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Gamesys , the publisher behind many iOS games (Bingo Lane ,Tropicana.AC ,Lucky Gem Casino ,Virgin Casino ,Here Be Monsters HD ,Star Spins Slots), brings Jackpotjoy Slots with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jackpotjoy Slots games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very fast paced and easier to score big..
  • One of the best games for slot action..
  • Definitely a stress reliever at the end of a hectic day..
  • This is a great game and great time waster..
  • Great way to kill time and satisfy the gambling bug..

Overall Satisfactionc82
It's a lot of fun & one of the best slot games apps I've played.
Love the variety of games and look foreword to playing every day.
Why can't I play the variety of games that I used to.
This is my favorite slots game on the iPad.
THEFT & Removed favorite slots.
Used to love this game and play all the time.
great distraction when having to pay attention to other things.
Am having loads of fun on the game thanks.
You have to watch what your doing when picking lines & betting.
You are forced to watch.
I love this game and definitely would recommend this game.
Fun & Engagingc87
Excellent game very addictive and great payouts.
Loads of fun when you have dead time on your hands.
To many other games to play than spend money like that.
It's really a shame because they have some fun games to play.
It's super fun with tons of interactive bonuses.
it's very proficient and tons of fun Lynda nagurski.
Awesome games and lots of wins and Jackpots.
Awesome slots good payouts and variety 5 stars.
I play everyday and have never had to buy coins.
I play everyday and my boyfriend loves it too.
I enjoy the game Very addivite I play every day.
I play every day & always enjoy the games.
Value for Moneyc62
I love it because at least it's not real money.
I will not buy fake coins with real money Really JPJ.
you are able to play without needing to spend real money.
You can win big without spending a ton of real money.
Replay Valuec56
I enjoy unlocking new levels to see what the bonuses do.
000 coins and level.
This game gives you hours of enjoyment.
Production Valuesc90
Love this game great graphics and stress reliever.
Each game is different and especially like the sound effects.
cool graphics and greasy payouts.
great animation and I haven't gotten bored once.
Updates & Supportc51
Wrote email to customer service and never received a reply.
Excellent Customer service and Exceeded my Expectations.
App is more fun than Facebook version I think.
I really don't like the new version.

This version of slot machine game is really enjoyable to play. found in 69 reviews
Lots of variety in games great way to pass time. found in 165 reviews
Super fun time killer for the train or the bus. found in 20 reviews
I really enjoy playing all the different rooms and the graphics. found in 199 reviews
Good slot play with good payouts and plenty of enjoyment. found in 80 reviews
Great selection of games to choose from----one that you would like. found in 36 reviews
Need to keep more new games coming. found in 16 reviews
Great entertainment - iPhone games are limited. found in 24 reviews
I especially love the Reel Deal Diner and Frederic and Francois. found in 32 reviews
Fantastic and Enjoyable game very relaxing for me. found in 20 reviews
Loads of fun when you have dead time on your hands. found in 99 reviews
Great time passer when your Mother-In-Law is talking to you. found in 19 reviews
Thats and I look forward to some mor interesting games. found in 18 reviews
It doesn't pay out bonuses like it used to. found in 98 reviews
Only complaint is the bonus spins don't come often enough. found in 62 reviews
Would give higher if it had auto spin. found in 52 reviews
Not enuff bonuses
Love the game except I never win the treasure chest. found in 10 reviews
Fun game if you are looking to waste time. found in 30 reviews
Not bad game beside when it locks up. found in 16 reviews
Even when I win it doesn't pay out worst game ever. found in 19 reviews
I really enjoy playing unless the game freezes up or dumps. found in 24 reviews
with some of those it is impossible to win. found in 10 reviews
It's fun to play but it won't let me connect to Facebook. found in 38 reviews
I get cheated on the daily spin. found in 49 reviews
Wish I could get it to connect to face book. found in 15 reviews
This was a great game but now I don't win anymore. found in 18 reviews
But to get a bonus on the new games is nearly impossible. found in 55 reviews
then it's not fun anymore. found in 33 reviews
Just wish the bonus would come around more. found in 27 reviews
The bonus rounds or free spins are worse. found in 60 reviews
Looking forward to increase levels just to have more games open. found in 12 reviews
I am not receiving the winnings from my winning spins. found in 8 reviews
Please make these games pay out a lot better. found in 98 reviews
Can be fun but not enough matches & free coins. found in 97 reviews
but they are programmed much too difficult to get a bonus. found in 55 reviews
Fewer bonus spins and lower bonus payouts. found in 62 reviews
loosen up and let the masses have fun once in awhile. found in 48 reviews
As previously stated I used to love this game but now I borderline hate. found in 63 reviews
The pay outs have gotten worse and worse. found in 174 reviews
Lots of slots but breaks down in middle of free spins. found in 60 reviews
I will not buy fake coins with real money Really JPJ. found in 111 reviews
You can not get anything to hit even a little. found in 48 reviews
Decent game but way too many pop ups and other distractions. found in 36 reviews
I hit a bonus round and it froze and shut down. found in 40 reviews
No fun it you literally NEVER win -----------
It wants a review. found in 57 reviews
This app owner needs to pay higher wages to the " game engineers ". found in 61 reviews
Would really like to see what bonus rounds are like. found in 345 reviews
Now I can't use these coins UNLESS I connect to Facebook. found in 38 reviews
When playing on my phone the daily spins are a joke. found in 49 reviews

The Jackpotjoy Slots is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 36.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Jackpotjoy Slots check developer Gamesys`s website : http://www.gamesyscorporate.com

