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Phantom EFX , the publisher behind many iOS games (High Limit Slots ,Reels O Dublin - HD Slot Machine ,Candy Shop HD Slot Machine ,AquaSpank Lite ,Rome and Egypt HD Slot Machine ,Thor`s Hammer HD Slot Machine), brings Jackpot Party Casino - Slots with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jackpot Party Casino - Slots games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best games out there Find something fun to play..
  • Super fun game and highly addictive..
  • A very entertaining way to pass the time when you're waiting around..
  • This app delivers real casino action in the palm of your hand..
  • This game is a great time killer..

Overall Satisfactionc65
The best games out there Find something fun to play.
This is one of the best slot games out there.
Love playing this game on my iPhone only when it wrks.
I definitely would recommend this game to everyone.
And 15$ for I love Lucy.
If they were more loose or offered a better bonus.
Fun & Engagingc53
It used to be fun playing this slot.
Super fun game and highly addictive.
love to play very addictive takes the edge off easily.
Awesome game very entertaining its so awesome love it.
Awesome games just like the real thing.
Loads of fun only downfall long time to level up.
This should be loads of fun and not so frustrating.
awesome game tons of fun best one on the net.
I play everyday every chance I get.
I play everyday I love this game.
Value for Moneyc48
I'm not about to spend real money for pretend credits.
I actually pay real money on here.
I think they do this to make you buy coins.
This keeps me having a great time without spending real money.
Replay Valuec38
Downfall getting to the higher levels is or has been expensive.
also way to long before new levels.
Production Valuesc83
The graphics and sound effects are exactly like the casino slots.
They graphics are fun and the sound effects are great.
Husband is happy this game keeps me out of the casino's.
Security & Privacyc27
It's like a ghost is debiting my bank account.
Updates & Supportc28
Great support from customer service.
Customer Service.
it's very much like the casino version.
Exactly like the real casino version.
but this version is more frustrating than the casino version.

Lots of fun to kill some time. found in 6 reviews
The graphics and sound effects are exactly like the casino slots. found in 13 reviews
An accurate presentation of WMS slots and cheaper than the casino. found in 12 reviews
Awesomely fun love this feels like I'm in Vegas yay. found in 14 reviews
Great slot action though. found in 6 reviews
Which makes it a pretty authentic casino experience. found in 6 reviews
Excellent game lots of fun and entertaining. found in 10 reviews
Lot of fun and great entertainment. found in 8 reviews
Cool games really enjoyed them. found in 11 reviews
I like this the best because of the wide variety of games. found in 10 reviews
Fun but takes to long to level up and the bonus amounts could be higher. found in 539 reviews
The payouts are ridiculous especially on the bonus spins. found in 58 reviews
the games don't pay because they want u to buy their coins. found in 26 reviews
Needs more bonus or higher value for free coins. found in 121 reviews
Takes too long to level up is the main problem I'm having. found in 379 reviews
It was a ok game to waste time on till the upgrade. found in 29 reviews
Like the games but cannot accept gifts from friends what's the deal. found in 19 reviews
Also you never win until you bet the lower amts. found in 116 reviews
Have won some big bonuses and the game crashes. found in 24 reviews
But payouts are worse than real casino except in bonus games. found in 92 reviews
Was sucked in to buying coins and didn't receive any coins. found in 52 reviews
needs more bonus coins or make them available quicker. found in 132 reviews
only download if you're willing to purchase coins. found in 50 reviews
Gets boring payouts are too infrequent to maintain interest. found in 14 reviews
Or the fact that you barely win enough to keep playing. found in 177 reviews
Only complaint is it takes forever to open new games. found in 137 reviews
Bonus round in riches game doesn't pay out right. found in 173 reviews
Fun game but I can't send or receive gifts to my FB friends. found in 18 reviews
But it has froze MANY times while trying to log in with Facebook. found in 9 reviews
Takes too long to level up so same games are boring. found in 379 reviews
Nice App but doesn't pay out or give bonuses nearly enough. found in 173 reviews
Love the games but never never never win. found in 116 reviews
Needs more bonus and more entry games to choose from. found in 126 reviews
And I have been cheated out of multiple big wins. found in 177 reviews
Never get big wins to keep playing and bonuses are awful. found in 177 reviews
Game doesn't give enough bonus rounds to earn more credits. found in 289 reviews
Not buying any more coins for this stupid thing. found in 178 reviews
Impossible to advance into the upper new games. found in 137 reviews
Purposely let's you lose so you will buy more coins. found in 178 reviews
It's frustrating to have to wait 4 hours for my bonus points. found in 85 reviews
Got boring and waiting 3 hours for bonus is lame. found in 132 reviews
I will not spend anymore of my money to keep playing this game. found in 147 reviews
The Egypt slot repeatedly freezes after bonus games. found in 92 reviews
Love the game but machines are to tight and takes to long to level up. found in 539 reviews
Still getting the error message to connect to the internet - and I am. found in 99 reviews
but leveling to unlock new ones takes forever. found in 90 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Jackpot Party Casino - Slots for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 30.4 MB to download. The new Jackpot Party Casino - Slots app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Jackpot Party Casino - Slots check developer Phantom EFX`s website : http://support.phantomefx.com/help/

