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Antoine Gamond , the publisher behind many iOS app (The 2048 App ,iTV Shows 3), brings iTV Shows 3 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iTV Shows 3 app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and delete functions available from the Watch List..
  • I love using this app to keep track of all of my favorite tv shows..
  • Back to being the best tv show manager I have found..
  • Good app nice UI design..
  • Great my daily news about shows..

Overall Satisfactionc69
I love using this app to keep track of all of my favorite tv shows.
Back to being the best tv show manager I have found.
A TV app with incorrect air times is worthless.
Love the new UI -- looks better than ever and even easier to use.
Love it better than the previous ones.
Helps me keeping track of my favorite shows.
Fun & Engagingc79
This is an awesome improvement on an already great app.
Awesome Source.
access everything.
Useful and beautiful app indeed.
Production Valuesc39
perfect for animation.
Great Visuals.
Ads not Intrusivec14
Updates & Supportc32
Great customer service support.

Love it better than the previous ones. found in 2 reviews
I still get notifications on the night it is on. found in 1 reviews
Great TV show tracking app. found in 5 reviews
A must have App for TV lovers. found in 6 reviews
Keep the updates with great features coming. found in 2 reviews
This is excellent for tracking tv shows. found in 4 reviews
Works great and looks good. found in 1 reviews
tv account and iCloud makes configurations sync across devices. found in 6 reviews
Review of best app ever for keeping tract of programming. found in 1 reviews
Love the new UI -- looks better than ever and even easier to use. found in 2 reviews
I primarily use this to track shows to watch. found in 15 reviews
Well worth the money to upgrade. found in 3 reviews
Great for streaming. found in 1 reviews
Sync is much faster and reliable now. found in 2 reviews
I have trouble syncing already-seen episodes between iPad and iPhone. found in 4 reviews
it started taking long time to load and navigate between series. found in 6 reviews
It is getting annoying please fix. found in 1 reviews
App does not work properly. found in 1 reviews
Marking many previous episodes as watched crashes the app. found in 3 reviews
Nice but wish there weren't glitches. found in 1 reviews
buggy interface. found in 2 reviews
The today button does nothing. found in 2 reviews
-1 star for the latest update which broke iCloud sync. found in 19 reviews
App crashes when opened. found in 1 reviews
Change languages settings in App doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Two issues - time zone correction doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
but none of the new shows I've added show up. found in 9 reviews
Annoying incorrect time notification. found in 1 reviews
Can't tap sort button on iPad. found in 2 reviews
Was crashes every time I try to add a show. found in 3 reviews
Trait sync is horrible. found in 1 reviews
Episode Syncing Still Broken. found in 1 reviews
Using iPhone 6 plus and it hangs or crashes constantly. found in 8 reviews
the "unwatched" interface doesn't give access to the previous episodes. found in 3 reviews
Poor iCloud syncing is killing this app with slowness and inaccuracy. found in 19 reviews
Cant mark episodes and notification bug. found in 3 reviews
crashes when starting app. found in 2 reviews
no problems synching between iPad and iPhone WHEN IT WORKS. found in 7 reviews
A TV app with incorrect air times is worthless. found in 3 reviews
The feature to check old shows doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
I'm missing too many episodes. found in 3 reviews

The iTV Shows 3 is now available for $2.99 for iOS owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 9.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0 has been released on 2014-11-31.
More Info: Find more info about iTV Shows 3 in Antoine Gamond`s Official Website :

