fix please    Not working with latest iOS update
You would think an Apple app would automatically resize the text in accordance with the iPads settings or at least use gestures to resize it doesnt and if youre over 40 youll need a magnify glass to read Great videos though       Great video small text
Its an app for trailers What more could you want Dont answer that you can find any movie thats in theaters now the next month sometimes even in the next year you can watch all trailers provided to help you decide if you want to see that movie great idea                Perfect
Ive used this program since it was unveiled and it has crashed on me 1 out of 3 times I ever used it Weather it was on a 4s or a 6 Apple should be the poster child for programs that dont crash yet this is the crashiest program of theirs Ive ever seen Currently I cant use this without crashing despite how much I like its layout and trailers I just find this program time and time again disappointing       Apple your embarrassing yourselves
Theres so much to like about this app but its missing a simple feature that is becoming a deal breaker for me Why cant it remember my zip code Checking showtimes should be easier than this       Cant save location
I love the app and everything with it but they dont show the old trailers of movies like Jurassic park or other movies But everything else is awesome You will love I think             It Is great accept for on thing
Hard to put in a different theater Kinda good but only 2 stars       Trailers
Constantly stops the trailer I have to hit continue over and over I have an iPhone 6 and this app does not work for this phone fix it please    App crap
Dated and cumbersome UI Not all movie theaters can be found in my areaThere are much better apps out there Could be better if Apple focused on continuously updating all their iPhone apps on a regular basis This app hasnt been updated since 2014    Dated bad UI


2.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1
iPhone iPad

iOS iTunes Movie Trailers 1.1 Mobile

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