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IXL Learning , brings IXL Math Practice with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. IXL Math Practice app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The math app for iPad is excellent..
  • Wonderful Math Practice..
  • you guys should make a iXL update..

Overall Satisfactionc46
Wonderful Math Practice.
Better than web version on iPad.
Fun & Engagingc71
This makes learning fun.
Makes learning fun.
1 word AWESOME.
I think this app is awesome.
Replay Valuec53
unlimited access to all grade levels.
It doesn't include your grade level.
Updates & Supportc51
Better than web version on iPad.

Also great for all ages. found in 1 reviews
The best learning tool I have seen in a long time. found in 1 reviews
This makes learning fun. found in 2 reviews
helm jackson 5th grade teacher redmond washington u. found in 5 reviews
Better than web version on iPad. found in 1 reviews
My child's elementary school has paid for the whole school. found in 1 reviews
but the content is superb. found in 1 reviews
This would be closer to 5 stars if the app worked properly. found in 1 reviews
needs voice over like web. found in 1 reviews
Please add user name at the top. found in 1 reviews
Needs to work without internet connection. found in 1 reviews
that's the part I hate. found in 1 reviews
wish I could buy the full version. found in 1 reviews
Well when you get a problem wrong. found in 3 reviews
What happened to the rest. found in 1 reviews
This means that non readers cannot use this app independently. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't read questions. found in 1 reviews
Great but adding on some things would be great. found in 1 reviews
Just a few complaints. found in 1 reviews
one long bar would be nice. found in 1 reviews
Good but needs update. found in 1 reviews
TERRIBLE NEW UPDATE. found in 1 reviews
Great but not so great. found in 1 reviews
I just wish you wouldn't have to pay for it. found in 1 reviews
Worst app of all time. found in 1 reviews
but for every wrong answer you get. found in 2 reviews
Worst educational app in App Store ever. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't include your grade level. found in 6 reviews
but this app is incredibly rage inducing. found in 3 reviews
Awful don't make ur kid do this. found in 2 reviews
IXL is a horrible app and a horrible website. found in 1 reviews

The IXL Math Practice is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-21.
Bottom Line: For more information about IXL Math Practice check developer IXL Learning`s website : http://www.IXL.com

Make math tangible with the IXL Math Practice App Over 1,500 standards-aligned skills provide comprehensive coverage of K-6 math content, while hundreds of colorful awards celebrate important milestones. From skip-counting with pictures to multi-step story ...
One of the best apps out there for free I love it and wish it was on iPhones instead of just iPads                 Only haters would
This program is very helpful but it sometimes takes to long foryou to get your password and username if they email it Also           Ixl ratings
the point reduction is too tough and ive spent over two hours in one lesson i hate this app and it makes me want to die every time i get a problem wrong i just wanna kill myself thanks           theres no bugs i just hate it
Children should be seen and not heard so I dont understand why they should be able to post app reviews about something they dont understand I work at a school and we use IXL as one of our math assessments Its a great app that tests the math abilities of our students and allows us to generate a multitude of reports to see how the kids are doing and what their weaknesses are As far as the smart score point system goes its based on an internal algorithm that calculates your score and just like in real life when you do poorly in a class your GPA goes down much more drastically then when you do well                 IXL Is great and the review written by children should be ignored
why doesnt this show that there is a subscription charge to register Is that not an in app purchase required           Full disclosure
This Is the worst app ever I use it and check on calculator is right in ixhell is wrong they need to shut down this app right now and this is a app when my brother on 99 he get it wrong and go to 85 and he has to do it all day and he and me are getting so stressed all the parents say is great but its a stress making app and is frustrating and confusing dont get it neverIt will ruin your life and youll want to play video games instead of this stuff so I suggest you stick to textbooks And why does this app exist its has to be removed from App Store now its the worst app of all time it makes want to throw up     This ruined my life
IxL is the worst app in the universe My family hates me when I dont do 30 or more of what you call 100s The smartscore is also extremely dumb When I have a 99 and I get a wrong its back to 88 PS If I could rate this 0 stars I would F you IXL     WORST APP EVER