iTV Shows 3 is the best series tracker you ve ever seen. This powerful app helps you follow your favorite shows and discover new ones in just minutes. iTV Shows 3 was designed exclusively for ...
I dont know why people are complaining about this app I didnt use it over the summer but it has worked perfectly since I started back using it in September 2015 Love the notifications center widget                 No problems working great
Love the new update and the TV preview is finally fixed                 Works Great
Always crashes and doesnt sync properly on iCloud with other devices     Crashes and doesnt sync
Great app Extremely happy I finally found a good tv show tracker with reliable trakt v2 support My only complaint is that the app opens up to the my shows view when I really only use the to watch view Can you please add a setting to change the default open page in the next update That small change would make a huge difference Thanks              GREAT APP
I have always loved this app since it got out but until the last update the sync between devices has never worked out fine for me Finally this is over and I can put 5 starts to it My favorite app to track episodes Extremely recommended                 Finally sync works as it should
Same as some other people Developers screwed up and now it is crashing 10s after opening it Useless now     Crashing after last update
iTV used to be the undisputed best in class app but recently the support has stopped responding to tickets and worse more and more issuesbugs are showing up with updates When you do hear something from the developer it is always to try uninstallining and reinstalling the app to see if that fixes it which only suggests that the app has poor error recovery code This should never be necessary I am a Trakt power user with a large amount of history and perhaps that is playing a role in the issues I am experiencing but regardless that is really not a legitimate excuse for the downfall of what was a great app This update makes the app completely useless because the it now crashes constantly Fortunately some new apps have been introduced that show great promise and have dethroned iTV from its leading position Thank goodness since this version doesnt work at all for me and Im guessing many if not all other users     Constant crashes after last update
Used to be my favorite app Used multiple times a day every day I MIGHT open it once every 3 weeks now Also have to open it about 3 times before it finally doesnt crash and lets me use it Stability fixes is the ONLY update note Still no stability     Still crashes on load
Thanks for the recent update Required me to delete restart my phone and redownload but now seems to be working great              Recent update
Clearly a must have one of my top 10 apps it still has some issues but nothing that cant be fixed PD love the integration with Apple Watch                 Great
Great app Easy to use I love to watch section It makes tracking of new episodes easier The last time there is a big issue with synchronization The app shows episodes as unseen but watched them and checked them already And the sync over iCloud between devices is faulty too On one device in the section to watch I check episodes which I saw and on the other device they are still unchecked I have to lower rating EDIT In the last version still synchronization isnt working Why we have iCloud option and its not working EDIT2 I dont know what are you doing but instead of making this app better you are making it worse I mark episodes as seen and voilá they appear like unseen again And I mark them over and over again as an idiot              Great
Watched episodes list not synchronizing and resetting on its own its been 3 days since i bought the app and i marked each episode like 20 times till i finally gave up on app Unless u guys update it its not worth buying     Good looking app but not functional
This app has so many features but about 50 of them do not function properly Not a well developed platform at all Instead try SceneIt It uses trakt TV sync as well and is just as sleek as this app but seems to function better     Was One of the Most Used Apps on My Phone
When they try to fix something they break something else App crashes when it tries to sync     App constantly crashes
This app always shows the wrong times for shows 1 hour late I have turned the Time Zone Correction on and off and on again but no dice     Time Zones dont work
Cant use at the moment because it continues to crash Please fix     Love this app but
Some episodes that I marked watched reappear in my to watch list Very annoying        Please fix the bugs
I LOVE this app except I suppose I should say I love the idea of this app If I could get it to stay open to use it that would be great This is the first app I put back on my phone when I upgraded I literally used it all day every day until recently when now it wont even open        Seriously Fix the app already
Looks great and used to function great as well Now it crashes frequently constantly unchecks episodes youve marked as watched and the watch app does nothing but crash This app is now useless and completely unreliable I suggest moving to iShows 2 like I did     Beautiful Garbage
No problems I dont know whos having issues but its not me                 Works great
after reinstalling it it seems to work Ill keep you updated Update Sep 9 Didnt change a thing Im a little disappointed edit I used this app daily thats not possible anymore please get an update up soon The last update basically killed the app please fix soon           I love the app
You pay 399 youd the a main function like syncing would work Fix it please also it crashes regularly     Sync issues
Used to enjoy this app but lately it just keeps crashing I can hardly enter any thing as it keeps closing immediately Please please do something to make it stable again        Terrible lately
App crashes iPhone 6 iOS 84 I hope I didnt lost my watchlist     Crashing all the time
This update makes it even more unstable     Crash crash crash
The notifications dont work Ive set my reminders to notify me 15 before a show and I get nothing           Ok but
This was a great app Not sure what happened It is now so leggy and slow to respond it is time for me to find different app        Lagging and Slow
This is unacceptable for a app that costs more than the normal 99cents        Now the app isnt alerting me to my shows