Jackpotjoy Slots has the biggest variety of top quality slot games anywhere outside Vegas, and it`s now available in a handy size on your iOS device FREQUENT UPDATES Jackpotjoy ...
I dont like that you took my favorite game off for over a week to 2 weeks That was wrong I also cant win I win a bit and lose it So hard to have fun but I have 2 favorite games We need more chances to win big money        Bonus
Great game                 Slots
Need to pay more often                 Chubasca
Great game just could be a little more bonuses     Jack
Great game Just needs to give more bonus games                 Rating
This is a good fun game to play                 Games
Had over 9 million points have 8200 never get any bonus or wins gonna have to delete     Where is the bonus
Spent 40 and got less bonuses than using free coins They treat you like sht when they know you will pay them They will not get another fking penny from me     Very bad
Fun games good bonuses                 Addictive
Good game Hard to win                 Real diner
The connection to this site is painfully slow It gets hung up loading and is horribly slow Also I resent the increase in the minimum bet     Slow Connection
Great game lots of choices lots of free coins very addicting                 Choices Free CoinsLOTS OFUN
Good selection of slots              Rate
Getting worse as you play Point pay out is less and less Typical for these on line slot games They start out paying well but once you start buying points the pay out drops Now it steals bonus points for watching videos Also only give you points that you can use in Vegas Points to play the game are far and few between Dont waste your time     Jackpotslots
I have never had a problem witH my games and the bonus dollars are very generous I recommend this game all the time thank you ann3197                 Great game review
Great fun and easy way to have fun                 Jackpot joy slots
My favorite game ADDICTING              Peekaboo
VERY slow opening game not fun any more too much time wasted trying to play           LVGRAM
Love playing your slots but hate losing almost 10 million coins in one week Not enough payouts and bonus coins and I dont bet high either        Bonus and payouts
You are down for maintenance for over 4 hours when the bonuses are every 2 hours and now Ive played 8 different games over an hour and not 1 bonus There are other slot games out there I will be spending my money on Soo disappointing     Wow Really
Your games and the bonuses keep us entertained for hours at no end we love it and thank you                 Fantastic
Love playing                 Great new games
LOVE NEW RIDGE GAME FISH ARE REALLY NEAT Still the best absolutely love new Tiki game Love Titans treasure and the new cave man game Great pay offs I really love this game So far I have not had any problems with gameI really love JUNGLE JUMP WITH THE RED PANADA it seems to win really good Also for extra XPs the Wolf game has been really great This is a great slot game It has been a lot of fun Level up is pretty easy I would highly recommend if you like slot games                 Awesome slot game
Fun games wish you would put on new ones that cascade thank you Still a great game to play I love the games Thank you for the fun I loose my shirt Lost over 10 million went up several levels and I thought I would receive more money every 2 or 4 hours but I didnt Very disappointed           Jackpot joy Slots
Great fun and entertainment                 Great Slots
On this game sometimes dont get the bonuses for watching videos Watched 3 or 4 today and did not get the 2500 points Sometimes it locks up also and I miss the bonuses given every 2 or 4 hours           Jackpotjoyslots
Its a fun game just cant get ahead Wish the games would hit more than what they do it would be more fun        CherokeeCowboy
I love this game                 Fun fun
Just another casino app whos only purpose is to get you to buy chips Its ok just dont expect to win anything outside of that        Typical
Love this game I hate how many times they ask to be rated Still fun though The new game doesnt allow as much bonuses as the old one did Seems that you lose more coins now to           Slots
Could be fun but it takes way too long to download and the games frequently go blank This happens more frequently when I am playing a bonus game Therefore lots of points are lost Also there is no customer supportI wrote this several weeks ago and nothing has happenedalso it takes too long to load and way too many ads The longer you play the fewer the payouts        Used to be much more reliable
Great slots lots to choose from Would like to see more payoffs Bonus spins are not showing up on slots lately Love the game although slots have been tight lately and bonus spins are fewer                 G
I play every day several times a day looking for that winning streak The streak doesnt last long but it is sure fun while while it lasts                 This is more fun than Vegas
Cool                 Game
Love all the gamesespecially the newer ones Games have great bonus games that varymakes it interesting Tech support very helpful when needed                 Awesome games
I love all your games have a lot of fun                 Games
This not good anymore need to work on real deal and others zero stars     Real deal
Very entertaining                 I love this game
Great game                 Stan the man
I used to enjoy this slot game but the jackpots are cheap        Double down
I played most of these games for three years and rated them 5 stars They are now a rip off with payouts and bonus My favorites Jungle Jump Wings of Paradise and Bingo Lane are no longer allowing bonuses and payouts stink If this continues I will have to move to crosswords I now rate them 2 star        Jungle jump bingo lane wings of paradise
not so great when youre losing Pretty much like many of the slots New games every few weeks bonuses better if you show up daily lots of the odd looking characters with many lines more than 5 rather then the old traditional 7s and diamonds etc Its one of several games I continuously play until I start losing I was more patient at the beginning building up points if I hit a lucky day Today Im losing hence the 4 rather than 5              Great fun when youre winning
Great game it just act a little slow at times I love this game it pay very good I really like the bounce of 5000 but I think you could increase it at least to 10000 It very great game and I enjoy play it very often                 Jackpot slots
Some of the games are great to play other are so so                 Fun games
Fun game Lots to choose from              Fun games lots of choices
Nice graphicsfun cascadesGood new games              Fun
They hire people to give a good review Do not support them     Trash
Great graphics addicting bonuses These are the best of the net folks You wont want to play any other games                 Time For Turbo Tuesday Tada
Not enough bonus spins I love the gameswill keep playing I love it                 Mr big
So far so good           Just started

Jackpotjoy Slots Games Jackpotjoy Slots Slot GamesJackpotjoy Slots Games Jackpotjoy Slots Slot GamesJackpotjoy Slots Games Jackpotjoy Slots Slot GamesJackpotjoy Slots Games Jackpotjoy Slots Slot Games

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