Jackpot Party Casino brings all the excitement of REAL WMS Gaming casino slots to your iOS enabled device for free With titles like ZEUS II, INVADERS FROM THE PLANET MOOLAH, and ROME AND EGYPT you ll ...
Great game to stay playing                 Fun time
Awesome games I love how you can continuously open new slots as you level up Awesome                 Awesome games
Although there are times I get annoyed by internet connection problems or some games not downloading after I worked to earn enough credits to open for 24 hours this is still my favorite slot game to play There are a few others I play but this is my goto game              Good still outweighing the bad
I have payed for coins was charged and didnt get them Also have not been payed on 3 jackpot 9000 and 5000           Didnt get voting was charged money also not getting my payoffs 2 time
Fun                 Me
Ive been playing for years used to be pretty good but now they have started using ads Had to delete        Not so great anymore
So hard to win Bonus rounds are basically nonexistent The games are actually good but its so ridiculously hard to win Dont buy chips So not worth it     Game went down the crapper in a BIG way
Cool game                 Slots
The experience bar is frozen I will never level up again because the thing doesnt work anymore So I will quit playing Too bad I like that the games are like casino slots        Things stopped working
Y the hell dis game always saying their is no internet on my iPhone end it really hard to get on line always have to play it at night around 2am end it only give you 3x every time     This game is a frud
Needs a game changer        More games
Getting worse daily You have to buy coins but if you dont rate them good you will never see a win or bonus Millions can disappear Bonus spins in progress and hundreds of thousands disappear Terrible app     Should be illegal
Played this for years and now suddenly the betting goes from 3200 to 20000 with nothing in between Also crashes upon opening most of the time Fix the glitches and Id love the app     Gaggles
Had over 3000000 in bonus and it crashes had another with 1200000 and crashed again I played every day for 30 days and never leveled up or got a bonus Game is terrible     Game
One day a million coins showed up Since then cant get to another level My least amount to play is 9000 I want to go back to the other lower bets that I had Did not ask for this increase The games no fun now because you cant even get s bonus The coins I play dont accumulate do u can advance                 Million coins
I love this game But I hate their lack of customer support No where in the app or on the web can you actually contact them to solve a problem Its nothing but articles that dont help and no way to get a human to answer I updated my phone and as has happened before my data didnt transfer over It just assigned a new player ID to start all over again Now I cant get my old ID and 15 million and all my games transferred And now good luck trying to solve it     Help Desk
App wouldnt open it took forever to download initially and when I tried opening app it wouldnt open it kept saying Downloading     Couldnt open
I am sick and tired of it automatically jumping to max bet of 225000 every time I get a good balance going It is hurtful and nobody will even answer to say they are sorry and I have bought plenty of coin I will never again     Cheating customer
I wish I had read the reviews before I wasted my time on this game After spending some time winning a small pittance here and there I finally hit a big win of 19200 coins Sounds fantastic right Not so much the game froze up and I closed the program When I got back into it none of the 19200 coins were there After reading the reviews apparently this is a continuing problem that they just ignore I am deleting this game and will be sure to avoid any others from this company     DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
As 5 nikki4ever0113 said Brazilian beauty has a glitch at best betting up to 30 a spin the game wont register line wins the screen goes black and forces you to close app when reopened you dont get any winnings if I was the only one it would be something but whoever the owner of this site is you have had plenty of time to correct this as many have sent bad reviews I will not recommend this to my many slot friends as no corrections are even attemptrd     T Kelts
When trying to collect points always says not connected to Internet when it is Do not have problems with other apps connected so why this one     Crashes all the time
Terrible customer service I was playing a bonus game on the Brazilian beauty and won 30000 and the screen went blank no bonus Why So what are you going to do about this problem     Bad customer service they wont return my coins
I wont be giving any stars Ive been playing this app since it first came out way too many glitches Just finished Brazilian beauty and got 20 spin bonus and didnt win a dang thing it wouldnt give any winnings on spins and after getting all the the bonus of 157300 screen went black and didnt receive any bonus money outa here good luck     Just wow