It doesnt do what it is supposed to do There are tons of alternatives some of them free that works like a charm This is not one of them I was able to add my series but as I mark the watched episodes they get unwatched after a day or so This is insanely annoying as it is supposed to be the main feature of this app Holding my self to not curse in here Also the first time Ive added the series all images were missing on the interface including the series tile image Too much bugs in one relatively simple App I wish I had realized it sooner so I could at least get my money back I soooooo regret buying this Im not cheap Im used to buy tons of apps or inapps but I get really really angry when deceived     Do not buy this app
I cant get it to open for almost 3 weeks and customer service wont reply Deleted it and redownloaded Still quits     Used to love it
This update fixed the crashing problems somewhat but it still crashes some It also lags and freezes up still This has been my go to app for keeping up with my shows Please Fix Thank you           Update kind of worked
Ive been using this app for a long time and have not had any trouble with it until now It unchecks all the episodes I have seen already    
I was looking for an app that would keep track of what episode I was on in a series and this app works pretty well for keeping count I just wish there was a setting that would always open the app to the to watch screen instead of whatever the default is now I emailed support a while back but they said they would think about adding a feature I know its only one tap away but just a minor annoyance that a simple setting could solve           Works ok Startup screen setting needed
I really love this app                 Best TV show app out there
Sometimes not so much Im getting really tired of my shows becoming unmarked I got this app to make sure my tv was recording what it was supposed to or to keep track of blocked recordings If the app cant keep my setting straight then its a giant waste of money           Sometimes its great
Best app for shows tracking I use it since two years                 Best app
I love this app and would give it a much higher rating In the last couple of weeks something has started causing it to crash constantly I havent been able to openuse it AT ALL There seems to have been an update yesterday but it didnt fix the problem           Cant even open this app for the last couple of weeks
I love this app but when I updated to version 35 it crashes every time I open it        Love the App but new update crashes
Ive tried a lot of these and this ones the best It does everything I need it to simply and clearly including hiding shows I dont need to track anymore Excellent                 Best TV Tracker
Latest update 351 had a negative impact on stability TOUCH ANY button while update at startup is running and CRASH Seems okay if you wait until after update           Negative stability update
I had to reinstall the previous version to get the app to work However since the application seems to work without issue Thanks dev for fixing the issues              Much Better Than Previous Version
افضل برنامج لمتابعة اوقات المسلسلات                 سيهات
Its makes no sense why you would put a picture of the show background behind the title of show and the rest of the little written show details Makes it impossible to read ITV 2 was perfect had a nice easy to read white background with an picture icon of the show next to it Sometimes you just need to know when to stop enhancing     Bring back ITV 2
91015 build comments Apps still broken It still crashes and forgets watched episodes Old build review The app still forgets you watched certain random episodes and confuses the heck out of you by showing them as unmatched That makes the app still unusable Old review As many others I prefer the iTV2 look This newer version is just so darn cluttered and hard to read The KISS principle needs to be implemented More importantly though the app simply forgets what youve checked on a regular basis That is the very reason I bought the app does not work Thats a deal breaker     Broken still
Simply perfect Thanks for good work                 Perfect TV show timer
This used to be my goto for TV episode trackng Not sure what happened but the perception is the developer got in over his head and didnt correctly implement new features Its all snowballed into a mess of an app that Ive given up on Found a new app called Next Episode that is stable with a much more comprehensive Today plugin     Buggier With Each Release
There isnt much I can say about this app thats good anymore It used to be the best app out there and every since the iCloud syncing and the 64 bit architecture add its like its been on a huge backslide App is constantly crashing not updating slow if it even updates the listings and selections youve made I paid for this app and gave it high praise and now I wish I just had the money back to throw at the guys at NextEpisode because theyve got it right without the flashiness Maybe if the developer responded to emails once in awhile theyd get somewhere Onto the next adventure Been using NextEpisode for sometime now and unless things change here quickly I sadly wont look back     What happened
With the latest update the app is continuously crashing It also seems to be adding back more random episodes ones you have previously marked as watched to the list The app used to be great for tracking but now is just becoming annoying Please fix it           Last update is a bust
Ive tried several apps to track television watching This is definitely a keeper It has a welldesigned GUI with a couple exceptions and works as promised One major problem is that articles in show titles are sorted Any show starting with the word The will show up under T This makes no sense whatsoever and actually violates editorial standards for sorting media titles But worse a suggestion to correct this was rejected by the developers which is difficult to comprehend Again this is a very good app and I recommend it to those looking for a way to track their television viewing However I wish the developers would see sense and correct such a prominent problem My show listing under T has about 20 programs that dont belong there Just go to any library and examine their sorting methodology It isnt a matter of opinion           Probably the Best TV Tracker
For years I have relied on this app to track my shows Suddenly after last nights update it has stopped working and just crashes upon opening I hope this issue is resolved soon     Crashes

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