This app helps me out tremendously It gives you a better understanding on how to work better with math and language arts as well Im not very good at math so for instance if Im doing a problem with math and if I get the answer wrong it will show me what I did that wrong and correct me and make me have a better understanding of what to do next time Same goes with language arts on here as well But the only problem that I have at this app is the glitch that it has Sometimes it will just shut down and reopen constantly wont stop for quite a few minutes Thats the only thing that really bugs me about this app but rather than that I would suggest that you get this app Lots of fun and I enjoy this app very much                 This app helps me out tremendously Just watch out for the glitch
Hello I am a student and this app is at least better than the website Yeah point reduction is ridiculous but its what I use every summer for review work for my school Its worth three stars because it has a glitch where it randomly exits out and I have to go in again I like that everything is organized in folders unlike the website Thanks for reading I guess           Good
As a mentor kids are improving learning to focus and understand the basics of mathematics and language I started with some 6th and 7 graders from scratch result they are now getting way ahead in their classes self esteem has significantly improved they started reading etc Do they hate it Yes they are kids Keep in mind that most negative reviews here are from kids but as a tutor 5 stars                 absolutely great
IXL is a horrible app and a horrible website When you get to the challenge zone for every correct answer you get you gain 1 point but for every wrong answer you get even if youre not in the challenge zone they will take off like 9 points On the website same LITTLE problem including a NEW set The second you get off Safari or Google or whatever I use the website on my IPad Mini you have to log in again IXL is also the slowest app and website Ive ever seen Not to mention IXLs horrible math skills and the need for horribly specific answers From 1 review I saw somebody was doing Convert this into a decimal so they converted the fraction shown into a decimal and when they submitted the answer it said it was WRONG and the answer was a PERCENT This is just 1 piece of proof out of MANY that IXL is a horrible app and a horrible website Im not at all surprised by how many 1 Star ratings there are What DOES surprise me is that there are even MORE 5 Star ratings If I could Id rate IXL at 0 Stars The rest of my class agrees     MUST READ IXL is a horrible app and a horrible website Childs opinion
The worst app in the WORLD this app wasnt meant for younger children I tried it at fourth grade level and Im a 7th grader and fourth grade was like doing sixth grade so if you are planing to sign up for this app I recommend not to waste money on a terrable horrible app like this try to get a different learning site its free and does really help everyone learn better piece of trash this app is    
Its not about us whining or complaining to do homework its about this apps stupid glitches and the stupid smart score This app is for 1st graders Not the older kids To all theses teachers who say like Stop Whining or They dont wanna do their homework this app needs to be destroyed     To All These Teachers
I started both of my kids on this at about 4 years old and we do about 15 minutes a day four days a week Thats it Both of my kids are now way ahead of their peers in school which is a huge confidence booster The app progresses very slow each module building on the one prior Do my kids love it No they hate it They are kids and would rather be playing outside or watching Netflix But its only 15 minutes Other than math this app has taught my kids to read more fewer which etc given them confidence resilience perseverance focus and the list goes on and on                 Best math app out there
Dick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick Dick Dick Dick dickDick Dick Dick dick           Dick
In a nutshell this app stinks I dont recommend downloading or paying for this app It is very disappointing in many ways I will name just a few 1 3rd party keyboreds When you use a 3rd party keyboareds IXL has a keybored that pops up on the top right of the screen For Ipads 2 The smart score system The score system isnt really smart because of geting a problem wrong You are on 99 you get the awnser wrong and now you have 89 as a score very smart 3 Typing I know i let you know about keyboards and stuff but this is different I have a Bluetooth keybored and yet the keyboreds still stink So there was a box where i would type but i needed to tap on it first I knew the awnser so i tapped yet i wasnt able to type my awnser The responsevnes just stinks I have a Apple Ipad mini 2 aka retina display so i dont think the ipad has anything to do with it I always have to close and open the app to get it to work which throughs me off topic Over all i DO NOT reccomend this application at all Thank you for reading One last thing i am coder I makebuild websites and i can tell the ammount of effort that went into developing this app was minimally given Again thank you for reading     Dear adults