When I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6 from the 5 I had over 10000000 and was at level 78 or higher Once I switched everything over from my old phone I lost EVERYTHING Now Im back to under 1000 and back at level 1 Tried everything to get my old status back but no luck Went from being my favorite game to a game that I hate playing     Wish I could give ZERO
Just like sitting in a casino                 Jackpot Party
I have been playing this game for a long time I was on level 133 or 134 I had unlocked all the games but one Had approx 123000 coins when I updated the game The update reset the game back to the beginning taking me back to level 1 with 500 coins I have looked all over the Internet for help and the website is horrible Plus the mega bonus that is supposed to happen after 5 or 6 times of collecting free coins is not working DONT UPDATE if you want to keep you current status and coin balance I deleted app     Update will reset your game and progress
Fun game that went bad Play all you want spend all you want and never win Fun game but dont waste money on it     NEVER WIN
Uninstalled     Cheap
I just won over 3 million dollars and it did NOT add to my bank This is the second time this has happened I love the game but would love to understand why it does this Thanks Chaquitapaquita     Rome to Egypt
What happened Ive been stuck at level 161 for 3 months Betting over 10000 a spinlevel meter never moves have won 865000 on one spin and level never changes but it fills up for the game you can play for 24 hrs Should probably be on level 170 by now at least but no still at 161 Fix it           Jacked up party
Played two games on PC slots4play thousand points each got no points for 10 to 11 spins then I probably got maybe 30 or 40 points total then I just played on the phone and hit seven free spins and got 50 points will uninstall immediately play every day and just watch the points roll away     No Jackpot at this Party
Some fun at first than lost           Slow start
Looks like all the reviews have pretty much the same complaints and disappointment So how is the company staying in business Stop giving them money and we can send a clear message that they need to do better     Ads and Extra tight slots
Never got my credits for playing Brazilian Beauty They only credited me for the ladies please check into this Also trying to write a review is ridiculous              Winnings
Scam no winningsI bought so many times I never win money doesnt last long     Mo
Fun game for being free Rarely get bonuses My bets also changed sometime Cant go lower than a certain amount and theres pretty big jumps in between bets Other than that its fun              Fun for being free
Son sin vergüenzas compras monedas y enseguida te las quita no compren     Jackpot party casino
Love being able to play and not go broke I cant wait to play again                 All about JackPot party
Just started playing this slot game had bet low and had won 45000 credits and thought YAY until the game closed on me Needless to say I did not receive my credits After reading their reviews Im guessing they never read them because there NOT fixing the issues     Silvereyes48 Not Happy
Games play like the real thing but with extremely limited themes there are better choices out there     Too few choices
Love playing this game Just won over 500000 and the game just froze and I lost everything Whats the point in playing if the game cheats     What a shame
Come on now Day 4 and still cannot download games Please fix Re Downloading Does not let u play any of the new games When u hit play it goes into downloading mode but never lets u play Why does it keep locking up It tells u to close window and when u restart it lets u spin a few times then it locks up again and again Love the games but very aggravating     Downloading
All phantom games are a rip off DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY     Game is a total rip020776905
So realistic                 Best game ever
I got this solely for Jackpot Party Reminds me when I would play it in Vegas I wanna party                 Love
Game takes forever to load Smh Please fix     On my IPhone
This game has so many fun games to play the problem is that your daily bonus coins are so few and if you buy coins they cost wayyyyy more other casino games After your purchase you feel ripped off because it just takes your coins and you barely win It takes FOREVER to go to the bonus and when you do you barely win enough to keep playing I think they should give more free daily coins and lower the price for purchasing coins If I wanted to feel this crappy when I played I would go to the REAL casino           Never enough coins to play
Hit 64k on the Egypt bonus Game failed to provide me with my win I wonder if this is why they cant be contacted like other games Sorry no half stars available     Another glitch
This is the best slot machine game on iphone It has my favorite games but I have to win alot or spend money to be able to play them But its really fun and realistic                 Great but hard
Entertaining                 Entertaining

Jackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot PartyJackpot Party Casino - Slots Games Jackpot Party

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