I despise IXL so much If you get a question wrong it takes away so many points My school gives IXL as homework and it takes hours for me and a lot of people to get to 90 because it takes off so many points for one question If you dont get to 90 we get in some serious trouble so please can you make is so it doesnt take off so many points for just one question A lot of students all over America will be very greatfull     Please dear god no
My opinion is that this is a good app You can do it on iPad computer iPod iPhone I like it when you can do your work on the screen From A child                 I like it Its kind of cool
Im a math teacher I just missed a problem because I moved the negative sign from the denominator to the numerator of a fraction WHERE IT BELONGS Please review precalc or find a math teacher who knows what a simplified fraction is That was frustrating Math texts would mark your answer as incorrect My husband also a math teacher agrees that my work was sound I also removed the parentheses and ixl did not which is another part of the definition of a simplified fraction Where are the rest of the reviews Did you need to hide them Lol     The programmers need to learn precalc
This app is very time consuming and at my school we have to stick our faces in our computers and devices for 10 hours IT MAKES ALL THE STUDENTS FEEL STUPID WHEN THEY GET A QUESTION WRONG in my grade when we get a question wrong we say Im sorry that is incorrect so now you are considered STUPID I hope you get delete this app or at least take away how many points they take off when you get a question wrong and when you enter the challenge zone and get a Wrong take away the same amount of points youd normally take away     Worst App in History
Oh the delicious irony of children who write a review in protest of an app that makes them do homework and that review is full of spelling and grammar errors To the poor poor kid who misted practice because heshe didnt do homework that tells me that iXL is doing exactly what it was designed to do Stay in school kids stay in school                 Note that negative reviews are from kids who hate homework
Practice that feels like play my shoe IXL deducts so many points if u get something wrong from the 70100 section its like stabbing and stabbing till the person dies The questions are like rapid fire and the explanations arent even clear I was doing sixth grade rational numbers one day and I got something wrong and this was their explanation Remember you can turn the variable into the opposite what does that even mean I was new to Rational numbers and you cant expect someone to know so much about it The prizes are dumb Ive been doing ixl since third grade and when I was in fifth grade I got a shovel an icecream truck and a traffic light for a prize That isnt even fun Those arent even creative prizes How is this play Ok the whiteboard thing where u can do our work on the screen makes it a little less frustratingbut I just dont like ixl at all Badly done IXL badly done     MUST READ ixl is the worst app on the world childs opinion
This app and program is just horrible It makes me so mad     Worst app I have ever used
I am a freshman student struggling with Geometry and this app has improved my grade so much Thank you so much                 So amazing
This is a great app It does have bugs but I wondered why it had such a low rating This is because of all the stupid little children below me crying because they cant answer 2 8 This is a great app and I would recommend           Ignore the little kids below me
This is an excellent app It makes it easy to differentiate is my classroom and motivating for my students For those whining about it knocking you down too far when you get something wrong need to toughen up Yes it is frustrating but you shouldnt be afraid to put in more work when you make a mistake They could lower the bar and make it easier to get those 100 but that would be a hollow victory and you know the extra practice they have you do is good for you So fail often fail smiling and fail forward                 Stop Whining
The point system is bs     I hate the point system
I hate this app Im forced do this garbage in the summer    
Ok I just got out of forth grade ahh i dident do really good well my teachers can think that well my mom was looking for a grate learning app the n she found ixl when she said starr do 30min of math or language arts my heart riped but the next day i was like youtube time then 10min after that starr did you do ixl today and i said no wellif your parents say do it do it because they can see how long you have been doing it because there reports and this app is so helpful if you want good grades           MUST READ
For the review to ignore children their wrong because adults arent the ones doing ixl the children are It would be nice if you put a video at the beginning of each skill so it make it easier for us and youll get better reviews Most of the questions we dont know the answers because our schools doesnt teach us everything about a skill     I hate ixl
Ixl is so dumb I was so close to 100 when I got 1 wrong just 1 and it dropped me down to 89 this app is just STUPID My wish in life is for this dumb website and app to be BANNED FOREVER     THE WORST APP IN THE APP STORE
So yeah the app constantly crashed when I answer questions GG IXL     App broken
Its boring without a background its just white without a background boring boring boring plz put a background I realy needs it plz but if no so with a background its but right now its it might help make more money Im just guessing so just try it and see what happens        Needs a background
This is worse than Ebola just go to Africa dont do this I cry most of the time Stages go does ixl     UUUUGGGGHHHH
This app is the worst app in the history of all apps It is glitchy and will randomly delete hours of your work with no way to get it back Their Smart Score is completely irrational with its scoring and will never improve I would rather eat sharp rockets than use or even look at this app DO NOT WASTE HOUR SPACE OR MONEY ON THIS TERRIBLE APP     STUPID
I am staying up late at night thinking about the IXL that I have to do for school When we get to school and start IXL I get so mad when it says that you got it wrong You lose about 1017 points and gain 110     Bad app
This app help me do a lot a of great work This app keep on stuck and my internet is full and it work on other app except this I kept logging in and when I type for example 56 chairs It said Sorry the correct answer is 56 Your answer 56 I was very proud and my teacher was proud of me doing a lot of ixl PLEASE FIX THIS BUG FIXES SO I CAN RATE FOR YOU A 5 HIGH STAR RATE I cant wait for the next update Thank you for at least try to update the ixl in my ipad Rate percentage 7585 The only thing that is alsoq the problem is please my brother is angry last nights bout the smart score is it use to be 99 And vhen he got wrong he become 83 Better fix it and I will rate a good thing about ixl When I press the bottom answer it kept help me do the wrong answer Allen is noi Alice is pink You stop cheating You cant even see the mkstakes right How about this Is 33 6 Yes but they sometimes said it is wrong You think that 330     Great but need a bug fixes and not to the teacher
Even though IXL works perfectly fine I dont like the fact that it doesnt teach youit only gives you problems IXL is okay but it could be better              Okay but not good enough
Everything was going great I was doing good then it said I reached my maximum cause I wasnt a member And I understand why u would had to pay to be a member but sorta dont I mean either give the free trial more time of the prices lower        Ugh
I very much enjoy IXL on their website After learning the concepts in textbooks IXL is the perfect place to fortify what youve learned This app however crashes constantly so its a nuisance I do like that you can draw during the questions to avoid using scrap paper So if the app would stop crashing it would be perfect           Constant crashing
Ixl has bugs           I cant sign in
This app is very time consuming and not very rewarding if you know what I mean The fact that most schools are making students do this is complete BS Dont get this app And if you do write it a bad review Thank you ixhell for changing my entire perspective of math and English     Horribly done
This is a great app to do over the summer My mom makes me do 6th and 7th grade skills every day and I love how it progressively gets harder as I go But when I get into the challenge zone the questions are super easy and when I get to something like 98 and get it wrong it brings me back to 88              Great app A few thoughts
Every question I get wrong it loses like nine points And sometimes when you have to put a number in words you need hyphens and that really makes me mad ZERO STARS IF I COULD     Worst learning app ever
Doont donload dis app it makes yuo cri It also givs yuo coodys from gurlz     Hoorible app
We like this app a lot for working with our special needs kid on math It makes homework more fun and offers a wide variety and many levels of problems to solve Our one issue is that it is not entirely stable It could be that it takes us a little longer to get through each problem but relatively often the app will crash to the home screen or simply freeze This is on an iPad 3 with the latest iOS 8 and plenty of space only about two apps downloaded from the App Store              Nearly there
It is great for learning but it freezes whenever i exit out to use the calculator on my iPad When i go back in it freezes and it messes me up sometimes I also wish that it added more than two points It takes away like six points Overall it is a very good app              Okay buuuuuuuttttttt
Ok I am a kid i just look at those reviews that were written by kids I am a kid I love this app Those kids dont like it because there kids kids hate school I love school Keep this app on Go IXLGO IXL GO IXL                 Kids These DaysEven know I am one
This is not good It gives u 99 and IF U GET IT WRONG IT GOES DOWN TO 85And now it only does abc              Bad stuff

IXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math PracticeIXL Math Practice Education Math Practice

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